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  1. Alleged headbutt complaint dismissed - two match ban removed.
  2. "Following the publication of updated holdings in Rangers International Football Club PLC, the Union of Fans feel it is important to continue to highlight the position of Sandy Easdale. Mr Easdale and his associates have invested just enough to keep them above the 25% mark required to hold a veto over any inward investment to the club via a further, more substantial, share offer. Despite owning only around 5% of the club himself, Sandy Easdale claims to hold proxy voting rights for around 26%. We have long been concerned that Mr Easdale refuses to disclose who he actually holds these proxies for and instead disguises them through Beaufort Nominees. Mr Easdale's recent meeting with convicted fraudster Rafat Rizvi would lead us to believe that some of those proxy voting rights may be held on behalf of Mr Rizvi. It is also clear from this recent announcement, despite PR stories placed in the media to the contrary, that Mr Easdale has not purchased Charles Green's shares. We are therefore in a position where Mr Easdale appears to hold, through Beaufort Nominees, proxies for people such as Charles Green, Rafat Rizvi and Imran Ahmad. Our concern is that Mr Easdale will continue to act, as he always has done, in the interests of those shareholders and not in the interests of the wider shareholder base and the club itself. We have been clear that we feel that Mr Easdale should be removed as a club director but the PLC board appear to be unwilling or unable to enact that much needed change. Regardless, Mr Easdale is in a position, with the backing of shareholders who appear desperate to mask their identities, to block much needed investment into Rangers. We would ask Mr Easdale to confirm publicly that he and his associates will not oppose any resolution at the upcoming AGM which would allow fresh investment from those who care about the future of our club. If Mr Easdale ignores this request or refuses to answer unequivocally then, in the near future, we will recommend what course of action we believe fans should take. We are also concerned at newspaper reports that the annual accounts and therefore the AGM may be delayed. We would ask the PLC board to clarify if this is the case and to explain why, after what they described as a successful fund raising, there would be any reason to delay publication of the accounts."
  3. I know we have a dozen or so players out on loan to other clubs, been a pretty consistent feature of the club during the on going turmoil. Currently, are we recipients of any loan players? Have we been recipients of any loan players in the last two and a bit seasons? I ask, because I don't think we have any loan signings and this must be unique in the Scottish/British game. Why we would we not bring in a few loan signings?
  4. "The Union of Fans is extremely concerned at the recent public statements of Sandy Easdale, the Chairman of the so-called ‘football board’ at Rangers. Mr Easdale has a history of making ill advised, damaging and amateurish comments in the press about Rangers and last week he was engaged in more of the same. In April 2014, around a week before Imran Ahmad’s second failed attempt to have club funds arrested, Mr Easdale decided to take part in a BBC interview in which he raised considerable questions over the financial position of the club. These comments could clearly be seen to weaken the club’s case against Mr Ahmad despite victory in that instance. Last week, days ahead of Mr Ahmad’s third attempt to arrest funds, Mr Easdale did the same in a press Q&A. We would question the timing of both of these statements. Making this type of error once might be seen as naivety or stupidity. Making it twice starts to raise other questions. Mr Easdale was brought into Rangers to represent the wishes of the block of shareholders previously represented by Mr Ahmad and Mr Charles Green. Mr Easdale has, in our opinion, always represented their interests ahead of those of the club and it appears he is continuing to do so. Mr Easdale has hitched his wagon to Green, Ahmad, Blue Pitch and Margarita and, now that their influence over the board has started to diminish slightly, he appears to be seeking to retain his position at the club via an alliance with Mike Ashley. Indeed it appears that Mr Easdale will support anyone who will allow him to retain his director privileges and the borrowed respectability of being referred to as a Rangers director, regardless of their actions towards the club. Mr Easdale told the Rangers fans that Jack Irvine no longer worked for him. However, we have been told by a number of people that Mr Irvine has been in regular touch with them in a way which represents Mr Easdale’s interests. Mr Easdale told the Rangers fans in December 2013 that he had investors lined up for Rangers. This did not prove to be the case. Mr Easdale now wants the Rangers fans to believe that Mike Ashley, who has been handed “onerous” merchandise deals, virtually free stadium naming rights and now the Rangers club shops by Mr Easdale’s associates, is the man to take Rangers forward. Mr Easdale actively opposes any attempt to bring huge investment into the club from people who care about it but chooses to back someone who has clear issues with dual club ownership and is only interested in Rangers as a means to make himself money. We would ask the PLC board, the Nomad, Daniel Stewart and the LSE to investigate Mr Easdale’s comments and their effect on a court case which could have put the club’s immediate future in doubt. We would also ask them to clarify whether Mr Charles Green or Mr Imran Ahmad hold any shares for which Mr Easdale has a proxy through Beaufort Nominees. Mr Easdale is not, in our opinion, fit to be a director of Rangers Football Club and given his failure to be appointed to the PLC board we feel he has far too much negative influence on club affairs."
