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  1. After another appalling and heartless performance at Ibrox on Saturday I read with interest that many fans felt booing wasnââ?¬â?¢t suitable and that we should be supporting the players as opposed to criticising them so publicly. In addition to that, there were further complaints of the general atmosphere being poor as well as the usual complaints about the ââ?¬Ë?Subway Loyalââ?¬â?¢ leaving early. Generally, one can understand these points of view but I think the prevailing reason for such differences of opinion is merely another symptom of the Rangers family breakdown. After another
  2. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Scotsport/ This is my campaign and I hope you can support it. The quality of the Scotsport program can perhaps be questioned but maybe we can see past that to an extent. I hope you can help it along by reading the link and if you agree, by signing. Cheers
  3. I hope Walter sits down with his staff, including Murray and sets out a direction for the club. WS is Rangers through and through but why is he so negative with selections? Does he not have confidence in the pack of cards he has been dealt with? I could understand his point if this was true but he plays the dumplings that ive no confidence in. Next season we have to get closer to Celtic and i think we will slightly but not over a season. He has got to get back to putting 2 strikers on the field. If he wants to keep 5 in the midfield then fine, play a 3-5-2. Ok, he doesnt have
  4. Of the guys who are guaranteed to be here and with those currently leaving (Novo, Prso, Klos etc) is this the best line-up we can start next year? McGregor Hutton Weir Webster Smith Burke Fergie Thomson Adam Boyd Gow With subs from: Gk - Robinson RB - Lowing CB - Ehiogu Svensson Broadfoot Papac (?) LB - Murray (Also a CB) Midfield - Hemdani Buffel Sionko(maybes) Forwards - Sebo (Have I forgotten any first team squad players?) Anyway, looking at that line-up, i'm happy with AM in goal and AH at RB. I know many fans aren't, but I think they do their job and we h
  5. all thoughts/hunches/informed opinions welcome... personally i cant see us having enough quality to go through. we would need all our good players (all four or so of them) to be on top of their game in both legs - all spanish teams are tough. scotsport mentioned last night that they are quite a british side, which may suit us. i think being at home first is a real disadvantage. whats yer thoughts?
  6. Vienna want Sebo, Papac ââ?¬â?? on the cheap AUSTRIA VIENNA have told Rangers they would welcome back Filip Sebo and Sasa Papac this summer - but for a drastically reduced fee. Paul Le Guen spent a combined sum of Ã?£2.4m on the pair after spending last summer vying with the Austrians to let the players leave. Both players have failed to live up to their price tags and have been unable to impose themselves on the SPL. Markus Kraetschmer, the Vienna general manager, said: "They are players we would be interested in. advertisement "But they went to Rangers for a lot of money
  7. ... in terms of tactics and personnel for next season. I think the side might look something like this: ____________________McGregor___________________ Hutton______Webster____________Ehiogu_______Smith ________Hemdani_____Ferguson____Thomson________ ________Brown________Boyd_____McCulloch_________ I agree we need another right back which might help Hutton achieve a better level of consistency. With Klos leaving, we'll need another goalie unless we give the impressive Lee Robinson a chance as deputy. In midfield, Hemdani might move on but I think he'd get on well
  8. I know Walter needs time and he has stated he wont bring in others for the sake of it but after watching some players yesterday id like to identify where the areas of improvement are required. Keeper: McGregor has done ok since coming in. He is a decent SPL keeper but no more than that. He has produced some great saves but also had a lot of flaps. He hasnt had the best defence infront of him so hopefully the new recruits give him more confidence. Klos is still sitting on the bench earning 30k a week which is sickening IMO. I blame McLeish for not bringing him back but understand the Germa
  9. http://www.rangerssupporterstrust.co.uk/news/2007/080107.html 08 January 2007 Trust Calls for ââ?¬Ë?Clarity, Direction and Leadershipââ?¬â?¢ at Rangers The Board of the Rangers Supportersââ?¬â?¢ Trust have watched with dismay at the events unfolding at Ibrox in recent weeks. The Trust repeats its public call for clarity, direction and leadership. - Clarity We are entitled to know why the Clubââ?¬â?¢s former Manager and former Captain were allowed to conduct a public dispute, which led to both of them losing their positions. We are also entitled to know precisely what r
  10. http://www.gersnet.info/fmrangers/newmain/050107.html Who�d have thought it? Walter Smith and Ally McCoist to be the new dream team! Is this a master-stroke by McFly or more short-term appeasement followed by heartbreak? Smith is obviously a man with Rangers in his heart. During his earlier stint we had some great times and his contribution to the 92/93 CL run and 9iar cannot be underestimated. However, at the same time, he had millions upon millions to spend; was up against a faltering Celtic and despite that one great CL season our European record was very poor. How will he co
  11. Not to discuss the quality of them all, but what kind of future do you think these guys will have now? I have to say despite his problems, i still see Svennson turning it around and coming good, but he does need somone who knows the Scottish game in that back four beside him Letizi can go tomorrow, i will drive him home myself Sionko is another one who i would try to get shot of ..... just hasn't done anything for us Clement im 50/50 over ... since PLG is his biggest fan, i wonder how long he will want to hang around, but despite some good performances at times, he has totally
