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  1. Aribo kent ojo edmundson This week Imagine we could nail all these guys Then add a quality player or two reckon we’d be ready
  2. Joe Aribo looking extremely positive 👍 Not done or signed but news today really positive as above Should be treated as rumour etc but I’m confident Never done till it’s done so we will see
  3. Aye sorry lads I’ve been blocked on posting news on two deals Can’t say a thing, both are out there Have told the site boss but I have been silenced on blog also So we will see what happens 😂
  4. Kent won’t be decided formally until he returns to Liverpool The text most likely relates to fake news site on twitter Everyone from the clubs to agent have told press no decisions have been made, so unless people at clubs are lying but secretly telling others it’s done then I suspect the text is utter made up shite
  5. I don’t deal in rumours 🤓 Don’t have much to update on to be honest, yet
  6. Rangers say no interest in Baines & he’s never even been discussed Just passing it on
  7. The Newcastle story is they are interested IF the takeover goes through, currently that is in doubt with folk questioning if they have money So whole lot to go through before we even get to bid stage or if it’s true Club have told press no contact so is it a nothing story? You decide On Baines, we have been ‘told’ there is an ‘interest’ but no idea how true contract talks are etc but trying to find out So If I do find out anything then I’ll post up
  8. Who gives a shit? You seen his bird He can stay and hang around the training centre for all I care
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