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  1. A point of view on matters financial. Once again like many Rangers Supporters, I am left mystified by the comments of Walter Smith in relation to our position with our Bankers - Lloyds/HBOS - followed by the Club's decision to readily release our own and the SPL's top scorer for the second time in 6 months. I won't use the word 'sell' as Boyd went for nothing and by the time Miller picks up his severance pay off, we will have very little left. I have a background in banking and passed my exams many years ago, but no matter how hard I try, when I look at our accounts, I cannot unde
  2. RST Chairman "Boycott of Lloyds can't be ruled out" 07 January by therabbitt Speaking to the BBC on the subject of Walter Smith's comments regarding the controlling influence of the bank on Rangers, RST chairman Stephen Smith was pointed in his criticism of Lloyds. Rangers are currently being held at gunpoint by Lloyds and Smith intimated that the sooner the clubs hands are untied, the better. "The sooner Lloyds are disentangled from the running of Rangers Football Club the better. I'm as worried now as I was last year when the manager felt strongly enough to publicly criticise the
  3. Telegraph.co.uk Blame the bank, says Rangers manager Walter Smith as he looks for his players to bounce back from defeat Rangers manager Walter Smith believes that Lloyds Banking Group constitutes a bigger threat to his club�s chances of winning a third successive title than Neil Lennon�s Celtic. They may trail their Old Firm rivals by four points after losing 2-0 to them at Ibrox last weekend but Smith is in no doubt that the financial constraints he is being forced to work under can only undermine Rangers� prospects of triumphing at home and abroad. Smith, who
  4. I realise I am not the most financially astute and usually bow down to Bluedell and his fellow financial wizards for enlightenment , but how in the hell are we not able to bring anyone in , in January , just what exactly have we signed up to with Lloyds , what exactly are the constraints that are binding us to LLoyds . If this was any other business they would be bringing in their bank manager and laying down the law or moving , we are after all making a profit , we are after all trading , unless there is something we are being told, just like the so called 20 year term loan that seems to
  5. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/2010/12/26/rangers-could-face-double-blow-as-bougherra-and-papac-hint-at-summer-moves-86908-22807619/ Papac has not even been offered a contract and a player who has served us well and is possiby worth a few million may leave for nothing. No wonder Lloyds are so hard on us considering how incompetent we are financially. We're terrible at selling players and contract negotiations
  6. BIRMINGHAM CITY boss Alex McLeish is set to launch a sensational swoop for Rangers star Kenny Miller. Ibrox money man Martin Bain insisted recently that the club would not be forced to sell the in-form frontman during the January transfer window - despite contract talks having broken down. Rangers boss Walter Smith is still hopeful a new deal can be struck but McLeish could make a cut-price offer of �£1million when the window opens. It would be interesting then to see whether the Lloyds Banking Group would insist on a sale as Miller could go for nothing when his contract expires
  7. RANGERS captain David Weir has accused the club's bankers of unreasonable behaviour in placing fresh restrictions on manager Walter Smith ahead of the forthcoming transfer window. The veteran defender is bemused by the policy, confirmed again by Smith earlier this week, which currently means no funds will be available to spend in January for either permanent or loan signings. With Rangers still in limbo as they await the outcome of the latest takeover bid for the club from businessmen Craig Whyte and Andrew Ellis, Lloyds Banking Group continues to dictate the financial management at Ib
