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  1. Sad to hear. My father idolised Eric Caldow; a great Ranger.
  2. On the brightside it's still there for the taking. Let's see if SG can turn it around.
  3. Touch and go but Brophy's exaggeration gave the ref a reason not to give it. Edit: I also didn't know that the assistant called it. I was watching with the volume down as the stream was a bit choppy and it was going out of sync and the pundit going on and on and on about the early penalty shout was driving me nuts.
  4. His after match interview topped off a great night. Miserable whining git that he is.
  5. Got to admit that has changed my view. Didn't seem that bad last night.
  6. I did the Likely Lads thing and watched it without knowing the score. Was delighted the way it worked out. No doubt they were on the the receiving end of a couple of bad decisions, particularly the sending off, but it was great to see Candeias providing such fantastic service to Alfredo.
  7. Some of us are able to look at things in isolation and in the cold light of day, unaffected by Timification. I have little doubt Alfredo Morelos would have been sent off for the same challenge but that doesn't change my view on Power's offence.
  8. Dead right. Power was reckless but there was no intent. Anyone who has played the game knows you sometimes follow the ball like that, unintentionally creating a dangerous situation. Yellow card was correct decision.
  9. I don't think Defoe is good enough to change the formation for. He got his tap in, fair enough, but he was dire for the rest of the game and should never have lasted 78 minutes. I know he has only played a few games this season but I'm doubtful he'll be able to compete in the rough and tumble of the SPL. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. I had a feeling we might win this one but shocked at how dominant we were. Just what the doctor ordered.
  11. Okay sorry...another I've triggered. Okay alleged victim or complainant (as I originally said). Interesting that you don't jump on Bill who has jumped to the conclusion that publicity would have stopped this women making any complaint.
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