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  1. It is the opinion of both our senior counsel, junior counsel and solicitors that we can take no further action at this time. It is quite clear from their detailed examination of statements made by the board regarding Ibrox that, whilst giving the impression to fans and shareholders that they were making a commitment not to grant security over Ibrox, the board was in fact meticulously careful not to stray into language which would actually give such a legal commitment. We believe the effect of those statements was to be deliberately misleading. - See more at: http://www.therst.co.uk/news/rst-update-on-legal-action/#sthash.gCEGaKE3.dpuf'>http://www.therst.co.uk/news/rst-update-on-legal-action/#sthash.gCEGaKE3.dpuf http://www.therst.co.uk/news/rst-update-on-legal-action/
  2. By seeking legal advice on EVERYTHING that has Ashley/MASH/SD on it. And I'd also like to see it turned into shares to over throw these cretins. I know it can't "legally" be used for shares but there MUST be a way of making that happen. I've read before that the cash will be used to help with the repairs around Ibrox etc when the time is right, I'm sorry but the time won't ever be right because the time to act is now. We may not have an Ibrox.
  3. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12147419.html
  4. Three Bears investor George Taylor believes Rangers should eventually be controlled by the Ibrox support. Along with partners Douglas Park and George Letham - as well as oldco director Dave King - the Hong Kong-based banker is among three factions battling for control of the Glasgow giants. But while the Three Bears' most immediate threat comes from US financier Robert Sarver - who has launched a £20million takeover bid - and the current board and their ally Mike Ashley, Taylor believes the club should eventually be governed by the Light Blues faithful. The Morgan Stanley managing director has now signed up to a life-time membership with fan-ownership group Rangers First. In a statement given to Press Association Sport, he said: "My hope is that direct fan ownership would become the biggest individual owner of Rangers." Rangers First have made a number of significant strides in recent days. Wealthy supporter Jim McColl recently handed the group his 10,000-share Ibrox stake last week, while they have signed up around 700 new members since the Three Bears and King bought up around 34 per cent of the club in two surprise transactions just before the new year. The scheme - which is similar to the one used to rescue Hearts from administration - is now collecting thousands of pounds a month from contributors and using that to buy up shares. On Saturday night, they announced another 60,000 shares had been purchased, giving them control of 0.8 per cent of the club. The Rangers Supporters Trust has also recently increased its stake to just over one per cent. With the fight for power set to come down to which faction can get to 51 per cent, the fans could yet play a vital role for the Three Bears and King in the coming days. The board urgently needs to raise cash to keep the club afloat and an announcement on Sarver's revised takeover bid and possible news of another emergency loan is expected early next week. A general meeting may also be called if King and the Three Bears can find the support to force boardroom change. Rangers First director Ricki Neill said: "With our monthly contributors donating amounts from 5 upwards, Rangers First have the income to buy an increasing number of shares every month. "The more members we get the faster we grow and the bigger our shareholding becomes. We also have the Club 1872 membership which George Taylor has recently joined, this costs £500 and was designed originally to help us reach our target in as short a period as possible. "George Taylor is one of many true Rangers fans that have joined Club 1872, we look forward to meeting up with George in the near future." Meanwhile, midfielder Nicky Law believes a win against Hearts next Friday could kick-start Rangers' Scottish Championship title push. The Ibrox side host the Jambos but cannot afford to let Robbie Neilson's men add to their already huge 13 point lead at the top of the table. Law, who scored a first-half winner as the Light Blues finally beat Alloa at the fourth time of asking on Saturday with a 1-0 success at the Indodrill Stadium, said: "The quality of player we have got, we know we should be doing a lot better than we have been doing. "There is no way we should be 13 points behind Hearts but we are. Unfortunately that is a huge gap to claw back but we will do our best to try and rein them in, starting on Friday night. "It's a must-win game. If we can get it back to 10, you never know."
  5. Had a look at the LSE today and noticed that there are numerous transaction that happen each day, albeit most are small. The largest that happened earlier today was 30k shares sold for a few grand. Are the RST and/or RF buying these small numbers? if not why not? Is it all about funds available ........ How and when do they buy?
