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  1. teams: Germany: Neuer, Howedes, Hummels, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Ozil, Klose, Muller, Lahm ©, Kroos, Boateng Argentina: Romero, Garay, Zabaleta, Biglia, Perez, Higuain, Messi ©, Mascherano, Demichelis, Rojo, Lavezzi Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy) 2-0 Germany for me. Klose and Muller. point on referees, I think they have generally been good and let play flow, except the European referees who I thought have been very picky. PS I'm watching BBC coverage as I cannot stand Adrain Chiles
  2. Are we getting a new home kit this season
  3. Looking forward to reading and reviewing this book in the coming few weeks: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Born-Under-Union-Flag-Bissett/dp/1910021121/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404410171&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=Born+Under+a+Union+Flag%3A+Rangers%2C+Britain+and+Scottish+Independence I know Ally and Alan (and the other contributors) have worked hard on this so it should be an interesting read and useful accompaniment to the Referendum debate.
  4. Not sure how genuine this is but it does tie in with the rumoured design....
  5. Kris Boyd back at Rangers as he signs on again for the Championship campaign (Willie Vass) Copyright: 2014 Willie Vass More...
  6. According to his mum on the radio this am. "His dad played for Hibernian and the whole family are big Hibs fans." Good luck to the young man - we all have our troubles in life. I only mention this because he was touted as either a bear or a jambo. I always thought he was hertz because he talks posh like Gorgie folk, 'ken?
  7. Don't know if its age, but I don't get joy in seeing England lose as much as I used to. In the 90s there was odd occasion Id want them to win, and in certain sports I still do want them to win. When Beckham and Owen was in the team 10 years ago it was always nice to see them go out but I quite like this young attacking team. But they have got it wrong from top to bottom. The FA (and Premier League) is ran by fat cats for business profits. Would the likes of Greg Dyke get a job as a coach somewhere? So why are they allowed to run the game if they are not footballing men? Because where the money goes and comes from (sponsors, TV, fan income and owners) football is a win win regardless of the result so as long as the income runs in they are doing a good job. The FA and SFA should be ran or at least have footballing people running the game, and I don't mean ex players all the time, I mean football minded people. Roy Hodgson would be perfect fit at the top of the game running the FA with people like Bryan Robson, Trevor Brooking, Alan Curbishley. But as a manager he wasn't great at Liverpool and did ok with Fulham and West Brom but got the job as he wouldn't be a problem to those running it. Redknapp at the time took Spurs to the Champions league but is outspoken and likes his opinion so much like Brian Clough - he didn't get the job. Hodgson made some poor tactical decisions, when you are chasing a goal to stay in a competition you sacrifice a midfielder or defender for a striker but he went like for like twice until they went behind 2-1 again. The defence was poor bar Gary Cahill who was immense, the rest were awful. Even Joe Hart looked uncomfortable. As for players and selected squad overall: Id have taken Ashley Cole all day long, begged John Terry to come, taken Gareth Barry on form over an injured Jack Wilshire and taken a striker like Defoe who could get any type of goal. Really not sure what Jordan Henderson brings to the team and why he is picked when the class of Lampard is on the bench or the energy of Milner. I thought Lampard was excellent at Anfield in Chelsea's 2-0 win and hasn't played too many games so would fit nicely into that team. Milner is not a world beater but far more effective and gets back to help defend. In saying that the future is bright. They have the bases of a good squad. Going into Euro 16 with Shaw, Flanagan, Stones, Gibbs, Jones (if fit), Cahill, Wilshire (if fit), Barkley, Ox-Chamberlain, Sterling, Lallana, Sturridge, Walcott, Rodriguez....gives them a young squad with good attacking options, yet they need a decent coach to mould them together. For me England should have a look at getting Redknapp again. He would have taken Brendan Rodgers last time around but given his Liverpool role now he probably wouldn't take it, but someone like Paul Scholes should be brought in as assistant.
