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  1. earlier on in the cup final thread calscot posted this. we deleted it because we thought it was a bit preachy - young fraser doesnt come on here to be brow bashed. but we thought it was a good topic for debate, and we know frasers a big boy and can answer for himself. personally i think frasers no dullard & knows what he is talking about. i dont think his use of english is as bad as calscot makes out - he is no budding poet laureate but i have had plenty of conversations with him on here and on MSN and he has always made himself understood. i tend to disagree with the calscot on a few
  2. Saturday BPL: Blackburn v Fulham: Fulham need 3 points to have any chance of staying up. With the clubs above them finding a bit of form they could see a gap opening up which would be too big to claw back. Personally I think they are down but the Premier League is a funny game at times, West Ham produced an amazing comeack this time last year - Can Fulham do the same? Blackburn are pushing for europe and Mark Hughes side go abot there business quietly and can match up to any team in their day. They stole 3 points at Newcastle last week in the 92nd minute and they should get another 3 today
  3. Found this earlier, thought is was worth a look if you like Darts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYrQ4Erl1co&feature=related
  4. I remember some comments online roughly around early Jan, were some fans were not overly happy with things despite us being top of the league. There arguement being that we were worse off points wise than Celtic were at the same point last season. Arguing essetnially quality in the league was diminshing. So after our continued run of 10 league victories I was wondering if anyone knows how Celtic and ourselves were sitting after an equal number of matches last season to that which we have played now?
  5. Borrowed from another forum but the quality on the itv one is excellent.
  6. I've been teaching myself for just under two years and trying to increase my repertoire but tend to keep playing the same stuff. Here's a top ten of what I'm currently playing: Stairway - well you've got to haven't you? Even though it's the naffest thing to play in public, you can't call yourself a guitarist unless you CAN play it. I've been honing it since I got a guitar and can play about 98% of it - although I'm not going to boast about the quality. I mostly work on the solo at the moment to try and speed it up; and have recently tried hybrid picking for the rest (using the pick an
  7. On Talksport with Andy Townsend and Mike "Porky" Parry, 8am-12am your time but 4pm-8pm my time. Anyone listen to it?? I tune in via the web every weekend. Normally head out on a sat then get home for this before the footy - cant beat it, its a quality program.
  8. Really enjoying this lad's contribution this season. Nowadays, ~�£2.3million and �£15-20K per week in wages is a lot of money for our club and any transfer is risky - not least when a player is coming from a league where the style of play and defending can be different from the SPL. Add in the changes in culture, language and weather, i's not always easy for new players to settle quickly - even if they are expensive ones with reasonable experience. As such, considering the Spaniard's form this season, I think we have every right to be delighted with the consistency and quality he'
  9. Playing devils advocate here, who got the better of the recent transfer window? Based purely on numbers, it has to be Celtic who have brought in Robson, Mizuno, Hutchison, Hinkel and Samaras. Robson's form this season suggests he will beef up their midfield and Hinkel is an international standard right back and if he can avoid further injury he should help beef up their defence. Mizuno is, if you believe the hype, the next Nakamura with amazing potential. Big deal. He scores amazing free kicks but does bugger all else so why get excited just because the Tims bring in a younger, more nai
  10. Had KFC for lunch today but it stood outside all 3 for about 5 mins dwelling on which one I should go to. The Shopping mall nearest work has all 3 next door to each other along with Subway, DeliFrance and Pizza hut. Which Outlet would u lot go for? I go to McDonalds the most out of them or more to the point they come to me. There delivery service is quality and gets to me within 30 mins. Plus its only 3 quid for a meal including delivery - cant beat that for a hangover.
  11. Been looking forward to this programme all week. The guy is a legend! Should be quality viewing.
  12. After another not so glorious defeat in Europe under Walter what does the near future hold for the club? Some fantastic early performances have meant we exceeded most of our expectations in the toughest CL group but unfortunately we couldnââ?¬â?¢t go that extra two feet to snatch a draw and qualify ââ?¬â?? the whole campaign falling apart with JCDââ?¬â?¢s horror miss near the end last night. Down and out then ââ?¬â?? but still all to play for! Firstly, can I first say I obviously share everyoneââ?¬â?¢s disappointment at last nightââ?¬â?¢s result. First half we just werenââ?¬â?¢t
  13. Was at their gig at the SECC last night and once again it was absolutely fantastic. I went their not really knowing what to expect. Would they play more new songs than old songs or would they play more of their old school songs. The majority of the songs were off the 1st two albums, a few off JEEP, a couple off their 4th album and 3 or 4 off their latest album 'Pull the Pin'. I'm a huge fan, been to see them 11 times but I know their recent stuff isn't anywhere near as good as their older stuff but fuck me gently with a hammer up my arse, they know how to put on an amazing live show!
