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  1. Will be announced Monday Have known for a while but unfortunately leaked tonight club have been sitting on it a week or so, shame it’s out tonight but it is what it is Suggest we are protecting ourselves from England
  2. I can’t post on this without betraying everything I believe in But I don’t feel good about Sunday at all
  3. He’s a very good player by all accounts, trust the folk that tell me he is the next Alan Hutton Very impressive
  4. Just the two weeks after I posted the exact story online with 4lads
  5. I think there has been a lot of ‘exclusives’, ‘ITK’ shite posted on the internet the last few days In fact some of it embarrassing @Bluedell rightly posts above, share issue etc is not news but sensationalism after that is exactly that
  6. Not seemingly, he is and scored the other night in a bounce game I wad told he was very good, others like Elfideldo have said he was average Need to wait and see if club offer him anything
  7. The threat of millions of pounds litigation & horror stories had been going on since 2008 No one was touching us Pressure on the bank etc It’s ok saying that HMRC were owed just £68m, the point is that Huge parts of that debt was caused by Whyte etc - the Phantom bill was a catalyst for everything that happened to us indirectly or directly That’s my point Had it been administered properly then there’s a chance SDMs £10m settlement offer may have been accepted etc It’s a debate on Ifs & Buts, there’s certainly no doubt in my mind we were hamstrung because of it
  8. The major question is - Did the potential liability make us untouchable? The answer is yes As I blogged today, the results of that phantom bill caused 2011 sale etc Without it we are potentially sold before No one can deny that
  9. Yeah exactly & I agree I was being flippant above but the stories going out is we are willing to part with Kamara for that kind of cash Bournemouth, Brighton, Palace & Leeds are all keen
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