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  1. In Fridays @TheEveningTimes: RST to participate in share issue & RFC retail staff at Ibrox, Airport and Belfast under Sports Direct control
  2. Bill Leckie; Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If they don’t heed those words as the vultures circle Ibrox once again, then hell mend them. First time their club went to the wall, they manned the barricades to protect it from a big, nasty outside world. For that, no matter what other thoughts you have on the matter, their loyalty surely deserves to be applauded. But now? Two-and-a-half years on? If, despite being given a second chance to repair the horrendous mistakes of the past, a club with this level of support goes into administration AGAIN? Sorry, but if it was me I wouldn’t give them another penny. On Saturday, once more, thousands turned up brandishing red cards to express their unhappiness at the way the love of their lives is being mismanaged. And, once more, those responsible for the mismanagement laughed up their sleeves at the pointlessness of the protest. Because to brandish those red cards, you have to pay your money to get inside the stadium. Which hands yet more cash to the people you’re protesting at so they can go ahead and waste it. Listen, what do I know? They’re not my club and the one I do follow has never been to the heights Rangers have reached to suffer such a humiliating, disorientating fall. I’m just someone looking in and wondering how the hell, in all good conscience, Bluenoses can carry on regardless if and when the accountants take over the asylum once more. Actually, don’t answer that. It’s not a can of worms that’s worth opening, this We-Are-The-People, Rangers-Till-I-Die, stick-your-fingers-in-your-ears-and-sing-Follow-Follow mindset. So, for what it’s worth, let me instead pass on my suggestion for what they should do if their club re-enters the abyss. Sod it. Turn their backs on it. Give it, as a man on the other side of Glasgow once said, not one more thin dime. And instead, invest in the future of Scottish clubs who DO run their affairs honestly and who DO have respect for those who click the turnstiles. Go and back your old skipper Barry Ferguson as he tries to make things happen at Clyde. Go and see what another ex-player in Gary Bollan’s doing with Airdrie. If you’re from Fife, go and watch East Fife or Cowdenbeath. If you’re in Angus, hand your tenner to Arbroath or Brechin, Forfar or Montrose. If you donÂ’t want to give up your wee jaunt over from Northern Ireland, get off the ferry and stroll up to Stair Park. There’s been a school of thought among some these last couple of years that Rangers being forced to do the grand tour of the colonies meant the lower divisions should have been grateful for the gate receipts and the TV handouts. For me, this always got it the wrong way round. It was those inside Ibrox should have been thankful that they were in still in business and ABLE to head for Elgin and Berwick and Stranraer. Now, as fresh financial catastrophe looms, I’d put it to Rangers fans that they could do far more good for far more people if they stopped pouring money into what has long since ceased to be “their” club and started drip-feeding it to those who genuinely are the game’s lifeblood. Why? I’ll give you three good reasons. One, those halfwits in your directors’ box shouldn’t be trusted with the remote for the telly, never mind your wages. Two, that 30,000-odd of you spread among the country’s 20-odd part-time clubs would not only create better atmospheres but also help to cement football in communities for the long term. And three? You might just get to relax and enjoy the game, rather than always being angry and stressed about it. Watching Ayr United play Stenhousemuir might just extend your life. The alternative to this is a simple one. Stand your ground and, by your very presence, condone the halfwits in the directors’ box. Two-and-a-half years on from that first administration and the liquidation that followed, these halfwits need to scramble together £4million in a matter of days to keep their heads above water. To achieve this, they may need to flog their saleable players before the transfer window closes, which will hamper your hopes of promotion back to the top flight. If they don’t raise the money, they stand to suffer a 25-point deduction as punishment for a second spell in administration, all but ending those promotion hopes. How, with the wages they pay and the crowds they attract and the sheer intimidatory force of their name that is a two-goal start against far smaller opposition, can this possibly be? How the lumping hell can the people running a club the size of Rangers be handed the chance they were to start again, to build sensibly, to tool up for their return to where they want to be, and yet fail so utterly miserably? How? The clue is in the word halfwits. So maybe I’ve got this all the wrong way round. And it’s those Ibrox directors who should be sent to the outposts of the footballing empire instead. Maybe Graham Wallace and the Easdales and whoever else is a player in this embarrassing saga are the ones who need to go out into the real world and see how real football people operate. Trust me, if a month shadowing the treasurer at Albion Rovers didn’t shame them into living within their means, liquidation’s too good for them.
