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  1. Aah the link to the weather watch isn't available here :(
  2. Definitely do, but give it time too... I'll be honest the first couple of series' aren't as good as it gets
  3. And yes English has been heavily influenced by French (Norman conquest), Norwegian (Viking invasions) as well as a multitude of other things, constantly changes and evolves.
  4. No such thing as "proper English" but if you mean is it closer to archaic forms then in some cases yes
  5. I wasn't that bothered about black Klansman either but stewarty wanted to watch it so I gave it a go. I know it's against everything that makes sense but you really need to give Always Sunny a couple of series to really shine, but it's worth it
  6. We watched black Klansman at the weekend, it was alright. Most recent Always Sunny series was a cracker. Recommend Friends From College too.
  7. It's not just different countries, it's constantly evolving even in your own lexicon/family/town etc. I just came in here to moan about my hair but stayed for the language evolution debate.
  8. You can add in what you wish but need to accept you might be called out on it. Sweeping generalisations about something you have no concrete proof for is always an argument winner. Okay.
  9. Friday Night Dinner, and a new series just started on Friday there
  10. That isnae really any better @the gunslinger haha I do think if you need to resort to talking about how people look (positive or negative) it undermines your argument somewhat.
  11. I'll let it slide this time.
  12. Ooh a music thread! I can get down with this. Current earworm:
  13. Just joined! I'm stewarty's better half and he recommended the forum to me! Just thought I'd say hello... Suspect I'll be a bit of a lurker 😂
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