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  1. I think these things should remain in house before a OF game
  2. Tonight - quiet one of sofa after last nights drunken behaviour Sat going over to Dogs Trust to give the doggies a few Xmas presents (I sponsor a doggie as I cant have one) I've said to Mr Q to make sure i dont leave with a dog! Sat night out for a few quiet drinks with Mr Q Sun - Old Firm game - canny wait. Cant believe this time next Friday it's off on hols for Santa coming! Time flies All - have a good weekend Cheers:thup:
  3. PUNISH EVERY FAN NOT JUST THE OLD FIRM Bain demands ASBOS for all By Anthony Haggerty RANGERS chief executive Martin Bain last night leapt to the defence of the Old Firm as he welcomed new SFA plans to combat sectarianism. And he believes a new offence of unacceptable behaviour could see more clubs out with Rangers and Celtic land in the dock. Bain admitted there is a sectarian problem that is being addressed. But he insisted Rangers and Celtic cannot be blamed for all the ills in Scottish football and should not bear the brunt of all punishments. In a thinly-veiled swipe at Aberdeen in particular the Ibrox supremo maintained other clubs should be targeted for sanctions. Bain said: "It is not appropriate for people and their families to go to grounds, or have fans come to Ibrox, and listen to chants about the death of former players or disasters that may have happened at stadiums. "These are totally repugnant to all people with any moral responsibilty. "I thought everyone round the table had one common goal, basically to eradicate sectarianism from Scotland. "We believe Rangers have an important role to play in that but it's been recognised today that it is not just in isolation to Rangers. Many clubs across Scotland are involved with anti-social behaviour. "Their fans have a responsibility to their club so the benchmark that has been introduced is something we have been promoting for some time. "The detail will be important but in terms of the assesment for all clubs with respect to anti-social behaviour, it is something we will welcome. "There is no doubt the situation we had with Villarreal, the stick UEFA yielded, was one that made people sit up and think it could bring serious consequences for their team. "Yes, there always needs to be a big stick. "I hope those who implement the scheme recognise it is across all clubs, is basically about anti-social behaviour and there is a general assessment - not just Rangers and Celtic in the spotlight. "In the seminar it was clear this isn't just an issue for the Old Firm, it's other clubs and other parts of social responsibilty in Scotland. "If it just turns into Rangers and Celtic in the spotlight and points deductions just for the Old Firm on purely sectarian issues I would take umbrage. "But I have every faith it is about all football in Scotland." Bain was speaking after SFA chief executive David Taylor gave a presentation in Glasgow City Halls yesterday. It was part of the Scottish Executive's second Summit on Sectarianism, outlining proposals to be put in place for the start of next season. They will have to be ratified by the SFA and SPL before getting the go-ahead Included in the eight-point action plan is the ability to impose statutory fines for sectarian offences inside football grounds, deduction of points and even evictions from cup competitions, Taylor insisted football's governing body UEFA had not pressured the SFA into taking a tough stance, But he hopes it will not be too difficult to impose such sanctions in the Scottish game and make it fall in line with European club football and international footballing laws. Taylor said: "Sectarianism is a serious problem in society and Scottish football is caught up in that. "We have to be clear we need to do something about this and perhaps more than we have done in the past. "This has been done because we want to do it and our major clubs want to do it and there is a real willingness within Scottish football to get rid of sectarianism. "I am hoping never to have to impose these punishments but what we need to do as a last resort is to have some sort of sanctions if incidents happen that otherwise could have been prevented. "The SFA and SPL intend to introduce a new disciplinary offence of unacceptable behaviour within football grounds in Scotland. "It will be related to disorderly conduct and be wider than sectarianism which will fall into that remit. "We are in discussion with our colleagues at the SPL and the starting point would be the beginning of next season. "It requires changes to the constitutions of the SFA and SPL to bring is into line with our UEFA and FIFA counterparts and that would be before the start of the 2007/08 season. "Fines, deduction of points and banning from cup competitions are certainly within the UEFA and FIFA statutes and regulations and throughout world football. "We are being encouraged by both these regulatory bodies to do the same. "I myself sit on the UEFA disciplinary committee. "We stopped short last week of deducting points from a team in the UEFA Cup because of the misconduct of their supporters. We decided against it at the 11th hour. "However, we seriously considered it and that just goes to