  3. I wouldn't disagree with much of this to be fair. BY GORDON WADDELL Gordon Waddell: Like Thelma and Louise, Rangers have arrived at their destination.. the edge of a cliff 31 August 2014 08:37 AM By Gordon Waddell GORDON reckons Rangers are at the edge of a precipice but the cash crisis hasn't stopped the club signing back-up keeper Lee Robinson in a move typical of the way the club has been run for the past few years. THEY sold their road back to the top of the game as ‘The Journey’. It would appear Rangers have arrived at a destination many financial experts predicted for them long ago. The edge of a cliff. As the directors sit there like Thelma and Louise, with the engine revving, you wonder if the question was not whether the club would end up being driven over the edge but more a matter of when the crash would occur. How else do you explain it? No sane person would surely run a business the way they’ve run theirs. It’s as if they have committed commercial suicide. An example? It didn’t make a headline. Barely registered a mention. But if you want even a tiny indication of exactly how dysfunctional Rangers are, then look no further than the signing of Lee Robinson last week. A 28-year-old back-up keeper to a 35-year-old back-up. When they already have the Scotland Under-19 No.1 AND the Scotland Under-17 No.1 on their books? Another wage? Aye, why not, eh? We’ve been splashing money needlessly for two and a half years on players we don’t need and can’t afford – another won’t kill us. Their share offering on Friday was like taking a tube of Savlon to a cremation. They’ve admitted to the stock exchange that if they don’t get at least £3m, they’re knackered. And even if they do, they’ve openly shifted the problem a couple of months further down the line. Yet still they sign players like autograph hunters? They act as if they don’t give a monkey’s. Other clubs coming back from the brink, the first thing they attacked was their cost base. Trimmed all the fat and started from the ground up. Live within your means. New club motto? Numquam Iterum. Never Again. Yet here we are, back at square one. Ally on the back pages, pleading: ‘Don’t sell my stars’. Why not? Truth is you should never have been allowed to sign most of them in the first place. This whole ‘We’re Rangers and until someone tells me otherwise, we’ll continue to behave like Rangers’ schtick? McCoist is a bright, articulate, likeable guy. I refuse to believe he’s so gullible. That he never sat there and thought ‘This can’t be right’. Who would you prefer to be in charge at Rangers? I’m not saying anything I haven’t said to him in a dozen different press conferences. I’ve asked him why they weren’t hunkering down, signing players for their level, saving cash. He always replied: “The fans deserve better.” Damn right they do. But they also deserve their club to survive after what they’ve put in over the years. In a football sense, I haven’t yet met a Rangers fan who didn’t think the club would have been better bleeding half a dozen youngsters into their line-up back on day one and developing them properly than going down the road they did. I haven’t yet met a fan who wouldn’t have put up with the odd defeat to see some genuine progress and fiscal responsibility rather than watching the likes of Richard Foster, Stevie Smith, Ian Black, Dean Shiels or Jon Daly. Or Lee Robinson. Nice lad, decent gloves – but what about Liam Kelly and Robby McCrorie, two of the highest-rated teenagers in their position in Scotland? Every other club in the country is giving youth a chance and reaping the rewards. Not The Rangers. Sorry lads. Can’t trust you, even on the bench. No time to have faith in you. Other diddy clubs might get away with playing teenagers. They may even excel. Hell, look at Conor McGrandles – 82 senior games by the age of 18 and a £1million move from Falkirk to Norwich. Rangers are too good for that, though. Listen, the dysfunctional management of the club’s affairs runs a million miles deeper than the team. These are just examples of how a total breakdown in management manifests itself in public. What goes on behind closed doors or up marble staircases? We may never know. But the fact they’re putting out the begging bowl in such a humiliating manner suggests none of it is good. And then we have the ever-hovering presence of Dave King . King has been criticised for his silence but don’t let anyone kid you that he hasn’t been waiting for this exact moment. The lowest ebb. The final wheezing breaths of a regime someone as long in the tooth as he is always thought would arrive. Sure, he’s a Rangers fan. Sure, his intentions for the club will be more honourable than the current incumbents. But spare me the idea his timing suggests anything other than his own benefit being served too. In the meantime, the Rangers fans are once again left with what they call Morton’s Fork – two choices, both undesirable. Take up the share option, keep a shambolic regime functioning a little longer. Or not a penny more. Flush them out and suffer the consequences. I don’t envy them their decision.
