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  1. Wigan's players are to personally refund Latics fans who bought tickets at the DW Stadium for the 9-1 hammering at Tottenham on Sunday. Wigan took a large following to White Hart Lane for the defeat, the second heaviest in Premier League history. "We feel that as a group of players we badly let down our supporters yesterday," said Wigan captain Mario Melchiot via the official club website. "This is a gesture we have to make and pay them back for their loyalty." Wigan are the first team to concede nine goals in a Premier League match since Manchester United beat Ipswich 9-0 at O
  2. Can anyone please tell me in idiot's terms the potted history of the ill feeling directed towards the RST. I'm finding it hard to get to grips with the reasons as to why we can't all get united when our Club needs us.
  3. This is the list of the top 350+ soccer clubs in the world compiled by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics in Bonn, Germany. This is the list the soccer world goes by & it's updated monthly. - Club World Rankings - Top 350 Check our world club ranking on a month to month basis. How the Club World Ranking is made - explanation of what the ranking is based on.
  4. I hope I'm lucky enough never to hear about this EPL bollocks again.... or the mythical Atlantic League, the United League of Planets, or any other fictional nonsense. Why is it we can't just face up to what we are and where we are, and deal with it. It's nothing to do with what state the SPL is in, it's about facing simple facts about ourselves and dealing with them. For 137 years, Rangers have carved out their place in football by playing in Scotland and it's really not such a bad place we've made. Personally, I'd like to see us all stop looking over the fence in envy and rebuild our ow
  5. Published Date: 15 November 2009 THE EXPECTATION is that it won't be long now, possibly only a matter of weeks depending on the number of times Walter Smith and the opposition combine to offer him the on-field opportunities. But, all things being equal, few would bet against Kris Boyd leapfrogging Henrik Larsson at the summit of the all-time SPL scoring charts. As the league restarts following the international hiatus, the Rangers player recommences his quest for a pl ADVERTISEMENT ace in the history books. Bettering Larsson's tally will fool no-one into regarding him the better playe
  6. The Return Of The Rant It�s been a while since I last vented my frustration on you poor souls, so this is long overdue! The reasons for the lack of rantings are many and varied, starting a new career which is eating into my time, lack of new and meaningful Rangers related topics (I know, more of that later) and a general malaise in what is happening in and around our club. So enough of the excuses and on with the ranting, but where to start! Our esteemed Chairman has gone AWOL and taken Boogie with him and the bank appear to be pulling the (purse) strings within Ibrox. I�
  7. A seven-year old boy was at the center of a courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible.. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said
  8. Hi guys, I know that most, if not all, of you probably wont be too interested in this but I thought i'd post it on and see what happens!! ****************************************************************************************** Nomination: Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Category: Scottish Pipe Band of the Year Congratulations on being nominated in the Scottish Pipe Band of the Year category at the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009. The aim of these Awards is to highlight Scotland's wonderful traditional music in all its forms and to create a high profile opportunity which wil
  9. In the aftermath of Bucharest, Spiers, Gibbons and Smith in particular used their columns to vent their disgust of the Rangers support. Since Speirs friendship with Matt McGlone flourished a number of years ago, you could find it easy to conclude it has affected Britneyâ��s utterings, and he is reduced at times to write his articles as if he was a contributor to a Celtic fanzine. You canâ��t help wonder during their flat share if Matt was injecting him with somethingâ�¦â�¦ for instance Spiers in todayâ��s article trots out his fairly new slur on us calling our fans â
  10. THESE Rangers thugs just don't get it, do they? Knuckle-trailing morons who attach themselves like scum to decent footie fans are too thick to understand. So I'll explain it simply, just in case any of them can read: If you are a thug and you follow Rangers for a European football clash, the cops are lying in wait. Because your reputation goes before you, in a shameful catalogue of yobbery that few other football clubs have ever been able to surpass. So, the baton-wielding cops are armed and ready with CS gas, and anything they need to beat the s**t out of you. That's how i
  11. IAN DURRANT claims Walter Smith stands on the brink of pulling off his greatest achievement with Rangers. The Ibrox coach has given a rare insight into his gaffer's defiant state of mind as he tackles the club's crippling financial crisis. He predicts history will one day portray Smith as the saviour of Rangers - in the same way Fergus McCann was credited with hauling Celtic back from the verge of ruin in the summer of 1994. Durrant's position as Smith's sidekick in the stand has given him a unique insight into what makes the nine-in-a-row boss tick. He describes the 61-year-ol
  12. ...and so must you! As have most decent football fans, I watched the stadium trouble at half-time on Wednesday with a mixture of concern and anger. The Rangers away support having problems abroad is nothing new and I immediately thought the worst. Supporters arguing with stewards, fights breaking out, CS gas being used and seats being thrown - all signs of serious problems. But where does the fault lie and what was the real issue? Do Rangers deserve to be charged or should UEFA look a bit closer to home before dishing the dirt? First of all I think it is important to acknowledge that a