  14. And guess who I bought a pint for? Artur Numan. Spent an hour or so talking Rangers and golf with him. He wouldn't tell me what his handicap was. Quality bloke and I reminded him next time I see him in the clubhouse the pints are on him
  15. Spent a fair bit of time on the major Rangers forums since last night�s defeat in Spain and I think it�s fair to say some of the reaction has been somewhat surprising. The adjectives in the article title are just three examples of the negativity I�ve experienced. Let�s be frank though. Last night we were outclassed by one of the best club teams in the world. They had over 60% of ball possession and probably a lot more territorial advantage. As a result, they scored two fine goals and could easily have had another two as well but for poor finishing and a coup
  16. Not like me to post an overly negative thread but yesterday (and in other matches) our set-pieces were absolutely dreadful. Barry Ferguson and DaMarcus Beasley seem to be the worst culprits since they take most of the corners but even our throw-ins in offensive areas lack any sort of imagination. No team can expect such set-plays to be perfect or yield goals/chances every time we have one. However, yesterday and against Dundee Utd in recent weeks, we seem incapable of getting the ball past the front post. Front post corners are all well and good (see Lyon) but more often than not we
  17. Anyone got a copy of this on DVD they would be willing to sell me? I had this on tape when I stayed in UK but it was recorded off Channel 4 and not the best quality. Ive had a look everywhere for it in the shops and cant find it here. Would be much appreciated as its a cracking film.
  18. Quality stadium. Only holds 8000 at the moment but looks like it has potential for a lot more. http://www.mkdons.premiumtv.co.uk/page/stadiummk/0,,10420,00.html Im sure Calscot and Wija know a bit more
  19. I recently ordered the new West Ham away top from the West Ham website. It eventually got here via my folks place but when I opened it there was a tiny hole on the front which could have even been from me opening the package with scissors. However I called up West ham and told them and they said i should return it and they will replace it. But i explained that it will take 1 week to send it over then another week to get my new one and they may sell out (coz the internet sales is separate from the club shop and they ran out last month) and i want to wear the shirt. So the supervisor c
  20. Yesterday 'Well scored one good goal and hit the bar with a dipping freekick. Other than that, despite getting in behind Papac a few times I can't really remember any/many other chances were they should've scored. You could argue that the defensive aspects of the game were not our main downfall yesterday. Remember sometimes you just have to accept the opposition will have periods of pressure and create the odd chance. Upfront, early on Boyd linked well with Naismith and we created some early chances. We also hit the woodwork twice during the game. At HT JCD replaced Whittaker with Nas
  21. In Pete's absence I'll quickly do this: Saturday, 22 September 2007 Falkirk v Motherwell, 15:00 Gretna v Dundee Utd, 15:00 Inverness CT v Hearts, 15:00 Kilmarnock v St Mirren, 15:00 Sunday, 23 September 2007 Hibernian v Celtic, 14:00 Rangers v Aberdeen, 15:00 Mark McGhee's Motherwell have been impressive so far this season and following their win in Aberdeen last week they make the trip to Falkirk who are conceding goals for fun despite trying to play a bit of football. This game doesnt look attractive on paper but probably wont be a bad match for the viewer. Id say a narrow
  22. This is wierd, Ive been thinking it for a while that these type people are not right in the head. Its all very well taking 4 children from poor countries and giving them a rich life but the kids wont have a clue who there real parents will be nor will the have a clue who is raising them as I guarentee it will be AJ's maids who do everything. I bet she hasnt changed 1 nappy. Anyway then i came across this letter on MSN - pretty spot on.
  23. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=492&Itemid=2 Since its international week (good luck Scotland!) and Rangers news seems thin on the ground, I think now is as good a time as any to discuss the ongoing relationship between our club and the Scotland team. It�s fair to say in recent years the Rangers contribution to the national team has not been as valuable as in the past. The Dick Advocaat era, as well as the cheap, foreign Bosman import meant not as many Scottish lads were coming through of a quality to make the Rangers f
  24. A lot has been said about Walter Smith now having a much bigger squad compared to Paul Le Guen's last season; however, I disagree. It seems to me that 14 players have left since the start of last season, and 14 have arrived, keeping the numbers constant. The massive difference is in the quality and experience of the players. Out --- Letizi Klos Bardsley Ricksen Rodriguez Svensson Ponroy Sionko Rae Clement N'Diaye Martin Prso Stanger In -- Carroll Smith Braodfoot Wier Webster Cueller Ehiogu Whitaker Thomson Gow McCulloch Beasley Darcheville Cousin Stayed ------ Mac
  25. Bored and pretty much over the hangover so thought i'd try an start some debate on here. Put a value on each player of the first team squad players (as listed on official site) based on quality, squad length, what we could realistically get for them etc etc. I'm not bothering with some of the younger guys who I know little about, such as Lee Robinson who is out on loan to Morton. Will only include down to Cousin on the list in the link: Official site player profiles Goalkeepers: Allan McGregor �£4mil (if Gordon is �£9mil I don't think that's outrageous). Roy Carroll �£1-2mi
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