  5. I'm not clear on what is classed as repetition so perhaps we can have 1 topic where we can say what we like (within reason) and let off steam. Also, certain people can just stay away from this thread and then they won't be offended.
  6. RANGERS chief executive Graham Wallace was today slammed for keeping supporters in the dark about the situation at the crisis-hit club. And Wallace was warned that he risks more fans turning their backs on the Gers unless he tells them what the future holds. Fears for the Glasgow giants are growing after former commercial director Imran Ahmad succeeded in his bid to have £620,000 of club assets frozen last week. There are concerns the Light Blues - who have not repaid £1.5million worth of loans to Sandy Easdale and George Letham - will be unable to pay their wages this month. The financially stricken SPFL League One champions hope to raise nearly £4m from another share offering in the coming weeks. However, a statement to the Stock Exchange last month confirmed Rangers will be unable to pay their creditors if the share offering fails. That has raised the prospect of the Ibrox club going back into administration - a turn of events Wallace dismissed as recently as April. Drew Roberton of the Rangers Supporters' Association has called on him to speak to fans and spell out what the short-term future holds. He said: "Graham Wallace has spoken of fan engagement from more or less day one since being appointed. "He met with us once, but it seems that he doesn't want anything to do with us now. He doesn't seem to want to have any dialogue with any supporters' group. But I think he has to come come out and tell us what the situation is. He could get the fans on board by speaking to us. "There are all sorts of reports about him and Sandy Easdale not singing from the same hymn sheet. "It's all very well the fans throwing mud at the board at the drop of a hat. Some of my fellow-supporters may not agree with me, but I have a certain amount of sympathy for him. "He has always tried to be positive since being appointed. He saw a future for the club and a way forward. He thought the club would not continue like it had previously. It was a new dawn. "From the minute he joined the club, he was adamant there would not be another administration event." Roberton added: "Rangers are asking people to part with their hard-earned cash and buy tickets and merchandise. "But recent reports in the media aren't going to entice anybody to buy shares, season tickets, match day tickets or merchandise." Only 23,000 Rangers fans have renewed their season tickets for the 2014/15 campaign - around 15,000 less than snapped them up last season. And even with spectators paying on a game-by-game basis the last two home games have only attracted attendances of just over 30,000. That is a huge drop on last season when games at Ibrox against part-time club pulled in gates of well over 40,000. Roberton said: "I hate to say this, but there is a real danger of more fans turning their backs on the club if this continues." http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/rangers-fans-want-answers-from-graham-wallace-179512n.25261148?