  8. The consortium of Craig Whyte and Andrew Ellis want to complete their �£33 million purchase of Sir David Murray's shares within the next month. Craig Whyte and Andrew Ellis will hold talks with senior Rangers officials next week, as they look to step up their joint efforts to buy Sir David Murray's shareholding in the Ibrox club. STV understands the duo want the deal, worth �£33 million, to be concluded by Christmas but have conceded privately it may take until the new year to finalise the sale. The takeover, which will wipe out the club's �£27.5 million debt to Lloyds TSB, is un
  9. IF Lloyds Bank had adopted the same tough approach over what it is owed by the Republic of Ireland as they have over Rangers' paltry debt, the Irish would be running around Dublin in their bare feet. For the Irish economy is in debt to the Lloyds bank of Archibald Gerard Kane and Manus Joseph J Fullerton to the tune of �£27BILLION. No, you didn't mis-read that. The Irish owe Lloyds a staggering �£27BILLION. It certainly makes the �£23m Rangers owe those bankers at Loyds look like chickenfeed. Yet Lloyds' determination to wring every last penny out of Rangers as quickly as
  10. DOCUMENTS to be published this week will reveal how Sir David Murray's private investment vehicle, Murray Capital, escaped exposure to �£468 million worth of debt when its former parent Murray International Holdings (MIH) was restructured by its lenders, Lloyds Banking Group. According to its restated accounts for 2009, which will be sent to Companies House this week, the slimmed-down investment group with �£19m worth of net assets has turned from making a �£1.2m loss last year to making a small �£200,000 profit in the six months since it became independent of MIH. The company,
  11. Chairman’s Statement I am very pleased to present the Rangers Football Club Annual Report against a backdrop of success for the Club. To win our 26th League Cup was outstanding but to secure our second successive Clydesdale Bank Premier League title at this juncture was not only a tremendous achievement but one of paramount importance to the welfare of the Club. I would like to extend my congratulations to Walter Smith, Ally McCoist, Kenny McDowall and the playing squad for their efforts. The result of that success was qualification for the UEFA Champions League this year, the net
  12. JELAVIC'S INJURY DO YOU remember when Kyle Lafferty cheated against Aberdeen to get Charlie Mulgrew sent off? And do you remember too, the number of times the incident was replayed on television? Can you also remember when Lafferty was sent off against Hibernian this season, and the amazing amount of airtime on television this incident was given ? Then, can you remember when Kevin Thomson was sent off against Hearts at Tynecastle last season, and the number of times his silly sideways lunge was repeated on the box? Now hit the fast forward button and let's return to Tynecastle
  13. Rangers chief executive Martin Bain has received a �£165,000 pay rise in the past year. Mr Bain, the highest-paid director at Ibrox, received a 35% increase in his salary from �£468,000 to �£633,000, according to the clubâ��s latest annual accounts. His wages for the 12 months to June 30 included �£55,000 of contributions to a money-purchase pension scheme. The accounts also showed total boardroom pay at Rangers increased from �£695,000 to �£832,000. The SPL champions said their long-term loan and overdraft facility with Lloyds Banking Group stood at �£22.3mi
  14. WHEN even such a clever man as Alistair Darling admits to being hoodwinked by them, then you know just what they are. Bankers! But there is something about one particular banker which perplexes me. Why is the man responsible at board level for the activites of Lloyds Bank in Scotland so seemingly reticent? And why is the nation's media so shy about telling us the life story of Archibald Gerard Kane, the banker who can call the shots over the debt owed to his bank by Rangers? After all Archie, as he's known in that ''bible'' of the famous, Who's Who, or Archibald on the Lloyds websi
  15. That Lloyds wanted all their money now, we'd be signing no one, and Bougherra, Davis, and Miller would all be leaving? I'm not taking the piss, i'm genuinely curious as to whether there was ever any truth in it? Think it came from either FF or RM and the source was Delmonte(?)
