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  1. IF Lloyds Bank had adopted the same tough approach over what it is owed by the Republic of Ireland as they have over Rangers' paltry debt, the Irish would be running around Dublin in their bare feet. For the Irish economy is in debt to the Lloyds bank of Archibald Gerard Kane and Manus Joseph J Fullerton to the tune of �£27BILLION. No, you didn't mis-read that. The Irish owe Lloyds a staggering �£27BILLION. It certainly makes the �£23m Rangers owe those bankers at Loyds look like chickenfeed. Yet Lloyds' determination to wring every last penny out of Rangers as quickly as
  2. JELAVIC'S INJURY DO YOU remember when Kyle Lafferty cheated against Aberdeen to get Charlie Mulgrew sent off? And do you remember too, the number of times the incident was replayed on television? Can you also remember when Lafferty was sent off against Hibernian this season, and the amazing amount of airtime on television this incident was given ? Then, can you remember when Kevin Thomson was sent off against Hearts at Tynecastle last season, and the number of times his silly sideways lunge was repeated on the box? Now hit the fast forward button and let's return to Tynecastle
  3. WHEN even such a clever man as Alistair Darling admits to being hoodwinked by them, then you know just what they are. Bankers! But there is something about one particular banker which perplexes me. Why is the man responsible at board level for the activites of Lloyds Bank in Scotland so seemingly reticent? And why is the nation's media so shy about telling us the life story of Archibald Gerard Kane, the banker who can call the shots over the debt owed to his bank by Rangers? After all Archie, as he's known in that ''bible'' of the famous, Who's Who, or Archibald on the Lloyds websi
  4. Shorerdbear discusses the alleged financial improvements we've seen at the club over the last year and asks just who is responsible for them. BEGINS In the last ten days a new wave of optimism has entered the psyche of Rangers fans - brought about with three new players being signed up. Signing players during pre-season is the done thing for football clubs; however, for Rangers fans last summer was the first season ever where new arrivals never materialised. According to the media it wouldn�t be the last either! We all knew the reasons why this was the case and for the most
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NezGumiJRXg]YouTube- Goin' Nowhere (1994)[/ame] Don't think I've ever quoted 'Status Quo' or searched for them online before but given the news of last night; this song, the words and the band name were just perfect for the way I was feeling about our club and the protracted ownership saga of recent times. It was only less than two months ago that Rangers won the title and yet already the effect of that has worn off. Sure, the management team committing to another year and the club highlighting some of the financial pressure from the bank was e
  6. from RM reiterating what we always knew here. Serious question....what exactly was Smith up to and why, was he spittin the dummy because Muir was advising against giving him to much money to waste, or was he firing bullets for another takeover faction, whatever it was Smith owes Donald Muir an apology at the very least and the supporters an insight into his allegations. It's the evening of Saturday the 13th of February 2010. Placards are being readied; banners are being kept under lock and key, their contents a matter of whisper. Flurries of internet activity, text messages and phone call
  7. Who were the group who met with AJ and Bain yesterday, isn't it their duty to inform ALL Rangers supporters of the meetings outcome, or are we lowly foot soldiers excluded from such information. Exclusive by Thomas Jordan Share 0 comments 10 May 2010 Sasa Papac today urged the Rangers powerbrokers not to break up Walter Smith�s double-winning side. The future of the Ibrox manager has been cast in doubt amid fears funds won�t be made available for him to strengthen the squad during the summer despite winning the SPL and the Co-operative Insurance Cup. And
  8. http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/2010/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=266:rangers-fans-to-protest-at-lloyds-bank-agm&catid=1:articles&Itemid=67 After previous protests against the influence of Lloyds Bank - via shareholder votes against the election of Rangers Director Donald Muir and protests at Ibrox earlier this year - it seems the banking issue is one again on the agenda for Rangers supporters. As coincidence would have it, the Lloyds Banking Group - who this week reported an unexpected surge in profits since being bailed out by the tax-payer - have their
  9. Last week the club sent out the season ticket renewal letters for season 2010/2011 - both by traditional post and by email. With a 53rd SPL title within reach and prices frozen for next year, surely everyone will be sending their payment back asap to ensure their seat at Ibrox! After all, the following promise in the letter will allay any fears we may have... Positive words then and I certainly appreciate the thanks for the supports' ever loyal financial and emotional investment each year. Some may find it patronising but I feel the gratitude is genuine enough - certainly retaining
  10. - Walter Smith - February 3rd 2010 - Walter Smith - April 6th 2010 Two months of a difference, two markedly different appraisals of the situation, but both offered by the same man. Just which one do we believe and is the manager helping the cloud of uncertainty still hovering over a club which is just three wins away from the SPL title? On the face of it, Smith's words yesterday should brighten the sky for many bears. The SPL title is within our grasp and to let such a lead go now would be unfathomable. Our debt is decreasing while our closest rivals' is increasing. Our
  11. Is it debt or a rolling facility, AJ's interviews would have been hard to have been bettered by the master of waffle himself SDM. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hugh MacDonald, Chief Sportswriter 0 comments Published on 17 Feb 2010 H MacD: Why has the debt not been published? AJ: There is no requirement by the plus markets to declare your debts. That is not to say we are trying to be crafty in any way. The debt levels are impacted by cash and cash availability and our debt to Lloyds Bank is actually not a debt but a line of credit. That means it goes up and down day by day acco
