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  1. Have a read of this, some quality stuff. http://www.redcafe.net/f6/celtic-fans-guide-evening-223976/
  2. Hi all, this thread is in response to a discussion that's started in the main Rangers chat forum, but Craig suggested moving it to the lounge since it's obviously completely OT for the thread where it began, so here we go....
  3. by Lindsay Herron THE WORLD of football paid tribute to Ian McColl today when his funeral took place following his sad passing on October 24 at the age of 81 Team-mates and rivals joined together with family and friends at St Paul's Church in Milngavie to remember the Iron Curtain defender, who played 526 games for Rangers. He was one of the last remaining links to a golden era for Rangers in the aftermath of the Second World War when football boomed. The period was dominated by Rangers and Hibs. From 1946 until 1953 they had a stranglehold on the title; Rangers winning in 1947
  4. Most Rangers fans face a bit of a quandary when it comes to our defensive line up. Whilst Weir currently forms our strongest available centre back partnership with summer signing Madjid Bougherra. However it is suggested that playing the veteran Scot leads to some of our troubles against better quality opposition. Due to Weir's advancing years, whatever pace he once had is beginning to dessert him. Weir was never an exceptionally fast player. But with his reading of the game he was not often exposed for a lack of pace. Weir has performed admirably for the club since Walter Smith brough
  5. Graham Spiers Even when things get as mad and agenda-driven in the sectarianism debate as they did last week in Scottish football, some aspects remain crystal clear in their need of condemnation. That is, if people have the courage to say so. Celtic, streets ahead of Rangers when it comes to cleaning up their act, nonetheless will find it hard to fully divorce themselves from their benighted city rivals unless that clump of idiots in their away support who croon about the IRA can be silenced. The Celtic Park club, and in particular their chief executive, Peter Lawwell, have spoken out
  6. Can't agree more he really is a quality act.
  7. A player of "limited ability" saves a manager of limited ability?: Time for braver management. After George Burley's embarrassingly ill-thought out comments regarding Rangers' right back Kirk Broadfoot, he should be both apologising to the utility defender and thanking him. The opening line; "A player of "limited ability" saves a manager of limited ability?" was actually a text I sent to a few friends at half time in the Iceland game. How better for Kirk to shut up his detractors and throw more egg in the face of Burley for his managerial inexperience, than to come up with the opening goal
  8. So with a day to go, Id sell Boyd and Darcheville if possible coz they dont play 23 mins. Id keep Hemdani and Cousin coz they are quality players.
  9. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=668&Itemid=1 Boring old Spiers wannabe Roddy Forsyth certainly showed he's capable of taking up the corduroy mantle with a glaring school-boy error in today's online Telegraph. As Forsyth prevaricated over the pathetic behaviour of the Tartan Army booing the British national anthem (well sung by the ever boisterous away support) he, as usual, felt the need to bring Rangers into his usual poorly-written attempt at a tediously polemic article: “It was a splendidly surreal spectacle to witness t
  10. I was at the match today and must admit our midfield has just been transformed with the arrival of pedro mendes!, I listened to the phone-in today on the way to the match and the Harry Redknapp interview!, well the guy was spot on with his interview about mendes saying he knew where his passing was going before he even got the ball, of course he has worked well with the player! Well he was spot on!!! Mendes took control of our midfield! it was great watching him today, other than pulling up later with cramp, but other than that the guy ran his socks off!!! Quality player 10/10 for me..
  11. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=663&Itemid=1 Carlos Cuellar has gone then and going by recent years it’s extremely unlikely to be a case of ‘The King is dead; long Live the King’. The 21st Century has seen a large number of quality players leave the club with the chairman proclaiming they will be replaced with players of a similar standard. In almost all cases – particularly with regard to our midfield – that has not been the case. From the Van Bronckhorsts to the Reynas, to the Numans, to the Amorusos; the decline in quality ha
  12. Thank fook it starts tomorrow - its easy the best league in the world for entertainment and great coverage of live games so Im looking forward to it. Got 5 live games on tomorrow including Arsenal, West Ham and Liverpool so Im looking forward to seeing these 3 in action. I had a read of Skys preview and as much as people are writing Arsenal of I can see them being right up there going for the title in the first few months. Its when they start to get injuries the question is whether they have the quality in depth - but people would be crazy to write Wenger off. Liverpool are being t
  13. Thomas Jordan Evening Times EMBARRASSING. Disgraceful. Shameful. Diabolical. Just some of the words that could be used to describe Rangers' performance as they crashed out of Europe. However, the biggest criticism you could level at Walter Smith's players is that not enough of them cared. Not enough of them wore the blue jersey with pride. And not enough of them were willing to go the extra mile. Yes, they were hurting as they faced up to the prospect of being directly responsible for one of the worst, if not THE worst, result in the Ibrox club's 52-year European histor
  14. with the start of the spl days away can you see rangers getting anything from it? for me it's simple no quality..... no direction....no class...
