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  1. Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan is being considered for the Football Association's general secretary role, the BBC has learned. Alex Horne will leave the post on 30 January after four years in the job. The position was advertised last weekend and Englishman Regan, 50, is under consideration. Regan joined the SFA in July 2010 after four years working in a similar position with Yorkshire County Cricket Club. He succeeded Gordon Smith, who ended his three-year spell in the role for personal reasons. At the time, Regan said he aimed to "achieve the obvious common goal of improving the overall standard of the number one sport in this country". Then SFA president George Peat, who appointed Regan, said at the time: "Stewart's got a business background and that's what we're looking for. The SFA has a £30m turnover - it's a business we're running here." Regan has indicated previously that he would stay in the SFA chief executive role until Henry McLeish's report into the Scottish game has been implemented. Former first minister McLeish's two-part report in 2010 advised on changes to youth development and the governance of Scottish football. Since then, the SFA has implemented a performance strategy spearheaded by Dutchman Mark Wotte. However, Wotte left his performance director post in October, indicating he could do no more in the role. Scotland's national team have experienced improved results since Regan and the SFA board appointed Gordon Strachan to replace head coach Craig Levein in early 2013. The Scots remain in contention for qualification from Euro 2016 Qualifying Group D. The closing date for applications for the FA role is in mid-January. Horne spent 11 years in various roles at the FA and oversaw the opening of the £100m National Football Centre at St George's Park. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30470328
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11292997/Mike-Ashleys-Rangers-regime-admit-it-is-very-difficult-to-win-over-fans.html ' Mike Ashley’s right-hand man at Ibrox has admitted that overcoming the Rangers support’s lack of trust in the board will be “very difficult”. Derek Llambias, formerly managing director at Newcastle United, has imposed an austerity regime at Ibrox which has seen long-standing staff axed, a factor understood to have contributed to Ally McCoist's decision to work his 12-month notice period as manager unless the directors find the cash to pay off him along with his backroom staff. Unhappiness with team performances has grown – Rangers are nine points behind Hearts in the Scottish Championship promotion race and lost 2-0 to Queen of the South on Friday – but the greatest source of disenchantment is with the directors. The decision by the Rangers plc board to favour a £3million loan from Ashley over a £16million takeover bid from former director Dave King has alienated many fans from the owner of the Sports Direct chain, which markets the club’s merchandise. Rangers’ most recent accounts confirmed Telegraph Sport’s disclosure that Rangers had lost more than £8million in the last financial year. At the annual general meeting on Dec 22 the board will ask for approval for an £8million share issue but, more immediately, cash flow is threatened by plunging gates, with the club admitting to a 19,000 attendance for the visit of Cowdenbeath last weekend, although insiders say that the crowd was actually not much above 15,000. “We need to re-establish credibility with the fans, which is going to be very difficult,” Llambias told the most recent meeting of the club’s Fans Board. “What is obvious is that we need cash to stay in the club and not go elsewhere. We are cutting back as much as we can and put it onto the park “We’ve cut as much as we can. Our strategy is that we’re not affecting the playing area. We’ll be looking to review pricing of match day and season tickets to ensure we’re as competitive as we can be. Pricing and value are two key areas that we’re focusing on.” Llambias also revealed that Rangers had made several attempts to secure a deal with Charlie Telfer, the 19-year-old midfielder whose move to Dundee United cost the Tannadice club £204,000 development compensation. “He went for less money because he wanted first-team football,” said Llambias. “Four different offers were made throughout Charlie’s contract term, all of which were refused.” Sandy Easdale, chairman of Rangers football board – who is another target for disaffected fans – revealed that live match fees could not make up for the slump in attendances. “Match attendances are down UK-wide right now,” he said. “We’d rather fill the stadium than broadcast live as we don’t make as much money. Rangers TV costs us money – a lot of money as it stands right now. The club is subsidising this. This is not as big an issue when we’re back in the Premier League.” Telegraph Sport revealed that the board had been wrong-footed by McCoist’s decision to hand in his notice. At the meeting with the Fans Board, which preceded the manager’s shock announcement, Easdale said: “As far as we’re concerned the management team will remain in place. We had a good meeting with the manager today and we will continue to have ongoing dialogue with the management.” The Fans Board was told by Easdale that Rangers have a financial dividend coming at the end of December from Sports Direct but that the club shops in Belfast and Glasgow Airport had lost £600,000 between them. He added that Rangers get £10 per shirt sold by Puma and have leveraged Sports Direct to get a better deal. Easdale assured the Fans Board that they would be the club’s means of communication with supporters “as exclusively as possible”, a policy that sets the board on a collision course with dissident groups such as the Rangers Supporters Trust who, along with the Union of Fans, are intent on securing five per cent of the club’s shares, so that they can requisition extraordinary general meetings. Meanwhile, McCoist is due to meet Llambias and Easdale on Wednesday to discuss his future at the club, with the bookies already quoting odds on Terry Butcher and Stuart McCall as possible successors. However, the problem remains that Rangers do not have the £15million required to pay off the manager and his backroom staff'. Yikes, Ally's on more than we thought !
