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  1. Our boys have been hard at it; rest and reflection, no less LEE McCULLOCH is determined Rangers will react in the right way after suffering a barrage of abuse for their Capital collapse on Saturday. Ally McCoist's side crashed to a 2-0 defeat to title rivals Hearts, to fall nine points off the pace at the top of the Championship table. The Ibrox boss was the target of chants from a section of the travelling support, with many fans calling for the Light Blue legend to be sacked. Rangers are in action against Kilmarnock on Sunday as they look to book their place in the Scottish Cup fifth round and silence the doubters. Skipper McCulloch said: "There is definitely a sense of determination among the boys to make up the nine point gap. "We're not even half way through the season yet, so to say that we've lost the league now is a wee bit premature. "Obviously there is a bit of a gap there but it's one we need to look at and be positive that we can try and close it. "There has been a lot of criticism flying about for the team and rightly so. We need to use that as motivation to get back and close that gap. "There is still a lot of football to be played. We know that gap is big but it is not mathematically impossible and everyone in this team believes we can do it. "There has to be a fresh start from now. Sunday was a day of rest for everybody and then Monday was a day of reflection at Murray Park. "That is out of the way now and the best way to look at it is that this is a new chapter." http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/ranger...917n.25878782?
  2. A sneering piece that seems to relish in denigrating us. I can't say it is wrong though. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/keith-jackson-cold-hard-cash-4683056? Keith Jackson: Cold hard cash will determine Ally McCoist's future at Rangers Nov 24, 2014 08:03 OPINION BY KEITHJACKSON KEITH says that cash has always been the answer to Rangers' woes but asks, will the club be able to fork out to the cash needed to axe Ally? IN the end it will all come down to money. That is the Rangers way after all. This is a club which through the years has gorged on a diet of hubris and largesse and which bloated itself with mantras such as, “For every fiver Celtic spend we’ll spend a tenner”. It might just be the only business in the history of insolvency events to have allowed this spend-at-all-costs mentality to survive the catastrophe of liquidation. It’s drilled down so deep into the club’s DNA that it has become the answer to almost every problem it encounters. Whenever Rangers are in trouble the default position is to spend more and buy their way out of it with another fistful of Aye Readies. Few have been so steeped in this tradition as manager Ally McCoist, who earned stripes as a homegrown hero at Ibrox in the days when money really did seem like no object. A £185,000 legacy of more austere times, McCoist not only survived the Graeme Souness revolution but went on to thrive in this new
environment and whose phenomenal goalscoring exploits made him a priceless commodity throughout an era unrelenting cheque signing. Back then, McCoist was the exception to the rule. Today his fate is governed by it. Because the only bottom line that counts right now as far as the position of the Rangers manager is concerned is the huge sum it will cost to remove him and his backroom staff from the dugout. Even going by the most conservative of estimates, the costs involved in the bagging of the management team would run a long way north of £1m and right now that’s money this ravaged club simply does not have. The very notion that such vast sums could be ring-fenced for severance payments would certainly cause further distress to
auditors Deloitte – who have still not signed off the club’s latest accounts and are fast running out of days in which to so do. In fact, in order for an agm to be held before the year end as Stock Market rules dictate, Deloitte really ought to publish these latest numbers by no later than Friday of this week. The under-fire regime would then have a further three working weeks before being shoved out in front of shareholders just days before Christmas. It is already a damning indictment of the state of the club’s financial affairs that Deloitte have so far failed to put their name to these accounts and the longer they dither the more reason there is for concern. The truth is, Rangers are right back on the brink even though many supporters took comfort from watching Mike Ashley muscle his way into total control of the board room earlier this month. Recent history shows that in times of Ibrox panic there is nothing like a billionaire – radar detectable or not – to settle a few nerves but now Ashley has powered his way into the box seat there are serious decisions for him to make. What Ashley’s minions, Derek Llambias and Barry Leach, have discovered since they were dispatched to Glasgow and placed on the board may well have horrified them. The Sports Direct man did not become a billionaire by funding lost causes and yet that’s what he is now being asked to do in order to satisfy Deloitte the club is able to continue trading. If Ashley is not willing to offer up guarantees for several millions of pounds Deloitte may have to “qualify” these accounts – a development
