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  1. I thought Barasic, Kamara, and Stewart were very good. Hard to best Defoe, though, getting a hat-trick. Frankie's ratings in full here:
  2. Morelos and Jack again excellent but all things considered, I think Barisic was influential again last night with another (fortunate) assist and a very solid defensive display. Use of the ball was good as well.
  3. Davis for me but could easily have been four or five other players. A fine team performance! Who gets your vote?
  4. Not a good night at the Spagettihad but a win regardless - who was your MotM?!
  5. You can also use the ratings to make up your mind on our best player. Make your vote using the poll!
  6. @Gizmo231 has his say on our main site today regarding our ongoing problems with our songbook. Please click the link to support our contributors: https://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/1055-ditch-the-dirges
  7. On the main site today we have an enjoyable read from @Gizmo231 regarding how Jordan Jones has already changed his style in the short time since moving from Killie. https://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/1048-keeping-up-with-the-jones
  8. Before Sunday's final Old Firm game of the season there was the usual manufactured controversy by the usual trolls in the media. Last week it was Chris Sutton's turn to take the lead by suggesting Rangers should give Celtic a guard of honour ahead of the match to show respect for their title win. Of course, given the rivalry between the clubs, this was never going to happen but it didn't stop several other journalists and pundits latching onto the 'debate' inferring Rangers lacked the class or humility to applaud the Celtic players onto the pitch. Even Alan Stubbs and Neil Lennon had their
  9. On our main site today, another superb article from @Rick Roberts discussing the flaws in the SPFL disciplinary process and why RFC are right to highlight that and associated unfair broadcaster coverage. Don't miss it! https://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/999-re-refereeing-scottish-football
  10. Finally, during a rare day off work, I managed to view the recently released Amazon documentary about Steven Gerrard. It’s important to note right away, there’s nothing about Rangers in it. Instead it’s a biography of our manager’s playing career – specifically at Liverpool – and the incredible highs and cruel lows within it. It’s an essential watch for any football fan about the loyalty and drive of a legendary player in the modern era. And its relevance to Rangers isn’t just noteworthy but timely. The similarities between Rangers and Liverpool are obvious. They reside within
  11. We have a wee treat for those of you who like a wee punt ahead of Sunday's game. You can win BIG just by predicting seven outcomes in the Rangers v St Johnstone match at Ibrox! Lower stakes. Higher returns. Bigger probability of winning! How you can get involved: 1. Click here: http://bit.ly/2xoUIpt 2. Answer 7 questions on the Rangers Big Game Predictor 3. The more questions you predict correctly the higher you finish 4. The higher you finish, the bigger the prize! It's fun, It's simple and genuinely easy to win. It'
  12. https://twitter.com/GersnetOnline/status/1031445364283531265
  13. When rumours of Steven Gerrard being linked with the Rangers manager job first appeared on our forum in late April, it's fair to say that my first reaction was to smile disbelievingly then, once I knew there was substance in the rumour, doubt was my next emotion. After all, as much as no-one can deny the quality of Gerrard's playing CV, his managerial experience is minimal and neither is he any expert in Scottish football or Rangers. It's also fair to say, many Rangers fans had these same initial doubts. In just under 1000 fans polled on our main site in April, there was no clear
  14. Great stuff on our main site today from @Rick Roberts - make sure you check it out when you can: https://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/915-dave-king-s-statement-of-intent Dave King's Statement of Intent There’s a basic rule of thumb that wherever competition exists then you have to put effort in to just stand still, to keep your place. To stay ahead you have to adapt, react and put the work in, put more and better work in than those you’re competing against. As soon as you ease off then others will step up and take your place - especially
  15. Steven Gerrard sits on a low-backed chair, electric lights beaming down from above, highlighting his furrowed brow and bearded chin. He is relaxed, leaning back in a tie-less suit, hands resting on his knees. In the enclosed studio, Gerrard is joined by Ian Wright, Glenn Hoddle and presenter Jake Humphrey, as Anfield looms in the background. Discussion turns to what it takes to be a Premier League player. "I was obsessed," said Gerrard straightforwardly. "You have to be obsessed." "Even though they're your teammates you have to be obsessed and move them
  16. The heat is on… I was at a close friend’s stag do in Newcastle over the weekend. Beer, food, racing, karaoke and a bunch of mates I’d not seen for a while – it was magic! And with an Old Firm semi-final on the Sunday afternoon, I was even fairly excited to get back up the road. Unfortunately, an unforeseen two hour delay on the train meant I was going to miss a good portion of the first half. But even a patchy 4G service on the run into Waverley had my good mood evaporating as Rangers got off to an awful start in the game. By the time we’d arrived in Edinburgh and f
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