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  1. As the new season approaches we will hopefully start to get busy again. It hasnt been that bad a summer as most regulars have continued. But i thought id see if there is any changes / suggestions that anyone would like to put forward? Then with Frankies approval we can get them in place for the new season. I know Juffery mentioned he would like a sports room on its own. This could be a good shout but I dont want it merged with football chat. Weekly collums is another thing that will start in the season. Im sure Frankie will keep up his Gersnet analysis and post-match ratings. I wil
  2. This has been so regular recently, we have had so much days off. Saturdays are all about football and the summer is approaching fast when we will have about a 10 week break which is bad enough, but we have lots of off days in Feb, Mar and Apr. One reason is being out of the Scottish Cup. We are almost on out longest stretch of not winning this trophy since that big gap between 1981 and 1992!!. Since then we won it in 92, 93, 96, 99, 2000, 2002, 2003 but we are now we have at least a 5 year gap since winning the oldest trophy in history!! That HAS to be rectified for next season!! E
  3. Can someone do this weeks match preview for me, as Im away tomorrow for a long weekend to HK and wont be around. Any takers??? Best to do it early friday morning so everyone can get a say on it. It will also go up on the website, just Pm to Frankie. I know im a hard act to follow but im sure a few of you are capable of a good attempt. Your spelling might be better than mine tho. Merci
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