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  1. We pull this out we win the league...these are the types that make a champ...let them balls drop!
  2. When Rangers are good...they are oh sooo...Lord Jesus! good...but when they are bad...well...you just gotta call the baby ugly.
  3. One more goal and we won't do what we ALL knew down deep exactly what we would do today...BOTTLE IT.
  4. They can stick that vaccine up their ass. Got no time for that shit son.
  5. The team looked good, three goals from set pieces...that's a BIG positive in my book. Patterson got some game time. Roofe went off early--on his own but looks like another soft tissue 'knock'. Itten got some much needed game time but is not there yet. Morelos came on and scored a brace like he has never been sittin. Good stuff.
  6. My Bad Craigo...replaced with; Edmundson appeared to exhibit traits consistent with cognitive impairment during that sequence of play. See...I can church that shit up with the best of em.
  7. Niiiiice...I'm happy now...bring on them Dutch clowns! Gonna whoop that ass too!
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