that would prove disastrous for the reputation of almost any other company but which, given the state of all things Rangers, would merely add another layer to the farce. So far Ashley has agreed to drip feed Rangers with short-term loans in order to protect and strengthen his commercial contracts with the club. He has not just been saving Rangers with these handouts – he has been strangling them at the same time. Will he now be prepared to change strategy to fund them for the longer term because, if not, Rangers will be hurtling towards another insolvency. And, as major creditor, Ashley will be in complete control. But if, on the other hand, he opts to wade into this mess and bail it out for the long run what will that mean for McCoist? That’s the other question over which Ashley will have to chew this week because if he does decide to underpin this broken business he could also provide it with the cash needed to call time on McCoist. Ironically, that might buy him some goodwill among a growing group of Rangers fans who have lost patience with their manager and who, at Tynecastle on Saturday, voiced their desire for him to do walking away. Or a version thereof. That 2-0 defeat was the last straw for many and it might even be argued the majority of these fans have lost faith in McCoist now the football side of this business is finally getting serious and requiring urgent
attention. They simply don’t believe McCoist can recover the nine points which separate his side from Hearts and some of them suspect he may not be capable either of gaining promotion to the top flight through the end-of-season play-offs. The single-minded McCoist, it must be said, will disagree entirely. Often over the past three years he has reacted angrily to any suggestion he is failing in his duties and I say that as someone who has felt his full wrath from the other end of a phone on many occasions. But, at the risk of another fall-out, I’ll say it all again. When Rangers first reappeared from insolvency in the lowest tier of the Scottish game, McCoist wasted an opportunity to reinvent his team and introduce it to a contemporary, passing style of
football – much like the template Swansea used on their journey up through the various English leagues. Instead, in true Rangers tradition, he spent mind-boggling amounts of money on the recruitment of players who had no place operating at such a lowly level and who often looked as if they had no great wish to be there. But whether he stays or goes at this stage, with his journey not yet complete? That’s something only the money men will decide.
  3. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/gordon-waddell-rangers-players-shrug-4678381 ALL for one – and every man for himself. Clearly Ian Black’s motto for Rangers’ new era. If ever you needed confirmation of the mink-lined vacuum some players live in, the Rangers midfielder was happy to provide it last week. “The only time it affects you,” he said, talking about his club’s off-field circus, “is when it gets to the stage when you’re not getting paid. “That’s the only time it will affect the players. Until then we don’t really pay attention to it.” Ten staff made redundant, 10 lives ruined six weeks before Christmas, 10 families thrown into upheaval. But as long as there’s unleaded for the Bentley and foie gras for the dinner table in the Black household, eh? Talk about being detached from reality. A month of Black’s wages would have kept a couple of those staff – his fellow employees – in jobs for a year. It never works that way, I get that. It’s never that simple. Like when Gers plunged into admin what seems like a lifetime ago and the players took pay cuts on the guarantee that no staff would be emptied. It was flawed logic at the heart of an even more flawed administration – but at least it showed the dressing room had some kind of conscience at the time, a little integrity. A base layer of decency. Clearly not the case these days. And perhaps wholly indicative that the complete Ashleyfication of the club is moving ever closer. The ‘he said, she said’ debacle between the Easdales, David Somers, Dave King, George Letham, Brian Kennedy and the entire ensemble cast has become a daily weeping sore, a little more pus seeping out every few hours on the wires. The court actions against those at the centre of the club’s shambolic descent. The giant cartoon sticking plasters that are Mike Ashley’s temporary loans, covering over one burst financial pipe only for another one to spring a leak right next to it. Fred Quimby would’ve had a field day with this kind of material. And those job losses. Always the staff, usually always the good guys