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  1. Fraser Wishart, chief executive of the PFA in Scotland, has issued a grim warning over the possibility that at least one in three professional footballers could be released by clubs this summer. The former Rangers defender believes up to 400 players could be looking for new clubs because The SPL is scrapping the reserve league amid the effects of the recession. "We expect 300 to 400 players will be released this summer," Wishart told the Sunday Mail. "That's about a third of the work-force and many of them will be lost to the game for good. "I'm expecting a huge number of frees bec
  2. English footballâ��s television rights bonanza was in full swing last night as Sky paid more than �£1 billion to secure its grip as the main Premier League broadcaster. The company has kept its hold on the majority of live games, 92 out of the 138 matches available, by retaining its four existing packages. With the Premier League going to a second round on the other two outstanding packages, an auction thought to involve Sky, Setanta and ESPN, the 20 clubs will be hoping to exceed the �£1.7 billion from the 2007-10 deal and set a record. The bids arrived yesterday at the Leagu
  3. A couple of weeks ago our finances were apparently such that we had to sell at least one of our more valuable players. Murray said it and called for the support to see reason in a changed financial reality. Even Walter Smith was persuaded to read in public from the Murray script. Hell, the whole world knew that we were in a perilous situation. Well we didn't sell so what happens now? Was Murray simply "at it" yet again or is there something he might now want to tell us about our finances. Should he come clean and explain the consequences of not meeting his own declared necessity of raisin
  4. NOTW I know but here's hoping the last bit is also true!! NEWCASTLE boss Joe Kinnear has admitted heââ?¬â?¢s made a shock move for Rangers skipper Barry Ferguson. Kinnear wants Ferguson to spearhead the Toonââ?¬â?¢s survival fight. Kinnear, who admits he may have to sell before he can buy, said: ââ?¬Å?I have enquired about Barry Ferguson, but weââ?¬â?¢ll wait and see what the outcome of that is. Weââ?¬â?¢re finding it difficult to bring certain players from clubs. ââ?¬Å?Our bids havenââ?¬â?¢t been accepted so far. The problem is two or three clubs are in for the same
  5. Newcastle are trying to sign Rangers duo Barry Ferguson and Madjid Bougherra in a double deal, skysports.com understands. Magpies chief Joe Kinnear is looking to bring a number of new faces into the club during the winter transfer window. The Rangers duo are very high on Kinnear's wanted list and talks began earlier this week. Both midfielder Ferguson and defender Bougherra have Premier League experience with Blackburn and Charlton, respectively, and Kinnear sees the duo as ideal signings. Newcastle are looking to take advantage of Rangers' current financial situation and swoop
  6. The Boyd Done Good As many long-term readers of my rants and posts on GersNet will testify, I have never been Boydââ?¬â?¢s number one fan. However, I have always stated that if Boyd could improve on his all-round game, add this to his undoubted goal-scoring talent, then heââ?¬â?¢s be an asset to our team. Saturdayââ?¬â?¢s game against Hibernian was in my opinion one of the best ââ?¬Ë?all-roundââ?¬â?¢ games Boyd has had in a Rangers jersey. He tracked back, he linked up play, his movement was decent and after missing a guilt-edged chance in the opening five minutes, scored a goal
  7. by Alison McConnell SCOTLAND is facing Champions League armageddon after it was revealed the SPL winners will have to qualify for the money-spinning elite group stages from 2010 - alongside Europe's minnow clubs. This season's title winners WILL go straight into the Champions League. But the season after that both the league champions and the runners-up will face a gruelling qualifying campaign to book their passage into the group stages. Greece have leap-frogged Scotland in the co-efficient table after Olympiakos thumped Hertha Berlin 4-0 last night, meaning Scotland have just one
  8. I think he makes some valid points here, Manu could on any given day certainly have the capability to beat most teams in Europe by the same scoreline. Financially, again we cant even compete with newly promoted teams to the EPL. The top 4 are certainly a class apart, I'd love to see a statement from Ince if the next time they play Manu and they get beat 3-0. Would it still be men against boys?