  3. “Give the fans some answers, Alistair” Dear Ally, We’ve known each other a long time. Back at the start of the 1980s, we were on opposing sides in a match between Brighton and Sunderland – and both of us ended up on the scoresheet. We later shared a room on a golf trip to Las Vegas and will forever be linked by our mutual involvement in the events surrounding Rangers’ liquidation in 2012, something I could never have envisaged happening. There have been a lot of questions thrown up since then. I would like, therefore, to make a public appeal to you for answers. Answers to the questions that have left Rangers supporters dazed and confused throughout the events of the last 72 hours. To read on the morning of a crucial Championship match that you had tendered your resignation was unprecedented. To subsequently see you refuse to either confirm or deny those reports was strange in the extreme. I understand sometimes individuals are bound by contractual obligation from communicating as freely as they might wish. In this case though, that simply doesn’t wash. For the support of a huge football club to be left in the dark about something as fundamental as whether or not their manager has resigned is totally unacceptable. So, the first question to be answered is – have you given your notice? And, if not, why didn’t you take the opportunity to shoot down the reports as nonsense? When you are talking about such an important issue, that has to be the course of action. Stability is crucial at any football club. When you are talking about Rangers, a club whose financial problems mean they have to win promotion this season, it is a necessity. Players need to know who their leader is and what, within reason, his plans are for the future. Secondly, if you have a desire to quit, then why not go now, under your own terms? Do as I did two years ago and leave Ibrox without seeking money to do so because you think it is in the best interests of Rangers Football Club. You were rightly given credit for the character and mental strength you showed back in 2012 and for staying on and making yourself a focal point at a time when the club was in complete disarray. You famously said then: “We don’t do walking away”. But what if it becomes the honourable thing to do – and practically the only thing to do? There is no way you or any of the coaches were responsible for blowing a two-goal lead at Alloa with 20 minutes remaining of the Petrofac Cup semi-final. That was down to under-performing players. But you do carry the responsibility for the results. You were given every financial advantage over opposition managers at every stage of this journey up through the divisions. Even with the wage cut you agreed to, you have remained the highest-paid manager in Scotland over this period. While the successive titles cannot be taken away from you, the failures of the current campaign threaten to sabotage so much of the progress made. Leaving now would allow a new man to come in and see if he can do better. You know we are not talking about any untried foreign coaches, but about men such as Stuart McCall and Terry Butcher. Former Rangers team-mates of yours, who you know have the best interests of the club at heart and who boast solid managerial credentials. As things stand, the club is not going to win the Championship title. Not with Hearts nine points clear and holding a game in hand. Many, in fact, would argue Rangers will do well to match the Edinburgh outfit’s points haul between now and the end of the season. Yet I believe that the extra impetus caused by a change at the top could make a huge difference. There is an almost chemical reaction that occurs when a new manager takes over a dressing-room. You’ll have seen that for yourself during your playing career, like when Jock Wallace replaced John Greig and when Graeme Souness took over from Big Jock. A galvanised squad would certainly have the ability to string together the kind of long winning-run which is now required to catch Hearts. This brings me to the last of my central questions to you – why is this Rangers team so bad? Men like Kris Boyd, Ian Black, Nicky Law, Jon Daly, Dean Shiels and David Templeton have all individually impressed in the Premier League. I could see why you signed them. Their collective floundering in the lower divisions surely must make you doubt what you yourself have been doing on the training ground at Murray Park? People might argue results are what matter. But the football your teams have produced has been uninspiring to watch – and that has been in games that you have won. It’s little wonder fans are staying away in their droves. You will know that a certain style is demanded by the Rangers