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  1. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/former-rangers-players-gough-and-rae-back-scheme-to-hand-clubs-supporters-power-at-ib.1392030197
  2. http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/rangers/263136-ally-mccoist-id-have-bet-on-ibrox-not-being-picked-for-league-cup-final/
  3. R&M are now the third largest shareholders in Rangers with 7.37% of the issued share capital. As stated in the other thread they are "long only" investors i.e. they do not operate hedge funds which might bet on the price of a share going up or down. The shares are held in their World Recovery and UK Equity Long Term Recovery Funds. The objectives of these Funds are as follows: UK Equity Long Term Recovery Fund The objective of the strategy is to outperform a target of LIBOR + 4% per annum. In seeking to achieve the objective the portfolio will primarily consist of UK e
  4. Rolling Stone magazine has an article this week entitled "Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014". Being an American magazine Rolling Stone is taking a risk with this because for many in America being labeled a Marxist is career suicide, the phrase is so loaded as to be used purely as an insult now. Yet the article points out that for many people capitalism doesn't work very well and one of the 'people' it doesn't work for is us, the Rangers support. The opposition to 'fan ownership' puzzles me. I suppose for those under 30 brought up on a diet of Sir David's larg
  5. Guest

    fan ownership at Rangers

    Interested in views from fellow Bears about fan ownership at Rangers. I'm seeing a lot more chatter on the subject (especially on Twitter), but RST (the only vehicle at the moment) seem even quieter than normal. I've seem some good articles here: http://t.co/YEgcWYEeFe All the while Rangers market value sits at around £16-17 million. The opportunity to buy a decent collective stake in our club has never been bigger, but views seem divided. Why? Faceless investors sitting in London & elsewhere are buying into our club (at current prices I can see why), why aren't we? As I say in
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