  8. Hoofin.....up and running. Brazil to beat Croatia in the opener.
  9. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7011-rangers-reveal-third-kit
  10. Wednesday, 04 June 2014 18:45 Miller Completes Rangers Hat-trick Written by Rangers Football Club RANGERS Football Club has today confirmed the signing of Kenny Miller on a one-year deal, with the option for a further year. The 34-year-old striker is now in his third spell with the Light Blues having joined initially from Hibs for the 2000-01 campaign and returning for a hugely successful period between 2008 and 2011. Miller won three top-flight league titles, the Scottish Cup and the League Cup during Walter Smith’s reign before leaving for Bursaspor in January 2011. Following spells at Cardiff and Vancouver Whitecaps in America he has returned to Rangers, where he scored 67 goals in 147 appearances. Miller commented: “I am thrilled to return to Rangers for a third time. I have enjoyed so much success at this great football club and I am determined to repeat it again next season and beyond. “Rangers is a special football club and we are on the rise again and I want to play my part as we look to get back to the top of Scottish football. I had a number of offers once I left Vancouver but I had my heart set on returning to Ibrox and I can’t wait to get started again.” Rangers Manager Ally McCoist: “We are delighted to welcome Kenny back to Ibrox. He was a terrific player for us in the past, especially his second spell at Rangers, and we have won many trophies together. “Kenny brings experience and pace to our forward line and will be a great influence on our younger players at Murray Park. He is a top class footballer and we look forward to seeing him in a Rangers jersey once again as we look to secure promotion to the top flight next season.” http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7005-miller-completes-rangers-hat-trick
  11. I bought the third kit on the 1st of September. Very quickly the sponsor started peeling off, as it did for many others. I reported this to them in October, they said to return the item. However, I wasn't in any rush to do so, I didn't want another top, so I forgot about it for a while. In May I emailed them again asking them to confirm I can still send the top back. I was quite stunned to be told: I have argued back and force regarding this because I am protected by the Sale of Goods Act and a 12 month manufacturer warranty but they are not budging. The warranty does not expire on some arbitrary date of their choosing. They are ignoring me now. I've sent 4 separate emails citing the law, they sent 3 emails back repeating themselves and didn't reply to my last email. I don't care about the money but I do care about the principle, who should I report this to? I don't see much point in contacting the club. I know I should have dealt with this at the time and just put it back, but as long as the item is within the warranty period, they have no right to just flat out refuse to even inspect it. Here is the shirt in question, worn only a few times and costing £48.98 including delivery:
  12. Lifted from their page: I am still of the opinion that we will NOT go in to admin and that Laxey will give us another loan but this time against Auchenhowie training centre. I have, since Friday, been hearing the same rumours that others have been no doubt hearing and I will be investigating them this week. Some reliable sources say we will be in admin before season starts in a way to get high earners off wage bill and others claim the training ground will be getting sold outright before this happens. Both of these rumours are a concern due to the quality of sources and I shall seek to prove them right or wrong. Anyone with info regarding these rumours please feel free to contact me confidentially via personal message
  13. “There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief There’s too much confusion I can’t get no relief Business men, they drink my wine Plowman dig my earth None were level on the mind Nobody up at his word” Where is it we are trying to get out of ? I would respectfully suggest a rock and a hard place. As many of you know I’m not often given to profanity – but quite simply – what an absolute clusterfeck. There is a civil war engulfing us with our boardroom the battleground. As in every conflict the collateral damage is considerable. On one side we have a board who have failed to impress, fail to convince the Rangers support they have our club’s best interests at heart and on the other side we have the challenger in the shape of Dave King, who appears to be being given considerable latitude in his own failings and lack of clarity, as a consequence of his previous investment in our club. And of course that collateral damage I referred to is manifesting itself not only in a season ticket boycott, but also in the form of a “protest shirt” whose purpose is to deliberately prevent incoming revenue from the sale of club merchandise. It’s easy to say that such ventures deprive the board of money and as anti-board protesters I’m sure that provides the conscience with a fairly robust moral platform for such action. But at what point does it not only deprive the board, but also our club and a manager wishing to strengthen a squad ? Having deliberately deprived the board of regular and essential revenue are we then to hold them to account for failing to enhance our playing squad ? Good Lord. Before anyone starts harbouring feelings of sympathy for the current board allow me to remind you of the 3 critical questions I tweeted about the other week, which as yet remain unanswered. 