  16. Everyone thinks Rangers are skint and boring but Celtic are making all the right moves in pre-season. Sound familiar? by Alexander Anderson on 13 August 2010 As the new SPL season dawns, why can everyone be sure Rangers will ensure this season finishes the same as last? Because we have exactly the same situation as at this point last year. Rangers are champions, Celtic are chasing. There's a new man at the helm at Parkhead with all sorts of romantic notions having pushed his installation, there's Walter Smith still at Ibrox. There's lots of money being spent on new Celtic signings, th
  17. Hardly a day passes by without another player being linked to Rangers - be it in the unofficial media such as newspapers or forums - or even via official comment from Smith/Bain and stories on the club website. Given we've not paid a fee for a new player since Maurice Edu in 2008, yet have raked in millions since then from Champions League money and player sales, that would suggest we do have some sort of budget to strengthen our squad. Indeed, different figures have been mentioned - ranging from a couple of million to �£5million and beyond. Of course the club are consistent in try
  18. Pre-season training has started then and season 2010/2011 is now upon us. Are we really ten years on from the luxuries of the Advocaat era? A new decade it is then and comparisons with the money spent at the start of the last one certainly can't be made. No de Boer, Konterman, Ricksen, Lovenkrands, Christiansen, Miller or Flo arriving this summer as they did in 2000. Nope, no �£30million war-chests for Walter! Our financial cloth is cut differently now and the SPL is no longer a place for �£4million+ signings of rising continental stars or established Premiership talent. Instead, I
  19. metlika


    Here is a question and I wasn't sure where to put this. So Lloyds are our bank and are holding a lot of cards with us with our debt probably below �£30m now. I was just wondering what other clubs use them and if they are practically being held to randsom by them, mainly looking at EPL clubs? Is it because we don't actually get great income from the SPL that we are being owned like this?
  20. Rangers director Dave King finally breaks his silence today on the cash crisis that has engulfed the club he loves. The South African-based tycoon has kept his own counsel during the last few troubled years as the banks clamped down on Rangers. But starting today and ONLY in Record Sport the man who has already invested �£20million in the Ibrox club speaks out from his luxurious Johannesburg base. King rarely grants interviews but the multi-millionaire, who is still regarded as the only man who can come to Rangers' rescue, sat down with the only paper capable of gaining acces
  21. Sir David Murray today said Rangers will ride out their financial troubles ââ?¬â?? and could yet still attract a buyer. Murray announced on Tuesday he was taking the club off the market after three- and-a-half months of discussions with London-based property developer Andrew Ellis ended without a deal being done. The Ibrox owner said today that an improved relationship with the bank, Lloyds, and a continuing revival of his metals business helped explain his decision. He said there had been ââ?¬Å?some major improvementsââ?¬Â in the health of his business empire since the low poi
  22. I make no apologies for posting Edgars view on events, you can make up your own mind as to the validity or otherwise of that view. My own take is that it is very very worrying that this person and his cohorts continue to attempt to ingratiate themselves with main players, in my view he has no concept of the reality of the past or present situation, the comment about the man who owns the club said it all for me and you are well aware of my views on Minty. Unless people and in particular those who presume to represent start from a factual basis, we the supporters that is, shall remain adrift in
  23. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NezGumiJRXg]YouTube- Goin' Nowhere (1994)[/ame] Don't think I've ever quoted 'Status Quo' or searched for them online before but given the news of last night; this song, the words and the band name were just perfect for the way I was feeling about our club and the protracted ownership saga of recent times. It was only less than two months ago that Rangers won the title and yet already the effect of that has worn off. Sure, the management team committing to another year and the club highlighting some of the financial pressure from the bank was e
  24. from RM reiterating what we always knew here. Serious question....what exactly was Smith up to and why, was he spittin the dummy because Muir was advising against giving him to much money to waste, or was he firing bullets for another takeover faction, whatever it was Smith owes Donald Muir an apology at the very least and the supporters an insight into his allegations. It's the evening of Saturday the 13th of February 2010. Placards are being readied; banners are being kept under lock and key, their contents a matter of whisper. Flurries of internet activity, text messages and phone call
  25. Though we will no be spending millions , neither will we be forced to reduce our current wage bill , which can only be a good thing and hopefully now that some players have left will give Walter some leeway to resign the important ones whilst getting reinforcements in. On the subject of the club's debt, Bain explained: "We have been engaged in direct and constructive discussions with the bank about how the club can operate in the foreseeable future, given the improved financial position since last season. "We will, of course, continue to look for new investment in Rangers but, in the int
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