  6. ...as Trust increases Ibrox stake. The likelihood of a shareholder shoot-out has increased in recent days following the moves by Dave King and the Three Bears - a consortium comprising of Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor - that saw them separately snap up significant stakes in the Gers. The shares held between those two groups, supporters and other like-minded individuals and investors could be enough to oust the current board if an extraordinary general meeting is called. And Union of Fans spokesman Chris Graham knows the vote will make or break fans' ambitions of seeing their club wrestled away from the under-fire regime. He told SportTimes: "If it does go down to a vote, this is really the last chance for the club to end up back in the right hands. "It will be a straight battle between Dave King and the Three Bears on one side and the Easdales and Mike Ashley on the other. "There will be floating voters in between. There is only one side that will bring the fans back and if anyone is voting from a financial viewpoint then they really should be backing the Three Bears and King. "I would think the board would show a bit of common sense and it wouldn't get to an EGM but the longer it goes on and the more delays there are, it becomes more likely that is the way it will need to be resolved. "Between King and the Three Bears, they have 35% and they can rely on a reasonable percentage of the fan vote. "We will be doing our best to make sure fans use their shareholding, it could be worth a crucial few per cent. "I think there are enough unattached shareholders there who, having looked at the level of mismanagement and anger from fans, would take the common sense approach and see there is only one option here." While any move by King or the Three Bears to vote off the under-fire board would be welcomed by fans, it would not be the end of Rangers' current crisis. The Light Blues require immediate funding to see them through to the end of the month, and help them fulfil an assurance to the SPFL that they can see out the Championship campaign. Mike Ashley and American businessman Robert Sarver could yet do a deal to provide another quick cash fix to keep the lights on at Ibrox. Graham said: "There is no option now other than some form of short-term loan. "We would be extremely reluctant to see someone like Mike Ashley provide that because we have already see the cost of that in terms of his control of the board and everything else. "The board are not going to get a share issue away quickly enough to deal with the cash issues. "The Sarver bid is frankly a distraction right now. The board can't accept it, it is only the shareholders who can. "Given the determination of the Rangers men to get in there, I don't see why they would step aside to allow him to take up a majority shareholding. They have the means and the will to fund the club." If an EGM is called, the shares held by fans could prove decisive in swinging the vote and toppling the board. And the Rangers Supporters Trust have announced that they have increased their stake to more than 1% with the purchase of another 100,000 shares in RIFC plc. An RST spokesman said: "A recent influx of new members and contributors to Buy Rangers has allowed us to make this purchase and with the continued support of the Rangers community we hope to increase our shareholding further in the near future. "All funds from the sale of Red and Black and Lion Brand shirts have been retained for use in a future share issue. "We will continue to work closely with those pushing for change at Rangers and we would ask fans to visit http://www.therst.co.uk and help us to take back our club." http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/fans-fear-egm-is-last-chance-to-rescue-rangers-as-trust-increases-193866n.115833069?
  7. rbr

    Rangers first

    Great day for the Rangers first schemem , now sitting at over 2170 members , superb , hopefully this is just the start , I know there is an off line campaign starting soon which has been funded by separate donations.
  8. https://www.change.org/p/rangers-plc-board-remove-the-existing-board-accept-external-investment-and-place-external-directors?recruiter=97305010&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg&utm_content=rp_petition_fb_share_desc%3Acontrol
  9. They're worried, make no mistake about it, not one single positive thing in Merlin's latest propaganda, which fills me with yet more confidence for our future - Transparency Required January 1, 2015 / billmcmurdo The remarks of Colin Kingsnorth upon Laxey’s sale of their shareholding in RIFC do not bode well for the future of the club. Kingsnorth seems to have a personal issue with Mike Ashley and hopes that the group he sold to will ramp up the opposition to Ashley in their new position as shareholders. With these intemperate comments, Kingsnorth has thrown petrol on an already ravaging fire and possibly kicked off a whole new era of turmoil at the club. Ashley’s position as Rangers’ major creditor, coupled with his having Derek Llambias in place, means that he still wields considerable power in the Ibrox boardroom, despite having a lesser shareholding than the Three Amigos. The problem for Rangers fans is what