  9. I know we've had a few debates about finances recently but im hoping this grim picture painted by one of them is more in hope than in fact. While income and expenditure both turned slightly against Celtic last season, it was bonanza time at Ibrox where Rangers published record turnover as a result of the double bounty; Champions League group stage income followed by a run to the Uefa Cup final in Manchester. Celtic turnover (t/o) was �£75.237m compared to Rangers �£64.452m, but Rangers outsource their merchandising operation, including only a licence payment from JJB Sports i
  10. JT has resigned as President of the Rangers Supporters Assembly. Here is the email that he has sent out: Hello all. Recent incidents have encouraged me to evaluate the ââ?¬Å?relationshipââ?¬Â of the Assembly and Rangers F.C., to say this has given me cause for concern is a considerable understatement. There have been a number of events in recent weeks that I have taken into account and would now like to share my concerns with all of you. 01. Reduced allocation of away tickets to Supporters Clubs. During a brief conversation with the club, I agreed that Season Ticket H
  11. Reading some posts on here there seems a strange attitude towards SDM where people think he's more interested in locking down the finances than any success on the pitch. The ironic thing is that the biggest thing SDM has been guilty of is OVERSPENDING for success... I'm no Murray fan but it's just ridiculous to suggest he wants Rangers to fail and is somehow happier when money comes into the club than the winning of trophies or European success. Some seem to be arguing he's happy we're out of Europe so he can sell Cuellar... The mostly glaringly stupid part of this strange concept
  12. Last night was an emberrasment for our proud club. Made a laughing stock all over europe. I'm sure you were all angry and disgusted like myself. Now that the dust has settled, remember Celtic a few years ago, they got put out the same stage in the champions league as we did last night. Since then they have wen't on to win 3 league titles in a row. Let's get behind our boys now, no quadrangle to go for this year but the domestic treble is still up for grabs. To be he honest with you if you offered me the domestic treble to sacrafice the champions league i would of bite your hand off ! Yes the f
  13. So have we signed a player for 3 million who is maybe going to be bit part next season and isnt near the finished article!! He looks more than 6ft 4 in this picture: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/7461356.stm
  14. What is WS transfer funds ?,if rumours are corrcect it's 10mill,if this is true then I don't think it's enough,how many quality players can we get for that ?.I really hope he gets more than than that to spend,we have had enough of signing mediocre players and I for one think the fans deserve to see some quality after too long watching average players pull on the Rangers FC jersey.I know our days of signing Laudrup,Gazza,Albertz and the likes are gone,and I also appreciate the fact that we need to keep our finances in order,but we have just had a financially successfull season and I think WS sh
  15. Hi guys, I know its unlikely, but I am really struggling to make the game tomorrow due to uni and finances... Got a project due and can't really afford the time it would take to go to the game. Sadly head has to rule the heart sometimes!! (especially in my final year - UEFA cup finals excluded if we get there!) I would be selling a seat in section c1 of the North Stand row XX so not stuck at the front behind the running track bit behind the goal! Face value is �£22, but would sell for �£15 if anyone is interested!
  16. Yesterdays performance was nothing short of disgracefull. Tactics, team selection and formation were way off again and the one man to pick up the can and take the blame is Walter Smith. His undying loyalty to Whittaker and to a lesser extent Thompson knows no bounds and as for playing ferguson out of position behind boyd, well only walter knows the answer to that one. Did we have a game plan yesterday? If so what the hell was it? And why did walter leave it so late to change the personell after hibs scored? even stevie wonder could see that nothing was going right. seems to me that walter
  17. 1. Question about SDM selling: He says not to anyone who would asset strip and they would need to have funds to take club on. 2. Was sale of retail division a mistake: no - bottom line profit and not too turnover important 3. Mad old lady asks if players will stay whole year: everyone laughs 4. Tommy Daniels asks about Scott Mcdonald transfer; Walter says enquiry made but they would not release at the time but was made available for transfer in the summer then Celtic came in 5. Gary Lynch called into question length of time for questions being cut year on year: SDM says they wi
  18. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=472&Itemid=2 Already, much has been written about the start of the season. Some of it is based on our reasonable start; some of it on the challenges we continue to face; and some of it understandably on past issues. What disappointments me most of all is the continued theme of negativity throughout all these topics. While one can empathise with these feelings, I think it�s time we tried to move on from the last 2 years of non-success and the last 7 years of inconsistency. Obviously, alt
  19. The last two dismal performances have highlighted the character in our current squad - or complete lack of it. People have complained that Walter Smith's return has not exactly resulted in total football, but it has to be said that it would have taken a magician to turn the sow's ear into a silk purse. What Walter has done is turn the offending ear into a reasonably servicable, if scappy looking, leather wallet. There is definitely some skill in the squad and the odd bit of fight, which has been brought out in them by a man who has instilled a great purpose about "achieving" second pla
  20. Its one of those typical, standard interviews from a fed-up player or more likely his agent. Maybe he will be for the off after all to boost the transfer kitty? That might make sense with Weir being first choice and us having a few candidates who could come in alongside him. Besides, if Webster is going to cost us �£500,000 or so, we could pay for him from Svensson's fee and have money to spare. Taken from the Daily R*cord:
  21. This is pretty out of the blue
  22. Ok Murray has quite fairly taken a lot of criticism but thinking about our managerial hirings and "firings" it really does seem he listens to the fans. When GS left SDM tried to keep him, and insisted it was the biggest mistake of his life. The fans were also sorry to see him go and wanted him to say. He appointed WS as manager which although wasn't the most exciting thing for the fans, it had continuity and after he won the treble and did well in Europe the fans were happy. He got rid of WS when the fans weren't happy about Euro results despite being on very good term with him. W
  23. http://www.gersnet.info/fmrangers/newmain/280606.html Recently, there has been a lot of talk on the online community about club finances and where it stands in this regard. Firstly, I�d like to make clear that I am in no way a financial expert but the claim in the title is simply from reading between the lines regarding various stories and issues over the last year or so. My main evidence submission, curiously missed by many, is a Sunday Times business article from 2 months ago by John Penman (link available below). Seems to me Mr Murray is trying to tell us something which make
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