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  1. Remember those rattle things we used to build in woodwork class? I doubt you'd be allowed those these days.
  2. I realise that but I still don't think we should be picking players for any other reason other than he's the best man for the job.
  3. A club like Rangers should never be entering an agreement like that...I don't care how good the loanee is (and Ojo has been poor lately).
  4. Relieved we are through but I feel strangely flat after that. I guess the run of home wins had to end sometime and at least it hasn't been fatal.
  5. I have only ever retaliated to an insult. I know I should suffer fools more easily but it's difficult when it's the same old tired accusation from people who are seemingly obsessed by them. It's particularly galling when there's been no provocation whatsoever. BTW...at least my insults are not snidey and I certainly don't lower myself to the level of grammar/spelling errors. Maybe I should.
  6. They also refer to Killie and Motherwell as mini-Huns.
  7. Once again I get insulted and then pulled for retaliating. I guess he must also be in the clic.
  8. For all the big talk you're really a bit of a pussy aren't you? Rather than answer my point you get all butt hurt and start flinging childish accusations. Get a grip.
  9. Grow up you knob. (Not insulting you, a knob is a piece of door furniture).
  10. It's not about offence it's what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  11. Usage determines the meanings of words, not origins.
  12. I'm surprised there are not more comments on the state of the Rangers' web services. The player stats have yet to be updated from the Aberdeen game let alone Sunday and the player pic bios of the young teams are pathetic. If you can't be arsed to do it properly then don't bother at all. It's really sloppy in an area that is relatively easy to get right, if there's a will that is.
  13. On the four occasions lately we have not had Davis in the team we have looked more fluid and have played well in three games. I don't think we should be picking him and Kamara anyway and I don't see how he would have made much difference yesterday. We battered them but Morelos just didn't do the business.
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