who plod away in the background trying to keep the place ticking over while the bombs drop around them. You end up asking yourself who’s going to be left to switch the lights on and off, make the place function on a day to day basis, so many of them have been given deals. Then again, is that all part of the plan? If there is a plan? A few weeks ago, this column indulged in a little bit of devil’s advocation, asking whether a profit-oriented pragmatist such as Ashley wasn’t exactly what Rangers needed to get them running on an even keel, rather than the regimes who openly admitted to blowing £67m in 18 months. What price will they pay for it, though? Are Rangers just going to become a footballing branch of Sports Direct, a strip-lit, soulless outlet, centrally administered by faceless call-centre minions? What will become of the Rangers Charity Foundation? What about all the work in the community they do? The Rangers Study Support Centre? Are all these things still going to be funded, or will they be stripped away? Are they about to become a bare-bones operation without a care for what or who they represent? Will they have any values, or is it simply about value? From everything you hear about Ashley, he won’t give a toss about the periphery and the frippery. But they are questions that need answers because these are all things that make a club. They’re constituent parts of something that’s bigger than 11 players, four stands and two goals. Look at Celtic’s agm the other day. Look at how much is made of the culture of the club, its history, when it comes to things like the living wage and their staff being looked after. Look at an organisation like Big Hearts and the amount they do in the community, how much retaining its reach meant to them when they emerged from admin. Then look at Rangers and wonder what they’re going to look like when this is all done. If it’s ever all done. Wonder at what point an Ian Black WILL care about what’s going on outside his cocoon and whether there will be anything left of them to care about anyway. ************* Ian Black, your time is also up. Never have i disliked any Rangers player so much. The very definition of imposter. All this after the betting scandal and him asking fans "what the fuck do you expect" ? embarrassment.
  4. ...and says manager Ally McCoist is being 'hung out to dry' by the board. THE former boss gave a withering assessment of the men at the top of the marble staircase and claimed they’ve hung McCoist out to dry. WALTER Smith last night accused the Rangers board of making Ally McCoist the worst prepared manager in their history. The former boss gave a withering assessment of the men at the top of the marble staircase and claimed they’ve hung McCoist out to dry. Smith spoke out in strong support of McCoist in Glasgow in front of an audience of 750 at a question and answer session during a charity dinner. The ex-chairman accused the current regime of failing to back the boss and said boardroom instability is also hampering the team. Asked to reflect on the work of McCoist, who was at the event, Smith said: “Ally will need a little help – in the last three years he has had none whatsoever. “I was fortunate enough to be given great support by the likes of David Murray with the signings I was allowed to make. “People are casting aspersions on Ally’s ability but if I ever had doubts about him I would never have recommended him for the job. “No club can be successful until it is well run from the top, it’s the single determining factor in how well the team plays. “I wish Ally could be given that opportunity but it isn’t being afforded him. Ally is bearing up well under the worst circumstances under which any Rangers manager has had to work.” Smith also turned on former owner Craig Whyte when asked if he was still happy with his decision to step away from the club three years ago. He said sarcastically: “I was quite happy to leave Rangers in the hands of Craig Whyte – well, he was a billionaire, after all. “Where is he now? Costa Rica or somewhere? The wee b******.” Meanwhile, Dave King claims Sandy Easdale was as concerned with his seat on the board as investment in the cash-strapped club. Easdale has labelled the South African-based tycoon’s plan to invest £16million a phantom bid driven by self-promotion. The bus boss and Rangers board snubbed King’s offer and a £3m loan from Brian Kennedy, instead taking a £2m bailout from Mike Ashley. Now King has hit back and said: “When I spoke to Sandy on my recent trip to Scotland his main concern was whether, after investment by our consortium, he would still be involved with the club. “I confirmed we had no immediate intention to remove him or his brother from board involvement. This was clearly not enough to gain his support.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/craig-whyte-wee-b-walter-4665444
  5. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/30114815 Was one of my favourite players while at Ibrox and scored some big goals in big games.
