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  1. Ugh-- with the way we're going, I don't know. I would like a high scoring match, even if it's 4-5 to get some confidence and freedom back into these players. Ross County 0 - 1 Rangers FGS Kamberi
  2. Reaction please, Rangers! Rangers 5 - 0 Ross County FGS Morelos (?)
  3. Hearts 1 - 2 Rangers FGS Aribo Morelos back yet?
  4. May as well get an early start on this. I'll go for a Gaffer special: Rangers 5 - 0 Stranraer Kent to score all five.
  5. Many thanks for taking part this season. I have noticed we had fewer participants this season than normal. Poor results always cause a decrease in participation, but I don't think results have been too bad--other than a bad period at the turn of the year, where we went 4-5 games on the bounce with very few points scored! There's no international tournament this summer, so this is a perfect time to have a little discussion about the state the the GPL. What I want to know is: what are we getting right with the GPL, and what are we getting wrong? Can we make any improvements? Is the point scoring still acceptable? Do you like how I break down the points scored? Is the points table clear? etc. Any feedback would be great. Finally, I'm fascinated by the stats. I have a spreadsheet with all the points picked up over the season, broken down by game, month, CR, CRG, FGS, CS etc. I thought it would be fun to pick out a few key performers -- An end-of season awards ceremony, of sorts! Most Correct Results: compo, Cooponthewing and Yorkie Bear collected 35 Correct Results, but Onevision was actually the most clinical, picking up 33 Correct Results in his 55 games played (60%). Most Correct Number of Rangers Goals: Rousseau picked up the most with 18 CRG. Most First Goal Scorer: ranger-syntax was well in front, picking up 17, which is almost 27% of the time r_s picked the correct FGS, with the rest of us were struggling to hit over 20%. Most Correct Scores: buster and Franc Ergs were joint top, with 8 Correct Scores each. Most Clinical (in converting a Correct Result into a Correct Score): No surprise buster leads with a 26% conversion rate. Bluedell, Franc Ergs and BEARGER were not too far off at around 20%. BlackSocksRedTops was actually very high at 25%, but only played 24 games. Most Full Points: Coop, buster and Franc Ergs each collected 2 full-point rounds. Most points from Europe: We played 14 games in Europe, with Lenny picking up the most with 25 points, and Franc Ergs a close second with 22. Most Points-per-game (ppg): Obviously, buster had the most at 1.62 ppg, but ranger_syntax and Coop finished with 1.43 ppg, Special Mention: Scott7 only played one game this season, but picked up the full 7 points! Clearly his skills are wasted on the amateur Premier League prediction thread.
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