show what those bodies are prepared to do and we have to be ready to do likewise. "The SFA would still have gone ahead with these measures regardless if Rangers had not been fined by UEFA after the Villarreal match incidents. "I wholeheartedly agree with Martin Bain that this is not specifically aimed at punishing just the Old Firm. "This is aimed at behaviour in football grounds in Scotland and broader than sectarianism. "I am not saying the Old Firm will be deducted points for sectarian offences. "I am saying the SFA have to implement and put effective disciplinary sanctions in place as a back-up for any offences that may occur. ""I think the Old Firm fans will get the message." At last a response from Rangers defending our supporters although i get the feeling that Rangers will be the first and probably the only club to be given these tough penalties. It would seem to me when these things are implemented the judges only see the colour blue. We do have a sectarian problem and we must admit that but having different rules for other clubs for anti-social behaviour is also a form of sectarianism. I think Tailors last remark says it all really: ""I think the Old Firm fans will get the message." He only see's fit to mention the old firm surley football fans would have been more appropriate.
  4. Didn't see Gribz game of the weekend (Man U v Chelsea) but it would have to be a cracker to be the equal or better of this game. It was a hell of a game and if you think about it the result was pretty good for us as we caught up two points on Celtic and stretched two more points ahead of a team that look like emerging as our biggest rivals for second place - no disrespect to Aberdeen but Hibs are on fire at the moment and have already played both the Old Firm off the park for most of a game. I've got Setanta and no Sky sports, besides I'm far more interested in the SPL than that over-rated league in the South, where most of the teams remind you of the old 2nd division. So it was a no brainer to me to watch this one especially as Hibs have been playing the best football in Scotland recently and Celtic have just beaten the top of the EPL. I really fancied Hibs to take the points, as Celtic haven't really been setting the heather alight and seem more adept at coming back at teams in the second half and nicking all the points. This almost happened again with Hibs dominating for the first hour, going 2-0 up and then naively pressing for a third - and almost getting it. They opened themselves up at the back and Celtic exploited that to get 2 goals back and almost took all the points themselves. It was end to end stuff, and enjoyably more so at the Celtic end, I was cheering on Hibs with gusto and pleasure, wondering what with all our money and a manager of great repute, why can't we play football like that. Hibs played at an incredibly high tempo with balls to feet and great running with the ball with close control, most of which was on the deck. When they lost the ball they harried and jostled the Celtic players to get it back and did so with aplomb on countless occasions. Their tackling was brilliant and matched a obvious desire to possess the ball. It's just a pity that they don't know when to shut up shop, but like I said, a draw was probably best for us.
  5. Rangers midfielder Jeremy Clement says his summer move to Ibrox is a stepping stone to bigger things. The Frenchman followed former Lyon boss Paul Le Guen to the Old Firm club back in the summer in a bid to get regular first-team action. The 22-year-old branded the Scottish Premier League 'a minor league', but stressed that he was aiming to improve as a player with The Gers. "Lyon are the best club in France and one of the greatest in Europe," Clement said in the Daily Record. "I have nothing but happy memories of them. "But I wanted to get more playing time and that is what Paul Le Guen offered me at Rangers. "So I headed over to Scotland - but it is fair to say that their championship is a minor league. "However, Rangers are a big club with a huge support, so joining them was a good opportunity - before I revive my career at another club one day. "But while I wait for a move to come around, my aim is to make progress." Meanwhile, Gers captain Barry Ferguson insists there is no extra pressure to emulate Celtic's achievements in Europe. Rangers' Old Firm rivals caused a sensation on Tuesday when a 1-0 home win over Manchester United saw The Bhoys reach the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League for the first time. The Gers themselves are within reach of the knockout stages of the Uefa Cup after victories over Livorno and Maccabi Haifa in Group A. A result over Auxerre in France on Thursday should see the Glasgow side follow Celtic in playing European club football in the New Year, and Ferguson is hoping to mirror Celtic's European run. "There is no extra pressure on us because Celtic are in the last 16 of the Champions League," Ferguson said. "We did it last season, reaching the last 16, and hopefully they can go on and do even better. "Of course it would be good if we could match them (Celtic) by reaching the last 16 of the Uefa Cup. "But, at this stage, I am just concerned about getting the right result against Auxerre."