happens if the incoming group decides to go to war with the other factions for control of the club. This would make the boardroom battles of recent times look like an infant spat. If Ashley decides to fight for control of Rangers then things could get very nasty indeed. The Amigos as predicted took advantage of the plummeting price of Rangers’ shares to secure their stake. This has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many Rangers supporters considering it is the actions of those activist groups like the UoF and SoS who support Amigoco that have driven the share price down. It also doesn’t help that Taylor, Letham and Park have bought shares from an existing shareholder and that the monies do not go directly toward the club at a time when RFC is screaming for income. Let’s be fair – if people like Mike Ashley can be criticised for buying shares this way, so can the Amigos. Good for the goose, good for the gander and all that. There are also many fans who question the concept of chasing away a billionaire for people whose combined net worth comes nowhere close to his. The possibility that further bitter infighting could rip Rangers apart cannot be discounted. Imagine, for example, if Mike Ashley chose to take on the pointless rules of the SFA regarding his own shareholding with the Three Amigos supporting the SFA and conspiring against Ashley. An unthinkable prospect as there isn’t a Rangers fan alive who thinks that the SFA will act in Rangers’ best interests. Questions must be asked of the new shareholders – again, in the interests of parity with Ashley. Some of mine would be:- What are their plans – if they have any – to help raise revenues in the future? Short, mid and longer term would be great. What are their intentions in respect of control of the club? Do they intend to oust other factions and wrest control? What are their plans for the management, coaching and playing side of the club? How do they intend to take on the club’s many detractors in the media and elsewhere? These are broad stroke questions but more pointed ones would be how would they propose to deal with the present gardening leave situation of the manager and who specifically do they want on the board? It would also help if we could get a definite answer on whether or not George Letham is on the RST board. All in the interests of transparency, of course. The new shareholders will surely be willing to have exacted upon them the same demands for transparency and openness they expected of others. Mile Ashley’s seeming reticence to share his own plans has not served him well and only breeds suspicion. The Three Amigos would do well to heed this because they can definitely expect to be grilled repeatedly should they fail to be transparent in their own dealings. After all, we have been taught to expect much better from real Rangers men…
  10. RST Statement on Share Purchases The RST is delighted with the news of the past few days which now sees around 35% of the club’s ownership in the hands of trusted, Rangers’ supporting businessmen. With the shareholdings of the RST, other fans and individuals such as Ally McCoist, Walter Smith and Malcolm Murray, we believe that we are inching closer to the point where those who care about the club can command a 51%+ shareholding. However, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. The club requires significant investment beyond the money that fans already contribute via season ticket and matchday income. It is our firm belief that the fans have a huge part to play not only in supporting the club financially but also overseeing its well-being through a substantial shareholding. RST board member and Buy Rangers contributor, George Letham, is amongst those who have taken a large holding in the club. We will continue to work closely with him, George Taylor, Douglas Park and Dave King in an effort to rebuild Rangers on and off the park. We believe that the time has come for grass roots fans to shape the direction of our club along with wealthier supporters. As part of the Union of Fans, and independently, we have campaigned long and hard for change. That campaign has not always been easy and tough decisions have been taken, but at every step along the way we did what we believe is right for Rangers. We are extremely proud of having stood side by side with those determined to force change under extremely difficult circumstances. The RST is 100% committed to a successful Rangers, run for the benefit of the Rangers community and not nameless shareholders and their representatives. To achieve that we need the help of every Rangers supporter. We appeal to everyone with Rangers at heart to join the RST and work with us and wealthier fans to build a strong and vibrant community around our club – a community that can make sure that the damage done to the club over the past few years is never repeated. Please visit http://www.therst.co.uk and join us. Let’s get to that magical 51% mark and take our club back. - See more at: http://www.therst.co.uk/news/rst-statement-on-share-purchases/#sthash.edhZcxVV.dpuf
  11. I am seeing a rumour that Dave King has purchased Artemis shares "Dave King has purchased just under 12 million shares from Artemis. Equates to 14.57% of club."
