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  1. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/6956-hateley-early-deals-key
  2. Good to see incompetence is a common trait throughout all our departments.
  3. via @Rangers_Official Now that the season is over, this is a good time for me to speak to you directly as part of our ongoing Ready To Listen fan engagement programme. In order to do so I will be answering questions from supporters today in a Twitter Q&A on our official club account. You can tweet your questions directly to me on @RFC_Official using the hashtag #ReadyToListen between 1pm and 2pm. I will answer as many questions from supporters within the hour and look forward to speaking with as many fans as I can. Graham Wallace, Chief Executive Officer.
  4. Hi there, first post, great site. I read lots of blogs etc and this is the best one in Scotland by a distance. If Rangers FC cannot continue as a going concern, in the event of the Dave King faction starving the board out, what happens? How does Rangers International deal with this?
  5. The Blue Order is confirming that we are reluctantly not renewing our season tickets for the 2014/15 season. It is, however, our intention to buy tickets for home and away games on a match-by-match basis so that we can continue to give our full support to our team. Unfortunately, until further notice, we are unable to accommodate any new requests to join TBO or for seat transfers into our section however we would welcome others to congregate with our group in BF5. As part of the Union of Fans umbrella group, TBO have been at the forefront of recent protests against the board and we strongly urge Rangers FC to engage openly with concerned supporters and potential investors to safeguard the club's future.
  6. how many have actually pledged to dave kings scheme and how may season books have actually been sold?
  7. We; the Union Bears would like to confirm our current stance with regards to next season and announce that we will not be renewing our tickets. Whilst we would like to have announced this sooner it has not been an easy decision to come to and one which we haven't taken lightly. It has been a painful sacrifice but we hope it proves to be an effective one. We believe we can't continue to put our hard earned money into a club suffering from mismanagement in all areas. We find it very hard to renew with all the uncertainty surrounding the club and don't believe that throwing cash into a financial black hole is the answer. If the situation changes, we will update everyone as soon as we can. But as things stand, the group will NOT be renewing and won't be back in BF1 next season. Thanks for your continued support the last few seasons. UB07
  8. Ticket Centre Open All Weekend To assist with season ticket renewals Rangers Ticket Centre will be open this weekend. To make things easier for supporters the ticket centre will be open today AND Sunday to allow fans to renew their season ticket before the deadline of Friday 16 May. The Ticket Centre will be open today from 10am-2pm and Sunday 10am-2pm. The Ticket Centre is also open this bank holiday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-5pm, Thursday from 9am-6pm and next Saturday and Sunday 10-2pm. SEASON TICKET PAYMENT OPTION OPTION 1 - In full by bank transfer, cheque or cash. a) Bank Transfer – For UK payments please use the following account details: Metro Bank, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA, Account Name: Rangers FC - Direct Ticket A/C, Sort Code: 23-05-80, Account Number: 14222855. For all overseas payments please use the following account details: Metro Bank, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA, Account Name: Rangers FC - Direct Ticket A/C, SWIFT/BIC: MYMBGB2L or IBAN: GB86MYMB23058014222855. IMPORTANT INFORMATION – if you select to pay by Bank Transfer you MUST only pay for one season ticket at a time and ensure that you use your correct 9 digit Rangers Number along with your seat details with a space in between as payee reference in order for your season ticket renewal to be processed. For example. 50001111 GLWAA111 b) Cheque – write cheque guarantee card number, expiry date, Rangers number and seat details on reverse and make payable to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. If returning by post, please send to Rangers Ticket Centre, Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD. c) Cash – only in person at Rangers Ticket Centre. OPTION 2 – BY 4 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS – ONLY AVAILABLE TO SEASON HOLDERS WHO HAD PREVIOUSLY SELECTED TO AUTO RENEW IN INSTALMENTS There are 3 ways to pay by 4 monthly instalments: a) Bank Transfer – For UK payments please use the following account details: Metro Bank, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA, Account Name: Rangers FC - Direct Ticket A/C, Sort Code: 23-05-80, Account Number: 14222855. For all overseas payments please use the following account details: Metro Bank, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA, Account Name: Rangers FC - Direct Ticket A/C, SWIFT/BIC: MYMBGB2L or IBAN: GB86MYMB23058014222855. IMPORTANT INFORMATION – if you select to pay by Bank Transfer you MUST only pay for one season ticket at a time and ensure that you use your correct 9 digit Rangers Number along with your seat details with a space in between as payee reference in order for your season ticket renewal to be processed. For example. 50001111 GLWAA111 b) Cheque – write cheque guarantee card number, expiry date, Rangers number and seat details on reverse and make payable to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. If returning by post, please send to Rangers Ticket Centre, Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD. c) Cash – only in person at Rangers Ticket Centre. PLEASE NOTE - you will receive reminder emails or SMS 1 week prior to subsequent payment dates – please ensure you provide/update your current email address and/or mobile to enable us to contact you. The payment dates are as follows: • 1st instalment - on or before renewal deadline • 2nd instalment - on or before Monday 30 June • 3rd instalment - on or before Thursday 31 July • 4th instalment - on or before Friday 29 August OPTION 3 – Zebra Finance by 4 or 10 monthly instalments Renew online here, download a renewal form or request a form from Rangers Ticket Centre.

