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  1. Bill, where in any of my comments on here did I say - or intimate - that I knew how much Premier paid Rangers for the TV rights? Are you being deliberately obtuse, or do you just interpret every comment on here in way that allows you to continue arguing with yourself? I'm was actually surprised when I woke up this morning, that the world still existed. I half expected it to have imploded under the sheer force of irony that must've been exerted when you called me a blowhard. Again, as I've said previously, I don't understand the point you're trying to make from your line of questioning. My thoughts are, that Buster has been ignoring you lately and you're just looking for some other poor sap to get laid into. By all means, reply back to me here, repeating your irrelevant line of questions. I'm not going to respond to you. I've no desire to be your dance partner in this pointless argument here. I've got too much other shit going on to add "getting wound up by angry internet warrior" to the list. Enjoy your win, Bill. I imagine its small victories like this that get you through the day. If it’s OK though, I'm going to imagine your wee red face, sat behind your keyboard, fuming, trying to come up with some witty/intelligent response to me here, just to get the last word in. But, alas, it'll all be for nowt, as I won't see it. I come on the forum because it can be a genuinely witty, informative place, with some great folk on it. With you lurking about, ready to stick the boot in to anyone who you don't agree with/doesn't agree with you, it's less fun. So I'll finish by wishing you good luck and God speed, Bill. I'm sure the stress induced heart attack is only a short way off, so use your remaining time wisely. Maybe go and find some photos of naked ladies online and try to chill out or something, yeah? And hopefully your next shite is a hedgehog. Cheerio!
  2. I don't quite understand your point here. You made a comment that folk who watched the match anywhere else but RTV somehow weren't contributing to the club. I pointed out that Premier Sports will be paying the club for the rights to show the game, so anyone watching it there would be contributing. Did I say that the amount Premier Sports were paying out equated to more than the RTV cash? No. Did I say that I knew how much Premier were paying the club? No. So again, I don't get your line of questioning, or what the point is that you're trying to make? Did I put a sarcastic comment at the end, that seems to have 'piqued' you into a response here? Yep, I sure did and I didn't even try to hide it.
  3. Is that true though? Surely the club will get TV rights from Premier to show the game live? And Premier will be showing the game based on the fact that they know the demand is there. If there was no demand, it wouldn't be shown on TV and the club would get no TV money. Also, not everyone knows what a VPN is, or wants to faff about with one to be able to watch the RTV stream. I guess the right thing to do in this situation, is to pay the subscription/£5.99 to RTV, then watch it on Premier. That way you save yourself a bit of hassle and you can sit smug, knowing that you've contributed twice to the club. I guess that's what you'll be doing then? Especially the smug bit.
  4. Certain Virgin customers get Premier for free.
  5. Are folk actually complaining online that an illegal stream they were watching was (hilariously) hacked?
  6. That's what you look like after being forced to listen to other folks confessions every single day of the week. I bet he doesn't sleep at night thinking of some of the stuff he's heard over the years.
  7. 100% agree. I think he was lucky last night that Osijek weren't more clinical going forward, or he could've been punished for his sloppiness.
  8. In fairness, pigeons are bastards though...
  9. Funnily enough, my brother said the same thing. He reckoned we'd be better buying him, switching Flanagan to right-back and drop Tav... Which seems unkind on Tav, although I did think he was a bit of a liability last night. Personally I think he'd make a better winger, than a full back.
  10. Doh. I had a quick look on Google earlier and spied an article from the end of April mentioning the first fixtures of the season. Only noticed that it says the fixtures will be announced on the 15th June. That'll teach me.
  11. Considering the first league fixtures were only released to the public at the end of April, I'd suggest that the SPFL would need to have Mystic Meg working for them to know that Aberdeen would be in a so-called "crisis" at this point in the year. And let's be honest - given the chaotic nature of the SPFL, it's pretty obvious that they don't have a psychic on the payroll.
  12. Agreed. Just looking for the clicks. One particular part of his argument stuck out to me though, namely... ...which seems like a stupid thing to say, considering how many RSC's there are worldwide, not to mention yearly conferences, etc, all over the place. I'd argue you're more likely (almost guaranteed) to find a Rangers pub/club if you travel overseas as well. I don't ever remember seeing a Villa one when I've been on holiday.
  13. Genuine question then: Are you and Buster married? Because you niggle at each other like me and the missus (not a euphemism).
  14. "I'm not one for conspiracy theories, BUT..."
  15. Damn. I was bout to post that photo too (12 hours later).
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