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  1. Easily our biggest problem position. Even more so than right back (which is our second biggest issue). Aird should never have been dropped. He wasn't fantastic in the last game. But he was significantly better than piss poor which is what Peralta usually provides. It may well be that it's not his fault as he's out of position and that's fine. But it doesn't change the fact that we have at least one other player who looks more effective there. Aird's performance in the previous game was significantly better than anything Peralta has shown up and again when he came on yesterday he added
  2. ...........but an Old Firm cup clash could save the season for Scottish football BARRY believes Scottish Cup clash between Celtic and Rangers would give our game a much-needed shot in the arm. LET’S face it, the season is over. It ended on Tuesday night when AC Milan stuck three past Celtic. If we’re being honest, Scottish football is just killing time now until the summer holidays – and we’re not even in December yet. Celtic’s European campaign is over but they already have the Premiership in the bag. Hearts need a miracle to avoid relegation. Again, we knew they were gon
  3. http://neillennon.com/product/nl-gbnl-t-shirt-print/ Wonder what the GB stands for , Great Britain ? . I`m surprised there`s not one with a big "H" on the front . Unbelievable .
  4. I think the best thing about this long piece is the trailer, but anyway, here's your Sunday morning... When we got kicked out the SPL, one thing I thought would be good was that when international breaks came around, we at least would have a game to look forward to. The idea that we could have internationalists playing for us down amongst the dead men never occurred to me, and while these dreary weeks without even a competitive international game to watch are dull, they do at least give you a chance to look a the bigger picture. As usual, it's a dispiriting one, with the main news of
  5. Scotland's claim to be fighting the cancer of sectarianism and hatred took a severe dent at the weekend. Perhaps sadly, the decision not to hold a one minute silence prior to the Ross County vs Celtic match, came as no surprise to many of us. Its embarrassing, unedifying and sickening to hear a one minute silence being disrupted and dishonoured. But there is something worse, far worse in fact - not holding such a ceremony at all. Because in failing to do so we have acquiesced to the morons, the bigots - we have handed them victory on a plate. Let the moronic and shameful actions of big
  6. or, Got those Puritan Blues again! Plenty of other titles by the MenInBlack come to mind this morning after another night of dispiriting Scottish drunkeness/loutishness/hooliganism/complete innocence punished by heavy handed policing (delete according to level of delusion). Get a Grip on Yourself, Straighten Out, Hanging Around and maybe some advice our hoopy cousins should have listened to, Walk on By. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohRbJJohv6Y But before we get any further on, I want to be clear that this is not a celtc-bashing piece. The target is Scottish people in general, al
  7. Afternoon Gentlemen, Listen I'm a bit of a history nerd at times and I like my Football tactics, so I've always been fascinated with a lot of the older formations and philosophies. Are any of you, with respect, old enough to remember the above formation ? If so I'd appreciate the info. I've read a few articles online about the games that featured the 2,3,5 but they don't really tell you much other than it was engineered to be more geared towards team work instead of individual flair. I'm hoping to replicate it on the up coming Football Manager 14, but before that I'm going to ne
  8. The last time I wrote a match preview I talked of the need to install a football philosophy. At that time i talked of playing like Barcelona, off playing a high defensive line and pressing the ball high up the park. I was therefore delighted when we played Stenhousemuir at Ibrox recently to see us playing a high line, indeed on several occasions Moshni could be seen urging the defense forward to the half way line. We reaped the rewards of this and ran out 8 - 0 winners with stenny never really making it out of their own half for long spells. So imagine my surprise when on Saturday i tuned
  9. For your Sunday morning consideration. Just like the best newspaper keech, brought to you the night before! Unseeing seems to be the order of the day, alright. From the lights going out at Ross County, to the media blackout of celtc's 'Oranje Bastard' ditty, to media and SFA Prophets of a New Dawn, proclaiming Great Days Ahead. Those of you who played the music above will no doubt be reflecting on the stirring, rousing tune which inspired so much hope, fear and ultimately despair, as the Soviet Union sank from revolution to eventual collapse in 1991. I imagine those with no tim
  10. How many truly World Class players have played for the club? Jim Baxter for one. Any others?
  11. Folks, What are your favourite memories of Dutch Rangers players of the past, both Advocaat era and non-Advocaat era? Favourite Dutch player (or players), combinations of players in the team, favourite games? Just basically looking for fond memories, anecdotes, memories of a favourite game (or games) and any specific stuff you care to mention! A quick recap of some of the Dutch players: Dick Advocaat era: Ronald de Boer, Michael Mols, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Artur Numan, Bert Konterman, Fernando Ricksen. Outwith the Advocaat era: Frank de Boer, Theo Snelder
  12. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/rangerscomment/peralta-needs-quiet-word-in-ear-139014n.22389257 I seem to remember him going down easily however that's a completely different issue from diving altogether. Maybe I'm wrong did he dive? Even if he did I'm pretty sure I never seen a column about Sutton, Petrov, Moravcik, Stokes on 'that' penalty that the greek tranny missed ........... the list is endless. Who needs enemies.