  7. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/keith-jackson-six-men-six-4181483
  8. September 6, 2014 / billmcmurdo The Ibrox boardroom wars are still rumbling on, with the board doing more damage to themselves than the rebels can inflict. I am dubious of the so-called latest revelations – that Sports Direct magnate Mike Ashley was sold the naming tights to Ibrox for the price of 8 AAA Sony batteries. My feeling is this is an attempt to get the directors to release the real figure but if it turns out to be true, it is a massive hit against the beleaguered board. If the deal was made based on projections of Sports Direct selling boatloads of RFC merchandise, then it was still a poor one. The ball is now in the board’s court to reveal the true price of re-branding Ibrox. I have always backed the present regime but it is increasingly hard to muster confidence in their ability to steer the club through this difficult year. It doesn’t help that the board is hopelessly split, with CEO Graham Wallace having been “Matherised” i.e. converted to the rebel cause. Truth be told, Wallace has failed to provide the leadership and bring stability to matters behind the red brick facade on Edmiston Drive. The grand plan of the Fans Board has not galvanised the fan base but has been a monumental waste of time, effort, money and energy. Wallace’s alignment with those who have choked the sale of season tickets so necessary for the club to progress is a cave-in of epic scale. That said, the board’s feeble response to this has not helped engender confidence. I championed another contender for the post of CEO but was more than happy to support Graham Wallace when he took the reins. Now it is all a cod and the vultures are circling, ready to swoop in for the kill. It looks like the next phase of the Ibrox Civil War will be a head-to-head between Mike Ashley and Dave King. Question marks arise over the ability of either to invest substantially – both may be curtailed by football rules and in King’s case, he could be blocked by regulation here and in South Africa. Ashley will no doubt be turned into the antichrist by a Rangers-hating media here in Scotland. There is a consortium of people who are desperate to get hold of Rangers and if they cannot get control of the club on their terms, then they would rather see the club go under. King is their champion and this means he is their weakness. You get the feeling that when and if he is ever asked to actually pony up the money, he will not produce. Should the consortium prevail, with or without Daddy King’s involvement, Rangers will probably never be as dominant as they were at the peak of the SDM years but they will challenge Celtic for the Premiership. Success in Europe will be a pipe dream. Ashley and others are Rangers’ best bet of going to a higher level. Their vision and collective financial clout exceeds by far the grasp of the consortium. It is all about a clash of ideologies and visions. The problem for this board and investors like Mike Ashley is that they are trying to fight a battle based on AIM regulations against people who are not bound by these. The battle for Rangers is a street fight, a rammy, not a game of bridge in a gentlemens’ club. It’s time the board at Ibrox realised this. “Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is deadly ground.” SUN TZU
  9. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=12066370
  10. If a little genie popped out of a bottle and granted your wish to ask Mr Wallace one question right now, what would it be? I'll start with: "Where do you see Rangers FC in a year's time?"
  11. Gonna charge up the phone. Have a feeling there might be some Rangers breaking news to come tonight as well! https://twitter.com/tedermeatballs
  12. THE IMPORTANCE OF SAFEGUARDING IBROX 23rd July 2014 Some have asked why we have such a desire to safeguard Ibrox and claim it's ok for a club to borrow money against it's stadium and to be fair in normal operating conditions this may be the case. Unfortunately our club does not operate within normal operating conditions. To understand the full importance of our position it is important to be aware of the full financial position our club currently operates. Our club does not have enough cash flow to see out the full season that is soon to start. Some predict a shortfall of circa £8m just to allow the club to stay afloat. Due to many issues, last years season ticket holders numbered approx 34,000 and by the end of the renewal date only 50% of these had renewed their seats. It is fair to assume that some new ST will be sold to new ST holders and some old ones may still renew but regardless, the season ticket sales will be significantly lower than last year and after a promotion, one would have expected to see a rise in sales. ​The much touted share issue that the board would have us believe would be fully supported by institutional investors simply will not be as successful as they publicly admit and sources close to us claim that even the board now feel the money raised will be much lower than they first presumed. The reason for this is simple, they are asking investors to invest more money but this money will not be used to make the club better and worth more it will simply be used to shore up shortfalls in cash flow (remember we were advised by Mr Wallace at the AGM that we had no short to medium term cash shortfalls) If this share issue was to raise funds for assets or player purchases etc then there is a good case for investors to invest more as the business would normally rise in value and they would see an increase in their investment. Our directors expect to go cap in hand and ask investors to give them more money just to stay afloat and this is only 7 months after telling these very same investors that we had no short to medium term cash worries. Would you give it if you had no emotional attachment to the club? I didn't think so. ST sales are well below target and the promised windfall from a share issue looks like just a pipe dream so where does that leave us as a club? Simple, fresh investment is required and is available and not only from Dave King. So why won't the board accept outside investment? I believe this is the reason or at least one of the reasons that our board room is starting to split. Anyone willing to invest at the levels required