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  1. I would encourage anyone not already a member to join now The below will be being emailed to all members shortly. We encourage all Rangers Fans world wide to now participate in at http://www.rangersfirst.org'>http://www.rangersfirst.org We are the People and this is our time. Dear members > > As you will have gathered the Club issued an Open Offer today regarding the issue of 19,864,918 new Ordinary Shares in Rangers International Football Club PLC. > > The full details of that issue can be found here: > > http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exch ... d=12066370 > > We would ask that you have a read of it all. > > Rangers First was set up to collectively buy as many shares in the PLC as it could, with the hope of at least reaching 5% ownership which in a PLC is significant as it would allow Rangers First to hold any PLC board to account via the calling of a General meeting. > > Rangers First can confirm that it has already written to both Graham Wallace and the NOMAD (Daniel Stewart & Company PLC, who has confirmed reciept) that it is in a position to “invest beyond our pro-rated pre-emption rights” and that Rangers First would “wish to be added to any Excess Application Facility for the purchase of additional shares” > > Upon reflection on todays statement the Rangers First steering group has concluded that it is most appropriate to continue on our policy of buying shares and will as we indicated in our letter seek to take up as many as possible. > > However as is made clear in the Clubs own statement there are severe risks if this share issue is not taken up and this will not be the last share issue and so we presume these same risks will also attach as concerns to the further share offers to follow. Rangers First is set up as a democratic organisation and so the Steering Group wish to put the democratic process into action and have our members confirm by vote that they are happy for Rangers First Steering Group to continue its share purchase policy and take up as many shares as it can in this share issue. > > All members will be sent a vote in the next few hours which will be open over the weekend. > > This is another chance for Rangers Fans to take a significant stake and have significantly more influence at our Club. From the statement this will be the first of a number of equity raises so now is the time to sign up, get you family, home and abroad signed up, get those you go to and watch the game with signed…..get every Bear you have ever known to sign up to Rangers First > > http://www.rangersfirst.org Please consider taking out a Life membership of Rangers First for £500 (this can be passed to your children one day) or joining for a monthly fee of as little as £5 per month (U16 free) Selling all the 1872 life membership would raise enough for Rangers First to buy over 5% of the Club and reach our Stage 1 > > > We are the People and this is our Time!
  2. This mantra is in stark contrast to the axiom stated about boxers but it holds true at Ibrox, whether it is turmoil, on and off the field, Charles Green or Dave King. It was just another Sunday at Ibrox with normal levels of turbulence and uncertainty. There was a stark contrast to the dignified and fitting tribute to the late Sandy Jardine in the lurid headlines that screamed in the morning newspapers. Basically, they read: Chuck is back and this time it is business, not personal. Affairs at Ibrox must be investigated in two sections: the business and the playing. The former is the more urgent. As one Rangers supporter told me yesterday: "There are more pressing issues to address than whether Lewis Macleod should be playing wide right." The return of Mr Green is more than an amusement, though. The tales of George Soros may be as tall as Peter Crouch on stilts but the backstory to the former chief executive's latest foray into the media contains an element of truth that points to what is going on at Ibrox. It is this: there are significant developments unfolding at the club. The financial situation is acute with the board seeking investment and Green wants to be near at hand when that deal is brokered. More interesting is the relative silence of King. He, too, though has not gone away. Much of the action from Graham Wallace, the chief executive of Rangers, and King, the man who would be sovereign at Rangers, is taking place in London, with mixed results. A City source, who invested in Rangers in the initial public offering, told Herald Sport last night that Wallace has been active in trying to arrange support for another share issue. However, he added: "He has not met with conspicuous success." This was said wryly. The message, though, was deeply serious. "There is no way I would advise further investment at Rangers under the present circumstances and under the present board. It is that simple," he said. King has been working the City since at least March. His initial strategy was to canvass support for his plan to take the proxy vote for significant shareholdings and force change. This, increasingly, has been seen to be impractical, perhaps even unworkable, as long as the major players remain united within the