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  1. AS a listed company, the members of the Rangers Board have to be very careful and professional in the way in which we communicate information. This is clearly not the case for the requisitioners, who can make all sorts of wild and spurious allegations. My concern is that these unprofessional, wild allegations are being used just like bogey men were used when I was a child. But in this case, they are being used to frighten our supporters and shareholders. So, within the bounds of what I can say, I would like to put some of these bogey men to rest. Firstly, I read wild accusations that I m
  2. I know I will get Pelter's for posting this, but thought I may get the other side of the coins thoughts. It was taken from RM and put together by a poster called TheLawMan "I recently posted about the Murray myths around debt reduction and Break even Domestic policy however i see today he is still claiming he helped reduce debt. His fans appear to believe him as well, despite the facts disputing what he says. Anyway, i thought i would take things a little further and look at the facts and figures of the people we are being asked to vote for. I know this type of thing normally bore
  3. Former director Paul Murray chats with CRO's Ross McAdam about the current board, the pending AGM, moving forward and fan ownership. http://www.thecoplandroad.org/2013/11/exclusive-cro-talks-with-paul-murray.html
  4. I'm sure they'll be busting a gut to fend off the SFA/SPFL/Lieswell axis of evil!
  5. MIke Ashley sell up and move his empire to Glasgow? Why not, says Chronicle columnist John Gibson Amid an avalanche of whacko football stories that tend to emerge during the lull in hostilites brought about by the international break, one caught my eye which would warm the cockles of a considerable number of Geordie hearts. Billed as an exclusive by the bright young internet site Winner Sports, it suggested that Mike Ashley is privately considering selling Newcastle United and moving his football empire to Glasgow Rangers. And, most important of all for Mr Cashley, it makes f
  6. Analysis reveals popular Adobe passwords Top 20 passwords 123456 123456789 password adobe123 12345678 qwerty 1234567 111111 photoshop 123123 1234567890 000000 abc123 1234 adobe1 macromedia azerty iloveyou aaaaaa 654321 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24821528?
  7. Thisis lifted from FF thread on a DR story running today re Paul Murray and the AGM, from someone who has read that story, emboldment mine: ============== "Christian Purslow still lined up to be new chief executive. New financial director is in place but no names are revealed. Murray stating he has a team ready to go to work. Murray and Mccoll's legal team have also secured the identities of the figures behind Blue pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings, they will be revealed by tomorrow. ===============
  8. Q&A Summary of Meeting With Jim McColl Official Statement - POSTED ON OCTOBER 25, 2013 Meeting – Attendees – Jim McColl, Malcolm Murray & Paul Murray plus representatives from Rangers Supporters Trust, Rangers Supporters Association, Rangers Supporters Assembly and NARSA – Clyde Blowers – East Kilbride 4.00 24/10/2013 Paul Murray gave a brief introduction on why the group represented had come together and Jim McColl listed a number of serious concerns they all shared about a lack of corporate governance and financial transparency. The purpose of the meeting however was to afford
  9. Noticed that Andy Cameron was seated where our Directors should have been. Noticed this a good few times that he sits in Directors seating area. Why? He is not a big investors is he ?
  10. Whilst I am very happy with the statements released tonight I do however have one major concern. That is the return of a certain Martin Edward Bain. This man in my opinion has done some serious damage to our great club, a lot of which has been hidden by the media and not discussed. This includes negotiating with Strathclyde's finest "not" to charge a certain manager of another club for racial and sectarian abuse. Allowing most media outlets to have a free for all against our club and its supporters without defending them once in a court of law. Vastly increasing his salary when our clu
  11. DAVE KING made the following statement tonight: "I confirm that I held talks with Rangers Chief Executive Craig Mather and Finance Director Brian Stockbridge in South Africa. I wished the discussions to remain confidential until something definite was agreed- one way or another. I have maintained that confidentiality. However, given my awareness of incorrect inferences being drawn in the media I would like to make a limited statement at this time. "The discussions were, to my mind, very positive and it was agreed that subject to the normal regulatory approval I would put my name forward t
  12. For anyone who wants to give the RST proxy over your shares at the forthcoming EGM fill out the form at the bottom of this link. http://www.therst.co.uk/proxy-voting/ Note - If you bought shares through the Trust's BuyRangers scheme, then there's no need to do this. This is for RST members & non members who have independent share holdings to give the RST their proxy vote. Note 2 - If you give the RST or anyone else proxy voting over your shares, you technically sacrifice the opportunity to attend the EGM in person, but this is perfect for any independent shareholders who won't
  13. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/5195-rangers-announce-annual-results
  14. Haven't seen this on RM or here but according to the Daily Mail today McColl's gang tried to bring back McClelland as the chairman. Absolutely frightful stuff if true. A real return to the old days when he was Murray's puppet and presided over record levels of debt. I'm neither here nor there with the current board and prospective future board. To me they all remind of the South Park episode where a douche and a turd compete with each other. But it's absolutely disparaging that our prospective leaders want a return of one of our past failures.
