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  1. Well obviously we'll take silly money, that goes without saying. He will have to make a big effort on the discipline front but, like you say he deserves another chance. Did you trust Bud? We've had our share of fiery/stupid players in the past who haven't received the criticism Morelos has. At least he has some excuse in his age, unlike, say, McGreggor who has acted idiotically on occasion this season (including in the first 'big game') but I don't see people lacking trust in him.
  2. I think there is a section of the support who will never give him reasonable credit. His potential was evident from day one but there were Bears were calling for him to be replaced by Cummings. I hope we can keep him.
  3. I didn't realise that using the word 'shit' on here would trigger somebody; I do apologise.
  4. If you don't want political debate keep that shit out of here. Hopefully the result will be overturned.
  5. At 37 years old you'd think he'd have started acting like a professional. This could have happened on several occasions this season going right back to the opening OF game.
  6. As it was in the weeks leading up to Helicopter Sunday. A win yesterday and we'd have reason to keep believing.
  7. It's the fucking Daily Heil. Scum.
  8. Sad to hear. My father idolised Eric Caldow; a great Ranger.
  9. On the brightside it's still there for the taking. Let's see if SG can turn it around.
  10. Touch and go but Brophy's exaggeration gave the ref a reason not to give it. Edit: I also didn't know that the assistant called it. I was watching with the volume down as the stream was a bit choppy and it was going out of sync and the pundit going on and on and on about the early penalty shout was driving me nuts.
  11. His after match interview topped off a great night. Miserable whining git that he is.
  12. Got to admit that has changed my view. Didn't seem that bad last night.
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