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  1. I guess everyone noticed that Rangers changed from their traditional black socks with red tops to an all red sock (or stocking, if you are old fashioned like myself) at Parkhead on Sunday and the official line was that the black socks clashed with Borat’s socks (however, both teams have white shorts, strange that one). Anyway, I am going to assume that I will be in the vast minority hear, but I prefer Rangers to play in red socks, however, my preference would be to have these topped with white. Now, this isn’t a lily-livered liberals response to the outlandish and bizarre claims by Celtc s
  2. Are this current Rangers team (squad) and management team skilful enough and tactically aware to continue to squander glorious opportunities presented to us to leave (at this time) ordinary and laborious Celtc team in our wake? After the debacle of transfer window and the ââ?¬Ë?who will leaveââ?¬â?¢ and ââ?¬Ë?whoââ?¬â?¢ll be left at Ibroxââ?¬â?¢ soap-opera, we were left with (almost) a full squad to pick from, and more importantly hadnââ?¬â?¢t lost any players who could be counted as crucial in regaining the SPL title from our most bitterest of foes. This could have been portrayed as
  3. Another splendid article in the STS series - this time from Tannochside Bear who discusses the existing flawed links between the club and RSCs and how these can be improved. http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=752&Itemid=2 As part of the 'Setting the Standard' series of articles, I would like to discuss the role of Rangers Supporters Clubs (RSCs) in today�s game, the links between them and the club, and how we can get the best working relationship between them. At the moment, all official RSCs are registered at Ibrox t
  4. Published Date: 12 February 2009 By Dawn Morrison Reporter Work on a plaque commemorating Wallyford-born football hero Jock Wallace will begin soon. The round bronze plaque, to be crafted by engraver Alexander Pollock of Haddington, will feature a picture of Jock and the history of his career. Rangers Football Club has lent its support to the Wallyford Community Council project, which will see the finished article placed within the village's community centre. Goalkeeper Jock began his career with Blackpool and over the years played for Berwick Rangers, Airdrie and West Bromwich Al
  5. Feb 14 2009 James Traynor JOHN FLECK, by all accounts, is a level-headed teenager who can rely on the guidance of decent, down-to-earth parents. Just as well. Rarely in the long history of this game can so much have been written and spoken about an emerging talent. And almost all of it has been guff. Some hacks and commentators, who really ought to know better, already have this 17-year-old down as a special talent and one or two have actually attempted to chastise George Burley for not promoting him to the senior national squad with immediate effect. That's almost as equally weir
  6. The Old Firm matches may no longer decide the title, but winning them certainly won't do either side any harm. The inconsistent form of Rangers and Celtic this season, and the ease with which the lesser lights in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League have pinched points from both, mean Sunday's high-noon duel between the Glasgow rivals will, in all likelihood, not prove decisive. And yet, there are benefits to be obtained from victory this weekend that stretch beyond mere bragging rights and adding another three points to the total. Recent history tells us as much. Rangers went to Celtic Park
  7. With the 3rd Old Firm derby galloping over the horizon, our thoughts turn to the formation and personnel that Walter Smith and his staff will deploy against the auld enemy. Would it be overly dramatic to say that the outcome of this game could shape our short to medium term destiny? After losing the last Old Firm game at Ibrox, many pundits as well as Rangers supporters, myself included, claimed that the league was over and Rangers would labour to the conclusion of the season that would see Celtc warp up their forth consecutive SPL title. In fairness, we have laboured, but luckily and thankful
  8. Over the years I've found many online Rangers supporters are interested in finding out more about their club. From the humble origins on the banks of the Clyde to the modern day status of being the world's most successful domestic club, there is a rich heritage for every fan to explore. As such, 2 years ago, Gersnet created an ongoing project to create a searchable archive of the most important club information - The Rangers Archive. Along with other contributors across the online community, we've sourced the very best sites, accurate statistics and interesting articles about a wide rang