  6. Guest

    Family Section Loyal

    We are a group of Rangers supporters of all ages who want to actively encourage the home support at Ibrox to be more visual and vocal in their support of the team. In recent years the atmosphere at Ibrox on match days, with perhaps the exception of Old Firm games or big European matches, has been almost non existent. We want to see every Rangers supporter cheer on their team from kick-off until the final whistle blows. We want to hear traditional and new Rangers songs, and we want to see scarves, flags and banners held proudly aloft no matter the score. Mission Statement To introduce an enjoyable and fun atmosphere in the Family Section To encourage fans of all ages not to use foul language To make the family section an area families will choose to sit in first To support the team through good times and bad To support the team in every match from start till final whistle To make Ibrox more intimidating for away teams To use only traditional style Rangers songs and chants To uphold the traditions of Rangers and their support To encourage everyone to sing at all games and support the team as loudly and visually as possible To adhere to Rangers' "Pride over Prejudice" policy To Join Pm and Ill give you the Link
  7. On the 10th of February, David Murray did a lot of talking. He talked of the future, and of how rosey things would be in the garden. During that interview, he uttered the following line : Quote: when we make the changes, and if people are not happy, then protest all you want Why then, now that things aren't so rosey, is he using every means at his disposal, to silence those who wish to criticise him ? Murray Pledges A 'Moonbeam' To Banish Long Dark Season Of Despair : Evening Times - Darrell King 10/02/06 Ibrox Crisis : Rangers chief broke his silence after fan protests forced him to declare his hand early. For a man who likes to think of Rangers as his family, clearly being attacked from those within his inner circle was just too much. The 300 fans who protested outside Ibrox after last week's Scottish Cup defeat to Hibs, and the dozen or so who unfurled a 'Murray Out' banner at Pittodrie before Wednesday night's defeat, may have been small in number. But David Murray sensed a major fall-out was on the way - something that may even have ended in damaging feuding or even acrimonious divorce. When the final whistle blew in Aberdeen, Rangers yet again on the end of a defeat, the Ibrox owner and chairman knew it was time to act. Today he has called for unity behind his decision to reveal that his embattled manager, Alex McLeish, will go at the end of the season. In his own inimitable style, Murray also rolled out the big guns - a new manager is more or less in place, huge investment is on the way to fund his rebuilding of this pitiful Rangers line-up and the club is making record amounts of cash. Like the head of the family calling everyone around the table, he has spoken. Now he wants the Rangers support to prepare themselves for what he will bring to that very table - and if they are not pleased, he says they can protest all they like. Murray said : "The fans have been very supportive, but they want to see direction. My job is to get to the bottom of our problems and get this sorted out. I will leave no stone unturned. I am working very hard with Martin Bain to bring all these deals together and bring the direction this club needs. Rangers should not be divided. Yes, we are annoyed, yes, we are upset at results - but we must stick together. That (protests) is not Rangers' way. I understand people have the right to stand outside and protest. But Rangers do things another way, not like that. That's why I meet the Trust, the Assembly, we do it by talking." "It is people's entitlement. It does not sway me, nor does it put me off - I will still do my job to the very best. I can understand 300 people getting bloody annoyed if they felt there wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel - but there is a massive moonbeam of success waiting for us. People must accept there are legal issues, stock exchange issues, timing factors - but this will happen. And when we make the changes, and if people are not happy, then protest all you want - but big plans are on the way for Rangers." Of course, it has taken the combination of the horrendous results and performances against Hibs and Aberdeen to prompt action from the chairman. Clearly, with an Old Firm game looming, he has attempted to throw a bucket of water over what was a simmering