If you have any queries please contact Rangers Ticket Centre or email ticketcentre@rangers.co.uk
  9. According to STV the review will be published to LSE today as planned. Please ensure all discussion takes place in this thread where appropriate. Full review for download here: http://t.co/HNRfyvKDAe
  10. Thread on FF saying Sandy has passed away! So so sad if true Been confirmed by Mark Dingwall on FF RIP Sandy, a true Rangers legend.
  11. Monday, 14 April 2014 20:00 Business Review Update Written by Rangers Football Club "THE Board of Rangers Football Club notes the concern of supporters around the timing of release of an update from the Club’s business review ahead of the renewal deadline for season tickets. The Board confirms, in accordance with its previous announcements, that the business review will be completed as planned and an update will be issued to shareholders and supporters on 25th April, ahead of the season ticket renewal deadline as previously indicated." http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/6763-business-review-update
  12. by Robbie Bannatyne In 2001, I played in the Willem II Youth Football Tournament for Glasgow Rangers FC under 13s. After a narrow 1-0 defeat by Arsenal in our opening game we got, to use a colloquial term in the West of Scotland, ‘pumped’ in all of our remaining fixtures by opposition including Ajax, Nantes and Feyenoord - who were technically, and physically, far superior in every department. To further compound our misery, our pathetic performances were the polar opposite to those of the gifted U15 side, who produced a string of dominant displays en route to the final of the prestigious tournament. Since its inception in August 1993, the Willem II youth tournament has featured the top international clubs and some of the most talented young football players in the world on an annual basis. But no other youth side will ever face a team as talented as Rangers’ opponents in the 2001 Final of the Willem II tournament; a Barcelona side orchestrated by Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique. The team was also supplemented by a further three current professionals in Victor Vasquez (Club Brugge), Marc Valiente (Real Valladolid) and Marc Pedraza of CD Numancia. Unsurprisingly, this vintage crop of La Masia youngsters routinely routed their poor, hopelessly overmatched opponents. A comment from Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, after Francesc Fabregas arrived at the Gunners, a mere 18 months after that youth tournament, summed up their superiority, he stated, “When Cesc arrived here (Arsenal) I spoke with his mother and she told me that his team (Barcelona Academy Team) were used to winning 6-0, 7-0, 8-0 and 9-0." Yet despite Barca’s embarrassment of riches, the final was a keenly contested affair- which the Catalans edged 2-0. Although the classy Catalan side were clearly a step up in quality, the young Ibrox hopefuls were not totally outclassed, and contributed significantly to an absorbing final, rich in technical ability and skill. That final seems to have been a catalysing event for the young Catalan side who, in the very next season, became the all-conquering group of young Cule’s who won an unprecedented treble in the unforgettable, and now legendary, season of 2002-2003. Dundee United midfielder, Paul Paton, was a member of the Rangers team who played Barcelona in the Willem II Cup final. In an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport, Paton recalled his memories of the tournament: “We performed well in the tournament playing against Brugge, Willem II and Arsenal. We defeated Feyenoord, who had De Guzman, (Swansea midfielder and Dutch international) in the semi finals. “But the Barcelona team were a step up in class, physically bigger, stronger, fitter and faster. At the time, I didn't realise there players would go on to be some of the best players in the world. But it was obvious that they were a special side. Almost every player in that team has gone on to carve a career in Spanish football.” The fact that the same youth team has produced three of the greatest players of their of generation, and in Messi, probably the finest player in football history, ensures that the ‘Class of 87’ will forever be enshrined in the history of FC Barcelona and their legendary talent conveyor belt academy, La Masia. A simple Google search on ‘Barcelona’s Class of 87’ yields a litany of literature written about the fabled ‘Baby Dream Team’. Yet an identical search about the Rangers class of 1987 offers up nothing. The brilliant batch of young boys at Ibrox literally became forgotten men. Surely the strong showing at the Willem II tournament should have been a platform for further success, right? Wrong. Soon after, the team seemed to plateau before