supporters, who have been reared on the genius of Davie Cooper, Brian Laudrup and Paul Gascoigne. While everyone accepts the days of multi-million pound transfers are gone from Scottish football, it is not unreasonable for fans, who pay through the nose week-in, week-out, to be offered a decent standard of football. And it is not unreasonable to suggest that more kids should have been brought through from Murray Park to the first team over the past three years. When there is more drama to be found off the pitch than on it, then something has gone seriously wrong. That was added to when the news broke that you had tendered your resignation. You should follow that through by going this week, for the club’s sake – and yours. Yours, Gordon. http://www.sundaypost.com/sport/columnists/gordon-smith/gordon-smith-sends-open-letter-to-mccoist-1.736263
  4. ...and why dad's cancer battle forced him to quit club. THE Stoke City midfielder is currently out on loan at Crewe and opens up about his departure from Rangers and his dad's battle with cancer for the first time. CHAOS and carnage at work. Tension and trauma at home. All of that, as well as having to make the biggest decision of his life. That was the predicament Jamie Ness found himself in three years ago at Rangers. A talented midfielder who hadn’t reached his 21st birthday. With a dilemma which could affect the rest of his career. In the end, Ness chose security over loyalty. And who could blame him? Rangers fans still haven’t forgiven him for deserting the club in its hour of need in favour of a move to Stoke City. He refused to join Charles Green’s new regime following the club’s administration and subsequent liquidation. Along with the likes of Steven Naismith, Allan McGregor and Steven Whittaker, Ness bailed out – uncertain if Rangers would even have a league to play in. He has kept his counsel since leaving Glasgow. Well aware of the strength of feeling that still exists from supporters towards the Rangers ‘rebels’, Ness has stayed quiet. Until now. For the first time, the Scot has revealed why he felt he HAD to quit Ibrox – and spoken about the abuse suffered by girlfriend Heather as a consequence. What people don’t know is that, aside from the anguish he was suffering at Murray Park, Ness was also dealing with a crisis at home. His father Graeme was diagnosed with cancer at the same time, which turned the youngster’s world upside down. Thankfully his dad has now made a full recovery but Ness admits it was the toughest period of his life so far. In a perfect world, he would have stayed at the club he supported as a boy. But in reality, a move to the English Premier League – and job security – was too much to turn down. In his first major interview since leaving Rangers, Ness told MailSport: “It was a crazy time. No other club will go through what Rangers did at the time. “I couldn’t get my head around it. I still can’t. It was such a massive decision and I was only 20 when Rangers went into administration. “It all happened so quickly and I didn’t really have a chance to think about all the factors. For me, it was just about security. At one point there was talk about Rangers not being allowed into any league, never mind the old Third Division. “And it was a difficult period for my family because my dad had also been diagnosed with cancer. “So everything was a mess. In my mind, the most important thing was to look after my family and give them security. “Transferring my contract over to Rangers was something I couldn’t risk. Who knows what may have happened? “It was too big a gamble not to accept Stoke’s offer. We’ve been very lucky because my dad has been given the all-clear now. “My parents were great, they never pushed me. They were always there if I needed advice. But for my own peace of mind, I needed security. Especially after the injury problems I’d had at Rangers. “A top English club were in for me so it was a huge decision. I’d have loved to stay at Rangers for a long time if the administration hadn’t happened. But that’s football and life. Things change so quickly.” In the aftermath of his defection, Rangers fans reacted with fury. Team-mate Whittaker was in tears at a press conference as he tried to explain exactly why he left for Norwich City, alongside Naismith who was Everton-bound. Ness knew what was coming his way but tried to keep his head down. He treasures his family’s privacy but confessed partner Heather couldn’t escape vile abuse from internet trolls. And despite everything that has happened, the 23-year-old HASN’T ruled out pulling on a light blue shirt again. He said: “Naisy and Whitts got hammered after it. So I was wary of the backlash. We could have said anything