situation developing between the rightly frustrated fans and those they follow all over the land. Maybe Murray should have acted sooner. Maybe, looking at things now, it has strengthened the argument that McLeish should have been removed during the shocking run of results in the autumn and early winter months. But loyalty has always been Murray's closest friend. Now he wants his support to put more faith in the man who has been the custodian of their club for 18 years. There is no doubt that his stock is at an all-time low in the eyes of many, but these are not false statements - a new dawn is on the way. "We all have degrees in hindsight, " Murray conceded, "Perhaps I should have spoken after the transfer window. But, after not being able to win for 10 matches, we were undefeated in 10 matches, and sometimes it's best left alone. However, after the indifferent performances of the week, it had to be said. I had to let the fans know we have been working on plans for a long time. There is going to be a major financial input to the club, there is now going to be a new manager and a new structure. I am disappointed it's come to this as we are about to announce very strong financial figures. The club is on a great financial footing after having a difficult time - we are going through record turnover." ED
  8. "Rino Gattuso sensationally revealed last night he's agreed to return to Rangers" screams the back page of the NOTW. However, sadly his contract expires in 5 years (2011, when he's 33). He does however state he's disillusioned with Italian football and may come sooner if a fee is agreed. He states wages won't be a problem and has already shaken on deal with David Murray. "I get really pissed off watching a bad Rangers performance, even though i left seven years ago. That's not natural. I watched the last Old Firm game and wanted to jump into the TV and help out that midfield." "I'm a Catholic, and i'm getting pissed off when a Protestant team gets beat by a Catholic one and in that moment i'm hating the Catholic team. It's a really weird thing, that. I don't do it deliberately. It just comes naturally." "I'm going to go back. I've promised myself and the president, and i'm adamant that it will happen. I won't go there to take a pension. I won't go at 35 or 36 - i'll go when i've still got something to offer them, at a European level as well as Scottish." "Rangers bring out some really strong feelings in me. I'm really protective of that whole experience and what it gave me - it made me who i am today." ---------------------------------------------------- Dear God, what we would give for Rino at Ibrox at this moment in time - this interview has slightly cheered me up this morning, but it has also saddened me a bit - remember the midfield that we once had - Gazza, Rino, Albertz, Gio, Reyna, Tugay and remember that Mr Liar told us they would be replaced by better players... Anyway, haste you back wee man Cammy F
  9. From the main site. Have to say that PLG drops a bit in my estimation. I know that Letizi is his man but McGregor has done nothing to warrant being dropped. PAUL LE GUEN has announced that Lionel Letizi will return in goal for Rangers tomorrow in place of Allan McGregor. The Frenchman has missed the last seven matches with a calf injury, but played the Old Firm reserve game on Tuesday and has been recalled. McGregor was an excellent replacement during this period, especially in the UEFA Cup matches against Molde, to the extent that he won the Bank of Scotland player of the month award for September. However, Le Guen has decided that his first choice keeper will return to the side. The manager explained: "I talked with Lionel and I talked with Allan and it's my job to make this decision. Lionel will play against Inverness. "I have three very good goalkeepers, if you also include Stefan Klos, and there is no way I can keep them all happy. "I knew that Allan was a good keeper and I was not surprised with the way he played. However, it's a choice for me. "I spoke with Allan and he is not happy but I hope that he will stay respectful because he knows it's an honest decision." The manager revealed that the game comes too soon for Lee Martin, Libor Sionko or Jeremy Clement but he may have Martin available for next week's UEFA Cup match in Livorno. He said: "Lee will start working again next week so we will see. We will check on Jeremy too next week but we think it will be the end of the following week before he is fit again. Libor is still missing for another couple of weeks, we think."