  4. I would encourage anyone not already a member to join now The below will be being emailed to all members shortly. We encourage all Rangers Fans world wide to now participate in at http://www.rangersfirst.org'>http://www.rangersfirst.org We are the People and this is our time. Dear members > > As you will have gathered the Club issued an Open Offer today regarding the issue of 19,864,918 new Ordinary Shares in Rangers International Football Club PLC. > > The full details of that issue can be found here: > > http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exch ... d=12066370 > > We would ask that you have a read of it all. > > Rangers First was set up to collectively buy as many shares in the PLC as it could, with the hope of at least reaching 5% ownership which in a PLC is significant as it would allow Rangers First to hold any PLC board to account via the calling of a General meeting. > > Rangers First can confirm that it has already written to both Graham Wallace and the NOMAD (Daniel Stewart & Company PLC, who has confirmed reciept) that it is in a position to “invest beyond our pro-rated pre-emption rights” and that Rangers First would “wish to be added to any Excess Application Facility for the purchase of additional shares” > > Upon reflection on todays statement the Rangers First steering group has concluded that it is most appropriate to continue on our policy of buying shares and will as we indicated in our letter seek to take up as many as possible. > > However as is made clear in the Clubs own statement there are severe risks if this share issue is not taken up and this will not be the last share issue and so we presume these same risks will also attach as concerns to the further share offers to follow. Rangers First is set up as a democratic organisation and so the Steering Group wish to put the democratic process into action and have our members confirm by vote that they are happy for Rangers First Steering Group to continue its share purchase policy and take up as many shares as it can in this share issue. > > All members will be sent a vote in the next few hours which will be open over the weekend. > > This is another chance for Rangers Fans to take a significant stake and have significantly more influence at our Club. From the statement this will be the first of a number of equity raises so now is the time to sign up, get you family, home and abroad signed up, get those you go to and watch the game with signed…..get every Bear you have ever known to sign up to Rangers First > > http://www.rangersfirst.org Please consider taking out a Life membership of Rangers First for £500 (this can be passed to your children one day) or joining for a monthly fee of as little as £5 per month (U16 free) Selling all the 1872 life membership would raise enough for Rangers First to buy over 5% of the Club and reach our Stage 1 > > > We are the People and this is our Time!
