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  1. http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/current-affairs/289-terminological-inexactitude
  2. Petition by Sevco Scotland 5088 Glasgow, United Kingdom 134 Million pounds was lost to the Scottish taxpayer when Rangers died and were liquidated. Now a year after their liquidation they are claiming the 5 stars of the liquidated club. This club has only won the now equally defunct SFA Division 3 of Scottish football and claims to the contrary are a disgraceful attempt to claim the history of a liquidated club. Transparency is needed. If they claim the oldco's history then they should pay its debts! http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/spfl-take-the-5-stars
  3. Written by The Ref: The definition of sabotage is:- 1. The destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations, as by civilians or enemy agents in time of war. 2. Treacherous action to defeat or hinder a cause or an endeavour; deliberate subversion. The term "sabotage" derives from French factory workers throwing their wooden shoes ("sabots") into machinery to jam them and stop production. In a sense this was the very first use of industrial sabotage. The aim of industrial sabotage is to cause maximum disruption and/or damage by secretive means. Often industrial sabota
  4. I see TLB's poop troop got beat 2-0 by Shakhter Karagandy over in Kazakhstan earlier.
  5. Analysis: is Blue Knight Paul Murray fighting a losing battle? Hugh Macdonald Wednesday 21 August 201 THE shifting quicksands of the Rangers saga have consumed a variety of personalities. Charles Green, the bluff Yorkshireman from central casting, joined the ranks yet again of those who have been banished from the drama on the south side but a more significant character now has a leading role in what will happen at Ibrox. The name of Paul Murray was absent from a Rangers statement in the wake of the dismissal of Green as a consultant but it does not require the combined skills of
  6. Tom English: â??Paul Murrayâ??s bid was well-meaning but not based in realityâ?? Published on Sunday 4 December 2011 01:32 PAUL Murray, the former non-executive director of Rangers, raised his head above the parapet in The Scotsman yesterday when expressing his concerns about the way the club is being run by Craig Whyte, his old foe from the takeover process earlier in the year. This column has given short shrift to Murray in the past â?? and especially to his cohort, Alastair â??No Surrenderâ? Johnston, the great show-boater of the old guard. That is not to dismiss Murr
  7. Published on Sunday 23 October 2011 00:12 In the wake of the BBCâ??s documentary about him, and his extraordinary response in yesterdayâ??s The Scotsman, what have we learned about the Rangers chairman? IMAGINE for a second if Sir David Murray had listened when Alastair â??No Surrenderâ? Johnston had asked him to put the brakes on the deal to sell Rangers to Craig Whyte. Imagine if Murray withdrew from the negotiations and kept hold of the club himself, allowing Whyte to walk away and resume the life of privacy he so obviously desires. What then? Johnston wanted the Whyte deal
  8. One of Rangers' highest profile fans said allegations about new club owner Craig Whyte carried in a BBC Scotland documentary were "quite disturbing". John MacMillan, general secretary of the Rangers Supporters Association, said Mr Whyte was "duty bound" to make a statement to fans on the programme. He said former owner Sir David Murray should address claims that Lloyds Bank forced through the Whyte deal. Mr Whyte has instructed legal action over the documentary. Speaking to the BBC Scotland news website, Mr MacMillan said: "We have to recognise that, at this point, these are al
  9. The ownership of Rangers by Craig Whyte is entering a crucial phase as the tax tribunal approaches The key passage in the story of Craig Whyte and Rangers will happen in the not too distant future. That much is certain, after yet another week in which the Ibrox club found themselves courting front as well as back pages of newspapers. The occasionally warped situation where football fans have more of an interest in directors and balance sheets than full-backs and strikers has one positive offshoot. That is, scrutiny of those purchasing clubs should limit the potential for ruinous scenar
  10. Rangers, under threat of administration because of a £50 million claim from the taxman, will renew their ambition to gain entry to the Premier League as well as reconsidering proposals for an â??Atlantic Leagueâ??, according to new owner and chairman Craig Whyte. Her Majestyâ??s Revenue and Customs is seeking £49 million in back-taxes, interest and penalties from Rangers, a claim that could see one of the great institutions of British and European football become the gameâ??s highest profile financial failure. In an exclusive interview with Telegraph Sport, Whyte said he would activ
  11. I guess we all knew, but reading this brings a tear to the eye. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-15041278 A judge who froze £480,000 of Rangers assets has said the club's new owner recognises it could go under if it loses a disputed £49m tax claim. The detail emerged in a published opinion from judge Lord Hodge, who is hearing former chief executive Martin Bain's case for unfair dismissal. The judge said the takeover deal for Rangers had been structured to protect the new owner if the tax case was lost. He said this was "an appreciation...of a risk of in
  12. CRAIG WHYTE, Rangersââ?¬â?¢ new majority shareholder, has responded bullishly to the demands made by deposed chairman Alastair Johnston that he must ââ?¬Å?walk the walk and not just ââ?¬Å?talk the talkââ?¬Â by reiterating his financial commitment to the club. Johnston, axed on Monday night along with director Paul Murray after the pair refused to resign, had called on supporters to ââ?¬Å?remain vigilant and continue to exert pressure on Mr Whyte to support the club financially as he has publically committed to doââ?¬Â. In a statement yesterday on the clubââ?¬â?¢s website, howe
