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  1. We might get someone with a good attitude that applys himself everyweek tbf!
  2. If he goes then he goes We will move on As long as it is right for us
  3. Absolute nonsense from football insider & if you saw that interview you’d agree - it’s torture
  4. Thanks for doing the first part, much appreciated mate Great pod to do, Andy was brilliant
  5. Yes but my blogs aren’t about them in any way It alludes to the fact and says basically we all know what has went on But if I write a blog that says it was all for them etc then it could borderline on looking mental and that lot would have a field day with personal criticism So subtle is key and has always been my style
  6. Was at 25000 a few weeks back Most will leave it as late as possible
  7. Quality over quantity is needed Fine for squad & future our midfield and right side is desperately weak
  8. Then they owe the support an explanation They armed us for battle, letting it meekly slide away isn’t a good look on our board So give us the Transparency you promised and we will follow
  9. Personally I don’t think that this is too far from truth
  10. Thanks for all your hard work mate
  11. Thank you for your positive support! That took a hell of a lot of time to do & we only got 30mins & as you will hear from podcast it’s full As for things I didn’t ask, other podcasts have covered it & I chose what I thought was key Getting the essentials of the financial aspects was huge & key for this & my aim stuff about fan engagement, megastore, Fanzone, kits without logos (something many of us have mentioned in here) is all great stuff
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