  13. After all, you would think, following the most turbulent week experienced at Ibrox since Mo Johnston turned up in a blue jersey 20 years ago, that the club was on its uppers and the bailiffs at the door. In fact Rangers' debt ââ?¬â?? even allowing for the absence of current trading figures ââ?¬â?? is only a fraction of their turnover. A large fraction, to be sure ââ?¬â?? somewhere between a third to a half of annual revenue ââ?¬â?? but where does that put the club? The answer is, on the one hand, well behind Celtic, whose near-elimination of the need for an overdraft suddenly l
  14. Just wondered if the caused more trouble than they were worth. Given the fact that the team were playing crap and we had just suffered another humilating defeat at the hands of a bunch of also rans that will be etched in the History of the club , you have to ask your self if the wily old fox was being as coy as ever. And for what its worth i dont think he would have made such a remark without the blessing of certain board members. He successfully managed to deflect all the heat and critisism that was going his way but at a heavy cost to the club. We have been racked over the coals
  15. As well as the main site, we've also redesigned the Rangers Archive part of Gersnet. Essentially this is an online museum where you can view a range of information and statistics about the club - from fascinating articles about our strip's history to every single result and team-sheet from 1872-2009! In the archive, you can also find all of Gersnet's past articles from the last few years in one searchable library. Visit the archive now! http://www.therangersarchive.co.uk
  16. From the Sun RANGERS legend Andy Goram last night opened his heart on Fergus McCann's sensational bid to sign him for CELTIC. Goram - whose explosive new book The Goalie: My Story is serialised in the Scottish Sun this week - was left staggered by the Canadian tycoon's attempt to lure him to the Hoops a decade ago. And he told SunSport: "The truth is it could never have happened, no matter how much that eccentric little Canadian might have wanted it to. "I just could NOT have done it. "McCann was willing to take the flak and sign me for Celtic because I'd left Rangers a
  17. Following on from Cammy's couple of posts this week, I watched us struggle 3 points against Sj johnstone today and it sprang my mind back to a short 15 years ago. Just where are Rangers? I started attending Ibrox on a regular basis from 1994 as a young 15 yr old and witnessed an amazing team with a great win mentality including the immense talent of Brian Laudrup. One thing about that side until 1998 was the unrreal level of grit and belief and determination to win a game. There was seldom a lacklusture performance. We struggled in Europe - (for reasons that are worthy of another thread /
  18. I don't know if anyone is interested in history/politics, but here's some painful reading for romantically inclined lefties such as myself. This does seem plausible enough: Trotsky has always been something of an icon for the intelligentsia, and it is not hard to see why. He fitted the perception that dissenting intellectuals like to have of themselves. Highly cultured, locked in struggle with a repressive establishment, a gifted writer who was also a man of action, he seemed to embody the ideal of truth speaking to power. The manner of his death solidified this perception, which has shape
  19. The Sun backs the Conservatives......... -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sun Says: Labour�s lost it Published: Today TWELVE years ago, Britain was crying out for change from a divided, exhausted Government. Today we are there again. In 1997, "New" Labour, shorn of its destructive hard-Left doctrines and with an energetic and charismatic leader, seemed the answer. Tony Blair said things could only get better, and few doubted him. But did they get better? Well, you could point to investment in schools and shorter hospital wa
  20. When I turned on ESPN this Saturday, the first Rangers game broadcast by the American Network that puts Sky�s coverage to shame, I was shocked and pleased in equal measure by the starting line up Smith had chosen to tackle Kilmarnock at Rugby Park. Since Smith and his management team have returned to the club I have at times been frustrated by his unwillingness to utilise his full squad. It can be argued that at the end of the 2007/8 season as we battled on four fronts to win silverware that had Smith been willing to utilise the full benefit of his large squad we may not have come u
  21. Tottenham skipper Robbie Keane is a shock transfer target for Scottish giants Celtic - with a multi-million deal planned for the next window. Tony Mowbray's club are planning the sensational raid for Republic of Ireland hero Keane and hope to pull off one of the moves of the season in the New Year. Keane only went back to White Hart Lane from Liverpool at the beginning of 2009 but he could be on his travels again if the Parkhead club can pull off this massive coup. Celtic have already started the ball rolling and would buy Keane and pick up his wages in one of the biggest coups of
  22. It's the rosey cheeks that makes you wonder.
  23. I was reading Andy's responses in the 'feel ashamed about your support' thread, and it reminded me of Pericles in the Peloponnesian wars. I thought a bit more about it and there are a number of interesting parralels. So I thought I'd reconstruct that war for us gersnetters, with the dominant opinions getting to play leading roles. I'm not sure how many people know their classical military history, and about the Peloponnesian wars (the Athenian empire versus Sparta and her allies) but I've tried to pad it out enough to be a something worth reading even if you haven't heard anything about it. An
  24. Guys: Hope you all received and enjoyed your all-new weekly email newsletter. If anyone has any ideas for that, or wants to contribute to its content, please let me know. You can view it here: http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/newsletters/newsletter210809.html We're also hoping to redesign the main Gersnet site over the coming weeks as well. Anyone with relevant expertise interested in contributing to that, please give me a shout! Remember, Gersnet is your site/forum and we'll always try our best to accommodate your ideas, suggestions and feedback. We're especially inte
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