alarmingly beginning their rapid descent into footballs abyss, where the vast majority of the players remain. The aforementioned Paul Paton of Dundee United, and Bob Harris, who plays for English League One side Sheffield United are the only two players from that gifted Ibrox youth side to have properly made the grade in the professional game. Tellingly, they were both released from the Ibrox club at 16 years old. In what is befitting of the Scottish ‘way’, the concerns about both players seemed to be in regards to there of lack height rather than deficiency in ability. At the same time, many of their teammates from the Willem II tournament team, who have since faded into obscurity, were awarded professional contracts by the Glasgow giants. Paul Paton, without a hint of bitterness or resentment, recalls his painful snub from his boyhood heroes: “There are always favoured players in every set up and it was them that were rewarded with pro contracts. I was released along with Bob Harris and funnily enough we're now playing at a higher level than anyone else in that side. "Maybe that shows that Rangers failed to spot what we knew we had. We weren't given a chance and that's my only regret. If I went full time at 17 rather than 21 I'd be a much better player." Now I am in no position to disagree with Paton, who has plenty more knowledge and experience of football than I will ever have. But, in some respects, I think he has risen to the top level because of his snub from Rangers, not in spite of it. Instead of staying cocooned in the prosperous comfort zone of Murray Park, being lulled into a false sense of security of dominating games in the U19s or reserve leagues, he started at the very bottom of the senior football ladder, with Third Division side Queens Park, and made his way up the leagues the hard way. His experience of the harsh and unforgiving environments of the lower leagues strengthened his resolve to be a success in the senior game, and gave him a greater appreciation of the toil it takes to really make it as a footballer. His undeniable talent was complemented by; commitment, hard work, dedication and a desire to better himself- qualities which I am sure were refined and developed during his apprenticeship in the lower leagues. He is now thriving in the top tier of the Scottish game. So much so, in a miraculous twist of fate, today Paul Paton started for Dundee United in their 3-1 victory over, you guessed it, Rangers at Ibrox. The result sent Paton’s side into the Scottish Cup Final, and typically, the combative 26-year-old was in the thick of the action in the Dundee United engine room, enjoying every minute against his boyhood heroes. When asked about his opinion on the failure of his former teammates to make the grade in the senior game, he said: “Murray Park was a good experience and it felt like a privilege at the time. Maybe the boys that went full time took it for granted, got too much too young and read their own press. At the time they were the best players in the county at their age. Maybe they never applied themselves and didn't work hard enough.” Although the national approach to youth development in Scotland has been notoriously archaic for a number of years, perhaps Rangers youth academy coaches and the Murray Park policy makers were especially negligent in their duty of care to diligently develop the potential of their youth team products. This is a quote from the clubs former chief executive, Martin Bain, given in a press conference in 2004, which seems to add credence to this conviction. He stated: "If I'm very honest, the focus was on the first team for most of the nine years that I've been here." Alarm bells should have been ringing when one of the most influential men at Rangers publicly denounced his clubs antiquated approach to youth development. The statement basically lays bare the brutal truth that the Ibrox powerbrokers abandoned the process of youth development in favour of procuring established talent for the 1st team for a close to a decade. This is in spite of the fact that fully three years prior to his comments Rangers spent £14 million on the plush Murray Park complex. When I quizzed Paul Paton about the success of Murray Park, the former Rangers youth stated: “As far as I'm concerned no real talent has came through Murray Park. The young boys playing in the first team wouldn't make the reserves in years gone by.” These damning comments seem to confirm that the supposedly fertile terrain of Murray Park, which should have been used to cultivate and maintain a dedicated and focussed philosophy, that prioritised, above all else, organic long term sustainable development, was instead turned into barren landscape after being sabotaged by the prevailing, and fundamentally unsustainable principle of investing