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  1. Brian Laudrap with a bullet of a header against Dundee Utd won us 9 in a row :cheers: How things have changed since then
  2. Was played at Ibrox today and i pooped along and wathced the game along with my friend who is a Celtic fan :admin: Anyway here is the report from the Official site Fleck looked very good but his challenge was shocking, Furman and Lennon were very impressive . The whole defense had a comftable game with Utd only having one chance. Djeziri looked no bad when he came on and was show boating a bit . Not a bad game and the team looks very good Anyone else go
  3. Shocking score at Tynecastle. I wonder what the Hearts fans are saying to this!!
  4. Really looking forward to the game. Should be a cracking atmosphere. Don't think WS will change much and I imagine we'll go 4-4-2.Not too sure how injuries are(Prso Clement Smith), but I'd go for __________McGregor_________ Hutton___Hemdani____Svensson___Muarry Burke____Fergie_____Rae_________Adam ___________Boyd____Prso Novo for Prso if the big man isn't fit
  5. 2-0 the Arabs Good result if it stays that way !
  6. im just back from the game and am astounded at the level at which paul leguen has dragged us down to. By far the most pityfull performance i have ever witnessed as a Rangers fan, which is really saying something considering i served my time in the John Greig era. Weve been on a slippery slope for a few weeks now but never in a million years did i think we would ever sink so low. we were absolute shit and made to look like a bunch of amatuers by a team further down the pecking order than Dundee Utd. A total disgrace and its just not bloody good eough. I really dont think leguen will make it to the end of the month, hes made too big a balls up of it, and after tonight he should know it himself. Theres absolutely nothing in our side to suggest they can turn it around.
  7. Had a quick word with him yesterday from my seat in the Fair Play stand while he was warming up during the match..I said to him ''Get me a pair of boots Phil and i'll show you how to get in about that shower in Dundee Utd colours..'' His reply.. ''You can have mine mate,i won't be needing them anyway'' Looks as if he's for the off then....
  8. Paul Le Guen was relieved to report yesterday that his captain Barry Ferguson will be fit enough to lead out the team at Tannadice. He has a problem who to play in defence though with Papac available again. I would love to see Hemdani and Papac playing together as i am really impressed with Hemdani as a sort of sweeper. His building from the back is also exellent. I would like to see: _____________McGregor____________________ ____________Hemdani_______________________ Hutten__________Papac________________Smith ___________________Clement_____________________ Novo________________Fergie_______________Adam ___________Boyd___________________Prso_________
  9. Despite being overseas, Ive been lucky enough to watch most of our games so far this season. Ive saw us on TV against Motherwell, Dundee Utd, Dunfermline, Hearts and Celtic, and managed to make visits to Ibrox for the games against Molde and Aberdeen. During the opening games I was impressed with our attacking play and liked the formation of 4-2-3-1 that Le Guen brought. I felt it just need a bit more time and a bit of luck but it was early in the season and players were still a bit rusty. The chances we created in the match against Dundee Utd alone were enought to hit double figures and despite the result it was a great game to watch at Ibrox again. Recently Le Guen has tinkered with the formation a bit and put out 2 wingers which is clicking on occassions. But it showed when we deployed this at Celtic away we couldnt get in the game bar a 15 min spell in the 2nd half. So it was a bit of going back to the drawing board for Le Guen. Its now Mid October (and this time last year we where having our worst run ever) and we really should be a settled side by now, however we dont know who our number 1 keeper will be when all 3 are fit, we dont know who are our better centre half partnership, we dont know who is going to play wide and we dont know who will play upfront. I still have full confidence Le Guen will get it right and that he is the man for the job but we need to see some consistancy soon with a heavy log of games domestically and in europe coming up.
  10. Im just tampering with it just now. Anyone got a flutter on? Ive stuck a 10 pound double on with the early kick offs- Dundee Utd to beat Celtic and Man Utd to beat Wigan. C'mon the Uniteds!!!
