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  1. With the season well and truly wrapped up, is now not the time for us to examine the role of Alistair Johnston, Martin Bain and Donald Muir (the enemy within) on the Rangers board? Clearly, there have been many who have been adament that he could not be trusted and as every single transfer window has approached, warnings of Muir-backed firesales have been stated as virtual fact only to fail to come into fruition time and time again, seemingly due to the heroics of Bain and AJ Looking back retrospectively, and baring in mind I held up a banner in protest at Muir 5 rows behind him, I thi
  2. from RM reiterating what we always knew here. Serious question....what exactly was Smith up to and why, was he spittin the dummy because Muir was advising against giving him to much money to waste, or was he firing bullets for another takeover faction, whatever it was Smith owes Donald Muir an apology at the very least and the supporters an insight into his allegations. It's the evening of Saturday the 13th of February 2010. Placards are being readied; banners are being kept under lock and key, their contents a matter of whisper. Flurries of internet activity, text messages and phone call
  3. Now, I'm the first to highlight caution when it comes to believing what you read in the papers - not least when it is Graham Spiers writing about Rangers. Hyperbole, imbalance, mischief and trouble should accompany any by-line when this particular member of the broadsheet (I use the term loosely) fraternity dares to debate our club. However, in his article today, there appears to be a few direct quotes from our current chairman Alastair Johnston which suggests his commentary is, in this case, authentic and worth discussing. Therefore, it isn't a surprise that the article in question has
  4. Most lucid article yet. Tax move may come back to kick Rangers where it hurts Published on 28 Apr 2010 ANALYSIS: Chris Watt IF it seemed too good to be true, thatââ?¬â?¢s probably because it was. A scheme employed by Rangers to cut wage bills has come back to bite the club where it hurts. Employee remuneration trusts ââ?¬â?? beloved of Premiership sides and City slickers alike ââ?¬â?? have been a stock tactic in the armoury of cost-cutting firms for years. A legal, if controversial, means of shaving costs without hitting players in the pocket, the trusts a
  5. CLUB OWNERSHIP Andrew Ellis has held talks with Donald Muir (the enemy within) (the enemy within) and with Sir David Murray and has provided proof of funds. However, the Chairman indicated that the Board has, as yet, received no firm details of the Ellis proposals or indeed had any discussion with him. Any proposed buyer has to negotiate a purchase price with the seller and, if a bid is made, it will be reviewed by the Independent Panel (made up of five of the current Directors) who will assess the bid against a set of parameters and criteria then make a recommendation to shareholders. The pa
  6. Hmmmm, sensationalist nonsense IMO but perhaps one of our own tax specialists on here could confirm...?
  7. http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/2010/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=266:rangers-fans-to-protest-at-lloyds-bank-agm&catid=1:articles&Itemid=67 After previous protests against the influence of Lloyds Bank - via shareholder votes against the election of Rangers Director Donald Muir and protests at Ibrox earlier this year - it seems the banking issue is one again on the agenda for Rangers supporters. As coincidence would have it, the Lloyds Banking Group - who this week reported an unexpected surge in profits since being bailed out by the tax-payer - have their
  8. Amongst the hyperbole and sensationalism over legal tax loopholes (yes, I did say legal), last night's result in France where Bayern Munich routed Lyon over two legs means Rangers have now qualified for next season's Champions' League Group Stage. Currently we're third seeds but we could easily make it into the second group of seeds given the right results. However, future performance aside, the main issue for those who control the club and, for many of us who support it, will be the associated finance with this competition. Up to �£17million of income could be secured if, as expecte
  9. http://www.heraldscotland.com/murray-faces-108m-hit-if-rangers-buyer-refuses-to-take-on-club-s-debt-1.1020769 Sir David Murray stands to take a hit of �£108 million if he sells his 92% stake in Rangers FC to a buyer willing only to take on the clubâ��s estimated �£30m debt. Latest accounts for Murray Sports, the vehicle used by the former Rangers chairman for his football holding, show the accumulated interest on loan notes payable to Murray Group Holdings in the event of a takeover of Rangers has risen from �£44m to almost �£48m, on top of the �£60.6m loan. Meanw
  10. http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/2010/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=225: Ten points clear; still in both cups; �£13million interim profit reported; singing sections standing together in front of hospitality; different people from different websites working together on relevant issues; our chairman answers questions raised by protesters; Celtic can't beat Aberdeen; Aberdeen can't beat Raith Rovers; Celtic making a loss while 'rebuilding' with expensive players on temporary loan deals;the sun shining as the nights get longer; life is good if you're a Rangers fan! O
  11. Is it debt or a rolling facility, AJ's interviews would have been hard to have been bettered by the master of waffle himself SDM. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hugh MacDonald, Chief Sportswriter 0 comments Published on 17 Feb 2010 H MacD: Why has the debt not been published? AJ: There is no requirement by the plus markets to declare your debts. That is not to say we are trying to be crafty in any way. The debt levels are impacted by cash and cash availability and our debt to Lloyds Bank is actually not a debt but a line of credit. That means it goes up and down day by day acco
