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  1. McGregor (Fods) Tav (USA! USA!) Katic (Helander) Goldson (Ed) Flanagan (Mr. Glass) Jack (Doch) Davis (Arfield) Kamara (King) Aribo (Halliday) Kent (Stewart) Ojo (Barker) Fredo (Defoe)
  2. True...in today's market 7M really isn't a lot of money, down south. As for highly rated...why hasn't he been snapped up at such a cheap rate? I think you mean to say highly rated by Rangers. Not that this is bad but let's be honest here. Not a bad player, a lot of upside...but 7M from Rangers? I don't know man. I think this is a big impulse buy after an EXTREMELY embarrassing performance.
  3. Damn son, 7M for Kent? That's a lot of dough for that guy. mmm...I don't know about that.
  4. I hope he doesn't blow a knee out on the car ride to Rugby Park.
  5. "You take my life but I'll take yours too! You fire musket but I'll run you through!" Maiden were the heat son!
  6. Ahhh most people are chicken little...enjoy the ride I say. Not good losin, but Rangers will get em next time. I am gonna call it right now...we beat em at the Pedodome.
  7. Just watched the game after work...Well that was an ass kickin...meh ya win some ya lose some. Some times ya gotta take a beatin...better now than in the late goings.
  8. That is absurd. lol! Europe & the UK are Orwellian. Thank you dead relatives...God Bless America.
  9. Now...so that I get this straight. Ranger fans (not paid employees or official representatives of the club...fans) go to Poland, sing songs, and or engage in chants which are culturally insensitive to groups in the UK. These are the same songs the club (Rangers) have condemned...yet Rangers...the business are penalized for it?
  10. RTV usually starts about 20-30 min prior to kickoff. Should be here directly.
  11. Not feeling real positive about this game...but...hopefully we will be successful.
  12. Rangers FC is fully to blame here. They are the ones who signed this contract and agreed to terms. My God...the stupid is so strong with this.
  13. It was a push game for me. Some good..some sloppy. I think the team got used to Rover's tempo and then they (Rovers) just downshifted and hit the gas on Rangers. Kinda caught Gers off guard...whamo...goal. Meh...live and learn.
  14. Oh...you can bet...Ranger players are going to take every opportunity to show their stuff to SG, and St Joes is gonna pay. They are gonna need a new drawstring when Rangers are done with em.
  15. I just watched it on RTV...friendly or no that was a very quality performance. 👋💪
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