Ibrox boardroom. The pressure must be applied to the Beaufort Group that holds the majority of shares. This has been applied effectively by the strategy of some fans to withhold season ticket money. There has been much argument over whether this constitutes a boycott but it would be much more instructive to investigate the action's consequences. It has brought King back into play, despite the reluctance of some on the Ibrox board to deal with the South African businessman. King's patience was criticised over the summer but he may just have played his cards astutely. Rangers are searching for money and King claims he has it. This seemingly straightforward case of demand and supply, however, founders on the rocks of implacable politics at Rangers. King, though, has improved his position quietly over the summer and may in the position to make his move. The re-emergence of Green at this crucial juncture is not coincidental. The Yorkshireman, who has the copyright of the terms bluff and plain-speaking, has again caused considerable annoyance to those inside Ibrox, not least Ally McCoist. The Rangers manager was understandably frustrated at Green's latest intervention at the weekend when he stated that he could raise money to extricate the club from the deep financial hole. McCoist described all of this as "a sideshow" and it is, but it is one with a purpose. The former chief executive was reminding everyone that he will have a say, even if his influence may be limited, in what happens at Ibrox. With this financial game playing out in the media, it is almost crass to discuss a football match but what happened at Ibrox in front of 43,683 deserves consideration. First, Hearts deserve enormous credit for a gameplan and for the willingness of their players to carry it out. Craig Levein and his football department have recruited wisely. Robbie Neilson set the team up cleverly and there were particularly outstanding contributions from Danny Wilson, in central defence, and Osman Sow, in attack. Success for Hearts was ensured by increasing fecklessness in Rangers ranks. After they had missed early chances, Rangers defended awfully. Wilson made the most of a free header and Sow capitalised on disarray in the Rangers backline to score emphatically, seconds after McCoist's side equalised. This frustration - and the very fact that he was asked a question he had to answer - probably accounted for McCoist's relative sharpness as regards Green. He will, though, be more concerned about solving the matters he has influence over, including finding the ideal wide man who can produce opportunities for Kris Boyd and Kenny Miller. The latter had to come back to midfield on Sunday to find a touch and he was insistent afterwards that the side had to create more chances. The team faces an interesting challenge at Falkirk on Friday. The board confronts more difficult problems with every day that passes. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/king-still-in-play-as-financial-chess-game-rumbles-on.25024715?
  3. It didn't take them very long. Lunney or no Lunney ... http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7359-mohsni-handed-two-game-ban Monday, 04 August 2014 16:00 Mohsni Handed Two Game Ban Written by Rangers Football Club RANGERS have been informed today that defender Bilel Mohsni will serve a two-match suspension following his red card in the pre-season friendly against Derby on Saturday. The Tunisian defender will now miss the opening two games of the season against Hibernian in the Petrofac Training Cup tomorrow night and the first league match of the campaign against Hearts on Sunday.
  4. All, If you've not listened to WWTC podcast before then this is an excellent opportunity to "ease-in" to our style of delivery We had Richard Atkinson from Supporters Direct on to talk about Rangers First, which he did to great length, he also kindly answered questions from the team and from twitter he also got his keys out! give it a watch if you have any doubts about RangersFirst as a Fan ownership vehicle or you just want to see his face on a big telly. Feel free to share with other bears! you can follow the pod on twitter @wwtc_pod also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-W...ast/1446242595610661?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark Cheers!
  5. After a successful meeting with Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland today it would appear that subject to a few little details our application for a procession to Ibrox on the 19th July will be passed as acceptable. We will require the following volunteers from within the support to fulfil some council requirements. - Experianced marshals - Volunteer marshals - First aiders - Expectant numbers. I would love to hear from pipe or accordion band with a repertoire of Rangers songs In their play book. If you can help with any of the above or will be in attendance can you please let me know on this post or via PM Thanks Craig SoS https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfStrut...al_comments=14 L
  6. Noticing there has been some fairly sizeable share trades recently... Just over 50,000 sold today and several 10,000 buys at the end of last week.....