and still got pelters. “At that time everything was still raw and emotions were running high. “After leaving, I was worried about the impact it might have on me and my family. “Now I realise there will always be people who judge me without actually knowing me. “It’s water off a duck’s back now. I didn’t have a Twitter page so the criticism wasn’t too bad for me. But I felt for Heather because she took a lot of abuse on social media. “That was hard for her because she’d never experienced anything like that before. “We were down in England so we were out of the way. But I knew all sorts of stuff was going on up the road. “Everyone was so emotional around that time. I know the fans absolutely love that club, it’s their life. “When that’s happening to Rangers they’re always going to look for someone to blame and lash out. “But I would never rule out playing for Rangers again. It will be difficult for any of the players who left to go back. However, I wouldn’t rule it out. Right now, I just want to get back playing for Stoke. I want to be a Premier League footballer and showcase my talent in the best league in the world.” Ness is now on loan at Crewe and will return to Stoke in January aiming to impress gaffer Mark Hughes. Since bursting on to the scene at Rangers in 2011 – and scoring a wonder goal against Celtic – he has been plagued by injuries. But having grown up at his boyhood club, he’ll never forget how it felt to fulfil a dream at such a young age. Ness said: “That period when I broke into the Rangers team was just a whirlwind. I was training with the first-team but not getting a sniff. There was talk that I’d be going on loan to Clyde. “Then I made my debut in an Old Firm league game. I remember walking out at Ibrox and the atmosphere was just incredible. “It’s something I will never forget. I grew up as a Rangers fan and I’d been at the club from the age of 14. “I know how much the club means to the people who support Rangers. “That’s why it was amazing to actually play and score in an Old Firm game. “My goal was in the first two minutes against Celtic. And to this day, that’s the best feeling I’ve had, along with my daughter Molly being born. “When I went into the Rangers team, I was fearless. I knew if I did what I was capable of, I’d be good enough to stay in the side. “But I picked up an injury and it derailed me a bit. It knocked my confidence as well. “That’s what it’s about now. Getting back to being the player I know I can be. “It’s all starting to click into place again and I don’t think it’ll be too long before I’m putting in the kind of performances I know I’m capable of. “It has been hard to watch what’s happened to Rangers since I left. You sit down here just hoping that someone will take control and sort things out. “I just hope one day that it all gets sorted out but it’s difficult to see that happening at the moment.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ex-rangers-star-jamie-ness-opens-4807812
  5. CRAIG Whyte last night protested his innocence of fraud charges over his Rangers takeover and revealed: “I sleep well at night.” Former owner Whyte, who is accused of swindling his way to power at Ibrox, vowed he will clear his name. But as he lifted the lid on his dramatic arrest in Mexico last month, he insisted he has no fear of prison. Whyte, 43, said: “These are huge issues and I don’t take any of it lightly. I always sleep well at night. “I know that I have done absolutely nothing wrong. Over the last six months, I don’t think it has been very difficult. “But if you asked me over the last month, I would say it hasn’t been very pleasant in lots of ways.” Whyte, who plunged Gers into administration during his controversial reign, faces jail time if he is convicted of serious charges. He said: “It wouldn’t be very nice but it doesn’t frighten me. “It’s not something I would wish on anybody but I hope that it doesn’t come to that. “It’s too early to be thinking like that, I’m positive. “I’m not going to mope around and think of the worst things that could happen to me because that’s not the way to live.” The businessman, from Motherwell, blasted prosecutors and cops over his nicking in Mexico City minutes after landing on a flight from Japan. And he branded news reports following his arrest as “bollocks”. He said: “I agreed to surrender on December 8 so I was taken by surprise to be detained in Mexico. “In my view the Crown Office and the police did that for the publicity — there was no extradition. “I want to get across all the bollocks that’s been written in the last couple of weeks. “I came back here voluntarily, I have co-operated with prosecutors for the last two years and they have still not asked me a