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  1. Had a look at the LSE today and noticed that there are numerous transaction that happen each day, albeit most are small. The largest that happened earlier today was 30k shares sold for a few grand. Are the RST and/or RF buying these small numbers? if not why not? Is it all about funds available ........ How and when do they buy?
  2. rbr

    Rangers first

    Great day for the Rangers first schemem , now sitting at over 2170 members , superb , hopefully this is just the start , I know there is an off line campaign starting soon which has been funded by separate donations.
  3. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/exchange-insight/trade-data.html?fourWayKey=GB00B90T9Z75GBGBXASQ1
  4. The Second Official Semi-Annual Gersnet Dinner (with Special Guest Star Dave Smith) will be held at Malaga Tapas, 213-215 St Andrew's Rd, Glasgow G41 1PD http://malagatapas.co.uk/ at 5.30pm on Saturday, 6 December 2014 (subject to alteration if the Rangers v Cowdenbeath fixture is moved). Rangers Hall of Fame Legend, Dave Smith, who played in our second and third Cup Winners Cup Finals, has kindly agreed to give a short talk on THE ROAD FROM NUREMBERG TO BARCELONA and will answer questions thereafter. (Edit 21/11/2014. Now that we have exceeded 20 persons we will have private use of t
  5. BRENTFORD are ready to spark a January transfer scramble for Rangers star Lewis Macleod. SunSport understands the Championship side are poised to make a £1million move for the Ibrox kid. And that could see a host of English clubs enter the bidding for the Scotland squad member. Macleod has caught the eye of Championship promotion hopefuls Bees. Rangers legend David Weir is No 2 there and is fully aware of the 20-year-old’s potential. But several other English clubs, including Premier League strugglers Burnley, are keen on the midfielder. Blackburn were also set to make a b
  6. 19 December Rangers International Football Club plc ("Rangers" or the "Company") Appointment of Chief Executive Officer Existing Board member Derek Llambias has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Rangers with immediate effect. Derek joined the Board on 2 November 2014 as a non-executive director. In line with the cost cutting exercise announced on 12 November 2014, Mr Llambias's remuneration will be significantly lower than previously offered for this position. Additionally, David Somers will now revert to his previous role as non-executive Chairman. Com
  7. Just had a look at RF members vote on AGM resultutions. 5% either voted for Easdale or withheld their vote, for Somers it was 12%. We certainly have a problem within our support. I would have thought that within supporters who are actually buying shares the result would have been 0%. Why would any fan want these two cretins anywhere near our club? RF members also voted by large majorities against resuloutions 8 & 9.
  8. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ally-mccoist-rangers-board-must-4847930 If you were in any doubt that McCoist isnt deluded then his latest outburst should set you straight. This is from a man who with a 20 million pound wage bill and a remit to take us up through the leagues wilst building a team to compete at the top level of scottish football. I have to ask a couple of questions here : Why are there 12 players out of contract in the first place? and which ones would you actually keep ally?
  9. Union Bears As you will know, the group took the very difficult decision back in May not to renew our season tickets due to the selfish, malicious and borderline illegal actions of our club’s current and previous incumbents. This was a decision echoed by nearly 15000 season ticket holders and the crowds at Ibrox so far this season have reflected the feeling of many Rangers supporters. We watched with hope and expectation as Dave King submitted his £16 million offer of funding in exchange for a majority stake in the club. We then watched with resignation but not shock as Mike Ashley and
  10. A sneering piece that seems to relish in denigrating us. I can't say it is wrong though. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/keith-jackson-cold-hard-cash-4683056? Keith Jackson: Cold hard cash will determine Ally McCoist's future at Rangers Nov 24, 2014 08:03 OPINION BY KEITHJACKSON KEITH says that cash has always been the answer to Rangers' woes but asks, will the club be able to fork out to the cash needed to axe Ally? IN the end it will all come down to money. That is the Rangers way after all. This is a club which through the years has gorged
  11. I speculated that this was worth a thread on its own. Apologies if not, admin....merge it with Whyte Arrest warrant. However, it is a different revelation (though it may be connected, of course): "In a further development, The Daily Telegraph understands that while Wallace and Nash were still in their posts, documents related to the 2012 share issue were passed to the Serious Fraud Office for investigation. The SFO had no comment to make." It is tagged on here; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11231964/Former-Rangers-owner-Craig-Whyte-issued-with-arrest-
  12. Following some requests from members to introduce a £5 per month option to subscribe to BuyRangers we are pleased to announced that this option is now available. Since being launched this morning (25/10/2014) we have been particularly busy and had many sign ups with many opting for the bigger amount. There is also the option of a one-off payment of £125 available on our website as well. All information can be found at http://www.therst.co.uk/buyrangers
  13. As predicted by yours truly, Mike Ashley has moved into pole position in the race to wear the crown at Ibrox. With Dave King out of the running, despite protestations to the contrary from King himself, it looks like Rangers’ future is in the hands of the sporting goods magnate. If we are being really honest, there are no other viable options available at present. As I predicted, King took advantage of the timing factor to be first to the table in offering a package but in doing so he fell into Ashley’s carefully laid trap. In a financial gun fight between the two, King lacks th
  14. Talking to Rangersitis (nice meeting you btw.) on Saturday afternoon we both debated whether it can be stopped via Sandy Easdale's proxy bloc and Ashley's holdings. Few things: 1. Will it be considered a resolution or just a simple loan authorised by the board? 2. Or will Ashley and Easdale bloc this through their voting rights on special resolutions? 3. By blocking the loan if it is seen as a resolution will concert party rights be triggered 4. By calling the EGM it looks to me as though the voting percentages won't matter here and that's why Ashley's calling the EGM in an effort
  15. ...the Ibrox throne is big enough for Mike Ashley and Dave King. AS King and Ashley continue to vie for control at Rangers, KEITH insists it may be in both men's interests to discover a common ground that incorporates the interests of the club and its fans. THEIR tanks have rumbled into Edmiston Drive, ready for the climactic Rangers shootout. But before Mike Ashley and Dave King begin blowing each other to bits outside the Big Hoose, perhaps it might make more sense for them to find a better way. Maybe, before the guns start blazing, there is a chance for them to discover comm
  16. Candidates who received the most votes are: Scott Reid Richard Scott Andy McLintock William MacIntyre Ricki Neil
  17. Guest