1. Why did our club have to secure additional funding after CEO Graham Wallace assured us only weeks earlier there was sufficient money in the account. 2. Why have the board not moved to dispel allegations by the Daily Record that our credit/debit card facility was removed re season tickets due to the financial incompetence of the board and not as was suggested in the review – due to threats of an imminent boycott. 3. Why does it appear the Rangers Football Board, or persons serving thereon, have the ability to overrule the PLC board, when circumstances dictate. At the forefront of much of the angst against the current board have been the Sons of Struth. Since its inception this group have campaigned on a platform of opposing any sale or leaseback of Ibrox Stadium. Perhaps this groups 3 original aims and objectives are worthy of a refresh. 1. Keep the stadium in the club’s name to avoid Coventry situation 2. Have clear accounts which prove the proper running of the club 3. Have a board that keep the club off the front pages and who themselves are beyond reproach. To date however the Sons of Struth have not shared with the wider support the circumstances which gave rise to their fears which suggested our stadium may be subject to a sale and leaseback. Why cant those demanding transparency of others lead by example ? Surely if there is evidence which suggests this current board are planning such an option for our stadium it is something which should be shared with the wider support not only made available to a select few ? In fact would the sharing of such information not in fact be in this group’s interests in convincing the undecided within our support of the unsuitability of the current board ? I have spoken previously of our need for our support to find an enthymeme – a point where there is common agreement and we can move on from. Surely the status and destiny of our 2 biggest assets – Ibrox and Auchenhowie – can provide such a point of common agreement. All along the watchtower Princes kept the view While all the women came and went Barefoot servants, too Outside in the cold distance A wildcat did growl Two riders were approaching And the wind began to howl How long before the Princes stop being onlookers, or begging for the scraps off the master’s table ? When will we start campaigning on behalf of ourselves and the vision and aspirations we have for our club instead of using our energies and efforts to do the bidding of others ? When will we realise that the way outta here is to take control of our own destiny, and rely upon ourselves rather than upon others ? As Buy Rangers, Rangers First and Vanguard Bears continue to do that which Dave King seems to find impossible – buy shares in our club – its becoming less and less a question of “if” but rather a question of “when” ? Many music critics have commented on how Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower mirrors the words of The Book Isaiah Chapter 21 :- Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise ye princes, and prepare the shield./For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth./And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed./…And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground. I truly hope I live to see the day when Babylon falls at our club.
  14. Rangers fans seek access to season ticket sales figures Written by ANONYMOUS A Rangers supporters' group has called for the club's board to reveal how many season tickets have been sold. The deadline for renewals passed two weeks ago and the rate of sales is critical. Directors have previously admitted that a drop in renewals would affect the business's ability to trade as a going concern. The Union of Fans group has been urging supporters not to renew in protest against the current board. Before the deadline, Rangers admitted that sales were slow and directors even met with members of UoF, a coalition of various different fan organisations, to try to broker a compromise. UoF has been advising fans to pay their renewal money into the Season Ticket Fund, an initiative backed by former Rangers captain Richard Gough and former Ibrox director Dave King. The intention was to only pay the money to the club in return for security over Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park. It was claimed Rangers' chief executive Graham Wallace raised the prospect of the board offering legally binding guarantees not to use the property assets as security for loans or to sell them, but talks subsequently broke down. The Union of Fans have urged Rangers chief executive Graham Wallace to reveal how many season tickets have been sold The Union of Fans have urged Rangers chief executive Graham Wallace to reveal how many season tickets have been sold When the club released their interim results in March, the directors acknowledged that a fall in renewals from last year's sale of around 38,000 would leave the business short of enough income to trade for the next 12 months, although Wallace has been adamant that Rangers International Football Club will not fall into administration. A £1.5m loan from two shareholders - Sandy Easdale and George Letham - is due to be paid back as soon as that amount is raised from season ticket sales, but neither is thought to have received their money back yet. "We urge chief executive Graham Wallace and the board to come clean about how many season tickets they have sold and how much cleared income in the bank these sales have provided," said UoF in a statement. "If and when the cash figure reaches £1.5M, the board, as they announced to the Stock Exchange when the loans were negotiated, must immediately pay Sandy Easdale £500,000 and George Letham £1m. "For the avoidance of doubt, if these loans have not yet been repaid, it means that the board have not yet secured £1.5m of season ticket money or they have broken the repayment terms of these loans. "We would ask the board to make a clear statement of the number of fans who have renewed to the AIM market in order that supporters and shareholders can rely on the accuracy of the figure given. "This is a matter of grave concern for shareholders and supporters alike and we also believe it must be something which is being monitored by auditors, Deloitte. "When we met Graham Wallace on 14 May, he once again reiterated that there was 'no possibility of administration'. "We would therefore ask him to make it clear how the club plans to operate at what we believe is a greatly reduced level of season ticket sales." