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  1. A tricky tie but we won't be the team they wanted. Doable.
  2. Be good to have a loanee watch thread.
  3. As I said in another thread; I thought Steven Smith was good today. More in the style of when pundits first started taking part in live commentary.
  4. I'm one of the main critics of the Rangers TV commentary but have never criticised the partisanship, that's to be expected, and I haven't seen anyone else do so either.
  5. Great guy and all but I thought Lovenkrands was the worst yet when it comes to verbal diarrhea. Contrast that today with Steven Smith. Thought he was excellent and he seemed to have a positive effect on Tom Miller (from my point of view). Steven Smith kept to the game at hand and made some good points without the constant unnecessary butting in with inane clichés. Would have him for every game.
  6. Great delivery from Jones. He's started well.
  7. They're not going to like it if an ex-Burnley man scores.
  8. I said I think he has a lot of insight and I'm not being unfair to Durrant. It's more that this seems to be the way of it now; constant noise regardless of what's being said is clichéd mundanity or not. It seems to be expected now. I guess it's a matter of taste; I prefer the older style commentary and I really like the SPL highlights video where you just have the crowd noise and nothing else. Would love the option to watch games like that.
  9. He does have a lot of insight but there's way way too much of the bleedin' obvious. We don't need wall to wall noise.
  10. One of the commentators said it was hard to believe that St Josephs had lost a European tie 10-0 on aggregate within the last couple of years. Not really as a repeat of that is on the cards now.
  11. Briton

    Ibrox Farm

    Yes, now you say that I'd heard that before although for some reason I thought it has an Anglo-Saxon root. Maybe we should have played in black & white.
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