  5. I sometimes wonder if the news HMRC intend to appeal the latest dismissal of their vendetta against Rangers causes any ripples in the Ibrox boardroom. After all it was another time, another regime with legal culpability squarely on the shoulders of Sir David Murray and his legal advisers. But not for us who are the Rangers support. For us it is part of a journey from hell, a journey which is not yet complete, with the scars and wounds endured on that journey show little sign of healing. Why is it that those who aspire to power within our club don't seem to feel the pain of such scars ? For years under the tenure of Sir David Murray many of us warned about the dangers of the “dignified silence” strategy. As lies were written and broadcast about both club and support Sir David Murray responded to our concerns with “If a newspaper offends you – don’t buy it” Our club and support have become the easy picking for hate filled individuals who appear to think that carrying an NUJ card offers them considerable immunity from lies, deceit and hate filled articles, many written without research or based in fact, or more concern, deliberately omitting facts in order to damage to our club. Why is it the defence of our club has been left to individual bloggers or groups such as Vanguard Bears, The RST or The Rangers Standard who appear to have the energy and passion to respond to unfair articles or decisions against our club ? Why is that same energy and passion not emanating from inside our club ? Have we honestly learned nothing in the last few years ? Its time those inside Ibrox, whoever that might be, became pro-active rather than occasionally reactive. If you are privileged enough to wear a Rangers blazer and tie – then that should be akin to a suit of armour - stand prepared to champion this club against all attacks. Jim McColl's alternative board missed a considerable trick at their question and session at the Hilton when asked about defending the club. Their fudged answer showed little desire or forethought, and was as bereft of ideas as those they sought to depose. Why cant these people get it ?? This issue is of vast importance to the Rangers support. We live, eat and breathe this club and every attack on her is borne personally by every single one of us. It's hard to understand why our club pays for PR, when we appear to be getting trodden on day in day out by the same individuals and organisations, operating with apparent impunity. Jim Traynor's “Gentlemen be very careful” is a dark and distant memory full of empty threats. In fact words without action appear to have exacerbated the problem. For all the criticism I have penned over the years about Charles Green, I will concede one point – at least he “got it”. He realised that defending this club, albeit his reasons were part of bigger plan and not altruistic, was a sure fire of winning over the support. How can it be a stranger can walk into our midst and grasp such a crucial point which our own seem to continually miss ? The well meaning articles by Rangers bloggers, Rangers Supporters Groups and Rangers websites however well intentioned and passionate, do not carry the same authority as statements or action coming from within the club itself. Furthermore it's not our job – its your job, those of you who are privileged enough to wear a club blazer and tie, or aspire to do so in the future. This support has proven itself time and time again in the face of considerable adversity, with its willingness to protect and safeguard this club. We have done as much as we can. For those with both responsibility and authority – its time for you to step up and play.
  6. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=12043401 Looks like the £5m button isn't as easy to press as they think...
  7. Let us begin this article with the boring bit; an extract from the Civil Service Code, the Government's published document which outlines the Civil Service's core values, and the standards of behaviour expected of all civil servants in upholding these values:- Full article: http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/bill-mccreaths-civil-disservice.html
  8. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=12035870 Speculate away gentlemen but it seems there's some sort of influential tug o' war happening...
  9. Letter sent to Rangers CEO Graham Wallace As we previously communicated with you, we contacted Graham Wallace in June requesting whether he still agreed over the "importance for clubs with ambition to own their own stadium and training centre". Sadly, we received no response so this week we have sent further correspondence to Mr Wallace. This is as follows: Dear Mr Wallace, Season Ticket Sales and the Future of Auchenhowie We note we have yet to receive a response to our email of 10/06/14 (copied below), and again write to express our concerns in regards to the above. Season ticket sales appear to be very disappointing, which is astonishing given that this season could see us return to the top flight, and will involve some potentially excellent matches against Hibs and Hearts, in what will generally be a much more competitive league. This is surely a reflection on how the fans view the performance of the board, and in particular, a reflection on some very real concerns fans have over the future of Ibrox and our training ground at Auchenhowie. We note the recent statement by the board as regards Ibrox, however, rumours continue to persist that the board are in the process of using Auchenhowie to raise funds in some way to bridge the gap left by the very disappointing level of season ticket renewals. As you are no doubt aware, the training complex is viewed as a symbol of the future by Rangers fans, and disposing of this asset in any way is likely to be counterproductive as it would lead to further disillusionment and detachment of the fans - who, it should be remembered, contributed significantly to the cost of the facility. We would therefore urge you to end this downward spiral and clarify how the board plan to address the apparent lack of confidence which the fans appear to have in them, and thus, hopefully, increase the level of season ticket renewals. We would hope an increase in season ticket uptake to a more realistic level would obviate the need for the board to resort to disposing of vital assets. We note that the first responsibility of the board is to the company and not to any individual or group of shareholders. With this in mind, you will recall the board's recent attempt to raise short term funding via a major shareholder, and that The RST was able to assist in procuring a significantly more beneficial deal for the company. Can you therefore confirm that we will be afforded a similar opportunity to obtain a better deal for the company should the board fail to raise season ticket sales and have to resort to using Auchenhowie to raise finance? We hope you will understand our concerns and the urgent need for a response. We will update members with any response we received.