would rightly ask for a say in the boardroom and here lies the problem. Our faceless investors and hedge fund simply don't want this and although between them they own less then a third of the business, they want to control the full boardroom and don't want to dilute their power. The faceless and the hedge fund are therefore starving our club. We find ourselves a club in a catch 22. We need cash but those willing to give it won't be allowed as the faceless and hedge fund won't agree to them. That takes us back to the main point, Ibrox. If the club were to use Ibrox to raise money then two options are available 1) Sell stadium then lease back or 2) use Ibrox as security in a loan. ​If we do a sale and lease back agreement then our club will be paying out money over a long period of time just because this current board are way out on their own cash assessments and if we borrow against Ibrox and our club was to once again lurch in to admin then we would lose our stadium to the lender. Neither is acceptable to me as a fan. So what's the alternatives? 1) Mr Easdale can magic the investment he promised on national TV prior to the AGM (has there ever been a public excuse of what happened to this promised investment?) 2) Mr Wallace can find the £5m he told the UoF at a meeting six weeks ago was available "at the click of a button" 3) Mr Crighton can do something he's been paid to do since pre AGM and that is attract investment as when he was introduced to us he was to chair an investment committee with that very aim (what investment have we attracted since he came?) 4) Talk to those willing to invest in the club and compromise with them. It's not a bad word. 5) Stop mucking about with the fans and show a bit of humility. Tell the fans you are listening to them, tell the fans their actions have been noted and tell them you WILL NOT sell or borrow against our stadium instead of hiding behind cute statements with obtuse phrases. But for the sake of the future of our club DO SOMETHING. ​If you are incapable of finding an alternative then move aside and let others on board that aren't selected by the 30% of investors who are holding our club back or welcome some on board who can bring the faith of the fans and investment with them. Why are Blue pitch, Margareta and Laxey so against others being represented on our board? This will be discussed in the near future Why does this statement not ask about Auchenhowie? Simple, there's no point in asking for something you can't get and our belief for sometime has been that our training ground will go soon as negotiations have been ongoing for some time. It's time for change, either change how our board conduct themselves or change who selects and drives our board members. ​The alternative isn't worth considering. http://www.sonsofstruth.co.uk/blog.html
  13. After a successful meeting with Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland today it would appear that subject to a few little details our application for a procession to Ibrox on the 19th July will be passed as acceptable. We will require the following volunteers from within the support to fulfil some council requirements. - Experianced marshals - Volunteer marshals - First aiders - Expectant numbers. I would love to hear from pipe or accordion band with a repertoire of Rangers songs In their play book. If you can help with any of the above or will be in attendance can you please let me know on this post or via PM Thanks Craig SoS https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfStrut...al_comments=14 L
  14. Dont know if this has been covered or not , but who exactly is paying for this tour , we are taking a playing squad of 25 plus management and backroom teams , there must be the bulk of 40 plus in the party , yet we are playing basically junior teams by Scottish standards , so given we are struggling financially , the question is who's footing the bill for this little extravaganza
  15. RANGERS have experienced a flurry of late season ticket sales since striker Kris Boyd made his emotional return to Ibrox last week. Boyd ended weeks of speculation when he signed a one-year deal with the SPFL League One champions - and is set to team up again with Kenny Miller. And his capture has since led to a surge in Light Blue supporters signing up to watch Ally McCoist's side in the 2014/15 season. The ticket office at Ibrox at the weekend was queued out of the door for long spells as fans snapped up season books for the new campaign. Lifelong fan Alan Anderson, from Cambuslang, was taken aback at the level of interest when he renewed his ticket at Ibrox on Saturday. He told SportTimes: "I was told the season ticket office was going to be open until after two o'clock and popped down half an hour before it shut. "But when I got there there were a lot of cars in the car park and people were queueing out of the door. "There was a great atmosphere among the supporters who were waiting to buy tickets. "I think most of them were, like me, buying season tickets because Kris Boyd has signed. "But people were genuinely excited about the season ahead and the prospect of playing teams like Hearts and Hibs. "I wasn't going to renew my season ticket, but I decided to do so when I saw that Boyd had signed. "I think a lot of people were the same as me. "I don't necessarily like who is in charge at Rangers at the moment, but I am, as the slogan goes, prepared to support the team and not the regime." Rangers announced to the Stock Exchange a fortnight ago that "approximately 17,000" season tickets had been bought by fans this summer. That is in stark contrast to the 34,000 supporters who made the Gers one of the best backed clubs in Britain for the second stage of "The Journey". The Union of Fans - an umbrella group comprising six supporters organisations - has been urging fans not to renew their season tickets. The UoF and former director Dave King set up Ibrox 1972 Ltd in the close season and urged supporters to pledge their money to it instead. They want Rangers to give them security over the stadium and the training ground at Auchenhowie in return for the cash. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/rangers-revel-in-boyd-ticket-bounty-169185n.24618366
  16. looks like the clubs saviour has gone missing any posters know what he is planning to do next ????????????
