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  1. I managed to get my old season ticket back this morning online without any issues. Looking forward to the season ahead now
  2. Another idea from FF: Health and Safety in Sports Direct shops I find myself very perturbed at the density of the displays in my local Sports Direct shop and the lack of access for customers and staff. Some of the exit routes are blocked by buggies and prams , others by shoe boxes. I fear what would happen if a fire started in a crowded shop. I have therefore contacted my local government department responsible for health and safety in shops and asked them to do a review of the shop in the interests of public safety. I wonder if my misgivings are shared on here.
  3. Looks like they have about the same voting rights as before so just buying off their mates, I think. 20 January 2015 Rangers International Football Club plc ("Rangers" or the "Company") Holdings in Company The Company announces that it was notified on 19th January 2015 that Alexander Easdale purchased 1,014,000 ordinary shares of 1 penny each in the Company ("Ordinary Shares") on 16 January 2015. As a result, Mr Easdale now holds 5, 256,110 Ordinary Shares in the Company, equal to 6.451% of the issued share capital of the Company. Mr Easdale also holds voting rights over, but does not own, a further 16,028,084 Ordinary Shares, representing 19.672% of the Company, meaning that in total he holds voting rights over 21,284,194 Ordinary Shares, representing 26.123% of the issued share capital of the Company.
  4. If the RFB want to be seen as representing the fans then they will have to come out fighting over this.
  5. Bid knocked back: 06 January 2015 Rangers International Football Club plc ("Rangers", "RIFC" or the "Company") Rejection of Possible Offer The Board of Rangers has considered the possible offer from Robert Sarver (or a vehicle to be established and controlled by him) ("Mr Sarver"). The proposal by Mr Sarver comprises a placing of 100 million shares at 18p ("Placing") which, if approved by shareholders at a general meeting, would be immediately followed by an unconditional offer at 18p pursuant to Rule 9 of the Code. The Placing would give Mr Sarver control of Rangers. While the Directors welcome Mr Sarver's approach, they believe that, notwithstanding the current financial difficulties, the proposal does not adequately value a controlling interest in the Company and accordingly the resolution to approve the placing is unlikely to achieve the 75% majority required. The Directors do not intend to hold the General Meeting which would be necessary to implement the proposal. The Company is managing its cash resources carefully and will require further funding before the end of January. The Directors are in discussions with Rangers' significant stakeholders with a view to arranging finance for the Club. This is likely to comprise loans in the short term and possibly equity in the medium term. The board has invited Mr Sarver to consider participating in a similar discussion alongside other supportive shareholders.
  6. RNS 02 January 2015 Rangers International Football Club plc ("Rangers" or the "Company") Holding in Company The Company has been informed that on 31 December 2014, George Taylor, Douglas Park and George Letham acquired 5,000,000, 5,000,000 and 3,299,415 ordinary shares of 1p each respectively, representing 6.14%, 6.14% and 4.05% of issued share capital. A DTR announcement is expected to follow in due course. The Board of Rangers is delighted that George Taylor, an existing Significant Shareholder, and George Letham, who provided the Company with a credit facility in 2014, together with Douglas Park have demonstrated their commitment to the Company through this purchase. The Directors welcome their continued enthusiasm towards contributing to the future success of the Company and club.
  7. It would be interesting to know their average cost per share, just out of curiosity
  8. How much did Laxey pay per share? Did they get them on the cheap or did the pay full price?
  9. I've been buying tickets on a per game basis this year and when I bought my ticket for the first game of the season I asked if my smartcard could be activated rather than issuing paper tickets but was told this couldn't be done. Surely it costs the club more to print thousands of tickets instead of activating smartcards, plus it could mean you could buy it online with your card being activated saving the club and supporter time and money.
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