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  1. Yeah...these things usually work well. I remember back in '06 the USAF was hurting for warm meat, so the Pentagram, in all of their infinite wisdom decided lower requirements to entry. I spent most of '07 processing paperwork to kick half of the new airmen out. Oh the stories I have about some of those dirtbags. Requirements are established for a reason. I know it's a new day...but shitbirds...are still shitbirds...and all shitbirds should always be civilian. Kinda seems like they are trying to intentionally scuttle things...
  2. Deli Alley plays with the focus, and intensity of a man who just found out he won the lottery.
  3. No, it's more about the fact that our defensive line is turning into a wounded warriors home.
  4. Oh I have thoughts...the primary is...why do we have a CDM at CB? Why does no one address this even though this is the glaring issues on the squad? Why do we continue to press with this? The team and the fan base act as if there is no issue when our left side continues to be our Achilles. I have been harping on our D for weeks now...am i alone? HELLO!...'''Echo'''. We are going to be done in by this sham of a D...mark the same word...words that I have stated multiple times before.
  5. Shall we blame our defensives players? We should have won this 2-0 however we have a distinct inability to defend a set piece. No Davies? Why did we spend 4M euros/pound (WTF knows)... I smell a trend...and it smells like mierda.
  6. To quote my high school football coach. "Reggie White injured, doesn't do sh*t for this team". Meaning...the best American football defensive player in the world....injured...is useless. This team has a lovely habit of signing high performing medical cases. This defense is going to be the source of endless headaches.
  7. Yeap, and they all lose some. However, the specialists tend to lose less than non. Balogun over sands any day.
  8. Ahh Christ Bill...didn't know. My bad. One game and up lame eh? What about that Souttar? Lame as well eh? When does the window close? Mon the Gers.
  9. That was my original argument...he isn't...the cat played 90 minutes against St Johnstone...we signed him for how many million? but they are still startin Sands? Somethin is up. For some reason this guy does not have the confidence of the leadership...why? Not tryin to start a conspiracy but...kinda weird. You have a left sided specialists and you keep goin with the CDM? Spidey senses are tinglin here.
  10. Still confused by it to this day. The only thing i can think o9f is his wage demands were out of structure. He loved Rangers, he totally got the culture. Unless he was askin for the Moon...why not?
  11. We need a dedicated left CB...hellooo McFly! Get this shit sorted!
  12. Me too...we need to come out and go sideways on these boys. Damn the torpedoes, lay into them I say. Cause they are gonna try to open up a can on us in Holland.
  13. They are kickin some serious butt this year. I watched highlights of them against the Sheepettes...they torched them 8-0 I think? Good squad.
  14. I heard that GVB is going to start James Sands at CB? Please tell me this is a BS rumor?
  15. The Rabbi was critical to two of the four goals. Particularly the one involving Colak...pure hustle and drive. Loved it. MOTM effort for me.
  16. Meh. I'm indifferent about Sakala. His harum-scarum method is offset at a satisfactory level by his ability to find the net. I trust GVB will not levy too much responsibility on him. Good against the St. Mirren's of the world at 75 minutes, when we are up 3-0.
  17. Ratings are pretty good when the OF play each other I would imagine (no data). However, the salability of the other matches would be to a very niche market. Who outside of Scotland watches Ranger-Ross County? St Mirren? Cup matches against Stranraer? Rangers junkies like me, Scots, and Scot ex-pats. The marketability of these matches reflect the size of the deals.
  18. True but, let's be honest here. Scotland's sides are designed to hold the OF, and get a point. Their tactics, personnel, mindset...everything is to hold us, and fight for the scraps amongst the rabble. That simply does not translate well outside of Scotland. Having stated that, excluding the OF, I think all other Scottish sides would struggle in literally, ANY other continental league. I will go so far to say they would struggle in the Irish, and Welsh leagues as well. We shall see what Hearts can do...probably not much. We KNOW the scum will shit the bed again.
  19. But then there are places like Norway 5.5Mpop (£63M)...who have almost no European footprint...Belgium is another...twice Scotchland's pop but three times the deal...Greece 10.2Mpop (£57M). Croatia and Serbia who have similar pops receive far lower level deals (they are getting hosed)...so there is that. However, that may also be contingent upon median income as this is all, ultimately driven by advertising. There does appear to be a congruency between pop and deal size....for the most part...but then those are also skewed greatly by outliers such as England, and Zeh Chermans on one end and .
  20. Another garbage deal...unfortunately with performances like DU's last night...not a lot of bargaining power.
  21. Glad I'm workin from home today...watchin them get pumped like a $2 whore makes me smile.
  22. Lawrence is a killer. Intense...so far, lovin this guy.
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