  12. Ok Murray has quite fairly taken a lot of criticism but thinking about our managerial hirings and "firings" it really does seem he listens to the fans. When GS left SDM tried to keep him, and insisted it was the biggest mistake of his life. The fans were also sorry to see him go and wanted him to say. He appointed WS as manager which although wasn't the most exciting thing for the fans, it had continuity and after he won the treble and did well in Europe the fans were happy. He got rid of WS when the fans weren't happy about Euro results despite being on very good term with him. W
  13. When DM appointed PLG, along with all the fan-fair and 'look at me' and 'look what I've done', that surrounds The Mint's every appearence on TV, he promised us that this new era would herald 'Moonbeam's of Success' (or something similar) for Rangers. He promised that the arrival of PLG would be accompanied by vast investment that would 'shake Scottish football to it's foundations' that would ensure that Rangers FC would never again be in debt and that the new manager would see a 'substantial' amount as a transfer kitty. When PL was haggling over a new contract, David Murray informed us
  14. New policy for Setanta now is to text 61616 with your number and they send a code back to you which activates the game you want to watch. Sounds good doesn't it. Just a pity that 10 minutes before half time I lost vision of the game, yep, it just went blank and that's the last action of the old firm game that I could see. I was complaining about the picture quality as it was and then it went completely. 1. What the fook happened Setanta ? 2. Will you cuntz still charge me �£10 for 38 mins of action? 3. Why is it that the only technical support line rings out ? 4. Will I ever su
  15. RANGERS chairman David Murray has ruled out a January transfer window swoop for Wigan defender Andy Webster. The former Hearts stopper has again been mentioned as a possible solution to the centre-back problems at Ibrox. He was the target of a �£1m bid by Alex McLeish 18 months ago, but Murray says he is not on Paul Le Guen's target list - for the moment. It is also believed Fifa red tape would prevent Webster moving back to Scotland just months after he became the first player to invoke their new employment rule. Webster served notice on Hearts he would be leaving after completing three
  16. Gloworm - Carry Me Home Capella - Move on Baby The Real McCoy - Another Night
  17. if boyd stays i have no doubt that he will beat larssons record but will take some beating to beat super allys
  18. qfx - Freedom another quality tune i found Del.
  19. Seen in the Sun today that celtic are intrested in signing Jan Huntelar Hopefully not as he is another good striker that they will bring in If this is the quality that they are bringing in/ intrested in well we are fooked
  20. Missed this article on Monday but someone sent me the link. Hard to argue against some of the points made. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,27-2461627,00.html
  21. Is Casino Royal out in the UK yet? and anyone seen it? Its out here on Thursday so il be heading to see it. We also have a Bond marathon on TV just now (1 a night for 20 days plus repeats). Whats everyones fav Bond movie and who was the best Bond in order. Its a very tough choice but A View to a Kill pips Tomorrow Never Dies as the best film for me. Best Bond Actors IMO: I know Sean was the original but Im a fan of Moore and his films and I thought Brosnan was quality aswell. He brought back Bond after a 10 year low. 1) Roger Moore 2) Pierce Brosnan 3) Sean Connery 4) Ti
  22. "To win a crowd is no art; for that only untruth is needed, nonsense, and a little knowledge of human passions." - Kierkegaard Murray is clearly a master politician. Like most politicians, and men of his intelligence, he is no stranger to logic and rhetoric, and certainly is not ignorant in the art of manipulation of human passions. What he says, he says convincingly, and eloquently - saying all the right things, it would seem, at all the right times. You are left with the impression that to disagree with him is to have a petty minded grudge, or to have ill thought out your position.
  23. I make no apoligies for requoting this great post from the Gub on FF. There may be many detractors of the way demonstrations are handled etc, and there is a fairly wide held belief that dismisses any kind of protest as the work of cranks, FF radicals etc etc. The fact is, it isnt. The following gives, for me, a perfectly correct valid and true summation of the last few weeks of the way the club has handled some affairs. It doesnt include the lack of defence of the support or the club from paper attacks (like the Papish Nazi park invader etc) but gives a flavour. It is based on facts and fact
  24. QUOTE : "Le Guen described last weekââ?¬â?¢s victory over Maccabi as a ââ?¬Å?great team performanceââ?¬Â. It wasnââ?¬â?¢t. There was a magnificent performance from captain Barry Ferguson, and solid showings from the likes of Brahim Hemdani, Jeremy Clement and Nacho Novo, but it was a poor quality game against disappointing opponents." As the saying goes, 'you can only play the team put in front of you'. This would be the same 'disappointing opponents' who gave Liverpool such a hard time. Who beat Auxerre. And who the same Press were saying just a few days ago, could provide
  25. Ok, it's agreed, the team isn't good enough - but paradoxically most of the players are getting reasonable write ups at least every few games, they're mostly internationals or have played for big clubs and won stuff, so the question is, which ones are really not good enough? Letizi - He's played for years with PSG and so been around but he's not inspired much confidence, however he doesn't seem to have been too much at fault for most of the goals and he's not responsible for the inability to create chances and score against mediocre opposition. I think the main accusation is you could aim
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