in readymade success for the senior team. This subordination of youth development in favour of buying expensive foreign players the club couldn’t afford literally killed Rangers FC on 13th June 2012. The current incarnation in the club now trade is officially named ‘The Rangers Football Club Limited’. As a direct consequence of the fatal financial problems, which still plague the Ibrox club, they do not have any sort of scouting infrastructure in place at the club. No need to rub your eyes in disbelief: you read that last sentence correctly the club has no scouting network whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, this approach is the antithesis to that of Barcelona’s where the emphasis has been on consistently producing quality home grown players to complement the first team since the appointment of Laureano Ruiz, as the general coordinator of youth football for the club in 1974. From that point on, the overwhelming focus of youth development has been on cultivating a style of football based on the philosophy of possession play, through the marriage of touch and technique, as opposed to relentless running and physique, which prevails in Scotland. The long term result of this vision: the inimitable brand of ‘tiki-taka’ football played by all Barca teams from the academy to the Camp Nou. The talent conveyor belt, which continues to churn out world class individuals and sides such as ‘The Baby Dream Team’, from the La Masia breeding ground, could not be contrasted more sharply with the barren land of Murray Park. Whilst the Barcelona players are literally living out their dreams, the former Rangers youth prospects suffer the nightmare of tainted memories, broken ambition and bitterness that they failed, or were prevented, from truly fulfilling their huge potential, which was abundantly clear to anyone who watched their fantastic displays at the famous Willem II tournament. Ultimately, Rangers’ negligible approach to youth development was one of the main culprits for the creative cull of such a promising batch of players that went off the boil so badly, so quickly. But there were certainly other chief protagonists in this tale of woe and tragedy.
  13. I appreciate this won't be a popular view but yesterday's performance was actually quite heartening and one that suggested to me that McCoist actually does have a chance. Let me explain before cries of 'burn the witch' and the pitchforks are produced. We took on a top six SPFL side yesterday, most if not all of us expected nothing from the match, yet we payed probably as well as at anytime this season. We showed a lot of fight and spirit yesterday, we matched our opponents for that, that hasn't always been the case this season. There clearly was a reaction to last weekend and to the criticism the side and players have had. That shows the players are still playing for the manager if nothing else. We didn't chuck it yesterday, even at 3-1 the heads didn't go down. That tells us something about the squad. The match itself told us the gap between the top and the third flight is small but telling. Individual errors cost us the match, no manager in the world can legislate for what Simonsen did. Likewise when we lost possession for their second, what can the manager do about that? I've read some blame Smith for the first, I disagree. It was scored by a midfielder, he ran from deep and should have been tracked, but not by Smith who was on the other side of the ground and already playing someone offside. We'd two excellent chances, they fell to our strikers too. We wasted them, however it showed the gap between the sides. In the third tier our strikers get lots of chances, in the top tier their strikers don't, so when they get chances they took them. Again, I'm not sure what we expect the manager to do about that. We created some very good chances yesterday, we had one cleared off the line and hit the woodwork. They had four chances and scored three of them. That's the reality of the gap between our sides just now. We'll need to improve next season, we'll need to cut put the errors and take our chances because we'll get fewer next season as the sides we'll play are slightly better than this season. It's hardly an unbridgeable gap. We were missing Bell, Wallace, MacLoed and Little yesterday, four certain starters, so all criticism should keep that in mind too. Like most supporters I've found our performances difficult to watch this season, there is much wrong with our side and our club. However, oddly, yesterday was the first time for a while I've thought McCoist just might make it after all.
  14. This should be interesting, renewals before the 120 days. Rangers will launch their season ticket renewal campaign at Ibrox tomorrow. As reported in the Herald today, prices expected to rise by 18%.
