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  1. They'll need to be big fuckers! At least I'm not sitting on my arse! The damage you and your pals have done is truly amazing! Protestants! What aa fucking laugh!
  2. For fuck sake man what religion runs through your blood! PROTESYT PROTEST AND KEEP PROTESTING - GET DOWN TO THE DEMO MAN!
  3. These people aren't LIFE SAAVING SURGEONS they're fucking Grave Robbers! You continue sitting on your arrse that's what you've been conditioned to do! I keep thinking about the Sundance Kids lasyt remarks...
  4. Totally agree! You'll get the usual scum bastards on here sitting on their arse defending Green but we need to get down to Ibrox today and express our feelings. Already on the bus I notice a lot of young ones getting on and going to the Demo - while scumbuckets sit on their arse waiting to say "I told you so" whether things work out or (as we suspect) they fall apart! If Green works out it'll be t told you so and if not it'll be "TBK's are at fault for...". The truth of the matter is that these people have done absolutely nothing except sit on their arses making up excuses for doing nothing! You don't need to be George Smiley to figure out the gameplan these young fellas on the bus know it and if you open your eyes you'll see it too! Green will: 1. Tell everyone they're trying desperately for a CVA (or saving history with cloud cuckoo Miller scheme) . The days will turn to weeks before they slowly but surely come out with 'we tried but..,' 2. They'll announce (surprise surprise) plans for newco and 'hope' to make a go of it... 10,000 to 15,000 show up for home games and the numbers dwindle (I certainly won't be supporting a team without history) and they announce that despite their (ahem) best efforts they're gonna have to pull the plug and sell our assets... Bla bla bla... If asked what the future holds for a Great British Institution like Rangers FC George Smiley would turn and smile and say "I think you already know that my friend! For these young guys on the bus the penny has dropped for the life of me I don't understand why you lot sitting at home are not making a move to go to the Demo. I guess when it gets right down to it you lot are conditioned by years of sitting on your arse WAITING FOR DAVID!
  5. Like most I won't even bother to read that but unlike most I won't be polite by ticking thanks' You that tosser guardian and your group of other assorted (only 8 here thank god) have done untold damage on Rangers football club and will disappear like snow off the dyke when things warm up next week! Rangers will be dead partly thanks to your divisive drives! (Btw the divisive role of rm - that cunt won't be able to flog the site for a penny when RFC are dead) For those polite people that clicked 'thanks' I'll attempt one last time to get through to you! I read the last paragraph as I looked over the names! This simple idea of (btw not sure why he has 'simples' as a byeline surely Simpleton' is more apt) his that TBK's just put up £8m hard cash can be shot out the water relatively quickly: As the whole game is in the hands of dodgy crooked bastards D&P it's easy for them (without giving details away - respecting confidentiality hypocrisy and other crap etc bla bla bla) to turn and say someone has put up more... only for this 'bid' to be... 'Scared off' or other assorted piss excuses! That's the truth and these guys don't wanna play that game of raising their bid and raising their and r... for the simple reason they've done it! D&P's can play that game from here to doomsday what is the outcome??? You surely must know the answer but for the 7 followers of the simpleton and his pal let me spell it out THEY SIT BACK SAYING THE SAME OLD LIES AND WHILE THAT IS HAPPENING THEIR BANK FILL ANND FILL TO THE TUNE OF £400,000 PCM! Saving Rangers is not just about putting a pot up for the creditors (the recent statement from the RST shows the score) it's about taking the club forward! Green or some other dodgy Landoner will put up a bigger pot for one simple reason THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO SUCH INTENTION! NOW STOP FARTING AROUND AND GET DOWN TO IBROX AT 1PM TODAY!