  7. Here is my plan complete with gaping holes for a velvet rangers revolution. I believe currently the rangers support is too fragmented to be effective in achieving fan ownership in 2014, and efforts should be turned to season 2015-2016 by the end of the year if 'angel investors' have failed to remove the current board. Goal - To create a consensus within the rangers support and eliminate economic uncertainty. To buy the club for fan ownership. To rebuild Rangers as a global player Method - Conference to create united body Use fans' season ticket money to buy shares This is Plan Z - it assumes that any investor angels with normal sized hands predictably as usual have failed to walk the walk, and the support are totally on their own with no outside assistance. I think fan ownership could be achieved by dangling this carrot in front of the 17,000 - from 2015 to 2016, a season ticket will entitle the purchaser to a full share in Rangers, and run for 3 years. I would expect around 100,000 tickets at £500= £50 million. I would invite the permanently disappointing millionaires to invest, up to £50 million, and offer a seat on the board for such investment, (and most importantly for their contacts and business acumen) but weight supporter owned shares 2:1 over investor shares. So to recap £100,000,000 investment inwards in 3 years, but with season ticket revenue being used to buy out ****s, and with supporters owning 66.66% of club. If the ****s won't sell, then they must be made aware that any plans they have for Ibrox RE sale leaseback, will not be acceptable. They must be made aware that rangers are willing to move to Hampden and possibly rebuild it with the SFA, if the conditions for Ibrox are not right. If this happens and the ****s sell Ibrox to property developers, they must be made aware that there will be continual harassment and civil disobedience on the site of Ibrox with the sole purpose of reducing the value and profit of the site. Any investors who refuse to sell at fair market value must be made aware that there will be a price to pay for this, and offices in London etc will be no protection from picketing supporters and economic pressure exerted form any avenue possible. There should be however, no ned behaviour like the hounding of BBC reporters, smashing windows at Pacific Quay for example. This needs perfect PR. And no neds. Pre conference 1- Decide on chairman and decide on speakers. You'll need a couple of keynote speakers speaking for half an hour each, and say, 20 speakers speaking for 2 minutes each. The speakers must be representative of the support and include representatives for season ticket holders, supporters clubs and busses, international supporter clubs, websites (of which Gersnet must be one), and board members of the club, if they want to put their point of view across. 2- Decide on format - At start, conference should recap how rangers came to be an omnishambles, and why it is an omnishambles. After this, a keynote address laying out the options for the supporters, and how the conference will progress through the day. Then move onto numerous quick addresses from supporters' representatives, outlining the views of the support. 3- Lunch, then voting. Conference 1- Hire the SECC or EICC. 2- Book a full AV package including projectors, screen, and digital voting system 3- Have prepared motions for conference. These will include: a) Do you agree that today we create one organisation who's authority to speak for all supporters will be granted on achieving 50%+ majority, and the results of any majority votes will be respected and adhered to by the minority? YES/NO b) Do you agree the supporters are the club, and we should own the club? YES/NO c) Do you agree to offer to buy the shares of the current incumbents at fair market value? YES/NO d) If they do not sell out their shares, do you agree to take a course of action which will potentially liquidate the 'company'? YES/NO e) Are you prepared to start again in Division 2 if necessary? YES/NO Vote on all of these and your own crafted (no pun intended) questions. Appoint a permanent 'manager' for your new organisation. he must be of outstanding flawless character, liquid, and without any legal impediments. Appoint a PR person untainted by Scottish nonsense. Try England for a robust PR professional. An attractive woman would be my sexist standpoint here, not some fat guy from Dennistoun. I don't know how to finance PR people, permanent positions, hiring SECC etc - maybe DK could help. Give your angel investors until November1st to provide a viable roadmap to fan ownership. After this it is closed to them and they must come through the fan's organisation in the future. Book SECC/EICC for Jan 31st. 2015. The results must be made available via a press release, and the current shareholder left in NO DOUBT, the consequences of their (in)actions. Note - fair market value should be just above the asset value. The current board will try to manipulate the share price to gain a better position.