  15. Enough with Rangers based navel gazing! Here's some golf based navel gazing. Football is a funny old game, said Saint and Greavsie in their inexplicably popular lunchtime show of the 1980's. I guess it showed how stuck in its ways Football Focus had become that such a dismally unfunny programme could actually be made, let alone become popular. At least it allowed Jimmy Greaves some later life rehabilitation, which given his abilities (before my time, I admit) and drink troubles counts for something. Takes a lot to justify inflicting Ian St. John on the nation, though. There's never been any accounting for football with logic, though. Or sport, in general. As the weekend draws to a close, the annual circus that is The Masters adorns our screens, the stunning flora of Georgia only matched by the stunning crassness of a set up which reduces golf to little more than hit and hope, a well paid version of the fabulous crazy golf course next to the ferry port at Brodick. One of the holes features a miniature version of the Forth Rail Bridge - Brodick, that is, not Augusta. Some may see this assertion as heresy, but it's ever harder to defend The Masters as anything but golf for people who don't get golf. Galleries made up of a-whoopin' and a -hollerin' Bubba lardos, about as unreflective of golf's horribly overdue racial diversity as you can get, greens which appear to be devoid of grass, golf's risk-and-reward ethos eliminated and replaced by pure luck: The Masters isn't golf, it's stick and ball based comedy. Such an opinion, alas, found me in the company of the awful Peter Alliss, about whom I feel bad being mean since he plainly is not long for this world. I won't miss his commentary, though, which is ever more a talking obituary column and less about the golf. Alliss has dared incur the wrath of Augusta's organisers by publicly, on air, calling out their tournament for the shambles that it is: 'Bobby Jones never played golf like this', he said this evening, and he was right: you probably couldn't have fitted Bubba Watson's ludicrously oversized driver into Jones' golf bag. How I would have loved to be good enough to get an invite! I would be torn between declining on the grounds that it isn't real golf and that to endorse such a bastion of sexism and racism is unethical, or turning up in full clown outfit, with wig, squirting flower in lapel and sporting giant shoes. The only worry is that, in the world of pro golf, such attire might not be thought unusual. I do often think, sardonic smile on chubby face, how Spiers can reconcile his decades long attendance at Augusta with his crusade on diversity in Scotland. Or how the BBC as a body justifies it. Or their coverage of our Open. However, golf is changing, and broadcasters no longer need be embarrassed to cover it. They can move on, so can golf. Be nice if they extended the same courtesy to us, but no matter. I fear to keep such conservative company as Peter Alliss, who is out there in the land where that Inverdale oaf is acceptable. Queer bedfellows, indeed. I am far more comfortable cuddling in with someone like Peter Tatchell, of Outrage, or gay rights group Stonewall. Like Nil by Mouth on golf, such people have been loud in their denunciation of football as a hotbed of homophobia, but although they have my every sympathy in their general aims, when it comes to football I just can't see it. Football must be the least macho sport around, replete with much mano-a-mano hugging, shorts which are again, after two decades of repressed, baggy shorts, showing signs of becoming short shorts again, more unconvincing acting than Rory McIlroy in that Santander ad (once more I wonder how some ad executives both get and keep their jobs) and - the final clincher, this - people who are always threatening violence but who never, ever actually throw a punch. Footballers are the weediest bunch ever. Why the game gets a homophobic name is beyond me: if we're going to accept 1970's stereotypes of homosexuality, you'd have to chalk up fitba as the game of Queens, on the pitch at least. I suppose it's like all those rockers who used to worship Freddy Mercury without either knowing or turning a hair about his rampant queer identity. Well, I can't work out people who want to make us all different anyway. Gay or straight, most of us are boring, dull people who don't differ all that much - work, sleep, work, shopping, complain, work and so on. Fetishists, those are the freaks we should be marginalizing, like fans of rubber or nihilist East Fife fans. The half-cut beer bellies who are presently intoning 'Kooooooch' in order to worship a lanky, inoffensive golfer aren't doing any more harm than some half-cut Weegie twat calling a footballer 'a big poofy bastart' because he shirked a tackle. But the lads in Georgia sound like wallopers, and so do unthinking or conscious homophobes at football games. It certainly doesn't take a PC totem like Spiers or Cosgrove, working to a highly selective agenda of inclusivity, to realise that this ain't the 70's, and that neither tartan flares on the golf course nor nasty jibes about what other people get up to in the bedroom are really on. Anyway, I'd bet that the idea that gay people indulge in a non-stop festival of sweaty shagging is as far from the mark as the idea that I, married 15 years, am doing likewise with my missus. Like I say, work, sleep, and so on is much the same regardless. But one of these days, like Augusta, we in Scotland will catch up with the rest of the world. Even St Andrews allows women in to the clubhouse now! Everyone, everywhere is in a flux, a process of change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, like in Ukraine. This idea that of the entire globe, only Rangers FC can never change has to be consigned to the bin, whether it comes from LUMP fundmentalists within our own support or everyone else who are ironically more puritan in their distaste of us than we, with our imaginary Calvinist identity, could ever be: look at the effort they have put in to demonising us over the last few years! We can only dream of such ideologically driven energy. Here's to the golf, anyway. No doubt I will watch again next year, as Westwood demonstrates that not being able to putt means you'll never win a biggie, and that golf should not really be allowed away from Scottish links. Perhaps it will help me forget another week of enormous letdown brought on by eleven men in shorts. It's a queer old game, right enough.
