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  1. My reply was perfectly fine and I don’t need to clarify it. It was a polite reply to another poster, we have spoken, job done That’s not correct. Nothing was pre screened - Chris & I choose them and we choose to stick to them, be neutral and not waver from that. Which we did and both are happy with how it went Now, as I said, I am out of this. I have no desire to go back and forward or bicker with folk. Cheers ??
  2. Passive aggression the order of the day and repeat Think I’ll pass from here on in bud Interview has been done, People can dissect it how they wish
  3. You make a lot of assumptions on a simple reply
  4. Not sure where I said I didn’t see the the potential issues with that? Can you show me I gave a polite response in conversation I said - I didn’t see the issue with him and admitted freely, in the post you quoted, I wasn’t aware why there is an apparent depth of feeling against him (as a person). Hence why I wasn’t questioning someone who wasn’t on the podcast
  5. https://fourladshadadream.blog/2020/12/11/dave-king-and-laura-fawkes-never-again-campaign-interview/ That’s the club 1872 \ King interview in written form for those who prefer that to a podcast
  6. Ha thank you Nothing that exciting but an exciting opportunity for me, you will know about it soon
  7. A lot of people asking regarding Chris Graham, I’m not sure what the issue is with him However I took the decision not to question someone who wasn’t on the podcast themselves, didn’t seem fair I however pushed Laura on who was involved and was anyone behind club1872 and in the background. The answer is their is a few volunteers with three board members. 1 paid member of staff Personally I think that tells us everything but not sure why it’s a major issue. I appreciate I am obviously completely naive so apologies for that
  8. Appreciate that It’s not anything to do with the podcast or not enjoying it, I’ve actually got a job offer which I can’t say anything about as yet But when it comes out people will figure out why I have stopped It’s definitely a good thing personally
  9. I think it’s a good platform for a first interview and there is plenty of follow up or additional ones to ask But if talking to the fans isn’t the platform then what would be? Surely we can’t say they aren’t giving answers or being truthful when they have had extensive media interviews for the last week? However it is what it is, natural people are suspicious Hopefully follow up interviews bring even more clarity on this platform
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