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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30134269 Sandy Easdale, chairman of the Rangers football board, sought assurances that boardroom changes would not force him out of Ibrox, Dave King has revealed. During discussions about a proposed £16m investment by King and a Rangers fans' consortium, he wanted reassurance that his position was safe. He was advised there was "no immediate intention to remove him or his brother [James] from the board". Sandy Easdale subsequently supported Mike Ashley's offer of a £2m loan. James Easdale is a non-executive director of Rangers Internat
  2. After 3pm apparently for those on Sky Go or in the house! He's going to be explaining the Ashley loans... Comments: - David Somers claims Dave King consortium investment offer was breaching regulatory requirements so rejected them at 'Stage One'. - Somers claims 8 people were in King consortium but SA businessman refused to provide names and proof of funds. - Somers said that King was prepared to offer up 3 names before giving the rest if agreement made in principle. - Stage Two represented comparing Ashley and Kennedy bids whereby former was approved due to better de
  3. Keith Jackson saying that Brian Kennedy will reply to Somers interview comments tomorrow.
  4. THE South African-based businessman brands Ibrox chairman "disingenuous" after being accused of failing to provide proof of funds. DAVE KING has tonight hit back at David Somers’ claims he failed to prove he had the finance to invest in Rangers – and accused the Ibrox chairman of being "disingenuous". Somers had earlier today insisted the South African-based businessman couldn’t provide proof of funds and that made it impossible for the board to accept King’s offer of investment last month. A proposal from King's consortium was considered along with another from former Blue Knight
  5. From last week: http://t.co/aNmKNADMKG (PDF file) Collyer Bristow settlement confirmed within this. Also, BDO suggest there are £168.7m of unsecured creditors (including £94m noted for the HMRC monies (including the BTC).
  6. http://news.stv.tv/west-central/299623-four-men-detained-after-police-probe-into-sale-of-rangers-in-2012/ I'd like to remind people of their legal obligations in speculating over individuals and alleged criminal behaviour.
  7. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12147393.html
  8. According to the Herald: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/rangers-fans-up-in-arms-as-ashley-loans-club-1m-more.25855834 That's me sold..
  9. Ally McCoist will be given a £10 million January transfer budget, courtesy of controversial Mike Ashley. Ashley has all but confirmed he will front the funds, with an Ibrox source telling us the board have been told to "use the funds effectively to push the team through to a cup final and back to the Premier League." The source said the decision was highly influenced by Ashley's close friend & Ibrox adviser Derek Llambias, who believes committing these funds to the club will not only strengthen the team, but strengthen Ashley's position with Rangers supporters.
  10. I don't use twitter but facebook in particular is hard going. It's not just the fact that the views are so ignorant and misguided (eg one of the main pages has everyone discussing who will be signed with Ashley's 10m ), but the level of intelligence seems very low. People write in illegible English and generally do not represent our support well. Does this say something about our support or is it the platform? There's not a single person here who is incapable of conversing in legible English but on our fan facebook pages you are hard pushed to find anyone making well constructed arguments.
  11. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12135507.html In the name of George Alexander Taylor who seems to be a Morgan Stanley employee. I would assume this purchase is being made on behalf of a Morgan Stanley customer what do our financial experts think? Is this likely to be something significant?
  12. Looks like 3.6 million shares were traded today or rather transferred , could this be in part payement for either outstanding loan
  13. ... for the handover from tyranny to terraces. Gordon Waddell discusses the relationship football has with its fans and how Ann Budge's statement to Hearts support is a masterpiece. Football is an imperfect world. One man’s satisfaction is always another’s rage. But imagine a club with a functional relationship with its fans. A club who respect their support for the money they spend and the loyalty they show. Who communicate regularly and honestly, who pay fairly and on time, whose charitable wing is strong, 
whose academy and its philosophy is treasured, and whose leade
  14. For clarification the offer has been made by Brian Kennedy. Unlike King's package it doesn't need shareholder support. Board approval enough Board were meeting this afternoon to discuss both options. As yet no word of decision being made. I understand Brian Kennedy has travelled to Glasgow this afternoon. RFC board meeting still on going....
  15. Some more analysis from Graham McLaren on TRS: http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/current-affairs/331-what-now-for-dave-king
  16. how brilliant was it to focus on the game last night found it to be a bit of relief actually and it's got me checking out the rest of the quarter finals tonight..... Thistle lie down,Aberdeen scrape a win, Hibs go down on extra time penalties perversly I'm now looking at the Newcastle scores too Maybe I need help !
  17. Dave King's talks with Sandy Easdale ended without agreement. If this surprises anyone then it shouldn't.
  18. THE WAR is over. The retailer has won. This morning Graham Wallace will be fired from his position as Rangers chief 
executive and this crisis-ravaged club will belong lock, stock and smoking barrel to Mike Ashley. Quite what Ashley has planned for it is still a matter of conjecture but the ruthless manner in which he went about last week’s power grab certainly suggests he wants it badly and also sees a way to make a killing by rolling his tanks into Glasgow. He now has security over two 
of the club’s major assets, the 
Albion car park and Edmiston House, and when his placemen arrive
  19. By Chris McLaughlin & Richard Wilson BBC Scotland Rangers were 48 hours from going into administration until a £2m loan was agreed with Mike Ashley, according to one senior Ibrox source. Prospective administrators had been contacted by the Ibrox club. Newcastle owner Ashley put forward a financial package, which includes the option of a new share issue, on Friday and it was agreed on Saturday morning. And, as part of the agreement, chief executive Graham Wallace will follow director Philip Nash in stepping down. The arrangement could be finalised early next week. E
  20. Mike Ashley moves into pole position to take control at Ibrox as Dave King bid fails http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-power-battle-mike-ashley-4499365
  21. I have been asked to make a personal comment on the rumour that the Rangers board is considering a loan from Mr Ashley. I don't see the offer of a short term loan by Mr Ashley affecting me in any way. Our offer is for a long term permanent solution that can take the club forward and unite the fans and the board for the first time in many years. The board is in the final stages of reviewing our offer and I expect a definitive answer early next week. Frankly, it doesn't seem possible that the board can do anything other than recommend it to shareholders given the dire financial circumstances and
  22. As predicted by yours truly, Mike Ashley has moved into pole position in the race to wear the crown at Ibrox. With Dave King out of the running, despite protestations to the contrary from King himself, it looks like Rangers’ future is in the hands of the sporting goods magnate. If we are being really honest, there are no other viable options available at present. As I predicted, King took advantage of the timing factor to be first to the table in offering a package but in doing so he fell into Ashley’s carefully laid trap. In a financial gun fight between the two, King lacks th
  23. ...after forcing out Philip Nash with emergency loan offer. By Roddy Forsyth 10:36PM BST 24 Oct 2014 Newcastle United owner tightens "vice-like grip" on Scottish Championship club as finance director resigns over prospect of working with the Sports Direct tycoon. Mike Ashley tightened his grip on Rangers and claimed his first victim on the club’s plc board with the resignation of finance director Philip Nash – a departure that could clear the way for the Newcastle United owner to rename Ibrox after his Sports Direct brand, perhaps as soon as next month, The Telegraph can reve
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