  10. Along with the UTT appeal rumours, I'd fancy a few people will not be sitting comfortably over the coming monhts... http://www.followfollow.com/news/tmnw/rangers_creditors_win_24m_settlement_from_law_firm_836024/index.shtml
  11. RFC Maybe we can talk about this without any unecessary snyde remarks about the board?
  12. After a successful meeting with Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland today it would appear that subject to a few little details our application for a procession to Ibrox on the 19th July will be passed as acceptable. We will require the following volunteers from within the support to fulfil some council requirements. - Experianced marshals - Volunteer marshals - First aiders - Expectant numbers. I would love to hear from pipe or accordion band with a repertoire of Rangers songs In their play book. If you can help with any of the above or will be in attendance can you please let me know on this post or via PM Thanks Craig SoS https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfStrut...al_comments=14 L
  13. Last evening, watching BBC Scotland's piece on Rangers trials with HMRC, I wondered why Angela Haggerty was chosen to counter Craig Houston. The current on going gripe is with HMRC, where is their representative? How about one of any number of the usual suspects(a lot of them regular contributors to BBC Scotland) who rushed to put the boot into the club? Even a Mark Daly who won a prestigious award for his BBC Scotland documentary, 'the man who sold the jerseys'? BBC Scotland utilise considerable energy in maintaining their policy of, 'careful hate'. Cosgrove keeps up the ridicule, Spence pushes the envelope regularly, and the News Department never misses an opportunity to demonise and marginalise(who can forget the bouncing ball on perceived sectarian lyrics)? Careful Hate just wouldn't cut it, the momentum had been building among the Rangers support, harbouring a legitimate sense of injustice. Quelling such fires requires venomous hate. Angela has a long history of being supportive of Irish republicanism, including providing necessary mitigation on the awkward area of armed struggle. Angela has been all over the Rangers situation, like a rash. Lucrative too for Angela, as Editor of Phil McFournames collection of essays, entitled 'Downfall'. Angela would have been paid a fee for lat evening's appearance too. Now, Angela is a well practised contributor to social media and she is 'Friends' with lots, if not all the regular detractors of Rangers. I suspect a few BBC Scotland Producers liked the cut of Angela's jib yesterday : "the revenge frenzy being whipped up by the Scottish tabloids is shameful. They know what the Rangers culture is capable of" and, "Rangers are a social club for people still clinging on to a white British protestant identity that revolves around fancy dress". You can see the attractiveness of misrepresentation, the HMRC thing has become inconvenient; get Angela on to spit a bit of venom on to the frenzy. Remember, the tabloids are shameful, BBC Scotland is unfailingly moral.
  14. Did I hear the orange bloused presenter say Rangers were relegated and stripped of titles ? Could have misheard the last bit. Otherwise what a waste of time. Pity it hadn't been Forlanss or Bluedell or BH or some other articuLate bloke with a bit of expertise to argue the case. According to Haggerty Rangers didnaemwin the tax case, so they didn't . Fair enough. The HMRC appeal was for the most part refused. Slight difference but largely the same outcome. But, she says, there will still be money due to,the taxman so we'll all have to putmthatnin our pipes and smoke it. I reckon this dame has a future on Radio Bahgdad.