  12. Alastair Johnston insists Rangers would be in greater financial trouble had it not been for Lloyds Bank. More...
  13. Credible information on the plight of our club is hard to find amongst the hearsay and rumour we read across the online community. However, once again our club's manager has saw fit to comment on what he sees as a worrying and bleak future for our club under the guidance of Lloyds Bank. No matter whether it is his place to do this, the fact he is commenting again should concern every Rangers fan. What is also clear is that the support should be entitled to know more about the status quo - more so season ticket holders who continue to be the sole biggest investors into the club year af
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/8488667.stm Rangers manager Walter Smith has criticised the club's decision to say that they did not need to sell during the January transfer window. Confirming that Sporting Lisbon's bid for Pedro Mendes had been accepted, he spoke frankly about the wisdom, or lack of it, of such an announcement. "I didn't think it was a good statement to make at the time," said Smith. "I don't think that statement should have been made when it was made because it gives the wrong impression." Earlier this season, Smith told
  15. Unless you've been on Mars, the Rangers ownership debate will have been everywhere in your supporting life of the last six months in particular. From the 'official' newspapers and media, to the 'unofficial' forums and fanzines; from the 'official' fan groups, to the 'unofficial' singing sections; the apparent dispute between Lloyds Bank/MIH and those interested in buying the club has been a hot topic for months now. I say apparent because real, genuine facts are thin on the ground so it is extremely difficult for the average bear to decide what is and isn't authentic when examining the o
  16. It seems every time I travel through to Ibrox this season, the weather is dreadful. Heavy rain, low cloud and an atmosphere of foreboding seem the norm no matter the time of year. Add in the less than positive mood of the Rangers support then we could change the club colours to grey, bring in John Major as manager and sell boiled rice at the kiosks and it would probably reflect the general feeling at the club well enough. Yet, conversely, the chat online has been a bit more interesting of late: potential new owners interviewed by in-the-know journalists; fan groups releasing statements a
  17. Part 1 CHAIRMAN'S ADDRESS "I want to thank you for participating in the formal agenda of the AGM, and we now move onto the segment of our meeting which does not deal with the specific governance of the club as dictated by the regulatory authorities. I am going to ask you for your forbearance as I break with recent precedent in that prior to the traditional question and answer session, I would like to take this opportunity to present my inaugural chairman's address to the shareholders of Rangers Football Club. As I have now held this position for just over three months, I f
  18. On the morning of Monday December 7th, thousands of Rangers shareholders will again converge on Ibrox Stadium to find out the latest information about the club. Most directors will be there - including new chairman Alastair Johnston and alleged Lloyds Bank stooge Donald Muir - so this will be the supporters' chance to question them on recent events. Obviously there has been a lot of debate in the media about the current situation at the club. Why did Sir David Murray step down? Is Alastair Johnston really in control? What influence do the bank have on the business? What part does the
  19. By Kenny MacDonald, 22/11/2009 MAJID BOUGHERRA is facing the chop from Rangers' Champions League clash with Stuttgart. The AWOL Algerian World Cup star again failed to turn up as expected before yesterday's 3-0 win over Kilmarnock. Walter Smith has dropped a massive hint he's set to DITCH Madjid Bougherra for Tuesday's make-or-break Champions League game against Stuttgart at Ibrox. The Rangers boss may well keep faith with defensive superkid Danny Wilson. Smith admitted he still hasn't seen or heard from Bougherra, below, following his late return from Algeria's World Cup q
  20. After all, you would think, following the most turbulent week experienced at Ibrox since Mo Johnston turned up in a blue jersey 20 years ago, that the club was on its uppers and the bailiffs at the door. In fact Rangers' debt ââ?¬â?? even allowing for the absence of current trading figures ââ?¬â?? is only a fraction of their turnover. A large fraction, to be sure ââ?¬â?? somewhere between a third to a half of annual revenue ââ?¬â?? but where does that put the club? The answer is, on the one hand, well behind Celtic, whose near-elimination of the need for an overdraft suddenly l
  21. I don't know if this has been posted before but it answers a lot of questions i had about why Rangers were so important to Lloyds.
  22. Here we go again!!! by Matthew Lindsay FORMER Rangers boss Alex McLeish is lining up a �£3million bid to lure Ibrox midfielder Steven Davis to Birmingham City in the January transfer window. And if no new buyer is found for the crisis-hit Gers soon then McLeish, who has also been linked with moves for Celtic duo Scott Brown and Aiden McGeady, will definitely get his man. McLeish has been handed a bumper �£40m war chest by new Birmingham owner Carson Yeung in order to safeguard the St Andrews club's place in the lucrative Barclays Premier League. And Big Eck has id
  23. Scottish secretary Jim Murphy held talks with Rangers' bankers Lloyds on Monday as the financial giant insisted they were not running the club. Murphy stepped in following reports the banking group, 43 per cent of which owned by the taxpayer, had threatened the club with administration over its debts. Ranger boss Walter Smith claimed on Saturday the bank was now effectively overseeing the club's spending and that all the players had been up for sale since January. Current majority shareholder Sir David Murray has declared his intention to sell his interest in the Light Blues, who a
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