  13. Posted on the official site this morning.
  14. Link from kiddyfiddlerstreet Do you want know a secret? A few people have been asking similar questions over the structure of Rangers’ takeover. It is more productive to write a post about this rather than answer the same question many times. The interesting part about this comes from the obsessive secrecy surrounding this transaction. The secrecy is a bit of a surprise given that one of the few logical reasons for buying a football team is to get a lot of free publicity (David Murray got to go gambling with a billion pounds of HBOS’ cash due to his ability to cultivate an image thr
  15. Ok, before the takeover we were about �£22M in the red and had no cash whatsoever to spend. Our state was precarious and that wonderful chairman of ours even implied we could go out of business before hastily retracting his words and rephrasing. But without any doubt we weren't stable. Now we have a new owner, mooted at a �£52.5M takeover. He owns us now, because he bought SDM's shares. But what of our general situation? Have we been fixed yet? Has he cleared us with Lloyds? Do we now have money to spend? I've seen a lot of good words in the press and the optimism is sky hi
  16. Just Received this from a tim in work. for months he has been going on about some sort of CM Guru knowing everything and being spot on about Takeover and HMRC case. found it quite funny to see how evident their pain is. "The Guru - Let's get very clear here... Rangers FC will bear ALL of the tax case. Shareholders are not responsible for the liabilities of a limited company. So Whyte will not have to pay anything personally. So despite the soothing words issued by the Hun media, Whyte now has GBP18m at stake in Rangers... and stage 2 of the liquidation strategy
  17. Statement by the Independent Board of Rangers Football Club plc More...
  18. With most media sources now suggesting the takeover of Rangers is likely to be announced to the Stock Exchange later this week, it seems the question is no longer if this deal will happen but when. On the surface the price and stipulations agreed by Whyte look to be a good for the club and supporters alike. The vast majority of the long term bank loan will be eradicated and other existing debt removed while 'new' money made available to invest into the club - around �£30million over 5 years if the 'sources' are to be believed. Given our existing owner (and his directors) have strugg
  19. From the ET: "Whyte had the basic blocks of his bid in place. He has reached an agreement with Sir David Murray for the businessmanâ��s 93% share of the club and has deposited �£28m with Lloyds. "This includes �£18m to satisfy the conditions of the debt repayment and a further �£10m for working capital for the club." So we're paying off the debt and still using Lloyds as our preferred bank and actually depositing working capital? I know the management has changed there but I really hope we move to another institution soon after the takeover.
  20. I wonder when the next deadline finishes?
  21. Rangers are in danger of losing up to 20,000 season ticket holders if the takeover situation is not concluded soon, according to president of the Rangers Supporters Assembly, Andy Kerr. The Ibrox club and its fans are in limbo after chairman Alastair Johnston revealed his intention to explore a shock plan B after casting doubt on the merits of Scottish businessman Craig Whyte's takeover bid, which has been in the pipeline for six months. Kerr said: There is a minority (of fans) who feel the board have lost the plot. But it leaves us needing a decision sooner rather than later, especial
  22. Apr 20 2011 Exclusive by Keith Jackson DIRECTOR Paul Murray last night emerged as the mastermind behind a new bid to take over Rangers ââ?¬â?? but he faces a battle to persuade Lloyds Bank to accept his proposal. The shock new bid is the reason Craig Whyteââ?¬â?¢s planned buy-out has been delayed but it does not yet have the backing of Lloyds. Murrayââ?¬â?¢s camp claim their takeover would provide new boss Ally McCoist with an instant Ã?£25million war chest. But Whyteââ?¬â?¢s people hit back last night, claiming their bid is worth Ã?£52.5m. And a source close to Whyte als
  23. RANGERS chairman Alastair Johnston has sparked a high-stakes game of poker - with the club's future in the pot. Late on Monday night, with would-be Gers buyer Craig Whyte desperate to finally seal his �£25million takeover, Johnston REFUSED to be railroaded into rubber-stamping the deal. Instead he listened to another Gers director - understood to be chartered accountant Paul Murray - who promised he could broker a rival �£25m bid to underwrite a new shares issue in the club. SunSport believes that proposal is backed by the financial muscle of South African multi-millionaire Dav
  24. Alastair Johnston clarifies Board's position More...
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