  15. RST statement: The Rangers Supporters Trust (RST) is deeply concerned with last nights BBC programme, Scotland 2014. It is yet another example of the ongoing perceived anti Rangers bias from our national broadcaster. Firstly, reading from a prewritten script, it was stated that Rangers had been stripped of titles. This is clearly not the case. The Rangers support have fought hard to ensure our titles remained. It is incomprehensible that the BBC can get such a simple fact wrong, especially from a prewritten script. Secondly, the selection of Angela Haggerty as a guest is perplexing. Her association with Phil MacGiollaBhain, a man regarded as being tarred with a sickening sectarian brush, was mentioned on the show. Surely this should have ruled her out of appearing on the show? Furthermore, why was a Celtic supporter with no qualifications in complex tax matters appearing to discuss the first-tier tribunal. Whilst the need for balance is required, that does not warrant a Rangers side and a Celtic side. This issue surrounds Rangers, therefore for balance to be achieved it should have been a Rangers representative, as there was, and perhaps a tax expert. Not a Celtic supporting blogger. Can the BBC justify the involvement of Ms Haggerty on this issue? It was also of concern that Angela Haggerty stated "HMRC will continue to fight this". Is this a case of leaked information from HMRC, or is it just wishful thinking? The BBC should clarify this immediately. The RST will follow this statement up with a direct complaint about this substandard reporting on Rangers FC. This unfortunately appears to be a consistent theme from an organisation which was once highly regarded for its journalistic impartiality. Journalistic impartiality and basic professionalism appear to be sadly lacking at BBC Scotland where Rangers FC is concerned.
  16. Become a member Sons of Struth was formed out of frustration that we felt no one spoke for us and we wanted a voice. We certainly found one. If it was not for the thousands that joined our protests then our voice would not have been heard. We now want to give those who helped us be heard a platform and to be involved in shaping the future of SoS As a member of SoS you will receive updates on future activities be invited to put forward ideas for future activities be polled on concerns we may have for our club and on future activities have access to a members only forum have a say in the future of the group be part of the most active group of fans in the last 12 months Membership is FREE http://www.sonsofstruth.co.uk/join-sos.html
  17. RANGERS have experienced a flurry of late season ticket sales since striker Kris Boyd made his emotional return to Ibrox last week. Boyd ended weeks of speculation when he signed a one-year deal with the SPFL League One champions - and is set to team up again with Kenny Miller. And his capture has since led to a surge in Light Blue supporters signing up to watch Ally McCoist's side in the 2014/15 season. The ticket office at Ibrox at the weekend was queued out of the door for long spells as fans snapped up season books for the new campaign. Lifelong fan Alan Anderson, from Cambuslang, was taken aback at the level of interest when he renewed his ticket at Ibrox on Saturday. He told SportTimes: "I was told the season ticket office was going to be open until after two o'clock and popped down half an hour before it shut. "But when I got there there were a lot of cars in the car park and people were queueing out of the door. "There was a great atmosphere among the supporters who were waiting to buy tickets. "I think most of them were, like me, buying season tickets because Kris Boyd has signed. "But people were genuinely excited about the season ahead and the prospect of playing teams like Hearts and Hibs. "I wasn't going to renew my season ticket, but I decided to do so when I saw that Boyd had signed. "I think a lot of people were the same as me. "I don't necessarily like who is in charge at Rangers at the moment, but I am, as the slogan goes, prepared to support the team and not the regime." Rangers announced to the Stock Exchange a fortnight ago that "approximately 17,000" season tickets had been bought by fans this summer. That is in stark contrast to the 34,000 supporters who made the Gers one of the best backed clubs in Britain for the second stage of "The Journey". The Union of Fans - an umbrella group comprising six supporters organisations - has been urging fans not to renew their season tickets. The UoF and former director Dave King set up Ibrox 1972 Ltd in the close season and urged supporters to pledge their money to it instead. They want Rangers to give them security over the stadium and the training ground at Auchenhowie in return for the cash. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/rangers-revel-in-boyd-ticket-bounty-169185n.24618366
  18. The BBC has learned former Rangers chief executive Charles Green is seeking financial support to launch a new bid for control of the Ibrox club. Green led a consortium which bought Rangers' assets in May 2012 and then raised £22m from a share issue, but resigned from his post last year. He returned for a short-lived spell as a consultant before selling his shareholding in the club. However, he has spent the last week in talks with potential investors. Rangers plan to launch a new share issue in a bid to raise in the region of £8m and if Green is to be successful he would need to convince existing shareholders to sell to a new consortium. Green, who held the same position at Sheffield United, stood down from the chief executive's position citing the "negative publicity" surrounding an independent investigation, commissioned by the club's board, into allegations of undeclared dealings with former owner Craig Whyte. That investigation consequently found no evidence of Whyte's claims that he was involved in the Green-led acquisition of Rangers two years ago. On selling his shares to Sandy Easdale, chairman of Rangers' football board, Green said: "I want to make it clear that this means I will have no ongoing influence or financial interest at the club but I remain a fan and fervently hope that Rangers will soon be back at the top where they belong."