  17. I bought the third kit on the 1st of September. Very quickly the sponsor started peeling off, as it did for many others. I reported this to them in October, they said to return the item. However, I wasn't in any rush to do so, I didn't want another top, so I forgot about it for a while. In May I emailed them again asking them to confirm I can still send the top back. I was quite stunned to be told: I have argued back and force regarding this because I am protected by the Sale of Goods Act and a 12 month manufacturer warranty but they are not budging. The warranty does not expire on some arbitrary date of their choosing. They are ignoring me now. I've sent 4 separate emails citing the law, they sent 3 emails back repeating themselves and didn't reply to my last email. I don't care about the money but I do care about the principle, who should I report this to? I don't see much point in contacting the club. I know I should have dealt with this at the time and just put it back, but as long as the item is within the warranty period, they have no right to just flat out refuse to even inspect it. Here is the shirt in question, worn only a few times and costing £48.98 including delivery:
  18. Wednesday, 04 June 2014 18:45 Miller Completes Rangers Hat-trick Written by Rangers Football Club RANGERS Football Club has today confirmed the signing of Kenny Miller on a one-year deal, with the option for a further year. The 34-year-old striker is now in his third spell with the Light Blues having joined initially from Hibs for the 2000-01 campaign and returning for a hugely successful period between 2008 and 2011. Miller won three top-flight league titles, the Scottish Cup and the League Cup during Walter Smith’s reign before leaving for Bursaspor in January 2011. Following spells at Cardiff and Vancouver Whitecaps in America he has returned to Rangers, where he scored 67 goals in 147 appearances. Miller commented: “I am thrilled to return to Rangers for a third time. I have enjoyed so much success at this great football club and I am determined to repeat it again next season and beyond. “Rangers is a special football club and we are on the rise again and I want to play my part as we look to get back to the top of Scottish football. I had a number of offers once I left Vancouver but I had my heart set on returning to Ibrox and I can’t wait to get started again.” Rangers Manager Ally McCoist: “We are delighted to welcome Kenny back to Ibrox. He was a terrific player for us in the past, especially his second spell at Rangers, and we have won many trophies together. “Kenny brings experience and pace to our forward line and will be a great influence on our younger players at Murray Park. He is a top class footballer and we look forward to seeing him in a Rangers jersey once again as we look to secure promotion to the top flight next season.” http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7005-miller-completes-rangers-hat-trick
  19. Lifted from their page: I am still of the opinion that we will NOT go in to admin and that Laxey will give us another loan but this time against Auchenhowie training centre. I have, since Friday, been hearing the same rumours that others have been no doubt hearing and I will be investigating them this week. Some reliable sources say we will be in admin before season starts in a way to get high earners off wage bill and others claim the training ground will be getting sold outright before this happens. Both of these rumours are a concern due to the quality of sources and I shall seek to prove them right or wrong. Anyone with info regarding these rumours please feel free to contact me confidentially via personal message
  20. I posted this in the footie section, but thought it would be better in here?,admin can delete if they think different. COUNTY chairman MacGregor is leading the way in re-engaging with Scottish football fans by making his club's relationship with their supporters a priority. HE owns and runs a business worth half a billion pounds a year and a community football club worth its weight in gold. In the fragmented new landscape of Scottish football, strewn with the detritus of mismanagement, Roy MacGregor should be a guiding light. A man who believes in customer and fan first, everything else a distant second. Who invests in the people of Dingwall and Inverness and reaps the rewards. Who lives within his means despite their limitations. Two hundred miles away from the game’s traditional epicentre, though, his voice remains relatively unheard. A whisper of common sense drowned out by the eternal bickering of the incompetent. As the chairman of both Ross County and the Global Energy Group he doesn’t take it personally. He has enough on his plate. That doesn’t mean what he has to say isn’t worth hearing, though. So when a man of his substance tells you a Scottish game which sees three of its biggest clubs languishing outside the top tier is ripe for reinvention, for re-engagement, someone in the hierarchy should be asking him not why but how. “Scottish football is still getting an awakening,” said MacGregor. “It’s not so much the sport – I see fledgling shoots all over the place, with young players getting an opportunity but the game is still unable to enthuse the broadcasters and the public. “I see it in all areas of our game that we have forgotten either our brand or our customer. “Clubs have to examine their customer, their fan. If you take your eye off that you have questions to answer. It comes back to boards of directors understanding fans. “Clubs have forgotten their fans and in any business you do that at your peril. “It’s not finance. Nothing to do with it. Hibs’ budget was five times mine – it’s about your relationship with your customer. “Football clubs used to have really good relationships but they took it for granted. Now we need to reinvent it – and everything negative that’s happening can have a positive outcome but only if boards and fans groups get their eye back on the right values. “Hearts have done it, Hibs are doing it as we speak. Rangers still have to find whatever it