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  1. This has been the source of many a conversation for me...exclusively overseas mind you. I honestly had NO idea when I first started following Rangers, the depth of it all. I still don't, and can't understand the cultural significance of most of it. I mean I understand...but you know. But I am addicted to the team.
  2. Options trading? In high volatility? How do you fit through the door with them nuts?
  3. The Fed and ECB are already back to their old games. Fund injections to create the illusion of market health. They tried the verified method of currency contraction but the game is so rigged it would have crashed the markets. 2008 has come and gone...'market methadone' via currency contraction will no longer work. Expect rallies to continue as FED & ECB injections continue. That is until inflation, growth, and producer price figures are released again...market down...liquidity injections...increased inflation...ad nausea.
  4. See, I knew it was something like that. Maybe so man.
  5. Meh...Not a fan of the checkerboard thing. I am sure there is some obscure historical ref that I am missing. "Our 1926 team won the Duke of Cracker-Barrel Trophy in checkers!" Either way...just win in the damned thing.
  6. Any word on Clancy? Madagascar? Cuba? DPRK? Surely there is a league befitting his level?
  7. I agree. McLaughlin probably is not the answer. McCrorie kinda had that sketchy loan spell to Livi...at 24 maybe he is not where management would like to see him? However, that position, and the nature of that position, in goal, is as psychological as it is physical. Like a pitcher in baseball, or a kicker in football, it occupies a certain head space not required in others. You are a team member, but you are also on an island. Re-signing a club LEGEND like McGregor does nothing to help that.
  8. Absolutely...it is not a strike against the organization. It's an observation found in many winning programs. Especially if that winning program is hampered in some capacity. Not to keep bringing up American sports, but I grew up with this watching the NFL...salary caps...draft placement, and order...going with what was 'known' as opposed to the painful 'rebuild'. In a way it is a nice place to be. It just kinda...ahh I wanna see the club move forward..
  9. The reticence to reduce, and cycle through a lot of talent is annoying. I think a lot of that stems from the pressures, both internal and external on the club. Rich clubs who do not accept loss are quite different from those who are not, yet don't as well.
  10. Should have let McGregor walk...the psychology of this is just bad. McLaughlin needs the assurance that the team are going to support him. This 'cake and eat it too' mierda needs to stop. Davis, Arfield, McGregor... Not a fan.
  11. Unpleasant news for Peter. He seems to have agreed to part ways with Danish side Fremad Amager, after one season in management. The season appeared to have been a rough one. The player's life is brutal, however the life of a manager can be tenfold. I had hope for greater success for Peter as I am a big fan. A bit of me hoped that he could possibly come home to manage our team in some capacity. Peter was one of the first faces I came to love supporting Rangers. Always a faithful servant to the club I had high hopes for him as he left the club. “It was a very satisfying end to the season. After much and careful consideration and talking it through with my family and the club, I have decided to leave the club and pass the baton on to someone else to lead the club next season and in to a new chapter." https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/rangers-hero-quits-job-after-extremely-challenging-season-in-homeland/ Whatever his decision, hopefully he finds continued success in his life. I will always be a fan. "He Always Scores Against Celtic!"
  12. Ya think? GVB is why we got to that final...with no striker. Once again...with no striker. Old boy can manage his ass off. He has more than earned his right to put a mark on this team. If he pulls off some otherworldly shtuff like that next season...he is gone. He will get snapped up quicker than twinkie at fat camp. Hell yeah...give that dude some talent!
  13. Tons of deals to be made in the Russian leagues. These smaller Russian PL teams are gonna be peelin any player not absolutely required.
  14. Maybe that speaks to cryptos in general outside of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The entire crypto market simply tracks Bitcoin. That tells me one key thing...not much going on outside of the big two. I own all three but...the longer I dabble the evident it becomes that the crypto market IS Bitcoin.
  15. Well then it's Turkish then...yeah a bit sketchy...lived there for a couple years...country is sketchy AF. What's wrong with Cardano though? Lot's of possibilities there. A great alternative to Ethereum.
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