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/27651399
  15. Folks, I'm announcing this in the Rangers Chat section here so that we can get as many people playing as possible. If you'd like to take part in the GPL (Gersnet Prediction League) for the World Cup in Brazil this summer then I've just set up our mini league on a site called Predict the World Cup. To join this Gersnet Prediction League follow these simple instructions: 1. Go to http://www.predicttheworldcup.com 2. Register as a new player using your Gersnet username (so that we know who's who!), but choose a unique password (and take a note of it!) 3. Click the "Join league" button and then in the required box enter the code If you've done that correctly, then you've joined the league and should see your username there alongside myself and anyone else from here who joins! There will be a wee prize (TBA) for the winner, so get signed up before June 12 and take part! I'll list (and update) the league players here: Annan Bear BEARGER Bluebear54 blueflag compo craig globespanscott Gribz Juan Little General onevision PapaBear Pete Rangersitis rbr Ser Barristan Selmy shorerdbear steve1872 Super Cooper Tannochsidebear TheTinMan99 Thinker Time4_Change Zappa The competition [b]RULES[/b] are explained here - [color=#0000FF]http://www.predicttheworldcup.com/site/help[/color]
  16. IMO this question should come before the one about on-field exploits. There are many things to take into consideration and perhaps the Financial Bears could map out what they see as a probable/conditional route through the next 12 months. Some of the obvious questions that scream out are:- - Where is the money coming from to keep the lights-on? - Will there be an insolvency event? - What will be the final ST number? - Will game by game maintain it's attraction? - How long will it take to get a share issue up and running and will it be successful? - Is there money to carry out plans mapped out in business review? - How deep could austerity hit us? - How exactly will austerity hit ut? - How will severe austerity be paid for? (pay-offs) - When do the assets go? - Do you trust who is in control of the board (including the Easdale proxy block)? etc.
  17. Play for Scotland? Forget it: Fully fit Chelsea kid Islam Feruz snubs another international call-up. THE striker was wanted by Under-19 boss Ricky Sbragia to take part in the European Championship Elite Round next week, but has made it clear he has no intention of turning up for international duty. CHELSEA hitkid Islam Feruz has turned his back on 
Scotland – after pulling out of yet another youth squad while fully fit. The talented striker, who was born in Somalia but grew up in Glasgow, was wanted by Under-19 boss Ricky Sbragia to take part in the European Championship Elite Round in England next week. But Feruz made it clear he had no intention of turning up for international duty – and will instead play for Chelsea in Hong Kong as part of the KFC Citibank Soccer Sevens 
tournament. Last week he was a key member of the Blues’ squad who beat Manchester United in the FA Youth Cup Final at Old Trafford. When Sbragia selected Feruz a year ago for the U-19’s Elite Round in Belgium he made himself unavailable despite pleas from performance director Mark Wotte. The 18-year-old former Celtic youngster hasn’t kicked a ball for Scotland since last August when he was hooked by U-21 boss Billy Stark in a 6-0 defeat to England at Bramall Lane. Record Sport understands the SFA have become increasingly frustrated at his lack of desire to play for Scotland. The highly-rated teenager was born in Somalia but after his family sought asylum in Glasgow he signed for Celtic. He made his Parkhead debut as a 14-year-old in Tommy Burns’s Memorial Match and featured 
for Scotland’s Under-17 side at 
the same age – after former SFA chief executive Gordon Smith fought for a change in FIFA’s guidelines to accommodate players like Feruz who had five years education in this country. Dutchman Wotte has previously likened Feruz to ex-Brazil superstar Romario and believes he is one of Scotland’s top prospects. But after withdrawing his 
services from Sbragia’s squad and being left out of Stark’s U-21 pool for their Euro qualifier against Holland next week it’s not certain when Feruz will pull on a Dark Blue shirt again. Sbragia has refused to rule out a return for Feruz or Southampton duo Sam Gallagher and Matty Targett who will both play for England’s Under-19 side against Scotland in Burton next week. The duo qualify for Scotland and have been included by Sbragia in previous Scots squads and will still be eligible until they have played a full international for the Auld Enemy. Sbragia said: “The door is never closed, it’s always open, that’s the same for everyone. “I can understand Sam and Matty because they’re English-born players. And I know for a fact that, as much as we picked them earlier, they want to play for their home country. “I’ll speak to them both next week in England and we wouldn’t shut the door on them.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/play-scotland-forget-it-fully-3592418
