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  1. Or we beat them 3-1 and then win the shoot-out. 🙂
  2. It's likely Gilmour would also have made the grade had he stayed.
  3. Sorry, it was the 20th century. We played Bohemians in Dublin on Boxing Day 1910; we drew 3-3 (Goodwin, Reid, Gibson ). The next season we returned to Dublin on the 8th of April 1912 and we won 2-0 (Reid, Paterson).
  4. A simple 'yes' would suffice. Seems like your support of Rangers is not as strong as your hatred of Celtic.
  5. I've always thought the idea of having the Rangers 2nd team in the lower leagues would be good for the club; I think there should be provision for a couple of over age players though.
  6. Are you saying you wouldn't support a proposal that was advantageous to Rangers if Celtic also supported the idea?
  7. We were pretty good tactically last season; we were the better team in every game bar the first game against Celtic and the last Hearts game. It was the inability of the players to take full advantage. If they had they would not have been able to hand them the title that gave them EAAHIAR.
  8. I don't understand why we let Wes go. I can't see us getting a stand-in as good as him...unless he didn't want to stay as a 2nd string keeper that is.
  9. Coincidentally I have been thinking about dropping my TV subscription and subscribing to an IPTV service. Will probably continue with the former but the latter is pretty pointless now.
  10. My fear is that they will ultimately scrap the whole season.
  11. I don't see how they can award trophies for some competitions and not others. Is it even in UEFA's power to decide domestic issues?
  12. Very rare for a league to be won mathematically (is there any other way 😉 ) at this stage of the season. Poor Hearts too. I have a solution to the problem though. Input all results from 2019-20 into Football Manager and let the game decide. They could stream the games live and we could all watch and continue to discuss The Rangers on the forums. 🙂
  13. Davis never gets hooked, although he should have been on several occasions this season, it's always Kamara or Aribo.
  14. I went for Kamberi. His introduction changed the game to the point that I thought we might scrape a draw.
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