question.” He had on the same smart grey coat he wore when he ran a gauntlet of angry Light Blues fans outside Glasgow Sheriff Court in November. And Whyte, sporting the floppy hairdo and beard that are his new trademark, revealed he has no plans to invest in football again. As he tucked into a burger lunch at a swanky hotel restaurant, tanned Whyte said: “I don’t regret doing it because I think you regret the things you don’t do — but I wouldn’t do it again. “Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t be rushing to do a football deal again.” The tycoon, once based in Monaco, became a hate figure among supporters after taking Gers into administration as they tumbled from top-flight football to Division Three. The club was later liquidated, sparking an exodus of top players. He claimed Rangers would have gone under sooner had it not been for his takeover in 2011. He went on: “I never asked for any of it. I’m a private, low-key kind of guy, not at all suited to being involved in a football club. “What everyone forgets is I’m the only person in recent years who hasn’t taken a penny out of Rangers. “Even these current charges, I don’t think I’m accused of taking any money out of Rangers. “I bought a company that was bankrupt for £1. Rangers were already completely bankrupt at the time when I got involved. “All I did was step in to try to rescue a situation that was already way beyond. It was my intention to take it forward as a business and not to see it in the sorry state it is in at the moment.” Asked what went wrong, he said: “Champions League would have been a bonus but if Rangers had got into the Europa League they would not have gone into administration that season.” Whyte reckons only someone with £100 million to chuck at the club could have done a better job than him — and that administration was on the cards before he bought out Sir David Murray. He said: “Given the set of circumstances, it’s difficult for anyone to do unless they were willing to chuck £100 million and make sure they bought the players to get results in Europe and so on. Rangers would have gone into administration, before I came along, they were taking insolvency advice. “Absolutely, no doubt about it. Probably sooner.” Whyte, banned from Scottish football for life in 2012, reckons his relationship with Gers supporters is broken forever but he is just as hurt by the club’s fate. And he believes nothing he could say to the Ibrox faithful could shake his bogey man image. He said: “I’m not angry, you have to play the hand that you are dealt but disappointed is a fair comment. “I’m a Rangers fan myself, my family are Rangers fans. “They have every right to be angry but there is nothing I’m going to say that will make any difference about their anger so it’s pointless trying to have that conversation.” Asked if he thinks there is any chance of the Rangers fans changing their minds about him he added: “You can never say never because never is a long time. Hopefully when the facts come out, and they will in this process, people might form a different view. “There are complex issues but things will come to light that will be explosive in many ways.” He admits none of the turmoil he now faces was expected when he took over the reins but says the mistrust among fans is “entirely unfair”. Whyte added: “Anyone who deals with me and has known me knows that’s not the person they recognise. It’s not a fair reflection of who I am. “I think the average fan, and I don’t want to be patronising here, but they don’t understand the complexities of everything that has been going on. Of course, I sympathise with them.” Before his first court appearance, Whyte hadn’t been seen in Scotland for a year since he gave evidence at Inverness Sheriff Court at the trial of two former workers at his castle home near Grantown-on-Spey, Moray. In September the bank repossessed it after he failed to keep up with remortgage payments. Whyte said: “It was a pain in the arse to be honest. It was empty 90 per cent of the time. “It was just a pile of bills with no benefits. I don’t regret losing it.” He was also hit with a 15-year ban from running a company at the Court of Session. He said: “I didn’t defend it. Partially because I didn’t know about it — they didn’t serve any papers. “Secondly it’s not safe to go to trial in Edinburgh every day and thirdly because it has to be funded at the cost of several hundred thousand pounds.” http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/6181247/Whyte-Ive-no-regrets.html?teaser=true
  6. Being reported that the board and legal team will meet with McCoist and his legal team on Wednesday. Could be out before agm? Billy Davis anyone? From The Mail on Sunday.