  12. Dave King bought a massive chunk of Rangers last night and then told supporters of the long suffering Glasgow giants: I told you I wouldn’t let you down. South-Africa based tycoon King has snapped up a near 15 per cent stake in Gers, after spending £2.5million to purchase the shares held by Artemis and Miton. And King revealed: “Despite being rebuffed by the current board I have never given up and will continue to pursue the commitment I made to the Rangers fans. I said before that I am not going away and this shows I am not.” Castlemilk-born King’s powerplay comes less than a week after George Letham’s Three Bears consortium bought Laxey Partner’s 16 per cent holding. Factor in the ten per cent held by Gers fans — as well as the two per cent owned by previous bosses Walter Smith and Ally McCoist — and the group as whole now command a 45.8 per cent shareholding in Rangers. Both moves are understood to have caught the current Ibrox regime cold. Insiders believe it could spell the beginning of the end for a board of directors so despised by Gers fans, with thousands of supporters boycotting home matches to show their anger. King added: “The current board will never be accepted by the fans.” Johannesburg-based King now plans to return to Glasgow in the coming weeks when the stakeholders could call for an EGM at Ibrox. King said: “I am considering my next steps and must consult with all stakeholders. “I will be back in Scotland in a few weeks for meetings.” It’s believed Laxey, Artemis and Miton made their decision to bail out amid concerns over Rangers’ chairman David Somers conduct at last month’s explosive AGM. The Ibrox share price has been in freefall for months with King snapping up his shares for just 20p yesterday. Asked if he felt under-fire Somers should go, King said: “He should remove himself.” After three years of turmoil, King believes his purchase, coupled with the earlier move by the Three Bears, could prove hugely significant as the businessmen look to rebuild the Light Blues. King added: “I am, once again, hopeful about the future of Rangers. I have never given up and will continue to pursue the commitment I made to the Rangers fans. As I said before.” http://www.cfclatest.com/2012/01/03/king-tells-fans-i-said-id-be-back/
  13. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/exchange-insight/trade-data.html?fourWayKey=GB00B90T9Z75GBGBXASQ1
  14. The Second Official Semi-Annual Gersnet Dinner (with Special Guest Star Dave Smith) will be held at Malaga Tapas, 213-215 St Andrew's Rd, Glasgow G41 1PD http://malagatapas.co.uk/ at 5.30pm on Saturday, 6 December 2014 (subject to alteration if the Rangers v Cowdenbeath fixture is moved). Rangers Hall of Fame Legend, Dave Smith, who played in our second and third Cup Winners Cup Finals, has kindly agreed to give a short talk on THE ROAD FROM NUREMBERG TO BARCELONA and will answer questions thereafter. (Edit 21/11/2014. Now that we have exceeded 20 persons we will have private use of the new café next door to the original restaurant. The owner, Cristobal has obtained a special licence for the event.) All the other arrangements will be the same as last time. The price of the dinner itself will remain at £18.00. However, in order to cover the cost of Dave’s dinner, the final price will be £19.50. The sharp mathematicians amongst you will note that this is based on a “minimum” of 12 people attending i.e. the same as last time. If we get less than 12, then those present will have to make up the difference; if more than 12, then the balance will go into the drinks kitty. The dinner price really only covers the standard Malaga Tapas deal, which is for 3 tapas per person and a dessert of your choice; however, in our case it will include a primer plato of meats and bread and choice of paellas after the tapas. Again, as last time there will be at least 6 different tapas, x3 per person and three different paellas. If anyone has any particular favourites on the menu http://malagatapas.co.uk/menu/ please post and Cristobal will do his best to oblige. I don’t think anyone will go hungry. To quote GS “Never seen so much food as was at Malaga” Deposit & Payment Whilst it would be easier if everyone paid the full amount up front, I am happy to take a £10 deposit p/p by the end of this month and the balance whenever it suits before the event. For those who were there last time, the bank details are the same. Newcomers pleased PM me and I will supply the bank details. When making any payments please use your Gersnet nom de plume as a reference and PM me a confirmation with your full name and a contact telephone number. (I lost most of the details I had when my phone went into sick bay.) I am very confident that with your support we will build on the success of the first dinner.
  15. Rangers Supporters Trust has demanded that the club keep its promise to answer questions about Mike Ashley. By Roddy Forsyth 7:59PM GMT 29 Dec 2014 Comments4 Comments The Rangers Supporters Trust has demanded that the club keep its promise to answer questions about Mike Ashley which shareholders were unable to put to the board at last week’s stormy annual general meeting. David Somers, the Rangers plc chairman, was widely criticised for curtailing the proceedings before questions could be posed about the Newcastle United owner’s dealings with the club, especially in relation to his Sports Direct retail chain. Somers promised that he would respond by email to questions which were not addressed at the AGM. One question follows the Telegraph Sport’s disclosure that when Ashley gave up the naming rights to Ibrox Stadium notoriously acquired for £1 from Charles Green’s Sevco consortium – he got substantial commercial and advertising concessions within the ground. The Rangers board is exploring its options for fresh funding after the rejection by the Scottish Football Association of Ashley’s attempt to increase his shareholding in the club from 8.92% to 29.9%. It is understood that one possibility – again cited by Telegraph Sport – is to maintain cash flow by a series of emergency loans from Ashley, secured on assets. Ashley has already provided £3 million in loans but Rangers need another £8 million to see them through 2015. They have an offer of £6 million from three wealthy