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  1. I did post about this on the old board so thought I'd put it here to keep it in our minds. Hopefully we can get a Gersnet table. So far myself and Mrs Frankie will be there along with a couple of my mates including Ian1964 from here. Cammy and Del should be joining us so it would be great if a few more folk can get along. We can confirm numbers and take payment up until about the 7th July. http://www.rangerssupporterstrust.co.uk/news/2006/010606.html Thistle Hotel - Friday 14th July - 7pm £20 per ticket. Indian Buffet meal Provided by Mr Singhs Graham Roberts main speaker and Q&A session Frank Robb is the comedian (making a 1 hour performance) DJ / Disco Ex-Rangers Players Vive le Guen Revolution!
  2. Thought Iââ?¬â?¢d leave it a couple of days before I commented on the joint club and supporters statement of yesterday concerning the UEFA indictment of two weeks ago. Like most Rangers fans I was disappointed but not surprised when the UEFA charge was ââ?¬Ë?partially upheldââ?¬â?¢. I also believe our club should have backed our fans more and appealed the decision. I donââ?¬â?¢t want to waste anyoneââ?¬â?¢s time debating what songs are ââ?¬Ë?sectarianââ?¬â?¢ and what songs merely offend. We would be here all night. In the event of the UEFA judgement thatââ?¬â?¢s a pointless exercise and although some may be correct in their defence of the contested words and songs, essentially what UEFA says goes. For that reason we all have to realise the club and the criticised supportersââ?¬â?¢ groups had to choice but to make Fridayââ?¬â?¢s statement. No one, least of all the likes of the RST or TBO want to see our historic anthems and heritage destroyed. But sometimes we have to accept the inevitable, regroup, and then move on. ââ?¬Ë?Hullo Hulloââ?¬â?¢ or the ââ?¬Ë?Billy Boys as UEFA has described it is a rousing song. Itââ?¬â?¢s a great tune and its simplistic words never fail to arouse passion amongst the support particularly at bigger games. Unfortunately though, the lyrics (like many of our proud chants) have become bastardised. The official club version has been corrupted to, depending on your opinion, a song glorifying the victories of a notorious Glasgow gang leader or a historic regal figure, both whom fought their own very different battles against the ââ?¬Ë?feniansââ?¬â?¢ of their day. Now, no one is denying Protestant heritage and legend shouldnââ?¬â?¢t have their place in connection with Rangers. Like Celtic are fiercely proud of their Catholic background we too should appreciate our roots. No one, least of all UEFA, should be able to stop people expressing themselves freely. However, football matches at todayââ?¬â?¢s modern stadiums are not necessarily the place for such political viewpoints. Working class sports have always been connected to public opinion but in the days of all-seated stadia and family sections do we really need to listen to chants of FTP and fenian blood? I donââ?¬â?¢t think we do. No matter our opinions we have to move on. The song has been banned and ignorance or stubbornness is no longer an option. The line has been drawn and it can no longer be crossed. Itââ?¬â?¢s not being melodramatic to say that if we do cross it our club will no longer be the famous and proud institution it is. Can we afford to lose it? Because, make no mistake, thatââ?¬â?¢s what will happen if we choose to ignore the directive. Some will argue weââ?¬â?¢re surrendering to our enemies and to an extent I sympathise with that opinion. But, sometimes it takes the bigger person to admit their ills and move forward. Unlike others, Rangers FC and our fans have never hid from our problems. Now, we have a chance to really fix them and rid ourselves of them forever. Yes, it may require a loss of initial pride but we can recover from this. Indeed Iââ?¬â?¢d suggest our position will be stronger if we can accept this ban, educate and help each other to move into what is a new era in Scottish (and if the same rules are applied evenly ââ?¬â?? World) football. Our position will be stronger because we have made the first sacrifice. We will have shown our many detractors that we are capable of change. On an almost daily basis hypocritical people, with their own biased agendas attack us. That wonââ?¬â?¢t end completely ââ?¬â?? we canââ?¬â?¢t be so naive to think so. However, we will have paid our penance and they will never be allowed to forget that. Moreover, at the same time, if we can accept this judgement, the very least we should expect is a change in policy from the other clubs who are as equally guilty of sectarian, bigoted and offensive songs. Going by the UEFA charge, no club or national team is safe from similar sanction. Weââ?¬â?¢ll be watching to make sure this is not an unfair one-off. Weââ?