  15. Written by The Ref: The definition of sabotage is:- 1. The destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations, as by civilians or enemy agents in time of war. 2. Treacherous action to defeat or hinder a cause or an endeavour; deliberate subversion. The term "sabotage" derives from French factory workers throwing their wooden shoes ("sabots") into machinery to jam them and stop production. In a sense this was the very first use of industrial sabotage. The aim of industrial sabotage is to cause maximum disruption and/or damage by secretive means. Often industrial sabota
  16. I posted this in the footie thread,however I think it has a place here as he says ''He’s in charge of the biggest and most successful club in the country''. IF THERE was a Richter scale for Twitter then the news that Peter Lawwell had been appointed to the main board of the Scottish Football Association would have measured about a 5.5, the digital equivalent of a mighty earthquake. When the news came through on Tuesday there was a sudden tremor online, a reverberation that could have only meant one thing. Something had happened in Old Firm land. Again. There are very sound reaso
  17. Amidst his unsurprising defence of Jack Irvine, it's interesting that Bill is suggesting a deal to avoid an EGM is 'likely'... http://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/civil-war-stalemate/
  18. I noticed this on FF, I wonder how many of these contracts have been signed. First paragraph is s---e. http://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/2-million-and-counting/ ''I have previously written about Finance Director Brian Stockbridge’s sterling work in trimming substantial expenditure from the books but even that has not managed to stop money flowing out of the club. A perfect example is the £140,000 per year contract for PR services given to London PR firm Keith Bishop Associates. I am reliably informed that this firm has not engaged in any PR activity for Rangers, de
  19. Guest

    The new, old regime

    If Paul Murray was to get on the board following the EGM and Mather, Stockbridge etc were removed. Who would be a suitable Chief Exec? After what we have had to endure for the past 2 years would you accept Martin Bain back? He had his faults and didn't publicly back the fans over some issues but, he certainly acted in the professional manner that one would expect from a Rangers chief exec. P.S. its just a question so try and stay calm with the responses!!
  20. Last night, Vanguard Bears were granted a meeting with Rangers Chairman Craig Whyte.3 Delegates from the site attended the meeting, which was brokered by one of our influential contributors. The meeting was unprecedented, and a first for any Rangers supportersâ?? website. Happening the same week as our planned Demo at the BBC, and at a very busy time for the club, and Mr Whyte in particular, we are very grateful to Mr Whyte for actually taking time out of his busy Schedule to discuss topics of interest to Rangers fans across the globe, with Rangers Supporters Liaison Mgr Jim Hannah presen
  21. A tribunal dealing with an appeal by Rangers FC against a disputed tax bill and penalties totalling about £49m is set to continue into January. The First Tier Tribunal in Edinburgh was expected to conclude on Wednesday. It has now been listed to take place on 16, 17 and 18 January 2012. The disputed bill and penalties relates to Rangers' use of Employee Benefit Trusts to pay employees. The club faces the prospect of administration if it loses this case. Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) claims that £35m is owed by Rangers in unpaid tax with a further £14m due in inter
  22. Rangers Football Club has agreed an out-of-court settlement with a pension advice firm which had been suing the club for unpaid fees. Capita Trustees Services had raised an action at Glasgow Sheriff Court for what it called a "straightforward commercial debt". The amounts involved, or the specifics of what the debt was run up for, have not been revealed. Rangers has recently faced other court action by creditors. HM Revenue and Customs and two former club executives have had assets totalling more than £3m ring-fenced pending the settlement of disputes. Former board members
  23. http://news.stv.tv/scotland/west-central/277397-rangers-fc-taken-to-court-by-financial-services-company-over-commercial-debt/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter A financial services company is taking Rangers FC to court to recover a debt, STV News can reveal. Capita Trustee Services is pursuing the Ibrox club over a "commercial debt recovery matter". A hearing in the civil case is due to take place at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday. The amount involved, or the specifics of what the debt was run up for with the branch of Capita Group Plc, have not been revealed at th
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