  12. Interesting viewpoint in this RM article by Boss. . http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/homepage/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=263%3Arangers-protests--qdonald-muir-the-saviour-withinq&catid=41%3Afinances
  13. Join Supporters Group Statement News - Assembly News "The Rangers Supporters’ Trust, Rangers Supporters Assembly and Rangers Supporters Association united today in expressing alarm at recent comments made by the club's Manager, Walter Smith: "anybody who thinks it is going to get better in the summer is deluding themselves. My concerns for Rangers for the long term - not even in the long term, for the end of the season - are genuine concerns as being a supporter as much as being a manager." We call on Rangers fans to stand shoulder to shoulder with Walter Smith and we ask all fans to
  14. A definitive list of Muirs actions up to now as posted elsewhere. 1 - He has forced the resignation of our Chairman 2 - He has tried to sack the C.E.O 3 - He was foiled in an attempt to sack the Management team and replace them with a cheaper alternative 4 - He has blocked all contract renewal talks with current playing staff 5 - He has placed a transfer embargo on signing any new players 6 - We were told in a situation such as an 'injury crisis' funding would be made available - Isn't that what we are going through now and were is that funding 7 - He has blocke
  15. RANGERS fans are planning their most high-profile campaign yet against the Lloyds Group at Ibrox today. Influential supporters have contributed to the cost of 12 banners, each 20-feet high, as they demand clarification on the future of their troubled club. The banners will be distributed to key fan groups with a view to draping them from the Broomloan, Govan and Copland Road stands before the game with Hearts and again at half-time. Supporters are confident they will not fall foul of police as they turn up the heat on the banking group, tax-payer funded, who now have a significant
  16. Unless you've been on Mars, the Rangers ownership debate will have been everywhere in your supporting life of the last six months in particular. From the 'official' newspapers and media, to the 'unofficial' forums and fanzines; from the 'official' fan groups, to the 'unofficial' singing sections; the apparent dispute between Lloyds Bank/MIH and those interested in buying the club has been a hot topic for months now. I say apparent because real, genuine facts are thin on the ground so it is extremely difficult for the average bear to decide what is and isn't authentic when examining the o
  17. Rangers fans chief David Edgar today urged the Lloyds Banking Group to name their price for the debt-ridden Ibrox club. It has been reported that an Ã?£18million rescue package tabled by a four-man consortium ââ?¬â?? led by South African-based tycoon Dave King and current non-executive board member Paul Murray ââ?¬â?? has been thrown out by the clubââ?¬â?¢s bankers. Sport Times understands King has been in discussions with the bank for the past few weeks and feels itââ?¬â?¢s time to make a move ââ?¬â?? with the backing of Murray, and at least two other wealthy businessmen who have ye
  18. Published on 13 Jan 2010 For 12 months, the picture has been painted of a club laid bare. A world-famous institution where every meagre pound has become a prisoner. Fed-up Rangers fans havenââ?¬â?¢t sniffed an A-list signing for a year and a half. And Ibrox manager Walter Smith has claimed the men in suits from Lloyds Banking Group have tightened their fingers round the purse strings in a bid to ease debts totalling Ã?£31million. The only light to pierce the gloom has been the form of Kris Boyd, whose goals have made him the hero of the Ibrox terracings ââ?¬â?? and helpe
  19. It seems every time I travel through to Ibrox this season, the weather is dreadful. Heavy rain, low cloud and an atmosphere of foreboding seem the norm no matter the time of year. Add in the less than positive mood of the Rangers support then we could change the club colours to grey, bring in John Major as manager and sell boiled rice at the kiosks and it would probably reflect the general feeling at the club well enough. Yet, conversely, the chat online has been a bit more interesting of late: potential new owners interviewed by in-the-know journalists; fan groups releasing statements a
  20. CLUB announces result on poll over new director More... AT today's AGM a resolution to re-elect Director Donald Muir was opposed by a majority of shareholders attending the meeting, as such the resolution was then subjected to a poll of shareholders including those voting by proxy. The result of the poll was that the resolution was carried. The following statement has been issued to the PLUS market. The Rangers Football Club plc AGM RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT The Rangers Football Club plc held its Annual General Meeting today at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. All but one o
  21. Part 1 CHAIRMAN'S ADDRESS "I want to thank you for participating in the formal agenda of the AGM, and we now move onto the segment of our meeting which does not deal with the specific governance of the club as dictated by the regulatory authorities. I am going to ask you for your forbearance as I break with recent precedent in that prior to the traditional question and answer session, I would like to take this opportunity to present my inaugural chairman's address to the shareholders of Rangers Football Club. As I have now held this position for just over three months, I f
  22. Donald Muir, Lloyds TSB's man on the Rangers board, has to be re-elected at the AGM. This is a chance for the bears to show the bank our feelings on their interference if they were to vote against Muir's re-election. Murray's block votes will ensure that he will be re-elected, but it will be more poor PR for Lloyds if Muir has to rely on that. Use your votes wisely, shareholders.
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