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  1. @Martin1Williams: Sons of Struth to hand out red cards to allow #Rangers fans to protest against the board & their business review at Dunfermline
  2. Thread on FF saying Sandy has passed away! So so sad if true Been confirmed by Mark Dingwall on FF RIP Sandy, a true Rangers legend.
  3. " The Union of Fans had planned a large scale protest display and leafleting at the game on Saturday. This will now be cancelled following the sad passing away of Sandy Jardine. We hope that Saturday will now be solely about honouring a fantastic servant of Rangers Football Club. "
  4. Rangers are also understood to be on the verge of appointing Paul Tyrrell, the former director of communications at Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton, in a consultancy role. This from Richard Wilson BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/27134948 During his time at Anfield, Tyrrell was alleged to have written a report comparing some Liverpool supporter groups to Cambodia's Khmer Rouge.
  5. No quotes, could have done it before, and is one of those thrown in the hat every now and then. Alas, he sure has the money to do it ... and is presumably not many people's favourite either. Daily Mirror
  6. Sad to hear that Police Scotland have told the Bridgeton Loyal they won't be allowed to take in and display their brand new (and expensive) banner despite it meeting all of the safety requirements and having been given the OK by both Rangers and Hibs.
  7. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/easdale-drops-fans-chief-legal-threat-158213n.23868497?utm_source=headlines&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign Mr Easdale, a member of the Rangers football board, had threatened to sue season ticket holder Craig Houston. Mr Houston is the founder and public face of the Sons of Struth protest group that has campaigned for boardroom change this season. He received a summons and a claim for £200,000 of damages for comments that were made by third parties on the Sons of Struth Facebook page. The 41-year-old, who runs his own cleaning company, h
  8. MARCH 25, 2014 UNION OF FANS STATEMENT 25TH MARCH 2014 by Union of Fans The Union of Fans (UoF) is delighted that Dave King has publicly stated his impressive plans for Rangers via a number of newspaper interviews. His vision for the club is extremely welcome as is the personal financial commitment he is willing to make. Like all Rangers fans, Dave King and UoF want to see the club back operating to high standards on and off the pitch and in the boardroom. We firmly believe that the involvement of Dave King is the best chance of those standards being attained in the short, medium and long t
  9. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/keith-jackson-its-check-mate-3286265#.UzKOhg6Tggg.twitter
  10. March 13, 2014 Ibrox Set For Blue Card Display by Union of Fans The Union of Fans are set to paint Ibrox blue in support of Dave King. 30,000 blue cards will be distributed at Ibrox on Saturday calling for the Rangers Board to meet with King and accept his plan to inject fresh share capital into the club. Following the very successful red card display carried out by Sons of Struth earlier in the season, to show the fans displeasure with the board, this display will take a similar format. Rangers fans will be asked to welcome King’s involvement by displ
  11. Five people have been arrested in connection with crowd trouble at the Motherwell v Celtic game last week A reported £10,000 of damage was caused to seats in a section housing Celtic fans, a flare was let off in the same area before the game and two green smoke bombs were thrown on to the pitch during the match at Fir Park stadium on Friday. Celtic said they were ''appalled'' by the actions and issued precautionary suspensions to 128 supporters preventing them from attending home and away matches, while 250 season-ticket holders seated in the Green Brigade's corner of Celtic
  12. http://www.unionoffans.org/statements/2014/2/27/union-of-fans-statement-270214'>http://www.unionoffans.org/statements/2014/2/27/union-of-fans-statement-270214
  13. Martin Williams ‏@Martin1Williams 31s #Rangers Dave King "Message to fans is..if we don't hold board to account then we will have a couple of unnecessarily difficult years ahead" Martin Williams ‏@Martin1Williams 1m Dave King "I am absolutely confident that Craig Whyte won't have a future at #Rangers going forward" Martin Williams ‏@Martin1Williams 1m Dave King "There are powers behind the throne at #Rangers not represented on board" would prefer him an other likeminded people involved Martin Williams ‏@Martin1Williams 2m Dave King believes there is a "guiding hand beh
  14. http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/rfc-politics/310-dr-waiton-on-rangers-free-speech-and-sectarianism It's an excellent read (the Spiers part especially), very well done to John.
