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  1. All i know is that all this Hiddink stuff is utter rubbish. Listen to what the great man says and it is well known around Chelsea that he is staying on until 2010.
  2. It has been a long while since i have seen them all look as happy as this. Looks like its had the desired effect already!
  3. I thought it was 1-0 to Gers but could be wrong.
  4. SO, does this mean he has already signed for Celtic then? Because if you listen to them, they have had him signed since late last year:rolleyes:
  5. Even if that was the case i know i would much rather have a treble league winning side playing "boring" football, than a team who continualy fails in what they do but are supposed to play "good, flowing football". Ill take the "boring win" anytime. What if Rangers started playing "boring " football, but beat Celtic to the league championship every year? i would take that over failure anyday! p.s. congratulations on the 6-3 rout of the scousers.
  6. Yeah for another 7 titles 3 Scottish cups and 3 league cups:D
  7. There is no other competition for Monty Pythons films.
  8. You crack me up. Honestly, if that is what keeps you going then feel free to believe it. I got news for you gazza8. Jose aint going NOWHERE but to step up and collect the Premeiership title for a third time;)
  9. i realise their is another thread about this subject, but i want to let it be known that there are a Majority of fans out here who ALWAYS wanted this appointment and i believe we should all rally round our great new manager and his team. Its time to win back the scottish game from celtic and there is no better appointment that could have been made than the great Walter Smith. There has been grumblings from a SMALL, insignificant section of the support about how the appointment has been made, but if your a true blue then you wont even think about that, you will get behind Smith and Mcco
  10. Theres a lot of rumours going around that scott brown wants to play for rangers but rangers can`t affoard him, so he will go anywhere the money is good. As for Thompson, he would sign for celtic in a flash.
  11. I bet he`s eating a large slice of humble pie.
  12. I agree with Gribz but Calscot makes the best point. I f Smith and Mccoist come in Ferguson will definetly get the armband back. It`s the same old tired cliches at Rangers all the time now. I was actually hoping we could nick in and steal Mathew Upson from Birmingham. He is an underrated England international who may be interested in us for the european football. http://www.blues.premiumtv.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10412~5474,00.html Another one i`d like is Damien johnson of Birmingham. Top class Irish international who would bring a wealth of experience to our midfeild http://www
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