  6. After 3pm apparently for those on Sky Go or in the house! He's going to be explaining the Ashley loans... Comments: - David Somers claims Dave King consortium investment offer was breaching regulatory requirements so rejected them at 'Stage One'. - Somers claims 8 people were in King consortium but SA businessman refused to provide names and proof of funds. - Somers said that King was prepared to offer up 3 names before giving the rest if agreement made in principle. - Stage Two represented comparing Ashley and Kennedy bids whereby former was approved due to better deal on interest and security - Somers also claims Rangers make a lot of money from existing retail deal with Mike Ashley.
  7. Gribz

    Ally's CV

    A super legend as a player but why is he allowed to still be manager....1 or 2 results could be swept under the carpet but the following shows he isn't the man. Peterhead 2-2 Rangers Berwick 1-1 Rangers Annan 0-0 Rangers Stirling 1-0 Rangers Rangers 1-1 Elgin Rangers 1-1 Montrose Stirling 1-1 Rangers Rangers 1-2 Annan Rangers 0-0 Stirling Montrose 0-0 Rangers Rangers 1-2 Peterhead Rangers 1-1 Stranraer Rangers 3-3 Stenhousemuir Raith 1-0 Rangers (cup final) Forfar 2-1 Rangers Rangers 1-1 Albion Rangers 1-3 Dundee Utd Brora Rangers 1-1 Rangers Ventura Fusion County (no laughing at the back please) 3-1 Rangers Rangers 1-2 Hearts Alloa 1-1 Rangers Rangers 1-3 Hibs Rangers 1-1 Alloa
  8. Teams: Marshall, Whittaker, R.Martin, Hanley, Robertson, Mulgrew, Brown, Maloney, Naismith, Anya, S.Fletcher Forde, Coleman, O'Shea, Keogh, Ward, McGeady, Hendrick, Gibson, McClean, Long, Walters
  9. I speculated that this was worth a thread on its own. Apologies if not, admin....merge it with Whyte Arrest warrant. However, it is a different revelation (though it may be connected, of course): "In a further development, The Daily Telegraph understands that while Wallace and Nash were still in their posts, documents related to the 2012 share issue were passed to the Serious Fraud Office for investigation. The SFO had no comment to make." It is tagged on here; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11231964/Former-Rangers-owner-Craig-Whyte-issued-with-arrest-warrant-as-four-others-are-detained-by-police.html
  10. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/charlies-sake-hope-rangers-cash-4610915#rlabs=1 JACKIE McNAMARA is desperate for Dundee United’s cash row with Rangers over Charlie Telfer to end. The clubs are locked in a stalemate over the Scotland youth star’s summer switch from Murray Park to Tannadice. Telfer has made four appearances for United – scoring in the 3-0 win over St Mirren earlier this month – while he made his one and only top-team appearance for Rangers as a sub in April. Under SPFL rules clubs can receive compensation for developing and training players under 23 who move as free agents. Rangers argue they are entitled to six years’ cash for the player between the age of 12 to 18. United, meanwhile, believe the Championship side should only receive money to cover two years since liquidation in 2012. Tannadice chairman Stephen Thompson was even claimed to have said “you’ve only got two years of history”. With both clubs unable to decide on a fee for the player the dispute will now be heard by an independent panel. And McNamara said: “For everybody it would be good if it was sorted, especially for young Charlie. He came in last week against St Mirren and he was excellent. “He was a bit unfortunate not to start the game at Motherwell on Friday but for all of us it would be good if we can get that resolved so we can move on. “There are all sorts of things come in to it, I’m not an expert on that. That will be up for the people in charge of the tribunal to decide.”