  16. Simonsen - A catalog of errors from him today. Partially at fault for the second goal, gifted the 3rd goal like someone who was match fixing and was extremely lucky on other occasions where he made mistakes coming off his line. Criminal goalkeeping, so I highly doubt if he'll play for Rangers again. Foster - He's a trier, but we have a young French center back who's better at right back than this guy. Peralta would be better at right back than Fozzy too. Jig - Sniffing for a new contract? Hopes to play for us in Europe again? Eh? He's having a laugh. Never a defender in a million years and not good enough to keep playing for Rangers at the age of 36 (he's 36 in a few weeks). Mohsni - Nowhere near good enough and a total clown. Thankfully he only got a two year deal. Smith - Sell Wallace in the summer and keep Stevie Smith as first choice left back until we're back in the top flight and can afford better. Worth having on the team sheet for his free kick taking ability alone. We don't currently need someone of his quality just as a 2nd choice left back. Peralta - The lad's a grafter and actually not that bad a player despite the stick he gets, but a four year deal? Eh? If he has a good World Cup and we get offered money for him we should probably take it. Black - Good enough for next season, but I'd let him see out his contract next season and replace him with better quality for our top flight return. Law - Is it just me or is this guy over-hyped and over-rated? Good enough for next season, but he's going to need to be replaced by a quality playmaker for our return to the Premier League. We need to find a first class central midfield partner for MacLeod and Law isn't the answer. Aird - Another one who comes into the grafter category. He's got pace, but his passing and decision making at times is woeful plus his first touch is often a pass to the opposition. Good enough for next season, but good enough for a Rangers team challenging for a top flight title? I don't think so. Shiels - Way way too inconsistent a player for my liking and too injury prone as well. Odd moments of magic in amongst hundreds of hours of looking like a balloon disguised as a headless chicken. Daly - TAXI !!
  17. It was on the Dutch news tonight about the misuse of young people in the Catholic church in Holland and Scotland. The Catholic church should have done everything in their power to bring them to justice instead of hiding them away. It is a criminal offence to hide a criminal which is what the Catholic church did. Why are they not being charged for their actions?
  18. Sad to hear that Police Scotland have told the Bridgeton Loyal they won't be allowed to take in and display their brand new (and expensive) banner despite it meeting all of the safety requirements and having been given the OK by both Rangers and Hibs.
  19. Saturday, 05 April 2014 10:00 Only Focused On Ourselves Written by Andrew Dickson RICHARD FOSTER doesn’t expect Rangers to get any credit if they win the Ramsdens Cup tomorrow and is focused only on claiming the trophy rather than on what people think. The full-back has made Ally McCoist’s starting line-up in each of the last eight games and is therefore likely to retain his position against Raith Rovers at Easter Road. He’ll go into the game looking to make a positive impact in what will be his first final appearance as a senior player. And he’ll savour the moment if he is able to add a winner’s medal to the SPL and League One titles he has won in two spells at Ibrox. Foster knows the Ramsdens Cup isn’t as prestigious as the Scottish Cups and League Cups Gers have played for in the past. In that sense, he appreciates many will have expected the Light Blues to deliver this prize since the start of the season and they’re more likely to bat an eyelid if they don’t. But the 28-year-old isn’t taking any notice of other people’s opinions and is concentrating only on getting the better of Grant Murray’s Fifers. Foster said: “It’s one of those where we won’t get any plaudits if we win and all we can do is try our utmost to come out on top. “It’s a massive game for us. These are the games you want to play in as a football player and we’re really looking forward to it. “We can only win the competitions we’re in and we’ve played four games in this competition already. “The whole point was to try to get to the final and win it so now we’ve got a chance to do that this weekend. “It would be an amazing feeling for us to win and we’ll celebrate it if we do. Everyone expects us to do that but it’ll be a really tough game. “It’s not one of the major tournaments so if we’re successful people will say we should have won it anyway and if we’re not people will say we’re not good enough. “That’s what comes from playing at a club of this stature. The fans expect certain things as we do as players and that’s something we’ll just need to deal with.” Statistically, Rangers go into this match in terrific form having won their last five games and gone on an unbeaten run which now stretches to 39 games. But McCoist’s men have only scored three times in one of their last eight fixtures and they haven’t always played as well as they are capable of. In turn, that has made for some tighter encounters than many would have liked and Foster is hoping for an improvement on that front at Easter Road. He added: “Our performances in the league have maybe dipped a bit in the last couple of games and we’re looking to put that right against Raith. “We want to give a good performance and get a victory to keep our momentum going ahead of the game the following week with Dundee United in the Scottish Cup.” http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/6683-only-focused-on-ourselves
