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  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/201292857/One-year-ago Published by RangersTransparency One year ago Mr McCoist had the chance to lead by example. Subject: Ally Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 23:52:06 +0000 From: Brian Stockbridge To: Ian Hart, Walter Smith, Malcolm Murray, Phil Cartmell, Bryan Smart CC: Charles A Green, Imran Ahmad Gentlemen The Board is being asked by Ally and his agent to approve an increase in his salary to the original level of £750k per annum. Whilst some of you may be aware of the background discussions that have taken place with Ally over his remuneration,
  2. I once met John Wark and nearly burst into tears. I was 38. Anonymous Ipswich fan. The news that greeted us on Saturday morning, that the body of the wee boy missing in Edinburgh has been found, is another sad reminder that childhood is fleeting, precious, and not always golden. At least for those of us on Gersnet, the vast majority of whom are (well) past childhood, our own youth has come and gone without such horror being visited upon us. We, the lucky ones, get to carry our memories into middle and older age, like everyone some good and some bad, though hopefully precious few as a
  3. I think some people have completely lost all perspective. We've played some lovely stuff at times this season scoring barrow loads of goals in the process, we've also struggled in games yet still won the vast majority of them. I don't think anyone is happy with the latter, other than the results, but recognise that he's in a no-win situation until we're back at the top. We've all been puzzled by some of the selections and tactical decisions. But equally, the football is better than last season and some of the changes made etc.. have made a difference. McCoist has shown little so fa
  4. Warning to posters. This morning we received a letter from Peter Watson, solicitor advocate of Levy & McRae acting on behalf of Mr & Mr Easdale. The letter asked us to remove posts from 3 separate individuals (NOT POSTS FROM SONS OF STRUTH) We would like to remind posters that this is an open social network page and as such is available to be viewed by any members of the public and posters should take care regarding defamation and The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfStruth
  5. Anybody saddened to see this cease to be as of Wednesday 30th October? The telly service was full of sports news including footy latest news covering individual clubs on both sides of the border which had dedicated pages on Rangers as well. The BBC text service in comparison hasn't had much to say about Rangers since our drop to the lower leagues and only report on the negative stories that emerge, never ever do we get a match report from them, not a mention either of tonights Ramsdens Cup semi-final match at Ochilview whereas over on Sky you get team news followed by a full match revi
  6. Folks, There's a fair number of Gersnet users who have been members of the forum for quite a few years and during that time have changed their email address without updating it in their forum user settings. For that reason, could everyone please go into their forum user settings and make sure their Gersnet account is updated with their current email address. Many thanks! ~Z
  7. getting that stupid lennon video playing again each time I come to main site, please stop it, his voice drives me nuts.
  8. Those of us old enough to remember the arcane system of Imperial weights, measures, and currency, do so with the absolute necessity of attention to detail. There were 20 shillings to the pound, 12 pence to the shilling, and 240 pennies in the pound. We were conditioned, look after the pence and the pounds will look after themselves. The pence was the basic building block and it is similarly so with the former Tayside college Law lecturer, Jum Spence who wants his Dundee cake and to eat it too. Prefacing all his comments on Rangers with, "I am saying this from the safety of the east coast"; was
  9. MOST football fans in Scotland do not support Celtic. The majority are not Rangers fans either. MORI and Gallup do not exactly do polls on this sort of stuff so there is no way to be scientific about it, but maybe each of them has about 35-40% of the people who follow a team and the rest are shared around all the other clubs. What those of all allegiances are coming to terms with - whether they rejoice in the fact or resent it - is that Celtic have turned the Scottish game into a one-party state. For most of its history the league title has been an endless tennis rally between Celtic a
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