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  1. Briton

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Celtic (Jack 30)

    I had a feeling we might win this one but shocked at how dominant we were. Just what the doctor ordered.
  2. That's interesting...what's your source?
  3. Okay sorry...another I've triggered. Okay alleged victim or complainant (as I originally said). Interesting that you don't jump on Bill who has jumped to the conclusion that publicity would have stopped this women making any complaint.
  4. No it doesn't; it's avoiding the question with semantics. What you say is nonsense in any case. You can be a victim of a crime without there ever being a court case but let's call her the alleged victim to avoid any triggering. Could you answer the question; why would the women have been sure not to have made any complaint if she didn't have anonymity?
  5. That's reasonable but there are very good reasons why the victim's identity is protected in these cases. So why are you sure this case would never have come to court if the complainant's identity were to be revealed?
  6. I think I know the answer; you don't want her to 'enjoy' anonymity at this stage as the hassle she would face from the media/misogynists could likely lead to her deciding it's not worth it and to not press charges. Am I right?
  7. Why do you think it would not have come to court if the alleged victim could not 'enjoy' anonymity?
  8. Do you mention the Marquis of Lorne? I think his early involvement is intriguing but I've noticed that historians always seen ignore the fact that such a famous person was our patron in the very early days.
  9. Actually I thought I was commenting in the Katic thread but when I do choose to post maybe I'll run it past you first to make sure it meets with your approval eh?
  10. Briton

    Does Morelos get due credit

    Allan McGregor is another; has shown real stupidity on a couple of occasions this year in big games. He's got away with it so this experienced player in his late 30's is not considered so much a risk temperament wise as young Alfredo Morelos.
  11. Most of the people of the world are republicans. The idea that people are repugnant because they don't want to be 'reigned over' by someone just because they are, or claim to be, the descendant of some ancient scummy war lord (no, they aren't really majestic). Get a grip.
  12. No mention of the lack of class from Ferdinand I see; he should recieve a red card and Candeias should have his card scrubbed. On a side note did anyone see the little piece they did on Anton Ferdinand before the game? Not the sharpest pencil in the box; thick as shit in fact.
  13. Briton

    First Poppy of the Season

    I haven't worn a poppy since poppy facism first raised it's ugly head; mind you, it's cost me a few bob extra as I still feel obliged to donate as I explain why I wont take one. Shame that people are using what was a great charity for political/tribal ends.

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