    RangersFirst Interview

    The Rangers Report Podcast sat down with Richard Atkinson of Supporters Direct Scotland to discuss the prospects of Rangers First. Give it a listen as you decide whether or not you plan on investing in the fan ownership plan. You can listen on Podbean or iTunes. Plus we'd love to hear some feedback on the pod as we incorporate more guests going forward. WATP
  18. Hey blue - the RST need to give an announcement about making themselves **** fools - wasting the fans' money @ 20p when their share scheme clearly states it's objective to be owning a significant voice. Rangers First used their members' money @ 20p to support the regime when it was clear to anyone it would fall below that and their members could have owned more today. That is even before we wish to talk not supporting the regime at all. I wonder if Rangers First will give an announcement of their decision.
  19. 1. if there is so much unhappiness with the regime? 2. If the vow is to get as big a %age as possible to have a meaningful voice for Buy Rangers, then buying at 20p was never gonna be a good idea.........the market price was always gonna fall as a bigger pool of shares owned exactly the same business - they could have hoovered-up more at any subsequent release with the members' hard-invested. (can the protestors/boycotters/nae-sayers say why they ever thought the RST decision to do this was a good one?). I've asked before, but never had an answer I could believe - why invest in Greenco
  20. I dont know the exact figures on this , but on the rangersfirst page there is a rolling screen of whos recently joined , and I have been watching it quite closely over the last few days , its been amazing to see the number of fellow fans that have been joining not just at the fan level, £5 a month, but at the supporter £10 and founder £18.72, levels , plus amazingly the life members and an amazing number of donations , where you dont need to sign up for any set monthly amounts but can donate one off amounts. Add in all the retail partners they have signed up , it is actually very impressi
  21. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/272-rangers-being-held-hostage-stockholm-syndrome It’s been a stressful week for those interested in the well-being of Rangers Football Club. Not only does the club admit to the Stock Exchange that if the latest share offer is under-subscribed it will be unable to pay its creditors; we have key board members who represent the interests of the vast bulk of existing shareholders conceding that his and our CEO’s intentions are different, confirming a split at board level. Meanwhile the negative detail of each onerous contract placed upon the cl
  22. NICKY CLARK today warned fit-again Kenny Miller he has a fight on his hands to win back his place in the Rangers first team. Miller returned from a spell out injured in the SPFL Championship match against Queen of the South at Ibrox on Saturday. And the 69-times capped Scotland internationalist came off the bench and netted a well- taken goal in a thrilling 4-2 victory. The experienced star will now be looking to renew his partnership with Kris Boyd when Rangers play Raith Rovers at Stark's Park on Friday week. But Clark, who was picked to play up front when Miller was ou
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