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  1. The daily record and scottish sun are both carrying this story that miller will quit rangers during the january transfer window after transfer talks broke down??, I'm hoping this is just romours and this is not the case but rangers really should be pulling out all the stops to hold on to our top striker!!, you really have to ask what is going on at murray park! I'm very worried tbh
  2. The consortium of Craig Whyte and Andrew Ellis want to complete their �£33 million purchase of Sir David Murray's shares within the next month. Craig Whyte and Andrew Ellis will hold talks with senior Rangers officials next week, as they look to step up their joint efforts to buy Sir David Murray's shareholding in the Ibrox club. STV understands the duo want the deal, worth �£33 million, to be concluded by Christmas but have conceded privately it may take until the new year to finalise the sale. The takeover, which will wipe out the club's �£27.5 million debt to Lloyds TSB, is understood to be at an advanced stage. Whyte and Ellis will also pay shareholders, including Murray, a total of �£5.5 million as part of their proposals. If the deal for Murray's 92 per cent shareholding is completed, Whyte will own 69 per cent of the club's shares, with Ellis - who failed in his own attempts to buy the club earlier this year - holding 23 per cent. As part of their plans, �£25 million will be invested in Rangers' first team squad over a period of five years, with transfer funds being made available to Walter Smith in the January transfer window if the takeover is concluded in time. News of the pair's bid first broke on November 18, with Whyte and Rangers both putting out statements to the Stock Exchange confirming a possible offer. Nearly two weeks on, evident progress has been made in a bid Whyte's solicitor confirmed as being "at an early stage". Talks between Whyte, Ellis and club officials were also yet to take place at that point. More to follow... http://sport.stv.tv/football/scottish-premier/rangers/213122-rangers-takeover-bidders-want-club-bought-by-christmas/
  3. Walter Smith will be urged to become a powerful Ibrox boardroom player if Craig Whyte succeeds in his �£32 million bid to buy Rangers. And Ally McCoist's promotion to the manager's office would also be given the seal of approval by the man who would be the next Rangers king. Whyte's period of due diligence is almost complete and it is understood he remains confident of clinching a deal with David Murray to buy the club within two months. Whyte was hoping to be in control by the turn of the year but that is unlikely. Despite his frustration, sources at Ibrox and in England insist Whyte, who met Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston on Friday, is determined to get his hands on the club. And they also stress there would be no change in the proposed line of succession. McCoist would welcome a takeover from Whyte that edges him closer to landing his dream job. He said: "I am only concerned that the takeover, if and when it comes, is successful for Rangers. "If I was buying Rangers I would want my own people running it. "You keep your fingers crossed that you are the person they want to run it." Although Whyte would rather see Smith continue as manager he would not block McCoist's own take over. But he is determined to make use of Smith's knowledge and experience. And if Murray sells to Whyte moves would be made to hold on to Smith. He'd be offered a position as director of football and if that didn't appeal he would then be invited to take a seat on the board. Our sources stress that Whyte would want Smith to have a crucial say in the club's direction. And if Smith were to go for that McCoist would then have a strong ally in the boardroom and there would be a better understanding of the team's needs. Whyte is bankrolling the entire deal although, with a loan from the buyer, Andrew Ellis is likely to take a 25 per cent stake. But there will be only one man calling the shots and Whyte's desire to own the club is stronger than ever. Ibrox sources are also convinced he has the financial clout to see this through and believe the deal, which will commit Whyte to spending at least �£5m on players in each of the next five seasons, will be concluded within eight weeks. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/2010/12/06/craig-whyte-i-want-walter-on-the-board-86908-22764832/
  4. From STV. He's been shit hot for us this season so it was only a matter of time before the EPL clubs were sniffing about.