  15. Guest

    Completely Fed up

    The positivity of following Rangers seems to be ebbing away bit by bit over the summer. At present we're without decent fullbacks who can get forward, no wingers in midfield who can take(and beat) their opposite numbers and more importantly no midfielder who can control the game or routinely take the ball forward and create something for the strikers. Cousin who I think is best striker at Rangers (with the exception of Velicka who is still to prove himself) is no where near the last 2 team selections. Boyd hasnt got a chance in the present set-up, he needs a constant supply of quality deli
  16. Any other Rangers' supporters out there that took a perverse pleasure in the Liverpool result? There can be no excuses. Rangers were outplayed by a squad that has something in abundance that we have in the rarest of flashes: skill. How hard should it be to expect a professional footballer to pass a ball to a colleague? It's like expecting a doctor to be able to give an injection or diagnose death. You don't mind so much if a committed defender intercepts a pass, but when it simply goes astray you have to wonder why these guys earn more in a fortnight than many do in a year. Charlie
  17. http://cultzeros.co.uk/ Found this site, quality it is. Basically you pick a picture of a player, choose your size, shirt colour, and picture colour. You then choose what you want it to say underneath. I've got 1 and have 2 on the way, very good quality. I got Ehiogu, (Rangers 1-0 Celtic), Novo (Manchester, brace yourself) then underneath the face (Rangers are coming!!) and the other shirt I ordered was Cuellar, (Rangers centre-half).
  18. I am writing this thread as a true Rangers fan who would like to see a change at the top of the Ibrox tree as do many other fans, I am not going to start slagging David Murray as i respect what he did for our club throught the years but i fell his time is up and the sooner a buyer is found the better, The buyer must have the clubs best intrests at heart, but personnally i feel we are going backwards under Murrays leadership he clearly has lost intrest in the club with his lack of financial backing of the team this season its early days and we could still see some serious money beng s
  19. Exclusive by Andrew Dickson ERIK BO ANDERSEN believes the way has been paved for Rangers to take a place in the Champions League - but has warned them not to underestimate Aalborg. Bruce Rioch, manager of Aalborg BKThe striker played for the Danish side before leaving them for Ibrox in a �£1.5million transfer in February 1996. Although the 37-year-old is now working in politics rather than football, he has continued to monitor the progress AaB have made in recent times. The Jutland club, which appointed Bruce Rioch as its new manager in the summer, won the league by nine poin
  20. Champions League run. Reaching the final of the UEFA cup. The associated attendance money, television income, advertising revenues, merchandising sales, etc, etc. There was even the sale of homegrown Alan Hutton to Spurs. There have been many opinions - played down by Murray, played up by the media. But surely the net income from last season must have been considerable. So where is the payback from success? Why are we no more able to strengthen our squad this summer than we were this time last year? If it was important to take a punt at success last year, what is different this time ar
  21. Thought we may aswel stick this in here too. Liverpool reported to be ready to bid �£12m for Stewart Downing from Boro. IF this came off I think he would be a great signing. Liverpool need more quality in a few areas. Up fron they are ok, I like Kuyt in his new RM role, Gerrard obviously a lynch pin. Carrageher is outstanding, Babel looks a player. I'd say Downing would bring a lot to that team, but they possibly still need 2 or 3 more world class players......Villa would be a great start
  22. He obviously has not had us spied on yet. Penalties anyone?
  23. How many will McGregor have had by now.
  24. Im mainly getting at players here. There have been plenty of players who have had a great season with us but as soon as their performance drops they are wanted out the door. The latest player to likened to this is Hemdani. He was very good in 06/07 but because he had one average season last year people think he should be surplus to requirements. This actually bugs me quite a lot and shows fans wont give players 2nd chances to get their top form back and the fact they have quality goes out the door. I wonder what would happen if Cuellar has a few bad games at this start of this
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