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  1. Rangers FC is fully to blame here. They are the ones who signed this contract and agreed to terms. My God...the stupid is so strong with this.
  2. It was a push game for me. Some good..some sloppy. I think the team got used to Rover's tempo and then they (Rovers) just downshifted and hit the gas on Rangers. Kinda caught Gers off guard...whamo...goal. Meh...live and learn.
  3. Oh...you can bet...Ranger players are going to take every opportunity to show their stuff to SG, and St Joes is gonna pay. They are gonna need a new drawstring when Rangers are done with em.
  4. I just watched it on RTV...friendly or no that was a very quality performance. 👋💪
  5. McGregor (Fods) Tavernier (USA! USA!) - Katic (Edmundson) - Goldson (Helander)- Flanagan (Barisic) Kamara (Docherty) -Davis (Jack)- Aribo (Halliday) Arfield (Stewart) - Ojo (Jones) Defoe (Fredo)
  6. One thing I know for sure...the Merseyside 69ers will end the season 6 through 9 in the table. What a bore Everton is. I think they are the most reliably mediocre team in sports.
  7. Right on...sounds like you got the inside baseball on it.
  8. Progres beat Cork 2-0....sweet revenge is at our door.
  9. Come on over Tommy! I mean we have thousands upon thousands of everyone else hoppin our border...why not a proper Englishman?
  10. If Stevie had arrived just one year earlier that kid would still be a Ranger. This story really chaps my ass.
  11. Oh I know...I saw that! The kid has some moves on him.
  12. I know it is early...early...but I think this guy is gonna be good. He is a much better finisher than Kent. Ejaria? Forget about it. That guy was/is a bum.
  13. 1995 Foo Fighters...Live Oak Civic Center, Live Oak Texas. It was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit in there. Packed to the walls. the place was designed to hold maybe 500 people...there were about 750...the walls were sweating...the band quit after half a set. Never forget that concert.
  14. That kid could be the real deal. Good signing.
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