  18. Have been asked the share the following press release: http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/247-fernando-ricksen-testimonial-information
  19. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-utd/new-leeds-owners-will-buy-back-elland-road-for-15m-1-6322034 BUYING back Elland Road for around £15m tops the list of priorities for Leeds United’s prospective new owners, the Yorkshire Post has been told. A consortium led by United managing director David Haigh is bidding to buy a 75 per cent stake in the Championship club. The group - which is believed to include Andrew Flowers, the managing director of current shirt sponsors Enterprise Insurance - have signed a share acquisition agreement with GFH Capital, the Dubai-based firm that purchased United from Ken Bates a year ago. Football League approval is now being sought as this buyout would be the second of the club in as many seasons. Providing there are no late hiccups, the Haigh-led consortium is expected to take charge early in the New Year. As revealed in this newspaper yesterday, re-signing former Player of the Year, Max Gradel, in the January transfer window is high on the list of targets for the prospective new owners. However, sources close to Haigh’s group have also made it clear to the Yorkshire Post that buying back Elland Road will be their top priority once at the helm. United’s home was sold to Manchester businessman Jacob Adler for a knockdown £8m price in November, 2004, as mounting debts threatened to drag the club under in its first year outside the Premier League. Ownership passed the following year to Teak Commercial Limited, a firm based in the British Virgin Islands. Included in the initial sale and leaseback deal with Adler - and something retained in the subsequent sale to Teak - was a buyback option that allows the club to purchase the stadium at a set price. That amount rises each October and today stands at £15m. Also subject to a raise of three per cent each October is the rent United pay to Teak, which this year will cost the club £1.4m. Since Elland Road was sold to Adler by the United board that was led by Gerald Krasner, United have paid around £11m in rent. Removing that financial millstone from around United’s neck will, the source close to Haigh’s group insists, be the overriding priority providing the expected takeover goes through early in 2014. Regardless of whether the club’s would-be new owners are successful or not in that quest, United’s tenancy in LS11 is secure thanks to the terms of the 2004 sale and lease-back arrangement - a deal in which the owner of a large asset, such as property, sells it and then immediately buys back from the buyer the right to use the asset under a lease for a fixed term at a pre-arranged rent. In United’s case, that agreement was for a 25-year lease that, once at an end in 2029, can be extended by a further quarter of a century. This means Leeds’ future at Elland Road is safe for at least the next 41 years. Haigh and his fellow would-be investors, however, are well aware that buying back the ground would be the clearest signal yet to supporters that the club is moving in the right direction. If they are successful in that quest, it will be the second time in a generation that United will have bought back their home thanks to improving financial fortunes. The first instance came in 1998 when Peter Ridsdale’s board paid £10m to Leeds City Council for the stadium, which along with the surrounding land had been sold 13 years earlier to the local authority for a quarter of that sum. Crippling debts of around £1.5m had forced the 1985 sale on the club. History then repeated itself in 2004, though by then the sums involved had multiplied dramatically. Krasner’s board had taken over Leeds in March of that year but relegation just a couple of months later hit United very hard. A fire-sale of players such as Alan Smith and Mark Viduka during that summer bought the club respite for a time but by the early months of the 2004-05 campaign it was clear Leeds were still in the financial mire. Debts that had, at one stage, stood north of £100m when the takeover went through had been slashed to around £25m. However, punishing repayments to Jack Petchey, a London-born businessman who had once been chairman of Watford and an Aston Villa shareholder, for a £15m loan taken out by Krasner and his fellow directors when buying the club had started to bite. After negotiations with a number of parties that included Sebastien Sainsbury and local businessman Norman Stubbs floundered, the United board was left with no option but to sell the club’s only two remaining assets of substance - Elland Road and Thorp Arch, the latter’s sale raising £4.2m. Once the two sales were concluded, the remaining debt of £9.2m to Petchey was cleared. United’s financial woes continued, however, and the club was subsequently sold to Bates the following January. At his first press conference, the former Chelsea chairman said: “It is our intention, in the fullness of time, to exercise those options and bring the land and stadium back where they belong.” Scarcity of funds, though, meant those wishes went unfulfilled with a bid to buyback Thorp Arch floundering at the 11th hour in 2009. Similar sentiments about purcahasing Elland Road were expressed by GFH Capital following their December 21 takeover last year but, again, nothing concrete came of the plans.