  19. The board of Rangers (the “Board”) can confirm that approximately 17,000 season tickets have been renewed to date for the Club's forthcoming SPFL Championship season. This level of renewals reduces the potential requirement for short term financing as highlighted in the Business Review Summary published on 25 April 2014 particularly given the updated season ticket pricing structure for the 2014/15 campaign. Applications for new season ticket purchases opened on Monday and sales of season tickets are continuing. The Club very much looks forward to welcoming more supporters back to Ibrox for what promises to be an exciting league competition. The Board believes that whilst this level of support reduces the potential requirement for short-term financing the Board also notes the strategic objectives that it identified in the Business Review Summary published on 25 April 2014 and the related funding requirements. The Board continues to evaluate its plans in this regard and will update the market in due course. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7059-season-ticket-sales
  20. I am pleased to report that the Rangers Supporters Loyal website is now live. People interested in joining can register interest on the site. Shortly we hope to be issuing memberships. A forum and messageboard section should also be up and running soon. This is your chance to join a Rangers Supporters Group that backs the club. http://rangerssupportersloyal.co.uk/
  21. GRAHAM WALLACE says Rangers now has a solid base from which it can move forward with confidence as it looks to grow, prosper and thrive more as time goes on. Wallace has spent the weekend in Toronto at the 2014 NARSA convention, where over 1,000 Light Blues fans have been in attendance. The chief executive took questions in an open forum yesterday afternoon following the association’s annual general meeting. A number of issues were raised with him and Wallace is keen to reassure Gers followers a path to a brighter future lies ahead. He said: “It has been interesting talking to a different cross-section of fans in Toronto as it was an opportunity to hear at a really detailed level about some of the issues they have. “Almost since the day I came to Rangers, we’ve been operating in an environment where there have been consistent questions about the financial stability of the club. “I’ve repeatedly come out and said there’s no threat of administration and we’ve built a very solid base now which we’re moving forward from. “The fans should take reassurance and comfort from that. We are moving in a way that allows us to grow and develop the business. “The long-term financial stability of the business is well in hand and we are in a good place now. Fans should be confident and comfortable with the club’s long-term stability. “The club needs them to survive like any business does and we are absolutely hoping they will stand behind and support the club the way they have in recent seasons. “In the vast majority of areas, I think we are moving in the right direction and it is business as usual at the football club. “The fans are looking for a degree of confidence that their club is stable, it’s being properly run and we are in a good position financially. “We are now in our best position financially in my time at the club so that’s positive and we are placed very well for the start of the forthcoming Championship campaign.” Wallace admits there is still considerable work to be done as Rangers bid to make up for what he feels has been a missed opportunity to rebuild in a better way since administration in 2012. But he is sure a lot key moves have now been made which will allow the League One title winners to make more notable strides from now on. He added: “I’ve been in position now for a little over six months and in that time it has been extremely challenging. “There have been so many legacy issues we have had to deal with and we spent a considerable period of time looking at the condition and the state of the business. “We had to map out what we think the club and the business is capable of doing over the next several years. “We have done a tremendous amount of groundwork and we’ve addressed a significant number of issues. “In April, we published our business review. That gave fans a sense of what we inherited but more importantly, a sense of the vision of where we think we can take the business. “We have made significant strides but it’s not an overnight journey and what we are looking for now is to move forward again. “We want to go through our pre-season routine into the new season and really push on, starting to make a huge difference in the areas we’ve identified.” http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7029-a-base-to-grow-from