is they’re looking for. Their directors don’t have their eye on their fans.” As we talk in his Inverness HQ MacGregor has spent the morning at his club’s ground, throwing ideas at his admin staff on how to improve the matchday experience for their fans, and, uniquely, the away support as well. He talks free pies, free transport, entertainment, value for kids – anything that is the opposite of standing still. He knows half the ideas might not fly but it won’t stop him stretching his people to try. He sighed: “We don’t market the game in this country. The league body should be 90 per cent PR and marketing and 10 per cent rules and administration – we’re the other way round. “Yet I look at what Man City are doing around their stadium and I want to do it. You’re not just going to a game. You’re going to the Man City Experience. You’re there from lunchtime, eating, drinking, being entertained, engaging with the community around the club. “Today’s pay-as-you-go generation have choices to make. The people are still there, just in a different culture. When we first came in the league we went down to Morton – I’d never been there before and the ground had held 35,000 people at one point. “And you look out and see the shipyards and decay and you imagine the people who worked there and went for a pie and a pint and then went to the football. “Yet there were only 1200 people there that day. “If you fight your fanbase like, say, Rangers are doing, your club will never be right. It’s a dysfunctional relationship. The hierarchy in football is changing for the better but it’s the clubs who need to change. Get real with where they are with their fans, with their stakeholders, with the Press. “I see it happening because of finance but it needs to be in your soul. “I’m here with Ross County because I believe in an area which didn’t get an opportunity in a football sense, a talent sense or a business sense to express themselves as part of the UK or Scotland. “My role is to give people opportunity. I do it with my business and with my football club. And we don’t live beyond our means.” MacGregor is rightly proud of his club finishing fifth then seventh in their first two seasons of top-flight football, less than 20 years on from becoming a senior club and on one of the smallest budgets and fanbases in the country. But you’ll never catch him thinking they’ve become something they’re not. He said: “What’s success for us? To stay in the top division and do well in a Cup. Anything beyond that is aspirational. “Plug your club into that aspiration. Don’t think you can be a top-six club. It’s not possible. It’s a bonus and you have to be exceptional to do it. “So just be real and don’t let your supporters get expectations beyond reality. The biggest thing is for the fans to believe you can be better than what you are. You always try to outperform what you are and the fans will come with you.” MacGregor also refuses to fall into the trap many wealthy football benefactors have. He’s watched Stewart Milne and David Murray make decisions in the game they’d never in a million years have made in business but he said: “I find the discipline of it easy because I worry, if I get expectation beyond reality, I’ll let my community down. “I go through the wringer the same as every other fan. I’ve been watching my team since 1966 but I’m not on an ego trip. “I’m in it for an area which has two Premiership teams and is being recognised at last that it’s part of the framework of Scotland.” Yet not so much part of the framework that he’s ever held office in a game you’d think would be crying out for its best business minds to participate. “I’ve never been asked,” he deadpans. “But then this part of the world is still trying to come to terms with being part of football and being accepted. “We’ve never been accepted as part of the football hierarchy and it’s 20 years on. I’m not complaining. We’re 200 miles away from the mass of football supposedly but this season we’re playing five teams who are nearly home games for us, all north of the Tay. “So it HAS changed. Where the heartland of football was has been rocked. “It’s getting better though. We’ve had some revolution in the SFA, we have the leagues together again and I believe the structure is better. “But selling the game is still a difficult job, especially with three of our biggest clubs out of the top division. “So you need to sell the brand on 42 clubs, not 12, and you need to sell it on the whole nation. You need someone who buys into that. “It’s difficult because we have a devolution debate – are UK wide companies wanting to get into that debate by getting into football? “You have issues with tarnished goods – clubs who can’t manage themselves. That effect is still there. The product is not good. But there’s a lot more sense being talked and it’s out of necessity. Setbacks are opportunities. “The SPFL will have to adjust their TV policy, for example, and if that’s what the fan wants? You’ll have to give them Hearts v Rangers not St Johnstone v Ross County. “Do what the customer wants.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/f...gregor-3632540
  21. SATURDAY 24TH MAY. CELEBRATION AND PROTEST We have been asked by many fans to arrange some protests during the close season and as 24th May is the anniversary of the clubs greatest victory in Barcelona 1972, we have made arrangements for the Louden Tavern at the stadium to show a re run of the game from 1.00pm At 3.00pm we will be marching to the stadium for a 30 min protest and a petition to hand in and explain why the fans wont renew season tickets or indeed buy new ones. We require as many fans as possible to turn up as a show of numbers would be vital for the success of the protest Fans are asked to meet up at the Louden between 1.00 and 2.30 to give us adequate time to make final arrangements with fans Can I ask all to share at usual places and feeback to me with expected number which will allow me to notify Louden and make necessary arrangements. We are planning on some other things for Saturday and will announce them once we have confirmed Thanks Craig.