  15. By: Newsroom Staff on 04 Mar, 2014 17:14 CELTIC have called for a review of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Grounds Act to be brought forward and have labelled it ´unhelpful and counter-productive´. The Scottish Government introduced the legislation in 2012 and promised a review after two full football seasons of operation. However, Celtic believe that there is already sufficient evidence of the Act´s ´unhelpfulness and negative impacts´ to justify an immediate review with action to follow. Celtic have all along opposed this legislation which has been used to create a general pres
  16. Matthew Lindsay NEARLY 5,000 Rangers fans have committed themselves to withholding season ticket money from the stricken Ibrox club in under a week. The Union of Fans, an umbrella group comprising six supporters organisations, wants to pool the cash in a trust until their demands are met. The controversial move follows a call by former Gers director Dave King last week for supporters only to release the funds on a "pay-as-they-play" basis. It is a radical plan that has sharply divided opinion among the Light Blues support and has been condemned by senior officials at the Ibrox club.
  17. Harold Davis will return as special guest of East Fife for tomorrow’s League 1 clash with Rangers over 60 years after his time at the club was brutally interrupted by a spell fighting on the front line with the Black Watch in the Korean War. Now 80, Davis has been invited by East Fife for tomorrow’s televised fixture at New Bayview. He has admitted that it will be “an emotional return”. It is the first time he has been back at an East Fife game since he stopped playing after a trophy-laden eight-year spell with Rangers, and his first visit to the club’s new ground. It was while under h
  18. Bigotry towards John Daly from GERS fans! A Threat We Must Not Ignore Two incidents featuring two people I don?t have much time for are red flags that we should be taking seriously this weekend. I watched last night?s game between Cardiff and Norwich and observed Craig Bellamy mouthing off at a section of the crowd after scoring the leveller for Cardiff. I wondered what had been said to him as he was clearly reacting to abuse and also wondered whether or not it was his own fans he was bickering with. The post-match interview provided the answer. Bellamy was clearly upset by
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Yv3J36CwsZ8
  20. I had the pleasure to read a tremendous article recently on the Do The Bouncy forums, by Locutus :- http://dothebouncy.com/main/threads/sharks-trolls-headstones-and-apathy.59319/ I love articles you can tell come from the heart, oozing in sheer passion for our club. One particular phrase though set me thinking “Politics should have no place in football , but thats a debate for another day.” Perhaps with events elsewhere – that day has come. Of course in a nirvana state – Politics should have no place in football, neither for that matter should Racism, Sectarianism nor Illegal b
  21. http://www.sportinglife.com/football//news/article/26854/9012286/violence-mars-hoops-clash Violence mars Hoops clash Last Updated: November 6 2013, 23:34 GMT Celtic's Champions League trip to Ajax has been marred by a clash between supporters and police in the centre of Amsterdam before kick-off, following which 15 fans have been arrested. Amsterdam Police told Press Association Sport that fans armed with bottles and sticks attacked plain-clothed police in an incident described as "coming out of nowhere". Eight police officers were injured with one knocked unconscious f
  22. @RangersStandard: Big story going up on the site tomorrow morning. Nothing for Rangers fans to be concerned about though. Brace yourselves. ''Dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Should be up within the hour. Impatient bunch aren't you? In all seriousness we need to get this spot on so please bear with us.'' ''With all due respect, we "know something you don't" because we spent the time going out and finding it. We are not keeping anything to ourselves but we do this in our spare time and need to ensure we are covered legally when breaking a story as opposed to giving opinio
  23. 1) does anyone else think Wallace, Somers and Crichton will all be gone before the end of the season ? 2) at what point will Dave King be approached to invest in and takeover Rangers? When I hear our new CEO talking about cutting costs I genuinely worry if that involves the first team squad. This team needs strengthened not weakened which these costs would ultimately achieve.If he goes ahead with this I genuinely believe we could return to what we were in the early 1980's with a sub-standard team which people won't pay to watch. I'd previously said this new board needs to be given time.N
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