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  1. On Saturday, not long after the Stranraer match, the club published a statement entitled, “For the Avoidance of Doubt”. The article was written under the tag, ‘Rangers Football Club’, although almost everyone acknowledges that it was probably penned by the club’s Director of Communications, James Traynor. Although the statement was generally well received by Rangers fans, it was more noticeable for what it didn’t say, rather than what it actually did say. Whilst the statement is welcome, it is long overdue, and I doubt if it will have any substantive or meaningful impact on the serial
  2. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/157-rangers-pr-problems-boycotts-and-bloggers Another weekend, another statement from the club complaining about newspaper A and blogger B. This time it’s the Daily Record in the firing line – as well as some mischief-making Celtic supporter websites and a PR guru the club have used for longer than some owners have been in charge. Fair enough, the club is entitled to have a moan and the statement seems strong and has validity. However, where does all this stuff really get us? Boycott the Daily Record? Sure, done it years ago – not necessar
  3. THE following quotes were published on the official Rangers website on January 31, 2011. “First, I would like to address specifically the latest attempt to undermine Rangers in today’s Daily Record which devotes five pages to trashing our efforts to get this club back on a sensible financial footing. “In the most lurid terms, the Record accuses the club’s management and, specifically me, of using supporters’ money to help fund the buy-out of Rangers. Not true. “The club is accused of not paying £5million in VAT. Not true. “The Daily Record’s approach to this story sought to dis
  4. SO MANY voices in this Rangers saga and so many mixed messages, so much contradiction to pile on top of the poison that has reigned in the place for far too long. Dire warnings from Dave King that the club is living beyond its means and is heading inexorably for the rocks again and, on the flip side, Ally McCoist looking to sign a reserve goalkeeper (is there nobody there already who can warm the bench for the season?) as well as two others. The club appears to be bleeding money. They have burned their way through their share-offering revenue – supposedly £20 million-plus – and have £10m l
  5. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/4824-for-the-avoidance-of-doubt
  6. http://leggoland2.blogspot.com/2011/11/daily-record-editor-and-brian-mcnally.html
  7. With tonight's closure of the transfer window now looming closer by the second it's becoming crystal clear that staying in Europe or more specifically, the Champions League this season was paramount to the ability of the new manager to start building a new, deeper and higher quality squad. That may well seem like stating the obvious, but I think we should ask ourselves if Ally was really afforded the opportunity to strengthen for our European campaign given that the club were very public about supposedly bidding for and trying to bring in the players who might have helped keep us in Europe, bu
  8. Taken from FF. Well done the Aussie Bears LOL! get it right round you timmy! we the Perth RSC chipped in and had the banner below flown over Perth and the NIB stadium for the best part of an hour and a half. Leading up to the match we were throwing all sorts of red herrings out, kidding on we had our own section of the ground etc, which resulted in the police and daily record contacting us to confirm!!! the local police actually cancelled all leave and drafted in extra staff to cope with the 'problem' several guys had timmy quizzing them at work, saying 'thats pu
  9. SKIPPER David Weir last night agreed a new one-year contract to stay on at Rangers. The 41-year-old, left, thrashed out his future during talks with boss Ally McCoist at Murray Park. That's according to the Daily Record. How do we feel about this. Although I suspect I know Ian's answer
  10. Allan McGregor has emerged as Arsenals top transfer target despite Rangers insisting that the goalkeeper is not for sale. Watching Switzerland U21 v Czech Republic U21? Check in with fanatix Switzerland U21 v Czech Republic U21 live streaming Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is in the market for an experienced keeper, and sees the Scotland number one as the ideal solution to his problem position. The Frenchmans repeated failure to buy an assured stopper has partly contributed to the clubs six-year trophy drought, with Manuel Almunia and Wojciech Szczesny less than convincing between
  11. Branding the tax case website crap is nice to see. Also saying the right things for me currently.
  12. Lifted from FF I understand that Keith Jackson has been banned from Ibrox. The Daily Record has been asked to publish a full apology for the 'Coisty Cash Crisis' story which appeared today. The new regime is sending out a message that untrue stories about the club will no longer be tolerated. Watch this space.
