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  1. OK, I've taken some liberties with the preview title in that it reflects our last game rather than the tricky task facing us this Saturday in Motherwell. Perhaps I should apologise for taking us back to the Kilmarnock capitulation but as I cleared the car of yet more ice this morning, it was difficult not to cast my mind back two weeks. That day, Rangers didn't just lose a game - they completely fell apart. On the park, we couldn't string two passes together never mind look like scoring a goal. Off the park, Graeme Murty seemed to shrink further and further into his Puma overcoa
  2. Like most Rangers fans ahead of last week's match against Celtic, I was confident of a good result. Not 'cocky' as some of the more conspirational of Celtic 'legends' have since suggested - just, for the first time in a long time, cautiously optimistic we could beat our rivals. And, for much of the game, that optimism was well served. Ironically, it wasn't until Celtic had a man sent off that that belief seemed to wane. The Parkhead men sat in and, as was the case before our resurgence after the New Year, we struggled to break them down, moved the ball far too slowly and then co
  3. Everyone has their own memory of football matches. When the Scottish cup comes around one name is always the first to jump into my head. Kai Johansen. His fantastic goal in the 1966 cup final is probably one of my most memorable moments of that time. Now I won't claim to have been at the game,simply because I wasn't, but it was one of the images that has lived with me from a young age right into what I hate to say my young old age. I am not even sure how or where I was listening to the game but I can just remember the burst of excitement goung around when that ball hit the back of the net. As
  4. A warm blast from the West: St Johnstone v Rangers Match Preview Just when I thought the winter Olympics were finished our supporters have to travel up or down to Perth where we meet St Johnstone which will probably be like watching football on Ice. Well the field with under-soil heating will make the park playable but with minus eleven degrees predicted the heating will be well tested to keep the park soft. The big worry for me is the weather conditions supporters will have to travel in before and after the match. I hope the S.F.A. take this into considera
  5. All things considered, 2018 has been pretty good so far for Rangers supporters. OK, arguably the main priority of appointing a new manager has seen a disappointing lack of clarity but most other news has been positive. Six wins and just the one defeat since our return from the winter break represents the best form in the Premiership and, as a result, we've not only taken second place again from Aberdeen but closed the gap to Celtic to just nine points. Furthermore, our work in the January transfer window was notable and although we're still missing a variety of key players due to
  6. ... had baws she'd be yer da! So the saying goes. Football fans love to speculate on alternative outcomes. How many times have we all said: "If we win the next 'x' number of games and our rival drop points here and there, we'll be only 'y' points behind with a game in hand." Or: "If player 'a' hadn't got sent off, we wouldn't have lost that game and we would be just 'b' points further ahead so only need to win 'c' more games to win the title." Its a little bit of fun and it plays on the emotional heart strings as fans, but often i
  7. Just when we should have been celebrating a good win and two fantastic goals against Partick Thistle, with one finger to his lips telling the away crowd to shoosh, Josh windass changed the whole accent of post match discussion from the fantastic goals and win to his stupid gesture. If Graeme Murty is a good manager he will have given Windass a good ticking off and tell him he should have more respect to the people who pay good money to watch him come wind rain and snow and ultimately pay his wages. If Windass has any sense then he will ask to do the pre-match press conference and apologise to
  8. It's already been a few days since Saturday's defeat and I don't mind admitting I'm still smarting from the loss of another three points at Ibrox. First and foremost though, I don't think we played as badly as some have since suggested. Yes, Hibs were certainly the better team for much of the first half but we grew into the game and dominated after half-time. Problem was - and has been the case for most of this season at home - we couldn't break them down and, when we finally did, we conceded a cheap goal to shoot ourselves in the foot. That's the main source of frustration for
  9. After a nervy final 24 hours of the transfer window, with Chinese bids received and rejected for our top scorer, we survey the state of the squad and look forward to welcoming Hibs to Ibrox this weekend. Lennon's side will undoubtedly be combative. Look no further than the last game between the sides at Ibrox in August and the refereeing performance of John Beaton. At times it felt like a wrestling match Beaton was overseeing; and like all wrestling matches - he seemed to be steering towards a pre-determined outcome. Jesting aside, like many, I struggle with the i
  10. "We want folk in 30 to 40 years to still be talking about the forthcoming Rangers game in a similar fashion so they can tell their grandchildren where they stood that day in 2018 when the famous Glasgow Rangers came to Bellslea." The words of Fraserburgh Chairman Finlay Noble in The Press & Journal. There's little doubt that this is by far and away the biggest game in the 108 year history of Fraserburgh FC and as far as the town itself is concerned the only time that the general vibe has approached anything like the current buzz was in 1992 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited for t
  11. Glasgow to Dingwall is just over a four-hundred-mile round trip and it has a population that is under six thousand. While there you can take in the Dingwall museum, Pefferside park and the Hector McDonald Monument to name but a few of its attractions. The main attraction for all those bears traveling north this Sunday with be Victoria Park, now known as the Global Energy Check Stadium. This is the home of Ross County who entered the highland league in 1929 and were then admitted to the third division of Scottish football in 1994. Nicknamed “The Staggies” which is taken from their badge which b
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