  10. CammyF

    Liar, Liar

    Taken form the letter section of Scotland on Sunday... Praise saved for Britannia LIKE Moira Gordon, I attended the Old Firm encounter at Parkhead and broadly concur with her opinion that the vocal offerings of the Rangers support showed significant improvement from previous form - not that there was much on-pitch achievement to encourage inspired lyricism from that quarter. However, it may not be clear to all that one of their apparent favourites, the Bouncy, Bouncy chorus, refers to the sectarian murder of Robert Hamill by a loyalist mob in Portadown in 1997. But as for Rule Britannia, only a curmudgeon would take umbrage at a rousing song eulogising a building society that offers a better rate of saving than Lionel Letizi or Allan McGregor. John McDonnell London ------------------------------------------------- Funny how we've been doing the bouncy since the 80's - either TIMMY is lying again, or we as a fan base are Mystic Meg and knew this murder was going to take place and decided to celebrate this before the event occured :ffs: I hope of shiney new PR Department are writing to SoS as we speak.... (pigs will fly, hell will freeze over etc). Cammy F
  11. RANGERS have been rocked by the news that Chris Burke is out of action for three months after damaging his shoulder in last weekend's Old Firm match. Burke has damaged the ligaments in his left shoulder after being heavily challenged by Aiden McGeady 19 minutes into the second half and had to be replaced. He went for tests this week and the prognosis is not good. He requires surgery, which will take place on Friday, and then it will be 12 weeks before he is back in action. In other words, Burke won't play again this year and will miss the entire Group Stage of the UEFA Cup, should Rangers qualify tomorrow night. It is the third injury problem the 22-year-old winger has suffered this season. He damaged his ankle in a training accident in South Africa which ruled him out of the start off the campaign and then he missed three matches after being crocked by Fernando Ricksen in the friendly with Zenit St Petersburg. It could not have happened at a worse time for the young player, who is in the final year of his contract with Rangers and wants to sign up for life. He said: "This is the club I was brought up with and I want to stay here for a long time."
  12. Davy

    Deja Vue?

    I don't see any progress from last year.We are in exactly the same postion as last season going into the first old firm game.Its a game we have to to win. We are not playing great football the signings we have made are not doing it for us.Does anybody get the feeling of deja vue???
  13. A shabby looking young man wearing a Celtic shirt knocks on the pearly gates and asks to be let in. Saint Peter says "I don't know. Have you ever done anything good like given money to the poor?" "No." replied the Tim "Helped a widow or orphan?" "No." replied the Tim "Helped a little old lady across a street?" "No." replied the Tim "Well then, why should I let you in?" "I did do something very brave once." Said the Tim "And what was that?" asked Peter "I went to Ibrox to see an Old Firm game and stood in the stands with the huns decked in full Celtic gear." "My, that is brave!. When did you do that?" "About 3 minutes ago...".
  14. http://www.gersnet.info/fmrangers/newmain/190806.html Firstly I'll start by defining the word hypocrite: Webster's Dictionary has the following: I wouldn't normally waste my or your time by talking about Celtic or one of their players but considering this 'man' is going to be all over the papers for the next few days I think it's only fair we see this wolf without the sheep's clothing. Firstly we'll discuss Lennon's disgraceful claims in Saturday's Daily Record (as proven liar Hugh Keevins did previously a few weeks back) that Rangers didn't sign him in the early 80s as he was a catholic. This simply isn't true and is heresay of the highest order. I'd imagine if this was the case Rangers would not even have asked Lennon over from NI. Why waste time and money if the school-boy signing wasn't to happen because of his religion. Interestingly, Rangers signed John Spencer in 1984 and he was also a catholic. Before that Rangers had dozens of catholic players since our inception in 1872. Certainly seems to counter the Record's claims of signing policies and the like. I'd suggest that Lennon wasn't signed simply because he wasn't good enough. Nothing else. The same article quotes Lennon as saying his father "expressed his grave reservations about me ever signing for Rangers, not least because it could place my personal safety, and that of the rest of my family, at risk from the actions of extremists". Perhaps there is some truth in this statement as I can recall Mo Johnston and Neil McCann both having trouble from such people. Not Rangers fans of course, but Celtic fans who took umbrage when they signed for Scotland's most successful club. Indeed, Johnston has had to make his life away from