supporters, Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor, conditional on board representation. However, Ashley could choose to defy the SFA by increasing his stake in the club despite their refusal to sanction it, a course of action that could lead to the governing body to withdraw Rangers’ license to play football. In the meantime, the RST’s questions include the following: “Can the Board outline the terms of the recently announced new commercial arrangements with Sports Direct? Specifically, can the board confirm if future years’ shirt sponsor revenues will be for the benefit of the club or for the benefit of Sports Direct and does Sports Direct have the right to choose a shirt sponsor after the end of 32 Red three year sponsor period? “It is a widely held view that Mike Ashley tried to undermine the recent share issue by initially offering to underwrite it, then withdrawing this offer, and publicly announcing he would not be taking up his rights, only to then go out in the market the following week and buy further shares in the market for the same price. “This appears to have been a clear strategy to undermine the success of that share issue. On what basis does the Board consider it appropriate to enter into further business relationships with an individual who was clearly attempting to undermine the financial position of the club for his own advantage? “Can the board confirm if it is in discussions with Sports Direct or any other Mike Ashley company to sell a further stake in the Rangers Retail business? If so, what percentage stake is being considered for sale and at what value? “It has been reported that Derek Llambias will earn a salary of £150k as CEO. Will Mr Llambias advise shareholders if he is also entitled to other benefits (housing costs, car allowances, pension) and in particular if he is eligible for any bonus payment? If he is eligible for a bonus then on what basis will this be earned? Has he moved to Glasgow? “Is the Board considering using Murray Park as security for further loans from Mike Ashley, Mash Holdings or Sports Direct affiliated companies? If so, how much is the Board seeking to raise from this asset? “The club appears to have granted considerable additional stadium branding rights to Sports Direct and Mike Ashley companies. Can the board outline exactly how much additional advertising inventory has been given toSports Direct/Mike Ashley and what value or consideration has been received for this? “The club needs major investment. Why did the board not seek to persuade Sandy Easdale to vote his proxy block of 26% to support a new share issue? As Mr Easdale did not support such a new issue, blocking muchneeded fresh investment, is his position on the football board untenable? “Mr Llambias you sat in front of around 200 fans at Ibrox, next to Charles Green, and told us of the benefits and "millions of pounds" the naming rights for Ibrox would bring to Rangers. Did you know at that time that your boss, Mike Ashley, was getting those rights for £1? Why should any Rangers fans trust you when your first interaction with us was to mislead us on behalf of Mr Ashley? “How much did the club receive per £10 spent by fans from retail sales through Rangers Retail in the June 2013-June 2014 financial year? “What has Mike Ashley been given in return for giving up the naming rights that Charles Green handed him for £1? “Can you explain why the board took Mike Ashley’s loans and gave him control of the running of the club despite it clearly being contrary to SFA and UEFA rules and therefore inevitably opening up the club to a charge? “Can the board confirm why, after 40 odd years of service, loyal employees are being cast out the door with the minimum possible redundancy pay and a paltry two weeks’ pay as a 'goodwill' gesture?” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11316773/Rangers-fans-demand-answers-from-board-over-Mike-Ashleys-involvement-with-club.html
  16. ...if they want to get their club back Former Rangers chairman Malcolm Murray has told supporters to make some "noise" if they want to get their club back. The former pension fund manager was speaking after Monday's stormy Ibrox AGM. The 90-minute meeting saw PLC chairman David Somers, chief executive Derek Llambias, director James Easdale and his brother Sandy - chairman of the club's football board - face a barrage of abuse from shareholders. Chants of "out, out, out", "sack the board" and "scumbags" were hurled at the directors as they made their way out onto a flimsy tent erected on the Ibrox pitch. There was little detail given to the irate fans on how the board plan to bridge the £8.3million funding gap which currently separates the Glasgow giants from safety, other than to say a fresh share issue was to be expected, while Somers was the focus of much of the ire after comments which sparked even more anger. Despite the flak, the chairman, Llambias and James Easdale were all re-elected to the PLC board with the help of Mike Ashley and other institutional investors. But Murray claims the fans must act if they want to force real change. Speaking outside the AGM, Murray - who was the club's first chairman after it was reformed following its 2012 liquidation crisis, only to quit a year later after falling out with Charles Green - said: "That was the most arrogant display I have ever seen in third of a century of attending AGMs. "There was complete disregard for shareholders and fans. They say they will operate without fans. We actually ended up knowing less than when we started, which takes a bit of doing. "What can the fans and shareholders do? They have to make more noise. I am not saying they should boycott but they have to make a lot more noise. I think eventually the board will get worried that that the fans are not turning up and not buying kit. The mood in there, well, I have never known anything like it. "Will fans turn their backs on the club? In the short term, yes. But my message to the fans is to stick with it. We will be here a lot longer than them." http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/u/murray-rangers-fans-need-to-make-some-noise-if-they-want-to-get-their-club-back.1419322367
  17. They are fooling around, Somers is extracting the urine. They put the shareholders in the away end and are pouring scorn on them. This is so not my club.
