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  1. SHATTERED torture victim James Ross has revealed he only survived his horror ordeal by thinking of being at home with his beloved family for Christmas. The dad-of-two suffered excruciating agony after being kidnapped in Portugal by gangsters who mutilated him during 13 days of hell. Sadistic thugs sliced off his ear, hacked off two of his toes and a finger with bolt cutters - and nailed him to a piece of wood. Tormented James, of Wick, Caithness, is still haunted by nightmares of the horrific kidnap ordeal. But he insisted even that can't stop the joy he feels at being reunited
  2. Anyone read biographies ? If so, any you could recommend ? I read when I go to the gym - yep, nothing like sitting on the stationary bike reading a book and listening to tunes. Barry, thanks to your great piece on the Poloponnesian wars I have just ordered a book on it called "A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War" by Victor Davis Hanson My reading books has dried up so badly I went to the gym today and read "The Housebuilders Bible" from Mark Brinkley. I wont ever have the money to build my own house but I have no other books to read other
  3. Hardly a day passes by without another player being linked to Rangers - be it in the unofficial media such as newspapers or forums - or even via official comment from Smith/Bain and stories on the club website. Given we've not paid a fee for a new player since Maurice Edu in 2008, yet have raked in millions since then from Champions League money and player sales, that would suggest we do have some sort of budget to strengthen our squad. Indeed, different figures have been mentioned - ranging from a couple of million to �£5million and beyond. Of course the club are consistent in try
  4. Amongst the hyperbole and sensationalism over legal tax loopholes (yes, I did say legal), last night's result in France where Bayern Munich routed Lyon over two legs means Rangers have now qualified for next season's Champions' League Group Stage. Currently we're third seeds but we could easily make it into the second group of seeds given the right results. However, future performance aside, the main issue for those who control the club and, for many of us who support it, will be the associated finance with this competition. Up to �£17million of income could be secured if, as expecte
  5. Rangers in safe hands - Johnston There's a 16 minute audio interview with him as well - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/8356754.stm
  6. Published on 1 Nov 2009 Talks have been held about inviting thousands of Rangers supporters to help fund a rescue package for the financially-stricken club. South Africa-based millionaire Dave King remains the leading contender to buy out current owner Sir David Murray, with his intentions expected to be revealed this month. Scotland-based businessmen Douglas Park and Paul Murray have also been linked to a joint bid with Mr King to rescue Rangers, who are �£30million in debt, but no moves have yet been made. But the Sunday Herald can reveal that tentative talks have taken pla
  7. Guest

    Online Poker Players

    A chance to play a round of golf with Trevor Steven. Poker players with William Hill look here Fancy winning a golf day out with England Legend Trevor Stevens all for just $20!? Don�t� miss William Hill�s fantastic value bounty tournament in conjunction with London�s City Am newspaper this Wednesday at 8pm. On top of this great first place prize the inner will also receive the normal percentage payout from the prize poll which William Hill is adding $250 too.
  8. Bluedell


    Playing a sit and go. Down to the last three, and I'm on the button. I'm dealt AQ suited.The guy on my right (big blind) has been very aggressive and I just know he's going to go all in if I just call, which I do. As predicted he goes all in and I call to find out that he's got pocket kings. He makes trips on the flop to rub it in. What can you do?
  9. f fortune favours the brave then it surely follows that the converse also rings true. Rangers' misfortune in Sunday's Co-operative Insurance Cup final stemmed largely from their own faintheartedness. Walter Smith has never been one to gamble recklessly with team selection but it is one thing to be cautious and respectful of the opposition, and quite another to be ultra conservative to the point of strangling all creativity. For Smith, the fear of losing has now overtaken the desire to win. Simply put, Rangers should not be lining up in a 4-5-1 formation at a neutral venue. It is a system j
  10. I like to play poker. Not for bags of money, just a couple of quid. But wether your a high roller or just playing for small change the principles are just the same. Im no superstar either. I can though read a game and see whats going on and generally can tell when the best time to put my chips in. Ill wait till i get a good hand or identify when my opponent is weak and use that to my advantage. But if i dont do anything one thing will happen. My chips will slowly dwindle as the blinds go round the table and go up as time goes on and ill be left with nothing. Basically if you
  11. I really wanted to like this film but I'm so, so disappointed. It was supposed to be different from the usual series of stunts and special effects linked together by a flimsily, tenuous, contrived plot. But it failed. The plot is unfathomable and full of holes and lacks some explanations to make me believe the screenwriter has more than a childish understanding of poker or the stock-market. If anyone understands the plot, and I don't mean the superficial parts of it, if you REALLY understand the plot and can piece together the huge missing pieces of the jigsaw then please explain i
  12. go to the sun webpage and down load their poker. they are running a freeroll with a 50 dollar prize every night in may. register before 9pm gmt to play. best i have done is 13th so far in 5 attempts.
  13. Here you go I'll not ruin the suprise......
  14. was playing poker on line with kings in the hole and the other feller goes all in . I call, three fives are drawn in the flop and i reckon im on a banker. then at the river the other five is drawn and the fucker wins with an ace queen in the hole! Next hand. got QK in the hole and i get two 9s and a queen in the flop. i then get another 9 and an 8 of diamonds at the river. we go all in and the other guy pulls a running flush! absolutley gutted!
  15. why not start a gersnet poker section:confused: it would be welll gd
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