  11. The reality of my Club recently crawling to Mike Ashley to ask for our latest emergency loan once again left me shaking my head in disbelief as yet another sad chapter in our history is scribbled on the back of an IOU note....... http://www.therst.co.uk/what-has-become-of-rangers/ Not much to disagree with
  12. Sammy Reid who scored THAT goal for Berwick in 1967 passed away on Sunday,age 75.
  13. Despite previous cancellations due to international call-ups, the Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has confirmed to me on social media that RFC have said next week's match at Ibrox will go ahead as scheduled.
  14. Wearing an IRA pin badge whilst in Wigan FC tracksuit.
  15. I'm watching this again (for a fourth time) and I am still learning from it. A brilliant piece of work. anyone else watched this?
  16. Ally McCoist will be given a £10 million January transfer budget, courtesy of controversial Mike Ashley. Ashley has all but confirmed he will front the funds, with an Ibrox source telling us the board have been told to "use the funds effectively to push the team through to a cup final and back to the Premier League." The source said the decision was highly influenced by Ashley's close friend & Ibrox adviser Derek Llambias, who believes committing these funds to the club will not only strengthen the team, but strengthen Ashley's position with Rangers supporters.
  17. I don't use twitter but facebook in particular is hard going. It's not just the fact that the views are so ignorant and misguided (eg one of the main pages has everyone discussing who will be signed with Ashley's 10m ), but the level of intelligence seems very low. People write in illegible English and generally do not represent our support well. Does this say something about our support or is it the platform? There's not a single person here who is incapable of conversing in legible English but on our fan facebook pages you are hard pushed to find anyone making well constructed arguments.
  18. CAMPBELL Ogilvie has reiterated the determination of the Scottish Football Association to seek clear answers from Mike Ashley, as the Sports Direct owner continues to increase his influence in the running of Rangers. Ogilvie, president of the SFA, said yesterday the association had written to Ashley – also owner of Newcastle United –looking for ‘clarification’ of his position, but said a reply had not yet been forthcoming. The tycoon owns 8.92 per cent of Rangers, runs the retail division and holds naming rights for Ibrox after buying them for £1 from former chief executive Charles Green. He also gave Rangers a £2 million loan last week. Hours before Ogilvie’s comments, it was announced to the Stock Exchange that former Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias was appointed to the Rangers board as a non-executive director, further strengthening Ashley’s position. Ashley has signed an agreement with the SFA that limits him to having no more than a 10 per cent stake in Rangers while he is in command at St James’ Park. The agreement is designed to limit his control over Rangers but it remains unclear if by appointing Llambias or Barry Leach – another of his close associates hired on a consultancy basis – would fall foul of that deal. Ogilvie said the SFA would continue to press Ashley for answers, and a possible meeting to discuss his intentions. “We’ve written to the club itself and to Mike Ashley looking for clarification,” said Ogilvie, a former general secretary anddirector at Rangers. “We’re waiting for replies to that and we’ll take it from there. We need more information at this stage. There could be a meeting. We wrote to them at the end of last week, we’re waiting for a reply. “That could lead to a meeting between the SFA and the club – and, indeed, Mike Ashley and his advisors. That would be the next step. Then we’ll take it from there. But we really need more information. “Fundamentally, the undertaking was not to go above the 10 per cent shareholding – and not to have influence in the running of the club. Fundamentally, that was it. “On the back of the movement last week, we’ve written asking for more information. Until we get that information, we can’t comment further.” Rangers chairman David Somers announced last week that Llambias had been brought in as a consultant but now the club has confirmed he has taken on official duties. The club’s statement said: “The board of Rangers announces that it has appointed Derek Llambias as a non-executive director. In accordance with Rangers’ Articles of Association, Mr Llambias will be subject to re-election by ordinary resolution of the shareholders of the company at the upcoming Annual General Meeting which is expected to be held in December.” Somers previously held non-executive responsibilities as chairman but took over day-to-day running of the club last week as he set about finding replacements for chief executive Graham Wallace and Philip Nash, the former finance director, who were both forced out after failing to stop the club accepting the £2m loan from Ashley. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/spfl-lower-divisions/sfa-seek-answers-as-llambias-joins-rangers-board-1-3591968