  8. http://www.rangersfirst.org/forum/ The rangers news part is at the bottom of the forum section [Administrator] Is Admin Administrator: Folks, There has been an immense amount of work going on for the last couple of months behind the scenes at Rangers First. A significant amount of work has been done by those that volunteered to be involved on the Working Parties and the Steering Group. It has been frustrating at times as much of the foundational work being done has involved third parties like Banks and other institutions and these organisations tend to advance at their own speed, and not at the speed our enthusiasm would have them move. This has meant that the Steering Group has on a number of occasions simply not been able to say very much about what is going on in the background because a number of the jobs being done were not finished. The Steering Group is as aware as every other member and potential member that communication is key to move the aims of Rangers First forward to grow our membership and take control of more shares. At the SG meeting last night we decided to change tack on how we communicate, and rather than doing big monthly updates to try and communicate more regularly in smaller updates about what is going on, and to use this forum as a way of getting the information out for all to see and be pointed to from twitter and Facebook etc. Hopefully this will give you all a feel of the advances that are taking place and more importantly give you a route to which you can help the organisation grow. It is your Community Interest Company, the foundation has now been built but it is for the membership now to build upon. It is always frustrating when organisations go quiet but please be assured it is certainly not because nothing is happening. So here are a couple of small updates for today, more will follow, and hopefully you can engage with each topic asking questions or volunteering for an area of interest to you, we will then summarise the more key updates into a larger email send to the full membership via email and a website update: Bank Accounts We can confirm that two bank accounts are now in place, this has taken some time to do as although all the bank contacts, meetings and paperwork were in hand for some time we could only complete the final bit of paperwork when we had the CIC company number and only got that when the Rangers First CIC was approved by the regulator which was only a few weeks ago It is now done and this now enables us to move forward with establishing the share trading account. Your Rangers First Membership and U16 membership In the next few days each member will be sent information probably in the form of a printable certificate confirming your involvement with RF. Once this is done you will then be able to access your RF online account and sign up U16 members that you vouch for, this will also form the backbone of our online voting system going forward U16 membership will be free. Free membership will carry no voting rights but will be an important route to building the membership and building the voting membership for the future. So look out for this in the next few days and get signing. That is a small update for just now, more will come very soon, in particular we will start looking at the Governance and Election process and will invite those who are members to take part in our first vote regarding an issue that members need to consider at Rangers First Please contact your fellow Bears and talk to them about Rangers First, if you would like a presentation from RF to your local RSC or other group then let us know. 49 minutes ago 0 likes Reply with quote | Like | Inappropriate?
  9. ALLY MCCOIST was disappointed that 18-year-old Charlie Telfer decided to move to Dundee United after Rangers had offered him a new deal to stay at the club. Telfer was a key player for Gordon Durie’s Youth Cup winning under-20 team in 2013/14 but at the start of this month it was confirmed he would join the Tangerines which came as a surprise to many Rangers supporters. The midfielder, who made his Gers first-team debut in a 4-0 win over Stenhousemuir at Ochilview Park in April, was seen as being one of the brightest prospects at Murray Park but McCoist reluctantly had to accept his decision to move on. He said: “We wish Charlie all the best but we were obviously very sad to see him go. “He trained with the squad and came on against Stenhousemuir last season and we feel he is a great prospect. He still is a great prospect but sadly for Dundee United now. “We offered Charlie terms which he was well within his rights to decline and turn down and he did so. He has moved to Dundee United with our best wishes. “The first thing people have to realise is it was Charlie’s decision. We wanted to keep Charlie but he obviously decided to turn down the offer that was put to him by the club. “I can understand people questioning why would Charlie want to go to Dundee United rather than stay at Rangers. He can answer that, he has been quoted in the newspapers recently. “But we have been delighted with some of the younger boys that have come through. “Last year alone we had 13 academy graduates who played for the first team. Some of them will develop quicker than others. Look at boys like Macleod, Gallagher, McKay, Aird and numerous more have come through the academy.” In total 21 Murray Park graduates have made more than 450 appearances for the Rangers first-team post-administration which goes against any suggestions that young players have not had an opportunity at senior level in recent years. McCoist added: “We are delighted with the academy, we want to get as many coming through as possible but 13 last year is good and we will never rest on it. “Jimmy (Sinclair) and the lads in the youth department are very pleased that myself, Kenny and Ian have told them, and we stand by it, if we feel the kids are due an opportunity and deserve an opportunity then they will certainly get one. “They will always get the opportunity. Even further back Allan McGregor, Barry Ferguson, Charlie Adam, Chris Burke, Stevie Smith – international footballers a lot of them - have come through the academy at Murray Park. “Perhaps the whole thing has been blown up a little bit because Charlie has exercised his right to move on but we will continue to work hand in hand with the academy. “The boys that warrant and deserve their chance, I can reassure everybody, will get it.” http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7046-ally-sad-to-see-charlie-go