  9. Rangers have a very proud history in Europe being the first Scottish club to play a competitive European tie whilst participating in the European Cup in season 1956-57 season and became the fist Scottish or British Club to reach a European final when in 1961 we lost 4-1 on aggregate to Fiorentina in the inaugural European Cup Winners Cup final. During this campaign we defeated Wolves in the semi-final the game that gave us the wonderful Wolverhampton Town song which has thankfully, found it’s way back onto our hymn sheet in recent years. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwzxN0jPiS4]You
  10. English footballâ��s television rights bonanza was in full swing last night as Sky paid more than �£1 billion to secure its grip as the main Premier League broadcaster. The company has kept its hold on the majority of live games, 92 out of the 138 matches available, by retaining its four existing packages. With the Premier League going to a second round on the other two outstanding packages, an auction thought to involve Sky, Setanta and ESPN, the 20 clubs will be hoping to exceed the �£1.7 billion from the 2007-10 deal and set a record. The bids arrived yesterday at the Leagu
  11. Silversmith ââ?¬â?? The Biography of Walter Smith ââ?¬â?? Neil Drysdale (Birlinn ââ?¬â?? http://www.birlinn.co.uk) I had been looking forward to reading and critiquing this book for sometime and have to say that, in the main, Neil Drysdale doesnââ?¬â?¢t disappoint. His biography of Walter Smith is excellently written, well put together, historically correct (unlike some official publications) and is an honest assessment of the ex and current incumbent Rangers manager. There are a few minor complaints regarding the content of this book (which Iââ?¬â?¢ll cover later) but overall, this i
  12. In conjunction with our friends at Vision Sports Publishing, we have two copies of the following fantastic book available to win. The Rangers Miscellany By Robert McElroy Why are Rangers really nicknamed the Light Blues (it's not because of the colour of their shirts)? In which year did the club win every single one of its league matches? Find out in the all new Rangers Miscellany. Packed with stats, facts, lists, quotes and stories from the rich and illustrious history of the famous Glasgow club, this neat and fully illustrated hardback book also includes a full colour kits sectio
  13. I've just read part of Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech and found it quite relevant to the situation regarding our Club and our " leader ". He said, " To those who cling to power through deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history " How appropriate is that ? Well I never !
  14. By Lindsay Herron SIR David Murray has called on all fans to unite with one aim, stop playing into the hands of Rangers' competitors by scoring own goals in the media and accept that he is acting to secure the financial future of the Club. Some supporters were dismayed when they learned that a player had to be sold in the January transfer window and then a small group issued a 17-point list of complaints under the heading "We Deserve Better". Today, the Rangers chairman clarifies the current position the Club is in, explains the new structure for the future and calls on every suppo
  15. Jan 29 2009 By Alan Marshall DAVID MURRAY has declared Rangers' future depends on a crop of young guns who have been told to shoot for the top. And last night the Ibrox club's chairman reeled off the names of those he believes could have the football world at their feet. Murray was responding again to the "We Deserve Better" campaign and insisted Rangers are very much alive and kicking. He stressed again he is the man to secure the club's financial future and that a posse of players are ready to spring from Murray Park. Murray said: "At the agm in October Walter (Smi
  16. 2009 was merely hours old when we, the Rangers support got an insight into how fraught this year is going to be. It is not merely the fact that we are willing to sell our top scorer (for Ã?£3.5M), but the indication that ALL of our players are being hocked around by ‘agent’ McLies. It appears that Mr Bain has been caught with his trousers round his ankles, and Mr Murray has kicked his exposed arse for his comments to McLies. Now, trying to decipher the words of three untrustworthy sources (SDM, Bain and McLies), it does appear that Bain informed McLies that Rangers would be open to offers for
