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  1. By Lorna Smith and Mark Howarth, 14/03/2009 A CRACK team of debt-busting bankers has been put together to claw back millions from crisis club Rangers. The Ibrox giantââ?¬â?¢s finances have suffered like all businesses in the credit crunch ââ?¬â? causing some of the loans bolstering the club to be put under the microscope. Now cash-strapped Bank of Scotland bosses have hand-picked a posse of ââ?¬Ë?asset houndsââ?¬â?¢ to examine how the club can pay back much of its debt. Experts believe the bank could demand repayments of Ã?£20MILLION over the next few years ââ?¬â? taking t
  2. This from Roddy Forsyth (I know, I know) in The Daily Telegraph - the heat is being turned up on Murray and his bullshit. David Murray is supervising a careful retreat over Rangers' ambitions. Rangers are still on course for a clean sweep of the domestic honours and have it in their own hands to overhaul Celtic for the Scottish Premier League title and an automatic and lucrative berth in the group stage of next season's Champions League. So why are so many Ibrox supporters so vocally fearful? The answer, quite simply, is the confusing mixture of actions and statements from the club cha
  3. I know we've had a few debates about finances recently but im hoping this grim picture painted by one of them is more in hope than in fact. While income and expenditure both turned slightly against Celtic last season, it was bonanza time at Ibrox where Rangers published record turnover as a result of the double bounty; Champions League group stage income followed by a run to the Uefa Cup final in Manchester. Celtic turnover (t/o) was �£75.237m compared to Rangers �£64.452m, but Rangers outsource their merchandising operation, including only a licence payment from JJB Sports i
  4. Anyone else taking a bloodbath on the financial markets ? My stock/share trading account is down HUGE in the last month and things aren't looking a whole lot brighter in the near to medium term either. When you add that pension funds are also using the stock market to add value to your pension fund anyone with a pension fund should be worried right now, especially the clsoer you are to retirement. Add to that the whole debacle with AIG which will no doubt mean the loss of jobs it might actually cost me my job indirectly too (they have 200 staff here in Bermuda and there will be red
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