¬â?¢ve already been tried twice and now the sanctions have been placed. We can move forward with a clear conscience. Can the others who sing about terrorists, stadium disasters and horrific injuries do the same? Of course not despite what their very public mouthpieces may suggest. If we do accept this ban, then other will have to come into the firing line. Weââ?¬â?¢ll no longer have the problem. We also have another positive. By standing by our club we will have shown just what Rangers FC really means to us. Of course our club should rightly be considered as a symbol of our past. Ibrox stadium is also a memory to our absent friends and as such we should never treat it lightly by allowing stands to be empty because of our mistakes. Are we really that selfish to lose these magnificent and unrivalled symbols of our faith and history? For one song that we can still sing anywhere else we like? I donââ?¬â?¢t blame anyone for being upset and disappointed by what appears to be a capitulation on our clubââ?¬â?¢s part. But look a bit deeper. Examine the bigger picture. Itââ?¬â?¢s not a big thing in the grand scheme of things. We may have to give a bit of ground here. In fact, we have no real choice. But, if we stand together, we can come out of this stronger. Or we can squabble, fall out, ignore and deny. But thatââ?¬â?¢s never been a winning strategy. It wasnââ?¬â?¢t for the Billy Boys of centuries past. It shouldnââ?¬â?¢t be now either. Season 2006/07 is almost upon us. Weââ?¬â?¢re pretty much debt free; we have an incredible new manager and new players have and will continue to arrive. An exciting new dawn has started. We can reclaim any lost ground on and off the pitch by sticking together. Letââ?¬â?¢s not spoil it by fighting and arguing over little things. We are the people. Letââ?¬â?¢s show it.
  3. Rangers have been ordered to make a public announcement at all of their home games prohibiting the chanting of the song "Billy Boys". The instruction comes from Uefa as one of a number of directives aimed at stamping out sectarianism. Rangers were fined £13,000 for the sectarian behaviour of their fans at a recent Champions League match. And Rangers chairman David Murray has already met with supporters groups to make sure their fans comply. The Rangers Assembly, fanzine and website Follow Follow and the Supporters Trust were all represented at the Murray Park meeting on Thursday evening. Murray said: "These supporters' groups represented should be applauded for coming forward in recognition of the importance of this issue. All parties are united in a bid to silence the minority that continue to tarnish the reputation of Rangers Football Club Rangers statement "I am delighted at the progress we made. "Over the last two years, the club has strove fervently under the banner of 'Pride over Prejudice' working with the authorities to impose indefinite and lifetime bans. "I look forward in the coming weeks to implementing some of the actions that were discussed. "It is absolutely clear to all concerned that all supporters need to commit to silencing the minority." The meeting followed receipt of Uefa's written grounds for fining Rangers following the tie against Villarreal. Uefa also ordered Rangers to "anounce measurable targets in order to reduce sectarian behaviour amongst its supporters". And it instructed the Glasgow club to prove the success of its measures through statistics communicated to the public. Rangers have warned that their fans must comply to "avoid sanctions being imposed or expulsion from European competition altogether". "A positive debate was held at Murray Park and all parties are united in a bid to silence the minority that continue to tarnish the reputation of Rangers Football Club," it was stated on the club website. A joint committe has been formed between the club and supporters groups. And a statement from the fans' bodies read: "The message now could not be clearer that the spotlight is upon the supporters and the club and it is their duty to work together to stamp out the minority who are damaging the reputations of all those connected with Rangers Football Club. "Not only does this small minority tarnish the reputation of Rangers but of Scottish football and our society in general and hopefully anyone who is interested in Scottish football will work with us in assisting to eradicate this behaviour." -------------------------------------------------- There you have it folks, backed by TBO, RST, Follow Follow, RSA - Murray is going to act on fans who continue to sing The Billy Boys. Also, what else can't be clearer is if we continue to sing The Billy Boys UEFA will act and we will be BANNED from European touriments. Cammy F
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