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  1. “There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief There’s too much confusion I can’t get no relief Business men, they drink my wine Plowman dig my earth None were level on the mind Nobody up at his word” Where is it we are trying to get out of ? I would respectfully suggest a rock and a hard place. As many of you know I’m not often given to profanity – but quite simply – what an absolute clusterfeck. There is a civil war engulfing us with our boardroom the battleground. As in every conflict the collateral damage is considerable. On one side we have a
  2. Keep the commercial pop music to a minimum please! I'm a huge fan of 90's US indie eg Sebadoh, Pavement, Weezer, Sonic Youth, Pixies etc. Here's a bit of Sebadoh to start off. [video=youtube;R-XUiIKm2yw] Also really into Jake Bugg at the moment. He's one of the very few modern day mainstream acts I have any time for, he's actually very good live.
  3. SATURDAY, 17 MAY 2014 19:30[h=2]Club Statement[/h]WRITTEN BY RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB RANGERS have issued the following statement today: “Representatives of Rangers have met with a number of supporter groups over the past few days and discussed a wide range of topics. We again made it clear during these meetings that the club will not grant security over Ibrox to any organisation and therefore the 'Ibrox 1972' scheme can never achieve its objectives. In addition the club will not accept season ticket applications from third parties such as 'Ibrox 1972' on behalf of supporters. “In
  4. CASH gates will be in operation at tonight's Youth Cup final at St Mirren Park. Gordon Durie's under-20 side will face Hearts with the Youth Cup trophy at stake and you can back the side tonight in Paisley. The youths are aiming for success in the first final appearance for the club in three years. Tickets for the match, which kicks off at 7.30pm, and will go to extra-time and penalties if necessary, will be available at turnstiles this evening. Priced are £5 for adults and £2 for over-65s, under-16s and full-time students. http://rangers.co.uk/news/academy-news/item/6954-c
  5. Lorenzo Amoruso urges Rangers supporters to put their trust in Dave King to oust Ibrox board Sunday 11 May 2014, by Stewart Fisher LORENZO Amoruso last night became the latest former Rangers player to call for supporters to back Dave King and Richard Gough's plan to boycott season tickets and place the money in a trust instead as a means of forcing major boardroom change. The Italian has emerged as a fierce critic of the current hierarchy and feels that placing funds in Ibrox 1972 Ltd, the vehicle introduced by King and already being used by supporters groups' the Union Bears and the
  6. Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band on The Old Grey Whistle Test (1976). Emmylou Harris and the original Hot Band: James Burton (guitar), John Ware (drums) , Hank DeVito (pedal steel guitar) , Rodney Crowell (rhythm guitar), Emory Gordy Jnr (backing vocals) , Glen D Hardin (piano) perform this Buck Owens classic on The Old Grey Whistle Test. I think this version is much better than the 1977 reprise on the same show and you do get the Bob Harris intro! [video=youtube;-gq8o4aWDNA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-gq8o4aWDNA NB: I have read that Glen Hardin w
  7. Another week, another court appearance, another gut wrenching series of unfortunate events. Welcome to our world, Oscar Pistorius. In poor taste, of course, since no-one that we know of has died because of this shambling wreckage currently impersonating our club. Even so, just as in the OJ Simpson case and just as with Oscar, sides are being taken and battle lines drawn up. As a completely uninformed and lonely outsider with no inside info at all, it's just plain depressing. Amazing what a difference a week makes - last Tuesday, I was sitting in the garden with sun cream on, this week
  8. via @Rangers_Official Now that the season is over, this is a good time for me to speak to you directly as part of our ongoing Ready To Listen fan engagement programme. In order to do so I will be answering questions from supporters today in a Twitter Q&A on our official club account. You can tweet your questions directly to me on @RFC_Official using the hashtag #ReadyToListen between 1pm and 2pm. I will answer as many questions from supporters within the hour and look forward to speaking with as many fans as I can. Graham Wallace, Chief Executive Officer.
  9. Wallace about to come under greater scrutiny re assets. Also, his man Tyrrell speaking to BBC behind McCoist's back. Today's Sun back page a deliberate attempt by sports editor Ian king - been called by Wallace - to discredit McCoist. Hardly subtle Ian. Put on twitter by someone who has been very insightful recently.
  10. By mutual consent. Oh dear! Striker Kenny Miller moves on May 4, 2014 VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced today that the club has parted ways with striker Kenny Miller. The club and Miller have mutually agreed to a contract termination. “We are thankful for the contributions Kenny made both on and off the pitch during his time in Vancouver,” said Whitecaps FC head coach Carl Robinson. "He has been a great role model, a constant professional, and someone who I consider a very good friend. We wish him and his family all the best.” Miller, 34, joined Whitecaps FC
  11. My current blackberry is on its last legs, used BB for 5 years and thought by far the best for what I need a phone for - the basics of text, emails and call plus the odd internet search. The new Blackberrys aren't quite as user friendly and not too impressed with it, therefore I am going for my first touch screen. I tinkered with the Samsung S5 but find its too big for my liking (a mini isn't out yet) although I like the functions. Was close to buying the Sony Z1 compact but if I want a entertainment phone I'll buy a tablet. I have used an Iphone on occasion and liked it, thought its
  12. http://kickoff.blogs.lequipe.fr/les-rangers-religion-decosse/ Someone care to translate?