  19. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/289-is-donald-findlay-right-discussing-our-rangers-addiction Waking up to another Rangers controversy is nothing new. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday, a Thursday or a match-day, there’s always another Rangers related story to keep this ongoing farce alive. From the boardroom to the dressing room; from the small grounds in Scotland to the businessmen of Singapore; the bizarre nature of what has happened to one of Scotland’s proudest institutions continues to make waves wherever and whenever you care to cast a sideways glance. It’s impossible to hide from. Now, I’ve not read all of what Donald Findlay has said to journalist Stephen McGowan in today’s Daily Mail. The ‘debate’ surrounding about whether or not Rangers are a new club isn’t something which particularly attracts me. For me, the opinion of the law lords and football authorities is enough – Rangers is the same club with their history and successes intact from one company vehicle to the next. In many ways though, does it really matter what they or Donald Findlay think? I still follow follow Rangers with the same excitement and love I’ve always done. I always will. Many hundreds of thousands agree. However, and here’s the rub, some do feel differently and I can empathise with that. Why? Well, there can be various reasons. For one, the club’s reputation has taken a huge hit – doesn’t matter how fraudulent Craig Whyte and his associates' actions are proven to be, our club almost died. It doesn’t matter with how much disdain the Scottish football authorities, fellow clubs and fans and the Scottish media approached this fall from grace; we had to start again in Division Three. In that sense, of course the club’s reputation has changed forever. No Rangers fan alive has had to experience such a dramatic change in fortunes so it’s inevitable our mind-set has as well. Moreover, since administration, the situation has hardly improved. The Rangers brand (and tradition as well perhaps) is no longer associated with success and pride and honesty and hard work. Instead, embarrassment, dishonesty, manipulation, excess and fraud are now bywords for our club. Yes the team on the park may still be the team we love but unlike our fathers and their fathers before them, we’ll now forever have to associate on-field displays with the performance of the boardroom. Some may find it easy to refrain from such, but many others cannot. Not as long as the money we pay into the club can be withheld by companies with a somewhat different relationship. That particular landscape has changed forever; it’s undeniable. Moving on, and even within our fan-base things have altered for the worse. Small minorities they may be but the division amongst some fans is bordering on the obscene at times. Bear antagonising bear is not only counter-productive but downright bizarre. Disagreement can and should be healthy but some supporters have taken that to all new levels. In the modern era of online debate that may well be inevitable but it’s a change from previous times and it’s not a good one. These aren’t arguments in private RSC cubby-holes but very public fall outs which can be seen by all. They help no-one. Considering all the above, it’s perhaps more surprising to suggest anyone doesn’t approach supporting the club differently. To be clear, it’s not that our love has decreased or that our history and success has somehow been removed (such arguments are ludicrous) but that what has happened in recent years has changed us all forever. Indeed, it has to – we have to learn from our mistakes and ensure it doesn’t happen again. That’s not to say we can do so easily – we can’t – but if we try to hide from it then we’re no worse than an addict glossing over their dependence. To sum up, while I fundamentally and strongly disagree with Findlay in terms of Rangers still being the same Rangers, he is right to an extent. Of course the club is the same one we've all supported but there are elements of recent events which will have affected us all in different ways. Perhaps it's the divided fans taking each other for granted, perhaps it's the club's total disdain for our opinion, perhaps it's the media apportioning blame to the wrong people, perhaps it's the manager refusing to learn from his mistakes, perhaps it's the constant stress amidst the whole farce but no matter the issue, it has become very difficult to support Rangers nowadays. It should be fun, it should be a release from the everyday hum-drum but it's not - in fact I'd say supporting Rangers is just another daily stress and only our fans will understand just how bad it's been. For some, even someone like Donald Findlay, the challenge may be too much but shirking from his opinion won't help. To that end, if anyone has found the last few years hard then we should be working together to talk through our worries - not hide from or belittle them. Supporting Rangers isn't something you can turn on or off. It's an addiction which infects the soul. Thus, I'd say anyone who hasn't had their heart broken and their faith challenged is in the minority. However, broken hearts can be repaired and reputations restored. My name is Frankie and I'm an addict.