  7. Some may have seen the article below, which is about the only real one out there on the topic since the Yahoos defeat in Zagreb: DR Along with this you get the typical IRA-machine gun salute ... ... and pleasing ACAB songs. As we know, it was not their fault. Back in Dundee it was the security running amok, the stewards did the same in Jamboland. The seats at Fir Park were simply not solid enough for a bit of enthusiasm and in Amsterdam it was the outright naughty Dutch Police. We'll see who will be blamed in Croatia. Now, did you get any big fuzz about this - as opposed to us when someone sung TBB in Eindhoven or the like? Have a look at "NewsNow Yahoo" and it is deep silent complete up to today ... NewsNow now NewsNow Page 2 NewsNow Page 3 (starting post game) (... do note that - as time goes on - these news will go back to page 4, 5 and so on)
  8. I remember seeing Ally playing for Kilmarnock at the end of his career. He broke his leg trying to get on the end of a cross into the box somehow - I don't really remember all the details. What I do remember is Ally trying to get onto the end of the cross despite his leg hanging off. It was instinctive, deep rooted, a refusal to give up. Today's announcement was a surprise with this in mind. I don't take Ally for a quitter, still don't. I think Ally was doing the equivalent of 'going all in' at poker, despite not having the best hand, in the hope of facing down his critics. It is surely true that Ally still believes himself to still be the man to take Rangers back to the top flight. But is he? Let's go through some criticisms of him; Criticism 1- He has a vastly expensive squad, and should be doing better with them. The squad is expensive for a reason - Good players would not be willing to drop down three divisions into a football wilderness. To even sign average players, Rangers had to fork out multiples above true market value to attain them. Cue resentment. Criticism 2- He hasn't brought through young players. He could have done better, but currently 30% of the squad are from the youth set up, and do contain some potential in McLeod and Aird. This is a better performance and ratio than celtic, who only have McGregor and Forrest from their youth set up, and Forrest has been on the scene for a few years now. Criticism 3- He is only in it for the money. I just don't buy this. This has been used constantly to smear him. I'm sure Ally could pick up his £20,000 per episode buy out for Question of Sport if he desired again. He is unquestionably the highest paid manager in Scotland, which in the current financial climate is madness. However, this is a matter for the ranger's financial controller to decide. Ally to his credit has already offered to take a wage cut, even if temporary. To put it into perspective, peter lawwel is reputed to be on close to 50% more at celtic. Criticism 4- 'We won't get promoted with Ally in charge I think the collective bottle of the support has gone rather than Ally's bottle. You are half way through December. Hearts are no great shakes and I fully expect them to start dropping points. Once they do, they may find it difficult to push forward again. In the two games v Rangers (and against Hibs), Hearts rode their luck. Is Craig Levein suddenly a football genius? The wheels will come off soon. Also, as proven against a few SPFL teams, Ally can set up his teams to beat them. The play offs if needed, will be negotiated by Ally. St Mirren / Ross County?? Come on. Hibs are your worry. Criticism 5- Players are regressing Yes, and this is to be expected. If barca had spent two and a half years playing garbage week in week out, we'd be saying how Messi was going backwards.. Two years of non competitive action blunts the sword. However, some evidence suggests he is improving young players like Mcleod, and whipping boy Aird. Criticism 6- He has been a lackey for Green, Whyte etc. Let's be clear - rangers would have had titles unfairly stripped off them if it wasn't for Ally. Ally is one of the most important people in your history - he was the one who kept going when the Goughs, Smiths, Fergusons of the world had written rangers off as dead. Ally kept pumping the heart until the pulse appeared again. Yet it is derided as a selfish act for financial gain. Jesus wept. Green hates him. This is 'a good sign'. Criticism 7- He plays hoof ball. True, and it looks very 20th century. However Ally will see it as a percentage tactic on poor pitches. Jury out on it's effectiveness. We can't expect tiki taka from any Scottish team let alone championship teams. And tbh, the SPFL looks absolutely garbage. John Greig's teams would be running riot in it I suspect. Criticism 8- He looks clueless / I hate his face etc Personal abuse helps no one, and rangers fans are particularly vociferous I'm sure a lot of you will agree. It's like keying your own car. We all know support will produce better results than personal abuse. Criticism 9- His cup performances. Could be better (ask neil Lennon /any Hibs manager /Davie Smith), but seriously, getting outraged by losing in the Petrofac cup or whatever it's called- you should be thankful your name isn't on that embarrassment of a cup. Cup football is unforgiving, but the league is all that really matters. Plus, he has done a couple of top flight teams IIRC. I'd say the Rangers support has to give Ally the benefit of the doubt and allow him to get on with his very specific goal - getting Rangers back into the SPFL. He has earned this. You may be slightly off- course at the moment, but with 4 months left, Ally should have the full support of the fans. He is the last 'Rangers man' in the building - do you really want to chase him?
