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  1. Looks like we're going to get him either way i think.
  2. Some great Rangers memories - http://www.youtube.com/results?search=rangersloyal&search_type=search_videos&search=Search Cammy F
  3. It's probably been posted before but I'll post it again because the guy is my hero and a Rangers legend. His 2nd goal against Aberdeen that won us 8 in a row still send a wee tingle down my back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqiwAA5nKDk&search=gazza Swing low sweet chariot Gazza's here for 9 in a row! I hope PLG brings in someone a personality half as good as Gazzas! "I'd do them 2 years for the rest of me life"
  4. alanmidd


    Paris Saint Germain goalkeeper Lionel Letizi would welcome a move to Rangers, according to his agent. The 33-year-old's representative, Eric Castagnino, told the Herald: "There are a few clubs interested in Lionel and Rangers are certainly one of them. "We're now waiting to hear back from Rangers and we will hopefully take the situation forward from there. "There are two clubs in France who want Lionel but he is very interested in the possibility of going to Rangers." I think we should def go for him. Established GK with european experience.
  5. Well, since the flavour of the month is to start rumours, I think I'll take my turn. Was in Woolworths today, and to my shock, who walks past me but: Chris Kirkland. Now I didn't have the balls to say: "Chris, what you doing in Glasgow?", but with Rangers looking for a 'keeper and PLG seemingly a fan of making private signings out of the blue.. if Chris Kirkland becomes a Rangers player anytime soon, you heard it here first.
  6. A new era at Gersnet and at Rangers, roll on the new season
  7. Just heard a part of Glasgow airport has been sectioned off today for an arrival. Might not be ANYTHING to do with Rangers but with all the rumors of a French International joining us the past few days there's always a possibility. I've only just heard this from a colleague. Anyone got more info?
  8. Rangers are reported to have rejected goalkeeper Ronald Waterreus' wage demands and the Dutchman could now leave the club. The Daily Record reports that Waterreus wants �£15,000 per week - a rise on last season's wage - but the club will only go as high as �£12,000 and will now turn their attention to Paris St. Germain goalkeeper Lionel Letizi as a replacement.
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