  5. WOULD-BE Rangers supremo Craig Whyte has been ordered to stay away from Ibrox for tonight's Battle of Britain showdown with Manchester United. Record Sport understands the Scottish billionaire and London-based property developer Andrew Ellis - who are locked in buy-out talks with majority shareholder Sir David Murray - have been forced to scrap plans to jet into Glasgow for the Champions League tie after a day of fraught legal discussions. Whyte and Ellis had hoped to arrive in Scotland at around lunchtime today to meet with club board members for the first time before watching Walter Smith's men take on English giants United in a mouth-watering Group C clash. But their plans bit the dust late last night after their lawyers were advised senior Rangers sources considered it would be "inappropriate" for the pair to be seen inside the stadium at such a sensitive stage in their �£32million takeover bid. Under the strict stockmarket code, Whyte and Ellis will only be given the green light to open formal talks with chairman Alastair Johnston AFTER they have shaken hands with Murray on a deal. However, no agreement has yet been struck and, despite the determination of Whyte and Ellis to press the flesh, Johnston has remained in the United States with no intention of attending tonight's big game at Ibrox . Rescue A seemingly sceptical Johnston adopted an aggressive public approach earlier this year when Ellis first failed to push through a planned rescue package for the stricken SPL champs. He repeatedly insisted that he would be willing to fly across the Atlantic at one or two days' notice to begin face-to-face talks. Last night a frustrated Ellis confirmed to Record Sport that he would not be attending the European clash with Sir Alex Ferguson's side. And he expressed his disappointment at missing out on both the game and the chance to meet with the Ibrox directors. Ellis said: "Craig and I had cleared our diaries and were very excited about the prospect of spending a couple of days in Glasgow . "We are very disappointed that we will now not be able to take in the match and meet with the directors. "I was obviously very much looking forward to meeting Alastair in particular." http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/football/spl/2010/11/24/rangers-hit-would-be-owner-craig-whyte-with-big-match-ban-86908-22736151/
  6. First of all, I'd like to make clear I'm as excited as any other bear about today's news about a hitherto unknown Scottish millionaire supposedly being in the final stages of buying our football club. To have the debt cleared and a fresh new regime in charge of our future is intriguing and it's no wonder our fans are keen to find out more. And that is the key to judging this front page 'exclusive' - we must know more. It's all very well the James Traynor's and Darrell King's of this world bagging themselves a few more readers today but while the hyperbole sounds good, we need some meat added to the bones. Despite the public protestations of the club in recent months, private negotiations have been ongoing regarding the sale of it to a consortium of interested parties - some of whom may have pulled out, some not. These include the new face, 'turnaround specialist' Craig Whyte along with the previously named Andrew Ellis and Vladimir Antonov. Others such as current Rangers director Dave King may well be involved further down the line. Certainly, speculation in the background has been rife and, as always, it is difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Even in the newspaper reports of today we have no official club comment and can only take the word of 'sources' and 'insiders' amongst the usual sound-bites about debts, tax queries and war-chests. This is where our support must then ask themselves a few questions. The last decade has seen dramatic downsizing occur at our great club. From the extravagance of Dutch international signings and 5* training grounds, to the paucity of broken Jumbotrons and loan swaps with Aberdeen; never has our future been so worrying. Indeed, if it were not for the best efforts of Walter Smith and his players in delivering a UEFA Cup Final run and two SPL titles on the trot, the current debt of around �£25million would be much higher. Therefore, any removal of this debt and the associated inflexibility of the bank who hold it is definitely something to be happy about. The question is how does any new owner stop the same situation happening again? Does he invest more money into the squad and hope that this brings continued domestic success - as well as the crucial CL monies? Or does he maintain prudence and gamble on the qualities of the existing manager and players? Risk-taking is something that has been at the forefront of our club's strategy since Sir David Murray bought the club over 20 years ago. Some have come off [Walter Smith (twice), Mo Johnston and stadium improvements], some have not [Paul Le Guen, Tore Andre Flo and over-investment in the Advocaat era]. We don't have the luxury of such mistakes now so any new club administration must be aware of the risks involved. �£20million 'war-chests' make for good newspaper sales but I doubt Craig Whyte (or his associates) will be gifting this cash, so how do we eventually pay for it? Wouldn't we just be swapping one �£20million+ debt for another? If one positive has come out of the decade of downsizing it is that surely Rangers fans are more savvy than ever before. While we're all ambitious and have high expectations, we must accept that our future isn't one which can be gambled away on a whim. After all, we can all argue for or against the Murray era but one of the few consensuses between these camps is that it lacked vision, lacked planning and lacked supporter involvement. As such, before we back any new owner we must know more about their plans. Rangers supporters are the lifeblood of the club and our financial contribution has never been more important. Our loyalty and commitment should not be taken for granted and for our backing we're entitled to be treated with respect and worked with (instead of against) as we enter any new ownership era. Yes, we cautiously welcome the news of Craig Whyte's interest but there is much more to be done before we can accurately judge the merits of his intentions. This should not be done on the pages of tabloids but in direct consultation with a support eager for positive change. Actions speak louder than words.
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