  10. I'm presently finding myself in the position of sorting through all my papers and memories. Good and bad - but mainly good. Which is not a bad thing actually. I should have got around to this donkeys' years ago! Not wishing to spread any bad vibes around, please accept this filed under "pleasant reminiscings." At least that's my intended meaning. The story concerns a nine year old getting up at the break of dawn and waiting alongside a good few many other local Bears outside the Roxburgh Hotel in Dunbar for the surfacing of the Rangers first team squad who were on their way to Berwick-Upon-Tweed for the small matter of a first round Scottish Cup tie, and the monumental matter of a date with destiny and a humbling 1-0 defeat which seemed to completely stun the Scottish football scene. I seem to remember joviality amongst the squad, with big John Greig telling me "11-0 - nae problem son. Nae problem." in response to my asking for a prediction. I also seem to remember a pretty strong smell of drink all round. This was around 8am. As to that, my memory may indeed have failed me as it has in other ways. Since the date was January 1967, I wasn't actually a nine year old. I must have just have turned 14. And I got a fringed cowboy suede jacket for my 14th - soon to be paired with a pair of lilac flares with leather laces up the sides. Talk about Midnight fucking Cowboy! Yes indeedy - I was flirting. And my flirt was with psychedelia and flower power :cool6: - manifesting themselves in a huge way. "Are you Experienced," "Between the Buttons," a long long love affair with the Who after "A Quick One" while still holding on to the Beatles with the superb "Revolver." Perhaps the promise of the soon to be released "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band," and my headlong rush into the required hedonistic hippy lifestyle :hippy::coolio::hippy:managed to alleviate the pain of Berwick. I still managed to keep up going to Rangers after this, including Barca :champs::champs:and some pretty memorable European games - :rfcbouncy: -which obviously aren't so memorable, as I've forgotten them. I do remember my Dad (but not my Grandad) asking "What's happened to you son? You look like a clown. Ye cannae support the Rangers looking like that." Well, the response is that I'm still here. :rfcbouncy: I remember Bears in the seventies looking like the Bay City Rollers, and I never got any gyp about looking like a darned hippy. Tell you what Bears and Bearettes - the free love bit of it was pretty cool indeedy , and prepared me well for a long career as a professional musician. This particular one settles an age old argument I had on FF (and surrendered) about Willie Henderson being know as Billy. Knew I was right. At school our right winger was always nicknamed Billy Henderson, and, before Billy Johnson, the left winger was Davie Wilson. I was always John Greig.
  11. Not trying to have a go at this but its very disappointing that after nearly 2 months there have been no updates and still no official main stream launch .From the RF site it states Hello RangersFirst members and followers as part of our overall plan for better fan engagement and transparency around every 30 days we will release an update informing everyone where we are at in terms of numbers and achievements. cmon guys get a grip here
  12. Short snippet at the bottom of the article on Scottish Football however it is the part where each televised league game generates £6.5m in revenue for clubs. We bemoan the standards set by Ally, the lack of youth and no scouts, but competiting with EPL relegation fodder for players is our best hope outside of unearthing gems and eventually setting up an effective scouting network. The club needs to seriously up its game. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-27667472 Staggering figures for a nation that has only won one major tournament nearly 50 years ago.
  13. “There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief There’s too much confusion I can’t get no relief Business men, they drink my wine Plowman dig my earth None were level on the mind Nobody up at his word” Where is it we are trying to get out of ? I would respectfully suggest a rock and a hard place. As many of you know I’m not often given to profanity – but quite simply – what an absolute clusterfeck. There is a civil war engulfing us with our boardroom the battleground. As in every conflict the collateral damage is considerable. On one side we have a board who have failed to impress, fail to convince the Rangers support they have our club’s best interests at heart and on the other side we have the challenger in the shape of Dave King, who appears to be being given considerable latitude in his own failings and lack of clarity, as a consequence of his previous investment in our club. And of course that collateral damage I referred to is manifesting itself not only in a season ticket boycott, but also in the form of a “protest shirt” whose purpose is to deliberately prevent incoming revenue from the sale of club merchandise. It’s easy to say that such ventures deprive the board of money and as anti-board protesters I’m sure that provides the conscience with a fairly robust moral platform for such action. But at what point does it not only deprive the board, but also our club and a manager wishing to strengthen a squad ? Having deliberately deprived the board of regular and essential revenue are we then to hold them to account for failing to enhance our playing squad ? Good Lord. Before anyone starts harbouring feelings of sympathy for the current board allow me to remind you of the 3 critical questions I tweeted about the other week, which as yet remain unanswered. 