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  1. Scored the winner away for Morton away at Livi. Exciting young prospect I'd like to see more of. Hope his loan is succesful. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25694098
  2. Evening times Michael Grant Regan: Rangers meltdown hasn't finished Scottish football, although wider financial concern remains Published on 15 January 2014 WHEN Stewart Regan was yesterday invited to give a state-of-the-nation appraisal of Scottish football as it enters 2014, it was safe to assume the Scottish Football Association chief executive knew which quote might boomerang back at him. It was on July 4, 2012, the day newco Rangers failed in their attempt to be voted into the Scottish Premier League, that Regan came out with the words for which he is always likely to be bes
  3. Rangers boss Ally McCoist claimed he was not bothered as his team's 100 per cent record in League One was ended with a 1-1 draw against Stranraer. The Ibrox men harboured hopes of winning all their matches in the third-tier this season but were undone with a stoppage-time equaliser from Jamie Longworth. McCoist admitted his team were below par, and felt the visitors could have got more from the game. He said: "I will be 100 per cent honest with you - I actually couldn't give a monkey's about the record. I really couldn't. "I'm not interested in the record, I'm on
  4. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/209-is-it-time-to-move-on It’s been a long time coming but finally the Rangers AGM arrived and at last we have some clarity on just how well supported the incumbent board is. In fact, the result was pretty conclusive – certainly for most of the Directors up for reappointment while those externally up for nomination struggled to achieve as much support. Therefore, whilst the issue of backing may not be as straightforward as it seems, no-one can deny it should now be time to move on and allow the club some space to consolidate its position. Such
  5. http://news.stv.tv/west-central/256830-rangers-supporters-trust-suspend-spokesperson-over-improper-conduct/
  6. YOU couldn’t give a section of Celtic’s support a red neck with a blow torch, never mind the green flare they threw on to the pitch at Fir Park. There they were with their banner asking that Nelson Mandela, the ultimate man of peace, be allowed to rest in peace. And then they got on with the wanton damage that saw seats destroyed while Motherwell boss Stuart McCall was subjected to chants about being a “sad Orange b*****d”. Some people just have no sense of irony. The team the misguided had paid to watch is currently in the best form it has enjoyed for a long time. But the foo
  7. This is from a well known poster on FF, jeez if this is true! Nae wonder Stockbridge is fighting to keep others out. " What would you say if we only got a couple of pence per strip sold in the clubshop? And that we pay, yes we pay someone from a large sport retailer £20k a month to run our retail arm and has never been seen at Ibrox".
  8. @SonsofStruth: PROTEST ON TUESDAY Meet Copland Rd stairs seven o'clock. Protesting Stockbridge and Irvine to be removed from club. SHARE IF YOU CARE.
  9. What is this about? https://twitter.com/LindsayJJ1/status/408246230616379392/photo/1 9 blatant fabrications by gersnet?
  10. Good to see this - apparently the booked suite holds 500 people!
  11. Did I hear this correctly today? If so, could Rhegan tell us what the SFA did to prevent Craig Whyte getting ownership of Rangers two and a half years ago? Despite warnings about Whyte's background from the likes of AJ and Jeff Randall the SFA sat back and allowed Whyte to get his hands on Rangers and we all know how that ended up. Did Whyte make any such prior application to the SFA ? If so can we see it? Or did Liewell & his PGB call the shots & allow Whyte ownership knowing what was likely to happen as that would benefit Liewell's club ? So what's changed regards Dave King
  12. Posed by the RST on Facebook, if this is in the wrong place or it's already been started... feel free to move or delete. Minutes of meeting with C Mather and B Stockbridge Minute of meeting between the Rangers Supporters Association, Rangers Supporters Assembly and the Rangers Supporters Trust had a meeting with club Chief Executive Craig Mather, Finance Director Brian Stockbridge and Director of Communications James Traynor. Ibrox Stadium 10 October 2013. SEDERUNT C Mather, B Stockbridge, J Traynor and J Hannah (Rangers FC). Fans reps - D Roberton, J Kirk, T Green, M Dingwall, R Johnst
  13. I've had two legal letters sent to me via email by Biggart Baillie on behalf of the Rangers board and Brian Stockbridge over comments I made about him lying. They are threatening a civil defamation action. One came on Friday and one today. Meanwhile, Macgiollabhain, Galloway, Haggerty, Greenslade and CQN can say whatever they like about the club and the fans without any risk of the board lifting a finger to defend either. They are an absolute disgrace. Their attempts to silence dissension both through the action against FF and me is a clear attempt to bully, using the fans ST money to pay
  14. Lifted from FF: I have been hearing from various sources that we as a group are being met with mixed reviews from forums etc so decided to come on and let everyone know a bit about us and our aims to allow each to make their own mind up We have been accused of being many people from tims to M Dingwall to D Leggat and even malcolm murray. We are none of these we are only normal concerned fans and if you read attachment below it will give you a better idea of who we are and how we came about. We only have 3 aims and I would question any fan who didnt want these things from their club
  15. I was wondering if any Gersnetters knew the name of Jum Spence's 'zine? He founded and Edited it for several years and his current designation at BBC Scotland is as a direct result of this particular publication. It was a case of BBC Scotland wanting to be seen to embrace the new media. I would like to peruse a copy/copies to how Jum referred to Rangers and Rangers supporters? Further, as Editor; what content was approved?
  16. ..................... who they trust to put the club back on track KEITH reckons that while Rangers held on to their history, trophies and titles - the club lost its heart and soul after Craig Whyte plunged it under. 16 Sep 2013 00:01 Rangers interim chief executive Craig MatherRangers interim chief executive Craig Mather Graham Stuart/Action Images LET me start with a couple of confessions. First, I don’t know Craig Mather. I have neither met the man nor talked to him. I do happen to know that, in private, he tends not to speak too fondly of me and that’s fine. As so
  17. Amidst his unsurprising defence of Jack Irvine, it's interesting that Bill is suggesting a deal to avoid an EGM is 'likely'... http://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/civil-war-stalemate/
  18. WHEN Dundee chief executive Scot Gardiner invited John Brown to be interim manager in February, he knew he was not getting a shrinking violet. Indeed, with Dundee’s survival chances looking bleak at the bottom of the Scottish Premier League, Brown’s ability to stir things up was one reason why Gardiner wanted to hire him. However, it has since also got him into a lot of trouble. Gardiner has stressed to Brown that this has to stop: no more talking about Rangers, and no more talking in depth about other clubs, even if that is likely to put an end to his invariably colourful turns of phr
  19. Sure to be an interesting day ahead as the board meet to discuss various issues... 1. Charles Green's position as a consultant - sack, censure or promote? 2. EGM requisition - do they accept it's requested board changes, confirm the EGM or reject the requisition altogether? 3. New chairman - erm, see 1. 4. Expedited publishing of audited accounts 5. Reaction to Ian Black notice of complaint I'm currently standing outside the Norton House Hotel awaiting the arrival of the key players...
  20. STEWART Regan insisted yesterday that he will not stand down as chief executive of the Scottish Football Association and called on his critics to stop putting personal agendas and animosity ahead of the overall good of the game. Regan was left to deal with the fall-out from an independent commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith which last week found Rangers guilty of breaching SPL rules regarding non-disclosure of payments to players. The Rangers Oldco was fined £250,000 but the commission did not strip the club of titles won during the period that they operated controversial Employe
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