  20. April 1, 2014 by billmcmurdo Rangers Supporters Loyal The rebels in the Rangers support have reacted with predictable hatred and venom to news that loyal fans are preparing to buy extra season tickets and are also willing to pay extra monies to the club in order to offset the impact of a potential season ticket boycott. The good news for those loyal fans, many of whom read this blog, is that the new supporters group is in the process of being formed. A new website with a forum is being developed and the loyal fans can have an online meeting place that meets their needs – a place free from the negativity and pollution of other online forums. This forum will be a place where Gers fans can communicate with each other without the playground abuse you get elsewhere. It will be heavily moderated in terms of who gets to enter the forum. No agitators, rebels or imposters will be allowed and, if found therein, will be punted swiftly. A code of conduct will be drawn up for the new supporters group and its general ethos will be one of support for the board – without giving the board a blank cheque in any way. Many great ideas have been put forward and we hope the new group will have an immediate and dynamic effect on the Rangers family. The driving force for this new group has been the vision and determination of Ayrbear to create a voice for fans of Rangers who are not anti-board but are very much pro-Rangers. Old-fashioned attributes of dignity, decorum and respect – as exemplified by Rangers men of old – are very much part of the ethos this new supporters group will seek to embody. We all owe Ayrbear and one or two others who are in the background a massive debt for putting flesh and bone to an idea whose time has come. This group will be staunch friends and allies of other Rangers groups who share our values of supporting the club through thick and thin. However, we will implacably oppose those who seek to agitate matters at Ibrox for self-seeking agendas that could damage RFC. There will be an annual membership fee and all monies will be fully accounted for with transparency. It is important for me to say this – this will not be the Bill McMurdo Rangers Supporters Group. I am happy to support it and be involved with it but this new group has come out of that wellspring that is still thankfully at the heart of our massive bluenose support – the wellspring of loyalty to and love for the club which makes us The People. In other words, it is YOUR group. Your devotion to Rangers has demanded that such a group be formed. The group will be known as Rangers Supporters Loyal and this name says everything about what this organisation will epitomise. It is not about individuals but about Rangers FC and what the club stands for. Many of you have indicated your willingness to join Rangers Supporters Loyal. Soon you will have the chance to do just that. Also we will have a meeting soon to formalise things and elect office bearers. We are coming down the road, folks and we will not be stopped, sidetracked or deflected. http://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/rangers-supporters-loyal/
  21. Statement from NARSA regarding recent events involving the RFFF: "The RFFF voted today that in the event of litigation against Craig Houston, arising from content on the Sons Of Struth Facebook page, a proposal to provide financial support will be taken to a general meeting of fans." Below is the NARSA (North American Rangers Supporters Association) response to the above statement by the RFFF (Rangers Fans Fighting Fund) from Wednesday March 26, 2014. NARSA hereby demands that the seven members of the RFFF who voted in favor of the motion to support the above proposal resign their positions on the RFFF Committee by Friday, April 4th. NARSA feels these seven persons have failed in their duty to use the funds in the manner befitting the original purpose or in the best interests of Rangers FC and the RFFF. Should any of these seven individuals remain on the RFFF Committee by end of day Friday, April 4th, 2014, NARSA and its Member Clubs will demand the immediate return of all monies donated. In addition, we propose that, as NARSA raised and donated funds in excess of $80,000 USD, we have official representation on the RFFF Committee going forward. Our representative would be the sitting President of NARSA, by default.
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