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  1. 3-1 in the end. Great finish from Barker following an excellent break from Rangers. Tav's was straight in from a free-kick in similar fashion to the game against Celtic at Ibrox last season. Morelos' goal was a bullet header after a very good near post flick on of Tav's corner by Aribo. Missed their penalty though.
  2. Great to see Mr Sharp still working on his great database. It must have been ten years ago since I first got hold of one, although the Excel file will no longer open. Mediafire not allowing me to download either.
  3. But for inept finishing you could have been writing that about the Legia game. I love Tav but if Barasic, Halliday or Flanagan had made as many errors as the captain had this season they'd be getting dog's abuse. He needs to up his game.
  4. I thought you'd gone to vinyl for a second there.
  5. It was shit trolling as they never got a bite. Many didn't even recognise the bait.
  6. I assumed it was a club hero; a former player perhaps. Stupid attempt at a wind up that may backfire, although they're probably in trouble for stopping the game in any case.
  7. I agree. Bar the terrible decision to pull play back when Tav was through I think he did okay. Yes he was fussy but that's European football. A Scottish referee may have sent Morelos off as well. We also had our share of decisions going our way. Anyway; a well deserved win in what was a tough challenge. Always dodgy 0-0 away first game. Came through it again though, was thinking before the game how similar it was to when we played Maritimo and Red Star but I didn't want to tempt fate. 😉
  8. When we had a decent team they were 80% England based.
  9. Strikes me that anyone using this company is asking for trouble. Rip them off by watching an illegal stream.
  10. A no brainer the way he's been playing. Well done Ryan Jack and good luck.
  11. I don't think that's true of DD. One thing you should never do unless you are absolutely sure of the company you are signing up with is use a credit card for recurring payments. They can need both parties to cancel.
  12. Seems the most reasonable explanation. I've asked the question before; how much would we actually lose if treated the shirt with respect and didn't have the sponsor's name on the shirt? My guess is it would not be that much in the great scheme of things. I detest it and was disappointed that Barca folded but they get £40 million a year for prostituting their shirt.
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