  9. I dont buy into it. the McCoist resigning thing. Or has he handed in his notice? Still in charge though. board reject the alleged offer a few hours later, just as the man they could not hang walked off the bus with the team for tonights game. just another page folks, in the great big blue book of you just cant make this shit up. WTF is going on? Were a 24-7 pantomine and its free entry for all to see. Administration was a cake walk compared the situation were in now. Complete and utter peril stares us in the face and theres no hiding place, no matter which way we turn. And its starting to take a heavy toll . I dont know how many more low ebbs i can take. McCoist is now serving them up on a weekly basis and I am now losing the will to live where all things Rangers are concerned. Im actually starting to question wether the team are losing on purpose they are playing so badly ( though some players are just really shit) and i have to say Mr mcCoist was pretty smug on his interview after losing two nill tonight. I will thank Ally for one thing though, he has managed to empty the stands far more efficiently than any UoF boycott could! thats the thing with Rangers though . you know somethings wrong but you just cant put your finger on it. and whatever it turns out to be you can guarantee it will drag the through through the gutter and deeper into the abyss. Is there anymore light to be had at the end of the tunnel? Well i am a firm believer that football without fans is nothing and i firmly believe that whoever takes control of the club will have to acknowledge the fans and gain their backing. They will not succeed without it. Not even ashley. I sincerely hope they realise that I
  10. Just been interviewed on Sky Sports News there. To quote - 100% committed. 100% will be in charge next week v Livi Got a job to do, to get back into the top flight Going nowhere So God knows what happened earlier today. Almost as if Ally knew nothing about it.
  11. Dear Ally You are a disgrace, an utter embarrassment. You are the highest paid manager in Scottish football and easily the worst. Once you were a legend but now you just disgust me. I long for you leaving us more and more as each depressing day goes on. You said you will not walk away, perhaps that was because of your obscene wages and the penny shares that have seen you makes millions as we trudge through mud in our destitute state. I find it hard to distinguish between you and all the rest of them, particularly given the fact that you alone are to blame for the horrific football we have put up with for years and the string of embarrassing failures. I never wanted you as manager because I wanted us to take a progressive, modern approach to football and then you failed in four matches against Malmo and Maribor. It was clear from then that you didn't belong in football management. I find you an embarrassing character riddled with delusion that doesn't have the merest notion of reality. If you had on honorable bone in your body you would resign without the pay off. You have got off with daylight robbery here. 12 points behind - surely even you have the decency to disappear. I hope the next time you attend Ibrox you pay at the gate and never get on our payroll again. Regards Ser Barristan Selmy
  12. Ashley wants us to "celebrate" reaching the semi of a diddy cup we've won many times. New from Sports Direct = a commemorative semi-final T-shit. £8 and it yours, What a total effing embarrassment . Hopefully no-one buys it - of course, if they don't we'll have to pay him even more (and he'll have to loan us the money secured on something to do so) and be left with even more unsold tat in our basement. What next - a commemorative cup, a DVD of how we got there, half and half semi final scarves, a book on our Petrowhatever Cup run? PS Sorry for missing "h" in title. Perhaps a boy stole it?
  13. Stunned Rangers staff told Christmas is cancelled as Derek Llambias axes annual Ibrox party Dec 11, 2014 00:00 By Keith Jackson CASH CRISIS makes non-executive director scrap festive knees-up and gifts normally given to workers in further cost-cutting exercise. SHOCKED Rangers staff were told Christmas has been cancelled yesterday as the financially stricken club continues a slash costs across the business. Record Sport revealed yesterday how the fallen giants were left reeling at the weekend when less than 20,000 fans came through the turnstiles. Saturday’s 1-0 win over Cowdenbeath - the lowest crowd for a home league game in 28 years. And the extent of the current cash crisis engulfing the club became even more evident at lunchtime yesterday when non-executive director Derek Llambias sent a circular to all non football employees to reveal that they will not be receiving their traditional seasonal gift from the club and that the yearly festive bash at Ibrox has been scrapped. Llambias was appointed to the board as Mike Ashley’s axe man and has put in place an extensive programme of austerity of cost cutting which recently included a raft of job losses. Against the gloomy backdrop - and with Ashley’s emergency loans being used to keep the club in business - he has decided it would neither be affordable nor ethical Rangers to treat what’s left the workforce in the time honoured fashion. Last year all workers received a voucher worth £50 for Marks & Spencer as well as a free Christmas knees-up on the company at in one of the stadium’s corporate suits. But it’s now believed some workers are organising their own office party instead. One source said: “We were given the news in an e-mail from Llambias and it’s another big blow to morale inside the club. We were told that these measures were being taken ‘due to the current financial position’. Llambias said it was ‘regrettable’ while thanking the staff for their hard work and commitment during what he described as ‘this difficult time’. “The Christmas party has also been cancelled. It just shows what a mess this club is now in.” Rangers last night declined to make any official comment but a source close to the board said: “This is a consequence of the club’s current financial situation. Cuts have to be made across all departments. “If just one job can be saved by pulling the plug on a Christmas party then so be it.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/stunned-rangers-staff-told-christmas-4785326
  14. http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/current-affairs/332-rangers-2014-accounts-analysed An informed and dispassionate analysis of the accounts from Arnold Black.