  11. I think some certain Rangers fans need to take a look at themselves. I cant believe some would have a blast at a team who are only 4 weeks and 5 games old. It can clearly be seen on the pitch we have came strides in certain play and its simply been a case of unlucky / poor finishing which has kept our goals 'for' down. We were impressive against Motherwell, played some awesome stuff against Dundee Utd and great against Hearts. Again yesterday we were unlucky. Only the away trip to Dunfermline has been poor, so 4 out of 5 isnt bad for a "new" team. There is no doubt we havent settled at the back. Steven Smith is a good promising wee left back and everyone will agree he is not quite Arthur Numan yet but he is a 19 year old lad. Hutton has been hot and cold and the last thing he needs is critisism. I dont know how many of the anti-Hutton brigade have ever had a bad brake but let me tell you now from experience it can take years to get your confidence and full abillity back. It looks like we are going to add a central defender in this week which wont be a bad thing as the central 2 are finding it hard to gel but they are certainly not any worse than some previous defenders. In the midfield we have 2 realible players doing a fine job sitting infront of the back 4. Ive always rated Hemdani as he quietly goes about his job and very rarely losses possestion. Clement is a bit of the same but puts himself about a bit more and these 2 look confortable in the side. Barry Ferguson still has to come back and id say there was a call for all 3 of these players to remain in the XI. In the final 3rd its been change week after week due to injuries which hasnt helped gain us consistancy. Sionko came out the blocks flying and looked a real find but hasnt continued but like I always say players need games to gel under new surroundings and fully get match fit after preseason. Buffel needs to be told a match lasts 90 mins and not 60 and practice some shooting and he could end up being the player of the year. But the others have all been doing a fine job. All in all is there any bear who would actually swap todays position for say 8 or 9 months ago??? Absolutely not IMO. I look at the bigger picture and I can slowly but surely see the jigsaw coming together. Anyone who demands a team to win 3-0 everyweek is unrealistic and doesnt know football.
  12. .......The Sheep!! Out of the cup to Queens Park!! And Dundee Utd are pish aswell, it took extra time to beat Airdrie 1-0.
  13. Let's get one thing straight - to drop 4 points in 3 games against 3 poor teams isn't good enough. It never has been and never should be. However, let's stop being so fickle here by slagging almost every player and the new coaching staff before they've even started what we all should have known would be a long term job. Yes, we obviously have a few main concerns. 1. We're still too lightweight in the spine of our team and have struggled so far when confronted with physical players - especially in our defence. 2. The new 4-2-3-1 system appears to have it's drawbacks when teams are ultra-defensive or the offensive midfield players not as effective as they can be. 3. We still resort to too many aimless long balls instead of retaining possession and being patient. In saying that, all of these concerns can be fixed. In all 3 games we had enough decent chances to win them easily enough. Moreover, although the centre of defence has been very nervous and lightweight, time has to be granted for new relationships to develop. Of course, we should still be beating Dundee Utd and Dunfermline while this gelling occurs. Of course, we should have enough strength and belief to cope with their threats. Of course, the fans should expect more even this early. But, at the same time, of course, the new players and coaching staff should expect our backing and patience while the new team and system develops. To start slagging off almost every player this early is ludicrious and embarrassing. Every player that played yesterday has the game to do well for us and we should support them with faith. Yes, I'm as frustrated as the next man by the poor results and the concerns above. But I also realised this was never going to happen overnight and the quicker some of our fans appreciate this the better for us all. It's not the end of the world though and I fully expect us to recover from this shaky start. We're never the brightest of starters in the SPL and these dropped points might be a good thing just to show the new coaching staff and the new players that Scottish football isn't as easy to win as it might appear from the outside.
  14. Ok i know its still early but most fans have noted we are slightly unstable and slack at the back at the moment. Personally id give it a few more games anyway to see if it improves as Im sure the guys will be working on it day in day out in training over the next few weeks. Im pretty comfortable with Smith at LB and he looks natural in the position. Hutton is ok going forward but is lacking at some defensive duties. Svensson hasnt settled (yet) but again id give it longer. However if it doesnt improve id maybe like to see us go 3 at the back if we sign an new no-nonsense centre half. This would allow us to keep the 2-3 midfield shape but stick a striker up with Prso and keep Adam aswell. Someone mentioned on another thread Dundee Utd were rocked when we had all our attacking options on the park, and i can see a lot more teams coming to ibrox flooding the defence again, so the 3-2-3-2 formation is maybe worth a looking. ______________Letizi_______________ _____J Rod____Newbie____Svensson _______Ferguson____Clement________ __Sionko_______Buffel_______Adam___ __________Prso_____Boyd___________
  15. Where did every1 learn about gersnet and then joined up ? I learned about it at the dundee Utd game at ibrox where we lost 1-0 jammy keeper played the game of his life:mad: .
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