this country due to the same 'extremists' Lennon's father talks about. Moreover, Lennon himself had trouble from his own fans a few years back - his father self-imposing an exile on himself from Parkhead due to the treatment his son got for his defensive style of play. Do we see a pattern here? Going back to the definition above we read about false pretending and acting. Lennon does a great job of this. Time after time we read sympathising articles from his many similar friends in the Scottish media about how he is the victim of sectarianism and abuse during his time in Scotland. Now, I've no doubt the guy does suffer from the occassional bit of such behaviour and no-one should be subjected to this. Ask Ian Ferguson. Or Mo Johnston. Or Neil McCann. Or maybe wee Lenny should take the advice given to Ian Ferguson by his friend and greatest supporter Martin O'Neill when he was asked about the terrible sectarian taunts Ian Ferguson used to receive from Celtic fans: "He's man enough to ignore it". Speaking of sectarian behaviour and abuse Lennon has been guilty of the very same - strange from a man who abhors it and admits his life has been negatively affected by it? It's been that bad he took it upon himself to call the Rangers bench and fans 'Dirty Orange Bastards' during a heated Old Firm game in November 2004. During the same game he spat on a Rangers scarf right in front of the Copland Road stand. Not that you'll read anything about that in his book I'm sure. Certainly he (or his club) have never shown any regret for his behaviour that day. Indeed, the following year, Celtic made this man their captain. A great role model I'm sure. The following year he was found guilty of threatening behaviour towards officials after another defeat at Ibrox. Some Old Firm (well Rangers) players have actually been convicted of similar behaviour in the past. Not the eternal 'victim' though. Earlier this season we all read the stories about Lennon's cheating with various different women and how he was again guilty of threatening behaviour towards one of his various pregnant girlfriends. Now, some newspapers should never be believed at face value. However, Lennon (and his club) have never denied these stories so I think given the usual urgent PR responses from Celtic when a negative story does appear in the press (it does happen now and again I hear) didn't occur in this case, we can safely assume the stories are true. All of this article so far paints a very different picture from the one you'll read in this weekend's papers. Indeed, one which fits the earlier definition perfectly. Let's not be timid here. Neil Lennon is the worst kind of person one could ever meet. More than half of Glasgow doesn't like the man. More than half of Scotland detests the man. Everywhere he goes he brings the worst out in people. That's NOT, I repeat NOT, because Neil Lennon is a catholic. That's NOT because Neil Lennon is even a Celtic player. It's because Neil Lennon is a cheat. Neil Lennon is a liar. Neil Lennon is a hypocrite who is the very bigot he complains about so often. The same goes for every newspaper and journalist who gives this man (and I use the term loosely) the platform to air his hypocritical views.
  15. Jim'll fix it you and you and you and ......la la la ................ Where has he gone? Last i heard of him was last season when he called me up the day before an Old Firm game too say he had a ticket for me in the Gers end at Parkhead, i told him "nice one mate but im in Asia and couldnt make it " Jim'll - Gersnet Legend
  16. anyone bored and with nowt to do could always watch `rangers and celtic, old firm rivals` on espn channel 442 tonight at 9pm:thup:
  17. The Polish international is the subject of a report to the procurator fiscal following a six-month investigation. A number of complaints were received by police after the SPL match against Rangers at Ibrox on February 12, which Celtic went on to win 1-0. Boruc, 26, is said to have angered a section of the home support after allegedly making the religious gesture. A Crown Office spokesman said: "A report has been received and it is being considered." A Strathclyde Police spokeswoman said: "The circumstances surrounding the alleged actions of a football player during the Old Firm match at Ibrox on February 12 2006 have been investigated and referred to the procurator fiscal at Glasgow." The Polish goalkeeper, who played during this year's World Cup in Germany, signed for Celtic from Legia Warsaw in July last year.
  18. I cant believe the big deal we make of the atmosphere at Old Firm Games, watch these nutters. http://youtube.com/watch?v=DNCk8wMypZU&search=hemofarm%20basketball%20fans
  19. Nice to hear that reputations arent going to count for anything and it will be down to performance on the pitch
  20. There are 16 players at the World Cup who at one time or another have represented one half of the old firm? How many can you get? (Hint: new signings also included)
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