1. Why did our club have to secure additional funding after CEO Graham Wallace assured us only weeks earlier there was sufficient money in the account. 2. Why have the board not moved to dispel allegations by the Daily Record that our credit/debit card facility was removed re season tickets due to the financial incompetence of the board and not as was suggested in the review – due to threats of an imminent boycott. 3. Why does it appear the Rangers Football Board, or persons serving thereon, have the ability to overrule the PLC board, when circumstances dictate. At the forefront of much of the angst against the current board have been the Sons of Struth. Since its inception this group have campaigned on a platform of opposing any sale or leaseback of Ibrox Stadium. Perhaps this groups 3 original aims and objectives are worthy of a refresh. 1. Keep the stadium in the club’s name to avoid Coventry situation 2. Have clear accounts which prove the proper running of the club 3. Have a board that keep the club off the front pages and who themselves are beyond reproach. To date however the Sons of Struth have not shared with the wider support the circumstances which gave rise to their fears which suggested our stadium may be subject to a sale and leaseback. Why cant those demanding transparency of others lead by example ? Surely if there is evidence which suggests this current board are planning such an option for our stadium it is something which should be shared with the wider support not only made available to a select few ? In fact would the sharing of such information not in fact be in this group’s interests in convincing the undecided within our support of the unsuitability of the current board ? I have spoken previously of our need for our support to find an enthymeme – a point where there is common agreement and we can move on from. Surely the status and destiny of our 2 biggest assets – Ibrox and Auchenhowie – can provide such a point of common agreement. All along the watchtower Princes kept the view While all the women came and went Barefoot servants, too Outside in the cold distance A wildcat did growl Two riders were approaching And the wind began to howl How long before the Princes stop being onlookers, or begging for the scraps off the master’s table ? When will we start campaigning on behalf of ourselves and the vision and aspirations we have for our club instead of using our energies and efforts to do the bidding of others ? When will we realise that the way outta here is to take control of our own destiny, and rely upon ourselves rather than upon others ? As Buy Rangers, Rangers First and Vanguard Bears continue to do that which Dave King seems to find impossible – buy shares in our club – its becoming less and less a question of “if” but rather a question of “when” ? Many music critics have commented on how Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower mirrors the words of The Book Isaiah Chapter 21 :- Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise ye princes, and prepare the shield./For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth./And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed./…And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground. I truly hope I live to see the day when Babylon falls at our club.
  14. We are currently in the process of gathering together names of individuals and representatives of fans groups, RSCs, websites, etc who are willing to come along and help find a solution to the infighting amongst our fans. If you are interested in attending the meeting could you please email info@thelouden.co.uk (or you could dm/pm us) with your name and any group that you wish to represent or are a part of. To be clear, any individual who wishes to attend to try and help our support is more than welcome but we would appreciate an email so as to know the numbers. Regarding the format of the meeting, we are looking for suggestions on what specifically the meeting should cover. We are not discussing the politics at the club, we are only focusing on the way fans communicate with each other. This is not about which side is right or wrong. We do not need everyone to agree about everything but at all times we should be civil to one another. The meeting will be held in the lounge area of the pub and no alcohol will be served for the duration of the meeting. If anyone wants any other information, please ask. Thanks We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub Official Partner of The Rangers Football Club *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  15. Here is an Email we have just sent out to 30 odd supporters clubs: Hi, I am a volunteer with Rangers First, a community involvement and fan governance vehicle set up in order to help the supporters gain transparency and a voice in the club. Our first objective is to obtain a 5% shareholding in the club in order to get us on our way to achieving authoritative transparent consultation (ACT) with the board of Rangers Football Club. RF is an apolitical organisation that is only interested in the betterment of The Rangers Family and is not seeking to divide anyone. All fans are welcome who believe in fan involvement at the club. Rangers First is a Community Interest Company that is government regulated to ensure that all proceeds go to benefitting The Rangers Community, all membership donations (from £5 per month) initially will go to buying shares until our goal of 5% has been met and ACT has been achieved. Subsequent donations will be used at the discretion of the membership as RF is a member led one member one vote democracy. If your supporters club or organisation would like to hear a presentation on Rangers First at your venue of choice, we would be happy to accommodate you. I believe that RF is a fantastic vehicle that will help the Rangers Support and the club and I would like the opportunity to let my fellow Rangers Fans hear the facts and decide if it something they would like to get involved with. All information on Rangers First is available at http://www.rangersfirst.org - If you know any supporters club that would like to hold a presentation please let us know. Thanks
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