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  1. there was absolutley no reason to bring up Corbyn and Labour. That's the childishness you should address...it was an attempt to derail discussion ....but of course it's a one way street on here
  2. aye but some of it was in defence where a blooter up the park would have been better. We played ourselves nicely into trouble a few times
  3. Radio Clyde did some innovative stuff months ago. they were questioning a Holyrood minister about the availability of pitches and the cost for keen youngsters. The cost of hiring pitches and facilities that would have been free when schools etc. were owned by the council way ahead of sportsound. However BBC have allowed their journalists in Scotland to follow their own agenda as regards football, and that is lack of governance
  4. on a more positive note I copied this from somewhere else Recently, the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, endorsed the O.O. Indeed, his Irish Tourist Minister, Brendan Griffen, resplendent in orange tie, was VIP Guest of Honour at the 12th July Celebrations in Belfast just a few weeks back. that's the ticket
  5. He added that seeing Johnson’s performance at the foreign affairs select committee, in which he inaccurately said that she was in Tehran to train journalists, had left Zaghari-Ratcliffe “angry at the original comments, angry at the footage of avoiding the question”. Johnson’s remarks were seized upon as a confession in the Iranian media and are believed to have left her facing an additional five years in prison. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/nov/12/woman-jailed-in-iran-shocked-by-boris-johnsons-comments-her-husband-says
  6. that's right. She was there on a tourist visa and Boris stated she was at a writers workshop he's a fuckin' idiot you don't think it's true ?.....
  7. there's a reason they don't do that. It may have something to do with the Tories adding a trillion pounds to the National debt since 2010 while at the same time forcing wages down and cutting public services. Or Boris sticking a woman in an Iranian jail, or our new foreign secretary unable to tell the difference between his wife being Japanese or Chinese. It might be their attempts to sell off the Health service with Hunt's company picking up lucrative bits..... people might compare the tories support and financing of islamist terrorist nut cases in Libya and in Syria..creating waves
  8. this has got nothing to do with Corbyn or the Labour party and everything to do with preserving the OO. I want my grandkids to enjoy the spectacle of people celebrating their own culture and the way things are going with the west of scotland bigots attacking them at every turn....it ain't gonna happen. If the OO met Sinn Fein it would show these people who are trying to get the walk banned up for what they are. In fact it would cut the ground from under them. you need to look up Bluedell.....difficult I know for you wi' yer heid stuck firmly up yer ain arse !
  9. Corbyn was at a rally 8 years ago when another speaker likened Israel to nazi Germany..........help ma boab becoming laughable now another attempted slur it won't work the right wing are shitting themselves
  10. I'm happy NI is part of the UK too, because the majority who live there want it still need to talk to them.
  11. we can't be stuck here forever. I want the OO to celebrate the culture that is here and in Ireland and to be a part in reconciliation we need to move on
  12. last terrorist attack was on Sinn Fein by "dissident republicans" and we need to tolerate each others identity whether or not we agree with it Sinn Fein has reached out......this is a great opportunity for the OO .......They should go for it they would be doing themselves a lot of good PR wise Nelson Mandela with a sash
  13. Are we tied into dealing with SD sinn Die ? They can match any deal we make forever !.........surely this can't be !
  14. so the strips can't be sold yet...until we make a deal with SD
  15. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16387555.sinn-fein-president-orange-order-should-show-leadership-and-meet-the-party/ a step forward towards reconciliation. The OO should take up that offer in my view Even more, they should send their MP's to Westminster to vote out the shower of incompetents who are supposed to be running this country (but aren't)
  16. this is what you said " Not accepted by you and your Jew baiting friends in the Labour party."
  17. wrong again....that is not the discussion. It's about a definition of anti semitism that is being used to smear the Labour party
  18. yes of course. It's a smear campaign by right wing Labour MP's and their tory allies who would rather see the tories in Downing Street than a socialist.
  19. this is the discussion. Any accusation of Maria Strizzola and her "close personal friend" who is an Israellie spy would according to that definition would be anti semitic. Even if she was guilty the accusation is "anti semitic"...complete nonsense and your attempt to call any criticism of Israel as "jew baiting" is a typical response of the right wing zionists and their smear tactics
  20. UK government urged to investigate Israeli plan to 'take down' minister #IsraelLobby Opposition parties call for removal of Israeli embassy staffer Shai Masot Theresa May was on Sunday facing mounting pressure to launch a full investigation into an Israeli diplomat caught plotting to "take down" a British minister for his opposition the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. The opposition Labour and the Scottish National parties both called on the British prime minister to investigate
  21. must have been wonderful to be rescued in Ethiopia by Israel......but only if you were considered Jewish.....and the rest....too bad.....we'll save you but only if you're Jewish
  22. maybe because tv tends to alter the times of games...sometimes at short notice
  23. "Now, where is that pesky, internationally accepted definition of Antisemitism?" you mean the one that hasn't been universally accepted ? I'd be surprised if these newspapers weren't influenced by Mossad. Does anyone seriously think the likes of the Times and Telegraph are not influenced by the British state ? Israel is a racist state and is practicsng apartheid They are a regional superpower and a nuclear one at that. They have invaded and occupied neighbouring countries
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