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  1. Now breaking those loose ends are done & all agreed Announcement start of week
  2. To simplify this - king done what he had too to stop the Spivs really ruining the club As a result he knew the consequences but took them anyone at a cost of £1m for love of the club The sanction means nothing to Rangers or King as he will have no interest in doing anything in GB anytime soon - hence why he won’t appeal A complete non event by cretins like Sommers to try & hurt King King & the board have done things wrong but without them the results are potentially catastrophic - today only reinforces our luck he is here onwards for Rangers
  3. Just loose ends of deal to complete mate Chris talks about it on the 4lads podcast this week, done deal just odds to sort out basically
  4. Was a min away from correct result not the first time this season 🤦‍♂️
  5. He has personally endorsed this & been in contact with Wilson
  6. Broke earlier on twitter by same lad who broke Allen heading out Look like it’s bang on again surprised we’ve got him from Southampton especially as he’s on the board, but a tremendous coup
  7. http://fourladshadadream.blog/2019/09/29/alfredo-morelos-from-the-heart-of-columbia/ My writing from today, I don’t normally stick these in here but hopefully people enjoy this one A small look at Alfredo’s season, the positives & attitude change making him a focused complete forward Not one booking yet, no mention from the media who gave him pelters & called him a psychopath etc Yesterday was as complete a performance as I’ve seen from him
  8. t the moment the club are currently heavily looking into what to do with Edmiston houseThese plans include a proper ticket office, a Museum and a huge cafeIt is unclear whether they will knock it down and start again or completely revamp it, it is currently undergoing treatment for Asbestos Plans for the Museum are hugely encouraging, there is now a staff member hired to collate & catalogue every bit of material within Ibrox - from medals to scrap books etc - this is ongoing Although definite plans haven’t been concluded & studies are ongoing, big plans to give the club the platform it deserves for these things, are most definitely underway The boards promises continue to be carried out(Thought it was worth sharing, especially news on museum becoming more than just lip service)
  9. Definite plan to stick with the DOF model and take our time in recruiting a replacement
  10. Club say it’s a pile of nonsense, absolutely no interest at all Take it or leave it folks, I haven’t heard a thing on this & I’m late to the party
  11. Love that mate thank you was a busy night, Raffle, Auctions & barely had a minute to stop or speak to anyone ! Need a holiday after that
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