  17. Who wants Mr.Murray to continue with more of the same and why ? When he took over he undoubtedly began an exciting new era for Rangers. The Souness years were arguably the most successful in our history apart from being very limited in Europe. In order to continue such success the Club had to keep changing with the times and keep on top of all of our main rivals. We failed to do this. The slide began a number of years ago and became obvious during McLeish's time as manager although it must be said that he did very well considering the tight financial restraints. We were now in the bar
  18. It has been a few weeks since my last article. Christmas, New Year, birthdays, holidays and, of course, a tame Old Firm home defeat resulted in an enforced absence from the online forums for yours truly. There is only so much OTT criticism, anguish and upset that one can take when Rangers lose and I was depressed enough without the usual online debates spoiling my winter break. The rise in popularity of online forums and the strong debates contained within them is a fascinating topic though. The subject has provoked comment from a wide range of people: from journalists who mock them (y
  19. CRAIG Thomson is to make history by taking a huge step towards becoming Scotland's first-ever professional referee. Thomson, who took charge of the Old Firm game at Ibrox on Saturday, has quit his job as a lawyer with city firm Maclay, Murray & Spens. The 36-year-old is keen to devote more time and energy to his role as a senior SFA, Uefa and Fifa official. The bulk of his working week will be dedicated to training and preparing for the Scottish, European and international games he is involved in. advertisement Craig said: "I was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle
  20. RANGERS fans everywhere will spare a thought at today's Old Firm game for the victims of the Ibrox Disaster on January 2. 1971. John Greig and Sandy Jardine lay a wreath at the Ibrox Disaster memorial in 2007Back then, an awful accident on Stairway 13 at the end of the Rangers-Celtic derby resulted in the death of 66 supporters while 145 were injured. It remains the worst tragedy in Scottish football and the events of that day and those which followed are indelibly etched in the minds of the players involved at that time. John Greig and Sandy Jardine both played that fateful day wh
  21. The Boyd Done Good As many long-term readers of my rants and posts on GersNet will testify, I have never been Boydââ?¬â?¢s number one fan. However, I have always stated that if Boyd could improve on his all-round game, add this to his undoubted goal-scoring talent, then heââ?¬â?¢s be an asset to our team. Saturdayââ?¬â?¢s game against Hibernian was in my opinion one of the best ââ?¬Ë?all-roundââ?¬â?¢ games Boyd has had in a Rangers jersey. He tracked back, he linked up play, his movement was decent and after missing a guilt-edged chance in the opening five minutes, scored a goal
  22. A load of nonsense really....just shows how split the world is when the muslims have there celebrations in Hari Raya, the buddists and chinese celebrate in February and we think Dec 25 is our day when this wasnt actually a day in history!!! Never mind, I now see this as a day of giving! I now actually tell my family not to get me anything and i just prefer to give! But this year Im staying in Singapore for Christmas and heading to Hong Kong for new year and not doing anything! It will make Xmas feel that bit better next year! Baaa Hummmmbug!!!! Whats everyone else wishing for!!! Ne
  23. ââ?¬Ë?Greigy is a one-off. He epitomises the Rangers spirit and is the genuine article ââ?¬â?? a true Rangers legendââ?¬â?¢ ââ?¬â?? Ally McCoist There are few players who get to experience the high of winning one treble during their playing careers, John Greig managed to bag three trebles and captained the team to two of those tremendous achievements. Rangers entered the 1963-1964 season as defending champions after a runaway league campaign where they won the league by nine points from Kilmarnock. Rangers came tantalizingly close to winning the treble the previous season, only a
  24. There are a few mitigating circumstances as to how yours truly landed with the unenviable task of detailing the contribution John Greig MBE has made to Rangers over his distinguished and well documented career. Firstly, I stupidly announced that I have some spare time on my hands at the moment, and actually volunteered this idea in the Gersnet writers forum. Secondly, John Greig was Rangers manager when I started going to watch Rangers on a regular basis. I was lucky enough to witness John as a player (and what a player he was) and given the fact of his illustrious playing career, I felt it u
  25. Just been reminded of this great fact, from the commentary on the Man City game, Admittedly that was the inaugral year of this format.
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