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  1. Ok , this has to be seen lol It's utter quality. http://kontraband.com/show/show.asp?evtype=chest%20cushion%20challenge&ID=4172&NEXTID=0&PREVID=4197&DISPLAYORDER=20060808164333&CAT=&NSFW=3&page=1&genre=&rating=&event=12&nsfwfs=yes
  2. And I'm not being kinky here... Scotland have a tradition of keeping poor quality managers in a job for a long time after their sell by date, so let's make sure we don't lose a prime quality one. Let's be honest, Walter Smith is not really among the best club managers Scotland has produced. He had great domestic success at Rangers but it was at a time when we were spending far more than our opposition and had possibly the highest wage bill in the UK. Celtic were in turmoil and Smith took advantage. Don't get me wrong, I think Smith is a good manager, worse managers than he would ha
  3. Just watched Human Traffic, forgot what a quality film it is, Danny Dyer has gone on to become a very good actor eg, The Business but Human Traffic made him the actor he is today, hilarious !
  4. ... underestimated the quality, pace, passion and strength of the SPL? IMO, he has and this can be seen in some of his signings. He signed players like Svensson on merits that are not suitable for the SPL. A centre-half that cannot head a ball might look class in France, but in the SPL, he looks like a Sunday League player. Leading on from this, we had a very interesting conversation on the journey home on Saturday about the merits of employing an 'assistant manager' from Scotland. Look at most 'foriegn' managers in the EPL, they all have 'English - English based' assistants and when
  5. I doubt there is a way, but no harm in asking. Is there anyway to 'edit' a program you have recorded to only save the parts you want. I recorded the Sunday night of the Leeds/Reading festival, but its about 300 mins long and i only want about half of whats on the program. Obviously the easiest way is to record it onto video and delete the whole thing, but id rather keep it in the planner and not lose the quality. So.... any idea's?....
  6. A NIGHT RANGERS WILL NEVER FORGET 10:00 - 26 August 2006 As the latest clutch of mostly uninspiring European matches found their way onto our screens this week, a radio phone-in debated one of football's mysteries: how is it that Glasgow Rangers have won just a single European trophy? That victory arrived on May 24, 1972, at Barcelona's Nou Camp, when Rangers produced a glorious performance in the first hour of the Cup Winners' Cup final to lead Moscow Dynamo 3-0. Although the Russians rallied and scored two late goals, it wasn't enough to deny a group of players whose names were to b
  7. On reading the BBC on-line fitbaw page this morning, I noticed Coventry City have reportedly tabled a 500,000 bid for wee Nacho. Surely we have to accept that, 1/2 million in the hipper and freeing up some wages. He did okay for us initially but, I wouldn't imagine he'll see much 1st team action now. With the quality that's at the club now, he'll be way down the pecking order. So if the bid is genuine, IMO it would be better for all parties concerned that ourselves and Nacho accept the offer.
  8. Dosent sound like he is getting impatient as the mhedia suggested earlier in the week, just another example of how the gutter press turn things around to make a decent story.
  9. A team that is worth watching i full expect the atmosphere at Ibrox to to take a much needed turn for the better. Critics argue that the banning of sectarian chants and all will kill off any atmosphere at our stadium but this couldnt be further from the truth. The real reason Ibrox has been like a morgue is down to the fact that the quality of football over the last couple of seasons has totally abysmal. Think about it. when was the last time you sat on the edge of you seat buzzing with anticipation and the adrenalin flowing through your viens? Answers on a post card please. The truth is weve
  10. Have just got it for the second time and the bloody thing is in black and white!!! Two different files and both have the same results. Got Cerks 2 but re-doing that one as the quality is shite. Just wonderingg if anyone has seen them and if they are worht hte hassle
  11. Grieving Tiger Woods Convinced Everyone Let Him Win British Open July 27, 2006 | Onion Sports ORLANDO, FL�Tiger Woods' initial feelings of elation and redemption after winning the 2006 British Open�his first victory following the passing of his father Earl�began to sour when Woods started questioning the validity of his win, saying that it was "awfully convenient" that nobody posed a real threat to his tournament lead, and that he now believes the entire field let him win because he is still in mourning. "Phil Mickelson? Where the hell was Phil Mickelson t
  12. http://upload4.postimage.org/sports/football/gersforum/709986/thewordpiratesbw4.html Just read some of the comments took from celtic boards Lmfao
  13. Joey Barton has ended speculation about his future by signing a new four-year contract at Manchester City. Barton has had a stormy relationship with City over the past few months after he handed in a transfer request in January. City were keen to tie Barton down to a new deal, with just one year remaining on his previous contract. Barton has now signed a four-year deal at Eastlands, shunning interest from Middlesbrough - who were the only club to really make a move for the midfielder. "It is great that everything has been sorted out," admitted Barton. "I am grateful fo
  14. The fact Duff is considering going to Spurs only reinforces what I've always thought, that if ourselves and Celtic were in the Premiership, we'd make an impact. With the added TV money on top of our gate receipts and following, you can only imagine the quality of player we could attract (and afford) to Ibrox. It'll never happen obviously, but its nice to dream sometimes.
  15. What does everyone think? I cant decide between 2 Argentina goals. Firstly Cambiasso's goal vs Serbia and Montenegro. Brilliant possesion, one touch, give and go football with about 40 consecutive passes. Eventually they exploited some space, moved the ball into the box and an excellent finish into the top corner by Cambiasso arriving late. A goal for the purists. Secondly there's Maxi Rodriguez's volley vs Mexico. Given the context of the match i.e 2nd half of extra time heading for penalties, and the sheer audacity and quality of his chest and volley from the corner of the box w
  16. So, it's nearly over, just a couple of games to go. And in my opinion, it really hasn't lived up to the hype. For every Germany v Italy there seemed to be three Switzerland v Togo games. And as for the top players in the world, not a single one of Henry, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney or Shevchenko set the heather on fire. There have been some good preformances - Riquelme looked pretty decent at the start but in games against better quality opposition (Mexico and Germany) didn't seem able to take a game by the scruff, Zidane was absolutely immense against Brazil but that's been pre
  17. fuck all to do today, so i went on the old forum http://www.dj-vance.com/sweden.html thought this needed a repost, fucking quality.
  18. Don't think this has been posted on here before, I haven't seen it anyway. The quality ain't the best but it's still an awesome wee video clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGw4esCV1gM&search=glasgow%20rangers
  19. well, i`ve done a review before each game, so i thought i may aswell continue to do so as maybe it`ll bring us some luck tommorow. this is englands biggest game in 2 years and it`s PAYBACK TIME. portugal stuffed it down englands throats when they beat them in the euro semis 2 years ago and i`ll tell you now, every england player that was there has been waiting for a chance of revenge for what they seen as a great opportunity lost to go on and beat greece in the finals. sven got it all wrong back then and i must admit HE is the one weakest link i`m concerned about. time and time
  20. can someone make a top quality banner for my forum like something up the top thanks in advance
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