  20. I am just reading that Scottish rugby are on the verge of signing a deal for, a period of five years for 20 million pounds for the naming rights to murryfield I have a sneaking suspicion that our board will go down this road what do you think
  21. ......after 2.5kg haul of Semtex is seized in Northern Ireland. 47-YEAR-OLD Thomas Hughes from Coatbridge is behind bars in Belfast after being caught with the explosive - the largest amount recovered in the last ten years. A SCOTS republican sympathiser has been caught in Belfast with Northern Ireland’s biggest haul of Semtex in ten years, police say. Thomas Hughes, 47, is behind bars after the seizure of the massive cache of explosives - enough for dissident republicans to make twenty car bombs. Hughes, from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, has been charged with having 2.5 kg of the plastic explosive with intent to endanger life, we can reveal. Hughes appeared in the dock at Belfast Magistrates’ Court wearing a green T-shirt and jeans. He confirmed that he understood the single charge against him after the Semtex was allegedly found in an airing cupboard at his house at Maeve House in north Belfast on Wednesday, April 30. During a failed bail application, a detective constable told how the plastic explosive had been found when officers carried out a search in response to a tip off. The detective said: “This is the largest amount which had been seized in Northern Ireland in 10 years and undoubtedly would have been used in the manufacture of numerous explosive devices.” The officer explained that the explosive material was the size of a brick and had been cut in two and wrapped in cling film and tinfoil “most likely for purposes of distribution to other terrorist cells”. He said Semtex was such a valuable asset to dissident Republican terrorists that it was would “only have been placed in the safekeeping of someone who would be a trusted individual”. The officer said police objected to Hughes’ release amid fears he would reoffend, use the support network for dissident republicans to flee the jurisdiction, and alert his co-conspirators to evidence held by police. Defence solicitor Michael Madden said Mr Hughes was “shocked and horrified” when the “highly volatile” Semtex was shown to him. He said his client had a drink problem and was an unsuspecting “easy target”. The lawyer claimed that though Hughes came from a republican background, he was a strong supporter of the peace process, and was vehemently opposed to dissident activity. He said he lived at his partners address and others had access to the flat where the Semtex was found. In recent years Semtex has emerged as the explosive of choice among the dissident Republican terrorists. In March it was used in a bomb attack on police in west Belfast. A family escaped injury when their car was hit by debris from a mortar fired from a tube attached to railings at the City Cemetery. A group calling itself the IRA said the mortar contained newly acquired Semtex, rather than old supplies previously under the control of the Provisional IRA. Even small amounts of the Czech-made explosive can be used to deadly effect. It can be used in armour-piercing grenades, mortars, under-car boobytrap devices, and even shoulder-fired rockets. Three tons of Semtex are thought to have reached the Provisional IRA in several shipments from General Gaddafi’s Libyan regime in the 1980s. It was used in mortar attacks on Downing Street and Heathrow airport at the height of the troubles. But it is only in recent years it has re-emerged in the hands of groups such as the Real IRA. District Judge Harry McKibbin refused Hughes’ bail application on the grounds of the risk of reoffending, and remanded the Scot in custody to appear again on May 30 via videolink. He said: “I’m not convinced at all by the explanations and it would be foolhardy to release him on bail.” As Hughes, who is thought to have been living in Belfast for around 15 years, was led away he waved to supporters in the public gallery at the hearing on Saturday. Relatives in Coatbridge yesterday refused to comment. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-republican-sympathiser-arrested-after-3500630
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