  15. Apparently in today's Scottish Sun: Les is actually a Rangers fan and shareholder but I'm reliably informed has decided against investing into us for one or two reasons I can't share here.
  16. So says Keith Jackson: http://t.co/auDoxxHRJp Not a lot of meat on the bones but not a surprise either.
  17. Rangers Supporters @rangersfctrust · 2h2 hours ago The RST has tonight released the following statement:Read: http://tl.gd/n_1sj12bm The RST has tonight released the following statement: The Rangers Supporters Trust is disgusted to learn that a group of Celtic fans daubed offensive, sectarian graffiti, mocking the Ibrox disaster, on the walls of Tynecastle stadium during a recent visit there. We are even more disgusted by the attitude of Celtic Football Club towards this incident, which is to try to distance themselves from the behaviour of their fans rather than taking responsibility for it. We welcome Ann Budge's recent statement and fully support her attempts to highlight the disgraceful behaviour of a sizeable minority of the Celtic support. The group responsible for this are affiliated with The Green Brigade, who have been encouraged and tolerated by Celtic Football Club officials. This despite outward shows of support for the IRA and various offensive banners including one protesting against Remembrance Sunday. In the past few years we have seen riots in Dundee, wide-scale vandalism and disorder at Fir Park and Tynecastle and various acts of public disorder in Glasgow centred around Celtic fans. Throughout all this, Celtic's PR machine, has sought to quell reporting of these incidents and no substantive action has been taken against the perpetrators by the Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell. Celtic Football Club has a major, ongoing issue with their fans which their constant denial of facts will not solve. Their official fan groups, including the Celtic Trust, seek to legitimise this behaviour by, for instance, campaigning for the right to display public support for terrorism without penalty. We hope that belatedly, with their fans' disgraceful mocking of the Ibrox disaster, Celtic will start to take their hooliganism problem seriously and the SPFL and SFA will do likewise, despite the strong influence wielded by Celtic in their boardrooms
  18. Reading McMurdos Blog today, even he knows Ashley will not invest. ''Rangers are sick at heart. The answer is a strong leader but there is no-one on the horizon who fills that role. Everyone involved is hanging on to their own sphere of power and influence at the club. There is no Willie Waddell, no Bill Struth or Jock Wallace to rally the Ibrox battallions and have them face the same way instead of train their guns at each other. Yes, there is Mike Ashley. I am confident that he will step forward and provide both leadership and funding to steer Rangers away from the rocks and back to ruling the seas. But in all honesty I have to say that the margins are so fine at this very critical juncture that he might do so just too late to prevent a shipwreck. And let there be no doubt – what’s left of Scottish football will drown in the wake." https://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com
  19. compo

    Who then?

    Suppose we find one point four million in a drawer at ibrox and wield the axe who should be our next manager and who should be his assistants . and who among the current squad would you like to see go in the January transfer window
  20. Can't afford to sack him and can't afford to keep him. Mcoists performance as manager has dragged us down every bit as much as the boardroom has over the last 3 seasons and if the current vein of form continues then things will come to a head very quickly. Attendances can only plummet from here on in. No doubt the board will have a fantastic new vision for the club at the minute followed by plans for a new share issue, if the fans aren't coming through the turn styles then the board might find this very difficult to achieve. Don't think Ashley could even bale us out either. How can you take a loan that you can't pay back? I can't see any way out other than admin. We're back to where we started when Craig Whyte showed up, only this time the fans aren't buying into it. The McCoist predicament is about to force everyone's hand and the board don't have any answers. That's why they are so silent, they don't know what to do?
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