  13. A number of people have been wondering why they could not access the comments section of LeggoLand on Saturday. Let me explain. Police are investigating a bomb threat made to me in a series of comments after a recent LeggoLand. Strathclyde's finest are quite rightly adopting a zero tolerance approach. Their advice to me was that whether I keep the comments section open or not is a matter for me, and me alone. I have decided that, for the time being, to close it. BUT....my technical man is drawing up a blueprint for a new-look blog, which will include the need for anyone who wis
  14. Meeting between Supporters Club and Rangers FC and Strathclyde Police Last night, Thursday, Billy Montgomery of the Nithsdale Loyal RSC facilitated a meeting between around a dozen reps mainly from clubs in the Glasgow area. Initially the meeting had been called as a result of media reportage which caused concern about the policing of the forthcoming Old Firm match. Also present were club liaison manger Jim Hannah; Rangers FC security and safety executives David Martin and Robin Howe; and Andrew Bates the match commander at Ibrox from Strathclyde Police. We were given the outli
  15. THE reason for the delay in Rangers publishing their half-yearly figures is ,there are those on the Ibrox board who quite simply do not trust Lloyds. However, I believe that recent top level talks with the new men at the top of Lloyds will see Rangers release the figures this week. It surprises me that not much has been made of what has been going on at Lloyds' top table in the last month. For the fact is that since the last update on the power struggle on the Ibrox board, and my revelations about why the half yearly accounts had not been published, there have been massive changes
  16. Sectarian 'keyboard warriors' facing five years in jail Mar 21 2011 by Paul O'Hare OLD FIRM bigots who spread sectarian poison on the internet could soon face five years in jail. Crown lawyers have briefed ministers on plans to go after the "keyboard warriors" who spout hatred in online fans' forums. And the law chiefs are considering a dramatic rise in the maximum jail term for such crimes, which currently stands at just six months. Under the proposals, offenders who make death threats online or incite religious hatred would face jury trials and maximum five-year sentences.
  17. Somewhere to stick the latest headlines for the latest installment of the silly season. I'll kick things off: Rangers line up Bosman for Killie Goalkeeper Cammy Bell http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/jan/04/rangers-bosman-kilmarnock-cammy-bell
  18. Two tragedies linked by the cruellest twists of fate. "It had, according to the radio commentary on the BBC Scottish Home Service, been a tame Old Firm encounter but with a highly-dramatic finale. Two goals - one for each team - in the last minute of the game. The doyen of Scottish football commentators, David Francey, was at his loquacious best, injecting colour into an all-too-drab winter's afternoon in Glasgow. Before he signed off, he made mention of "something bad" appearing to have happened on the terracing at the Rangers end. In those days, "something bad" at an Old Firm mat
  19. As the Glasgow-based Herald newspaper announces it is selling 2,000 fewer copies of its newspaper a day since June, BBC Scotland correspondent Jamie McIvor looks at the impact of falling sales. The Herald sold an average of 53,230 copies a day last month - compared to just under 55,000 in May. This is its worst sales figure for decades. Meanwhile, the Daily Record's sales in Scotland fell further below the symbolic 300,000 level. One reason for the large drop may be a move by the Daily Mail to cut its price in the west of Scotland to just 20p. The Mail regards The Herald and Th
  20. The daily record and scottish sun are both carrying this story that miller will quit rangers during the january transfer window after transfer talks broke down??, I'm hoping this is just romours and this is not the case but rangers really should be pulling out all the stops to hold on to our top striker!!, you really have to ask what is going on at murray park! I'm very worried tbh
  21. IT'S a couple of months now since Jim Traynor, in his Daily Record column, first wrote that Walter Smith is perfect for the role of performance director at the Scottish Football Association. As is so often the case, Traynor was not only bang on the money, but, again as he often is, ahead of the game. But in the immediate aftermath of that Traynor column there was no reaction from Smith. Then, when Sir Alex Ferguson told Scottish Sunday reporters, ahead of the Champions League game, that he thought his old pal should not quit Rangers, Smith made it clear he was not for turning.
  22. STEVEN CRAVEN today reveals the truth behind the lies of a controversial Tannadice cover-up. In an explosive MailSport exclusive that will rock the SFA to its core, Craven lifts the lid on the spot-kick storm from Celtic's clash with Dundee United. The linesman opens up about the lies and bullying that led to his resignation and reveals how: Ref Dougie McDonald lied to Hoops boss Neil Lennon about his sensational penalty U-turn. Both he and McDonald came clean to refs chief Hugh Dallas. Dallas tried TWICE to get him to repeat what he knew to be a lie. Bullying, harassment a
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