  20. FRUSTRATED Rangers supporters and shareholders will have to wait another month before the make-or-break Ibrox AGM. Club bosses have revealed the shareholder summit is expected to be held next month, but remained tight-lipped about an exact date. Supporters have voiced their disgust over the board's rejection of a £16million investment offer in favour of a £2m emergency loan from Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley. Rangers directors are expected to face a grilling from shareholders and fans at the stormy AGM. Sons of Struth chief Craig Houston said: "We've come to expect it - history tells us the AGM will be continue to be put off. I actually wouldn't be surprised if it was left until the last possible moment. "A lot of people say they would like to see a Rangers fan on the board, but I wouldn't. I want to see a board full of Rangers fans." The comments come after Rangers announced the appointment of Derek Llambias as a non-executive director, as reported in later editions of yesterday's Evening Times. The 57-year-old former Newcastle United managing director arrived in Glasgow last week after the Ibrox board accepted Ashley's £2m loan. Llambias, who was Ashley's right hand man at Newcastle United, has since been acting as a consultant to the Rangers board. It is the latest move by Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley to increase his influence in the running of the Ibrox club. An announcement about his new appointment was made to the London Stock Exchange yesterday morning. It read: "The board of Rangers announces that it has appointed Derek Llambias as a non-executive director. "Mr Llambias will be subject to re-election by ordinary resolution of the shareholders of the company at the upcoming Annual General Meeting which is expected to be held in December." Sports Direct tycoon Ashley owns 8.92% of Rangers, but he has signed an agreement with the SFA that limits him to having no more than a 10% stake, while he is in command at St James' Park. Sandy Easdale recently increased his stake in RIFC plc 5.21% and has control over another 20.94% of secret proxy shares. Fangs groups recently urged Easdale to come clean over fears about the delayed AGM. Union of Fans spokesman Chris Graham said: "We are concerned at newspaper reports that the annual accounts and therefore the AGM may be delayed. "We would ask the PLC board to clarify if this is the case and to explain why, after what they described as a successful fundraising, there would be any reason to delay accounts publication." Calls for the AGM come after a months of turmoil at Ibrox. Phillip Nash - a former Arsenal and Liverpool executive - quit, and chief executive Graham Wallace followed in leaving the club. Rangers have a regulatory requirement to hold the AGM by December 31. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/fans-facing-wait-before-make-or-break-meeting-187092n.25758971
  21. Seven members of the Green Brigade group of Celtic fans are to stand trial next month charged with singing a pro-IRA song. They are alleged to have behaved in a way that "is likely or would be likely to incite public disorder" by singing the Roll of Honour at Celtic Park. Paul Duke (38), Ross Gallagher (30), Christopher Bateman (29) David Gallacher (23), Sean Cowden (22), Kieran Duffy (19) and Greg Robertson (29) are charged with the offence. Duke and Gallagher, both of East Kilbride, Bateman, of Irvine, Gallacher, of Glasgow, Cowden, of Rutherglen and Duffy, of Coatbridge, are accused of singing the song at the Champions League qualifier match at a Celtic against Elfsborg match on July 31, 2013. Gallagher, Bateman and Robertson, also of Glasgow, are accused of singing the song at a league match against Ross County on August 3 last year. Robertson faces the same allegation along with Gallacher in connection with match against Inverness Caledonian Thistle on August 24 last year. The case against all seven - who plead not guilty - today called for a hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court. They were ordered to return for trial, which is set to start next month. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/u/seven-green-brigade-members-face-trial-over-pro-ira-song.1414595076
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