  13. Anyone had to do this before? How did you find it compared to a "normal" interview?
  14. Have had the third kit about a month and the sponsor is now just peeling off. I can't say I'm overly surprised. What slightly annoys me is in the past 20 years I've owned tonnes of football tops ranging from teams all over the world and it's only ever our tops that seem to fall apart. Notably our top in 03/04 (widely documented as a piece of shite and frequent refunds) and this years. There's been other tops that have had issues but can't recall the years. The irony is I washed my 13 year old Brazil home shirt (was 13 when I got it but it still fits lol) in the same wash and the Brazi
  15. Lifted from FF: ''Thats two younger lads now both under 19 had police come to their doors early morning to arrest them for singing said song. I was also told by a polis up in Ayr that FoCUS are watching out for people singing this now due to the YCV reference''. Just a heads up.
  16. taken from FF I wrote to HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, extending to him an invitaion to the RSEA Dinner and informing him of the magnificent work done by the Rangers Fans for Erskine, the Charity for Ex Service Personnel of which he is Patron I notice he doesnt decline the dinner invite in the letter, so fingers crossed - lol this letter is a thank-you to every single Bear who has helped Erskine via the RSEA or otherwise anyone who has ever bought a badge, walked the walk, sponored someone else, danced, zip-slided, abseiled, cycled, treked, quizzed, golfed, k
  17. Neil Doncaster has stressed that he remains comfortable with the situation where the Scottish Professional Football League is still to find a title sponsor as the season enters its first break for international matches. The new league set-up has been in operation for more than a month, and the reconstruction was formally completed at the end of June. The fact that the SPFL continues with no title sponsor has provoked concern in some circles. Doncaster again insisted that it is not a significant problem. He also played down yesterday the extent to which finance from a title sponsor impa
  18. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/5195-rangers-announce-annual-results
  19. LET me start with a confession: I like Monster Munch. In fact, I’m particularly fond of pickled onion. There you go, I just wanted to get that out in the open because something happened at Forfar at the weekend that made my mind drift back to one of the most controversial periods of my career. And, yes, I realise there were a few. But there was nothing quite like the time when Paul Le Guen told me I was finished at Rangers and people tried to make it out it was over a bag of crisps. For those who don’t remember, sit back and let me explain. We’ll start last Sunday at Station Pa
  20. I would like to ask fellow fans their feelings on the quality of football kits from Puma as opposed to the kits from Nike and Adidas , me i think the Puma kit is pretty dire and how long are we tied to this company .
  21. http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=102&a=one-man-and-his-dog I know this group divides opinion for one reason and another but I think this is excellent work.
  22. STV - 12 September 2013 00:01 BST Rangers midfielder Ian Black will go before a Scottish Football Association committee on Thursday to answer accusations of betting against his own club on three occasions. The former Inverness CT and Hearts player is accused of putting money on his team to not win matches between March 4, 2006 and July 28, 2013. Black is also accused of betting on a further ten games in which the club he was playing for were involved in, as well as betting on a further 147 games not involving his team. It is not known which specific fixtures he is accused of p
  23. IT IS unlikely that Ian Black is going to sit down any time soon – if at all – and explain what he was thinking about that day he struck a bet on East Stirlingshire to get a draw against his own team, Rangers, at Ochilview on April 27. That’s the first question you’d like to ask him. Not about the 159 other bets he placed that contravened the SFA’s betting rules, but that one wager, as part of an accumulator, on Scottish football’s most hopeless senior club getting a draw against the newly crowned Third Division champions with Black himself at the heart of their midfield on the day If
  24. seen this on facebook Just got back from a weeks leave in Sorrento, while mooching around the shops with the wife I was stopped by a young lady who admired my Rangers t shirt. She was an American from Atlanta who was a fellow Ger fan. We got chatting how come I supported Rangers & i asked her in return, why she did? "Oh my uncle Walter used to manage the club" !! we spent the next hour or so chatting about the club, the one thing that came out was that Uncle Walter doesn't do politics hence he appears to distance himself from certain individuals every now & again and wont be used as a
  25. Deal till the end of the season apparently... @RFC_Official: #Rangers can confirm tonight they have signed 34-year old goalkeeper Steve Simonsen until the end of the season: http://t.co/FFOrJANCaM @RFC_Official: .@andymitch8 has also gone out on loan to @AnnanAthleticFC & Scott Gallacher has joined @AirdrieoniansFC on loan: http://t.co/FFOrJANCaM
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