  22. http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/rangers/275976-spfl-pay-broadcaster-up-to-250000-per-season-to-show-rangers-games/ The Scottish Professional Football League is contractually bound to pay BT Sport up to £250,000 per season in return for the broadcaster airing Rangers matches. STV understands that under the terms of a renegotiated TV deal following the removal of Rangers from the top flight in 2012, a clause was inserted making the league liable to additional production costs incurred setting up at lower league grounds. It is understood the league agreed to the insertion of the clause in order to guarantee broadcast contracts which were essentially null and void after Rangers were expelled from the then-Scottish Premier League and were subsequently admitted to the bottom tier of the Scottish Football League. The SPL paid the Scottish Football League £800,000 for one season's worth of rights to show Rangers games but that deal was absorbed when the league bodies merged in 2013. It is not known how much has been paid out to BT Sport and ESPN, who were the holders of the contract for the 2012/13 season, to date. The overall payment is capped at £250,000 per season. In a statement to STV, SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: "The support given to Scottish football by our broadcast partners, in 2012 and since, has been fundamental to the ongoing health of the game in this country." It is understood the league thought it necessary to agree to the deal in order to protect revenue from broadcast contracts. Nevertheless, the revelations in short mean the SPFL pays a broadcaster in order for Rangers games to be shown on television. BT Sport said in a statement: “[We] were delighted to inherit the SPFL rights from ESPN at the beginning of this season, however we cannot comment on contractual details.”
  23. after refusing to hand over contract details for Charles Green and Imran Ahmad SHAREHOLDER Billy Paterson reported the club to police under Section 229 of the Companies Act 2006 after they refused his legal right to inspect contracts. RANGERS are facing a police probe into alleged failures of corporate governance. Shareholder Billy Paterson has reported the club to police for the second time after they refused to hand over contract details for Charles Green and Imran Ahmad. Rangers’ board were forced into a u-turn last month when they failed to show Paterson details of the service contracts of current directors, claiming they had no legal obligation. However, Paterson, from Fraserburgh, stuck to his guns and reported the club to police under Section 229 of the Companies Act 2006. Rangers admitted within 24 hours they had got it wrong – and released details confirming chief executive Graham Wallace is on a salary of £315,000 with a potential 100 per cent bonus. Paterson is now embroiled in another legal battle after Rangers rejected his request for contract details for former chief executive Green and commercial boss Ahmad. Ibrox legal advisers say his appeal is time-barred, they need only show service contracts for the previous 12 months. A Rangers spokesperson said: “Both service contracts were terminated in April 2013 and were outside the one-year inspection period stipulated by the legislation.” But Paterson is refusing to take their latest snub lying down and insists Green and Ahmad were still officially recognised as directors of the parent company and the subsidiary football board until the end of last May. He said: “Notices filed to Companies House by Rangers show Ahmad stepped down on May 29 and Green on May 31. “Rangers even released a statement last April stating Green was stepping down as chief executive with immediate effect but that he would leave the company by the end of May. “The failure of Rangers to acknowledge they were still both directors within the past 12 months and provide me with my legal right to see details of their service contracts has left me with no other option but to contact police. “I don’t know what, if anything, they are trying to hide but they are reluctant to be open and transparent.” A police spokeswoman said: “We have received a complaint and the matter is being looked into.” Rangers are already the subject of a police probe after fan Phil Maher reported Wallace for allegedly misleading shareholders over the company’s finances at the agm in December. Good on you Mr Paterson, whoever you are. Makes you wonder, why are they so reluctant to let the details out?
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