  22. “There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief There’s too much confusion I can’t get no relief Business men, they drink my wine Plowman dig my earth None were level on the mind Nobody up at his word” Where is it we are trying to get out of ? I would respectfully suggest a rock and a hard place. As many of you know I’m not often given to profanity – but quite simply – what an absolute clusterfeck. There is a civil war engulfing us with our boardroom the battleground. As in every conflict the collateral damage is considerable. On one side we have a board who have failed to impress, fail to convince the Rangers support they have our club’s best interests at heart and on the other side we have the challenger in the shape of Dave King, who appears to be being given considerable latitude in his own failings and lack of clarity, as a consequence of his previous investment in our club. And of course that collateral damage I referred to is manifesting itself not only in a season ticket boycott, but also in the form of a “protest shirt” whose purpose is to deliberately prevent incoming revenue from the sale of club merchandise. It’s easy to say that such ventures deprive the board of money and as anti-board protesters I’m sure that provides the conscience with a fairly robust moral platform for such action. But at what point does it not only deprive the board, but also our club and a manager wishing to strengthen a squad ? Having deliberately deprived the board of regular and essential revenue are we then to hold them to account for failing to enhance our playing squad ? Good Lord. Before anyone starts harbouring feelings of sympathy for the current board allow me to remind you of the 3 critical questions I tweeted about the other week, which as yet remain unanswered. 1. Why did our club have to secure additional funding after CEO Graham Wallace assured us only weeks earlier there was sufficient money in the account. 2. Why have the board not moved to dispel allegations by the Daily Record that our credit/debit card facility was removed re season tickets due to the financial incompetence of the board and not as was suggested in the review – due to threats of an imminent boycott. 3. Why does it appear the Rangers Football Board, or persons serving thereon, have the ability to overrule the PLC board, when circumstances dictate. At the forefront of much of the angst against the current board have been the Sons of Struth. Since its inception this group have campaigned on a platform of opposing any sale or leaseback of Ibrox Stadium. Perhaps this groups 3 original aims and objectives are worthy of a refresh. 1. Keep the stadium in the club’s name to avoid Coventry situation 2. Have clear accounts which prove the proper running of the club 3. Have a board that keep the club off the front pages and who themselves are beyond reproach. To date however the Sons of Struth have not shared with the wider support the circumstances which gave rise to their fears which suggested our stadium may be subject to a sale and leaseback. Why cant those demanding transparency of others lead by example ? Surely if there is evidence which suggests this current board are planning such an option for our stadium it is something which should be shared with the wider support not only made available to a select few ? In fact would the sharing of such information not in fact be in this group’s interests in convincing the undecided within our support of the unsuitability of the current board ? I have spoken previously of our need for our support to find an enthymeme – a point where there is common agreement and we can move on from. Surely the status and destiny of our 2 biggest assets – Ibrox and Auchenhowie – can provide such a point of common agreement. All along the watchtower Princes kept the view While all the women came and went Barefoot servants, too Outside in the cold distance A wildcat did growl Two riders were approaching And the wind began to howl How long before the Princes stop being onlookers, or begging for the scraps off the master’s table ? When will we start campaigning on behalf of ourselves and the vision and aspirations we have for our club instead of using our energies and efforts to do the bidding of others ? When will we realise that the way outta here is to take control of our own destiny, and rely upon ourselves rather than upon others ? As Buy Rangers, Rangers First and Vanguard Bears continue to do that which Dave King seems to find impossible – buy shares in our club – its becoming less and less a question of “if” but rather a question of “when” ? Many music critics have commented on how Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower mirrors the words of The Book Isaiah Chapter 21 :- Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise ye princes, and prepare the shield./For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth./And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed./…And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground. I truly hope I live to see the day when Babylon falls at our club.
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