  13. MICHAEL MOLS has challenged the Rangers board to prove they regard the club as more than just a cash cow to be milked dry and insists a number of former players are waiting in the wings to provide an international scouting network on the cheap. The 43-year-old Dutchman - who played up front for the Ibrox side in a more prosperous era between 1999 and 2004 - travelled to Gayfield to watch the weekend's 2-1 SPFL League 1 victory over Arbroath and revealed that an ex-players' collective is ready to help reconstruct a now nonexistent element of the infrastructure at their former employers.
  14. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/keith-jackson-its-check-mate-3286265#.UzKOhg6Tggg.twitter
  15. IF, LIKE me, you’re proud of the Scottish Cup being the oldest national football trophy in the world you might have issues with it copying other inferior johnny-come-lately tournaments. I’m thinking of the screeching pop music, the balsa-wood stage for the winners, the celebratory bouncing, even the foliage in the managers’ lapels. You were first, Scottish, do your own thing. Don’t be bullied by the Champions League into moving from sacred Saturday to Sunday. And – favourites of this column – let’s bring back the massed pipes and drums and the Alsatian obstacle-course. Some of those ch
  16. .....but Stephen Thompson got it wrong. BARRY says the controversy and unnecessary bad blood that has been whipped up because Dundee United didn’t ask for their fair share of tickets is causing an unhelpful and unwanted distraction for McNamara. AT least Stephen Thompson has got something right. His decision to back down in his war of words against the SFA was the first thing the Dundee United chairman has got right since creating this season’s latest back-page controversy. Honestly, sometimes I get the feeling the people at the top of our game could start a fight in an e
  17. Just wondering if any of you are into decent headphones? I run with my audio technica ath-m50's and look a bit ridiculous haha, though they work completely fine. I think I need something a bit more lightweight though. I was thinking of getting these http://www.amazon.com/Monster-Freedom-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B00BBQDDXS Though some reviews are mixed, they cost £200 and by a rule of thumb, anything by Monster is way overpriced. I'm also wanting a decent pair of headphones for work that are more discreet than my Audio Technicas so would like to kill two birds with one sto
  18. Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has revealed he may still be at the Ibrox helm had he not 'been driven out of the club'. Green led the consortium which bought the assets of Rangers for £5.5m from administrators Duff & Phelps on June 14, 2012, just two days after they were consigned to liquidation when HMRC rejected the offer of a CVA. The Yorkshireman insisted he was at Rangers for the long haul, claiming he would not consider leaving 'until he had heard the Champions League music over Ibrox again'. But after a turbulent period in charge of the League Two side, he stepped d
  19. Five people have been arrested in connection with crowd trouble at the Motherwell v Celtic game last week A reported £10,000 of damage was caused to seats in a section housing Celtic fans, a flare was let off in the same area before the game and two green smoke bombs were thrown on to the pitch during the match at Fir Park stadium on Friday. Celtic said they were ''appalled'' by the actions and issued precautionary suspensions to 128 supporters preventing them from attending home and away matches, while 250 season-ticket holders seated in the Green Brigade's corner of Celtic
  20. Hi folks, we are delighted to announce the line-up for the forthcoming inaugural Milo' Miles Gala Ball 2014 on Saturday the 11th October. Please share with your fellow bears! MC - JIM WHITE FROM SKY SPORTS TOP RAFFLE & AUCTION PRIZES CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION & 4 COURSE DINNER LIVE MUSIC BY THE THE DAWN PATROL DRINKS RECEPTION 7pm CARRIAGES 1am Tickets £60 or a Table of 10 for £600 SATURDAY 11st OCTOBER 2014 CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL GLASGOW Buy your tickets NOW by visiting http://www.legendstrek.co.uk/#!milos-mile
  21. More from my good self on TRS today: http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/current-affairs/316-making-your-mind-up
  22. Stand back and survey the scene. The institution that once believed itself to be Scotland's premier football club; a national monument, an establishment-protected icon, a pillar of excellence and endeavour, is in disarray once again. The red brick Ibrox facade hides a multitude of sins and an array of secrets. The Old Lady is a bank of opportunity for hedge funds and a safe haven for overpaid, bonus-ridden, bean-counters. Its fading grandeur reflects the impoverishment of its host, and like a stately home with a leaky roof and a never-ending list of repairs, the old ground has an uncertain
  23. The silence of normally loud mouthed, so quick to condemn Scottish Press over the green and grey hordes attempt to get their homage to dead terrorists into the charts is deafening. The cowardice displayed by the media mirrors the cowardice of the terrorists rather aptly. Anyone for a helping of double standards? *Please move this admin if not appropriate for here.
  24. .........and steer club into fan control 1 Feb 2014 07:56 PAUL GOODWIN believes the Light Blues legions could own the Ibrox club within 18 months following successful attempts by Hearts and Motherwell. SUPPORTERS DIRECT chief Paul Goodwin believes Rangers fans can assume control of their troubled club within 18 months. Goodwin, the head of SD in Scotland, has long championed the importance of community ownership within our national game. And he is convinced the Ibrox faithful can overthrow the current regime – providing they mobilise themselves into one powerful movem
  25. http://twitpic.com/dtp3jl According to the Daily Record. Bid of £900k rejected with club holding out for £1.4m. Don't grudge him a move tbh, he has earned it but the fee annoys me somewhat. A possible loss on such a good player is just typical of us. We are talking about a player in his prime, an international footballer and one who plays in a position where it is hard to find good ones. Of course we will survive and win the next two leagues without him but that doesn't mean i like it. If it was Celtic in our place, Lennon would be all over the media saying how priceless Lee is a
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