  18. 19 December Rangers International Football Club plc ("Rangers" or the "Company") Appointment of Chief Executive Officer Existing Board member Derek Llambias has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Rangers with immediate effect. Derek joined the Board on 2 November 2014 as a non-executive director. In line with the cost cutting exercise announced on 12 November 2014, Mr Llambias's remuneration will be significantly lower than previously offered for this position. Additionally, David Somers will now revert to his previous role as non-executive Chairman. Commenting on the appointment, David Somers said "I am delighted that Derek has agreed to step up to the Chief Executive role. This is a successful outcome to the process, announced on 27 October 2014, which involved interviewing a number of high calibre candidates. Derek has impressed us with his grasp of the issues since joining the group and brings a wealth of experience, particularly from his time at Newcastle United, which we feel confident will be invaluable to Rangers. ************** " which involved interviewing a number of high calibre candidates" Did it f@ck.
  19. Just had a look at RF members vote on AGM resultutions. 5% either voted for Easdale or withheld their vote, for Somers it was 12%. We certainly have a problem within our support. I would have thought that within supporters who are actually buying shares the result would have been 0%. Why would any fan want these two cretins anywhere near our club? RF members also voted by large majorities against resuloutions 8 & 9.
  20. AGM Poll Our AGM poll closed at midnight last night, however, we have been contacted by members asking if it could be reopened as they hadn't yet voted. As a result, we have reopened the poll and would encourage all members to use their opportunity to vote. As we have moved to a new website you are required to re register. If you did not receive the email it may have went into your junk/spam folder. The other way to register is as follows: • Go to http://www.therst.co.uk • Go to the Members Area • Click on Forgotten Password • Input the email address you originally registered with the RST. This will provide you with a password to log in and access the members area where you can vote in the AGM poll. Thanks for your continued support.
  21. From club website. AS previously announced, the Company's Annual General Meeting will be held at 10:30am on Monday 22 December 2014 at Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD. Access will be through Exit 30 of the Broomloan Stand which is adjacent to turnstile 64. Shareholders will have access to the Albion car park with access to the Stadium footprint for disabled Blue Badge holders to park near the entrance. Shareholders are asked to arrive in good time from 9am in order to clear the registration process. Shareholders should bring the attendance card which was included with the Notice of AGM, posted to registered addresses on 28 November 2014. In the event that the attendance card is lost, Shareholders should bring some other form of ID (a credit/debit card will suffice). Shareholders whose shares are held in a nominee account with their stockbroker will need a Corporate Representative's letter (issued by the custodian of their shares) in order to be admitted. Non-shareholders including guests of shareholders, will not be admitted. The meeting will consider the 9 Resolutions set out in the Notice of AGM, each of which will be subject to a vote by Poll, which will be verified by Capita Registrars Limited. The result of these Resolutions will be released to the London Stock Exchange by no later than 7am on 23 December 2014.
  22. The letter is as follows: We are writing as concerned shareholders regarding the conduct of the upcoming AGM for Rangers International Football Club PLC on Monday 22nd December 2014. At the AGM last year, held in December in the Ibrox Stadium Main Stand, the board used the excuse of the cold weather to cut short questions regarding their running of the company. They left queues of shareholders with questions unanswered. Mr Somers also chose to take multiple questions at a time which did not allow any chance for relevant follow up. Since then, we have seen what we regard as the further mismanagement of the company, inexplicable decisions on financing the company going forward and further undue influence applied to the PLC board by shareholders Sandy Easdale and Mike Ashley. With this in mind, we are writing to ensure that there will be no repeat of the board’s and particularly Mr Somers’ behaviour this year. We expect that all questions from shareholders will be answered, as they are asked, and that follow up questions will be allowed within reason. We do not expect multiple questions to be taken at a time. We do no expect Mr Somers to attempt to cut short shareholders rights on the basis of the weather. The company, and for many of us our football club, is in dire straits. The board remain unwilling to engage properly with their concerned shareholders and customers and this is the only opportunity we may have for another year to get the answers we require on the decisions they have made. We expect your full support in this matter and thank you for it in anticipation.
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