  6. That's clearly rubbish! Take a look at the RST's recent statement and you'll see why!
  7. I'd rather HMRC appointed the Administrators - these cunts are crooked bastards who always had an endgame in mind!
  8. I'd rather HMRC appointed the Administrators - these cunts are crooked bastards who always had an endgame in mind!
  9. Great credit goes to you for investing 4k mate. I gave it some thought at the time but instinct (and a bit of knowledge re Politics) has always told me he was a bastard! I've been hoping for TBK's because I want to give all I have, I want to be part of taking some control from the money men. It's looking like the Rangers are coming to an end and although I'll be very sad (many tears will no doubt be spilt) when it happens, part of me will be happy because there will be no more need to try and convince some of the good Rangers fans that the idiotic tossers on here pouring hatred on TBK's etc etc are just wasters set in the ways of sitting back on their arses coming out with 'reasons' why everyone else should sit on their arses. Those cunts are like a cancer spreading out from RM, I pity them if we go down the pan, but at least I won't have to read their apathetic surrender monkey shite again.
  10. Real bidders like your pal Miller who was clearly just 'elevating his profile' if that's not the truth why didn't he stomp up the £500,000? You're so full of piss I wander why you're not surrounding yourself with your more of your rm pals Any credibility your stance had went out the window with the time waster 'King Billy Miller'! Away and lie in your pit!
  11. Deliverability! Like no one else has 'beafed up' their bid! Ffs! If this cunt Green gets in no doubt the facts of how he beafed up his offer will come to the fore (it'll be too late of course). Don't see the Duffer twins telling us much about other bidders but then anyone with half a brain can see why! TBK's were prepared to put up the £500,000 unreturnable deposit while Miller wasn't! Yea guys you fools just keep repeating the same old same old - don't bother reading my stuff just keep coming forward with the same old surrender monkey piss! Miller means business is what you lot said YET HE DIDN'T PUT THAT CASH UP... I'm away to help organise some more people to get down tomorrow - you lot keep doing what you're good at (butch) lying back on your arses looking for pretexts to... LIE BACK ON YOUR ARSES!
  12. Most of their money will be spent actually helping the club not chucked away on a CVA! If you think for one second Green will get a CVA you're living in cloud cuckoo land HMRC know who is and who isn't in it with Whyte no way will they allow that band of thieves to prosper - they'd rather insure we go down the pan! You and your pals are drowning in a sea of pessimism - hopefully those of that have put up a fight will save the club THING THAT PISSES ME OFF IS WE'LL STILL BE SADDLED WITH YOU LOT!!! and you'll still be CLAIMING to be Rangers SUPPORTERS! You lot turn my fucking stomach!
  13. These people would rather have ANYBODY than TBK BK PM for one simple reason IF TBK'S GOT IN IT WOULD REQUIRE ALL OF US FANS TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE - THEY JUST CAN'T BE ASSED AND PREFER TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER DAVID MURRAY! So BK and PM have had varied business success / failure SO WHAT! They've not been conniving with Whyte and that plus in PM's case, his handling of Rangers and the fact that Walter speaks well of him tells most people the score! These people just don't wanna be part of a solution they'd much rather sit back on their arses waiting for an Oil Sheik! Some of us want action and don't wanna wait for them shoving the padlocks on those big gates at Ibrox!
  14. It's crystal clear the true robots are those believing in this totally flawed kidology! TBK's have made offers and if selected will follow through DELIVERABILITY I believe is the real proof of the pudding! You and your ff rst haters but hatred first and ridicule Rangers supporting people and put that above the wellbeing of Rangers. You lot backed Miller and will now back anybody other than the only ones that will pull Rangers through! These current bidders will fall by the wayside but you know that fine - as long as you can keep rst etc from controlling the club you're happy AND IF RANGERS GO DOWN THE PAN YOU'LL STILL BE COMING OUT WITH THE SAME OLD GUFF! As for the 'consortium with no cash' well Miller had plenty of cash so what happened to your man there? :-). Easy to be destructive than constructive - you keep in with the easy lines because at the end of the day those of us backing TBK's are gonna be putting our hand in our pockets in a big way to help the club MY FEELING IS THAT IS THE CRUX OF THE MATTER, YOU JUST DON'T WANNA STEP UP TO THE PLATE! Easy to make excuses than actually do fuck all, just sit back and snipe away at those stepping up! And you have the fucking nerve to call yourselves SUPPORTERS!!!
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